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Pixelmon Mod 9.2.8

"1.20.2 (Alpha 8)"

  • The Java requirement for 1.20.2 is Java 17. This will come shipped with most launchers. For manual installation, you may need to install a later JRE.
  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 48.1.0 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • Worlds from 1.16.5 may not work with newer versions of Minecraft. Consider backups before updating.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added Health Mochi.
  • Added Muscle Mochi.
  • Added Resist Mochi.
  • Added Genius Mochi.
  • Added Swift Mochi.
  • Added Fresh-Start Mochi.
  • Added Red Nectar.
  • Added Yellow Nectar.
  • Added Purple Nectar.
  • Added Pink Nectar.
  • Added Metal Alloy.


  • Added Pikachu Libre.
  • Added Tarountula.
  • Added Spidops.
  • Added Finizen.
  • Added Palafin.
  • Added Palafin 'Hero'.
  • Added Roaring Moon.
  • Added Wo-Chien.
  • Added Ting-Lu.
  • Added Miraidon.
  • Added Koraidon.

Cosmetic Palettes:

  • Added Spring palettes: Sprigatito, Floragato and Meowscarada.
  • Added Summer palettes: Sprigatito, Floragato and Meowscarada.
  • Added Autumn palettes: Sprigatito, Floragato and Meowscarada.
  • Added Winter palettes: Sprigatito, Floragato and Meowscarada.

Moves, Battle Items and Abilities:

  • Added Fairy Feather.
Click to view new battle tests - Added Ancient Power tests. - Added Make it Rain tests. - Added Fairy Feather tests. - Added Burning Bulwark tests for Z/Max moves, Unseen Fist and Feint. - Added Baneful Bunker tests. - Added Crafty Shield tests. - Added Endure tests. - Added King's Shield tests. - Added Mat Block tests. - Added Max Guard tests. - Added Obstruct tests. - Added Quick Guard tests. - Added Silk Trap tests. - Added Spiky Shield tests. - Added Wide Guard tests. - Added Toxic Debris tests.


  • Added Sprigatito, Floragato and Meowscarada 'Spring' to Flowery biomes.
  • Added Sprigatito, Floragato and Meowscarada 'Summer' to Forest biomes.
  • Added Sprigatito, Floragato and Meowscarada 'Autumn' to Taiga biomes.
  • Added Sprigatito, Floragato and Meowscarada 'Winter' to Freezing Forest biomes.
  • Added Finizen to Ocean, Deep Ocean, Warm Ocean, Lukewarm Ocean, Deep Lukewarm Ocean during the Day. Added chance to spawn with a group of Finizen.
  • Added Palafin to Ocean, Deep Ocean, Warm Ocean, Lukewarm Ocean, Deep Lukewarm Ocean during the Day. Added guaranteed chance to spawn with a group of Finizen.
  • Added Koraidon to Small End Islands during the Day on Land.
  • Added Miraidon to Small End Islands during the Day on Land.
  • Added Roaring Moon to Small End Islands on Land.
  • Added Ting-Lu to Taigas at Night on Land.
  • Added Wo-Chien to Swamps at Night on Land.
  • Added Tarountula to All Forests on Land and in Tree Top during Day.
  • Added Spidops to All Forests on Land and in Tree Top during Day.
  • Added new biomes to the Raid spawning parameters.
  • Added recently added Pokémon as valid Raid spawns.


  • Added the "pixelmon:swimming" model predicate.
  • Added the "flying_or_swimming" property to the RidingModelPredicate to dictate a riding model that only displays when the Pokemon is either flying or swimming but also being ridden.
  • Updated the flying model predicate checks.
  • Added "partial" spawn-replacement.
  • Added Finizen and Palafin as spawn replacements to dolphins.
  • Added "bypass" and "field" move flags.


  • Reworked the PC display:
    • Removed the "release bin":
    • To release Pokemon from your PC you now right-click it and press the "release" button.
    • Added a "hot key" tool bar, and removed the sprites on the bottom right of the screen:
    • The toolbar is now click-able rather than being just hot keys.
    • The toolbar will also tell you the hot key when you hover over it.
    • Added multi-box view mode:
    • You can now view, and modify, 18 boxes at once.
    • Right-clicking a box picks it up, allowing for quick swapping of boxes.
    • Press TAB to enter this screen, or use the button in the tool bar.
    • Press TAB a second time to exit, or use the button in the tool bar again.
    • If you're holding a Pokemon and press TAB then you will still be holding that Pokemon (or multiple Pokemon) in the multi-select mode, allowing you to quickly move them from one box to another one.
    • If you use the arrow keys you can move around the boxes on the screen.
    • If you hold control and use the arrow keys you can move along 18 boxes.
    • Added multi-select mode:
    • This mode allows you to pick up multiple Pokemon at a time by selecting an area in the box.
    • You can enter this by pressing the Q key, or using the button on the hot bar.
    • Pressing the Q key a second time will put you in held item mode.
    • Finally, pressing the Q key a third time will return you to standard interaction mode in the PC.
    • If you click and then drag you will select all the Pokemon in the area you create.
    • If you hold control and then click Pokemon it will select the individual pokemon you select.
    • Pressing control + a will select the whole box
    • Added held item mode:
    • This mode allows you to quickly and easily move held items between Pokemon.
    • You can enter this by pressing the Q key twice, or using the button on the hotbar.
    • You exit this mode by pressing the Q key again.
    • Shift clicking a Pokemon wit a held item adds the item to inventory, if possible.
    • Added an "Advanced Search" menu:
    • You can access this screen by pressing the S key, or using the search button on the hot bar, and then pressing the search button to the right of the search box.
    • This mode gives you some verbose filter options
    • Added a "sort box" option:
    • This is not bound to a key by default but is accessible via the hotbar.
    • This allows you to sort the current box you're looking at by two types (expandable via sidemod) .
      • Dex
      • Shiny
    • Added the ability to undo operations in the PC:
    • You do this using the key bind: control + z.
    • Added the ability to re-do operations in the PC:
    • You do this using the key bind: control + y.
    • Added two panels displaying information about the Pokemon you're currently holding your mouse over:
    • The left display shows:
      • Species
      • PokéBall
      • Sprite
      • Form
      • Palette
      • Moves
      • Type Icon(s)
      • Held Item Sprite
    • The right display shows:
      • A stat hexagon with the EVs
      • A stat hexagon with the IVs
      • The IV numbers
      • Ability
      • Nature
      • Growth
      • Ribbons
    • Added key bind: a to go to the previous page.
    • Added key bind: d to go to the next page.
    • Added key bind: control + tab to alternate between boxes.
    • Added pc_sorting_logic_type registry for adding custom sorting type logic.
    • Allows you to open other player's PCs using /pc.
    • Allows offline PC access via /pc.
    • Updated the PC command to allow opening other player's PCs.
    • Updated the PC command to allow opening offline player's PCs.
  • Added first person POV in battles:
    • Pressing "F1" during battle will toggle the visibility of the battle UI.
    • The toggleBattleUserInterface key cycles between 50% transparency of the background, 100% transparency of the background, showing only the HP of the Pokemon, and completely hiding the battle UI.
    • Pressing "F5" during battle will toggle the battle perspective.
    • The toggleBattlePerspective key cycles between the 3rd person Battle Camera POV, 1st person Player Model's POV, and the 1st person POV of the Player's Pokemon.
      • The POV state is remembered after battles, so you can stay in 1st Person mode without having to keep re-enabling it.
    • Pressing "R" allows the player to move freely outside of the battle while the Pokemon stay in the battle.
    • Attempting to retrieve the Pokemon that is in the battle will re-enter the player into the battle.
    • The player can send out other Pokemon, but they can't start another battle.
    • If the player gets beyond a maximum distance from the battle, the battle will end. The player and any teammates will be designated as having forfeited.
      • The default value is 30 blocks and can be set in the config with the max-distance-players-can-move-away-from-battles value.
      • 10 blocks before the player reaches that point, a message will pop up on the hotbar warning the player and a vignette will appear that fades the player's screen deeper into orange.
      • This setting can be edited in the config via the min-distance-before-warning-vignette value.
    • Battles now have a Battle Rule that can deny allowing players to move about freely during a battle.
    • An On/Off button has been added to the Battle Rules menu to adjust this.
    • There are also 4 config options in the Battle Config to allow/deny players this:
    • players-can-move-during-pv-p-battles for battles with at least 1 player on each team (defaults to true)
    • players-can-move-during-wild-battles for battle with at least 1 Wild Pokemon on a team (defaults to true)
    • players-can-move-during-trainer-battles for battle with at least 1 NPC Trainer on a team (defaults to true)
    • players-can-move-during-raid-battles for Max Raid Den battles (defaults to false)
    • The buttons to activate the above features have been added as key binds to Minecraft's Controls->Key Binds menu so that the default key bind can be changed.
Click to view safeguards against new POV battle mode - Using the Poke Editor or a PC will forfeit the battle while in 1st person POV battle mode. - Using a PC is disabled while in 1st person POV battle mode. - Using a Healer or Nurse Joy is disabled while in 1st person POV battle mode. - Trying to learn moves from a NPC Relearner or Move Tutor is disabled. - Trying to trade with an NPC Trader or interact with a Trade Machine is disabled while in 1st person POV battle mode. - Raid Dens are disabled from interaction while in 1st person POV battle mode. - Poke Displays, Day Cares, Cloning Machines, retrieving the Pokemon from a Fossil Machine, Zygarde Reassembly Units, and TCG Arenas are disabled while in 1st person POV battle mode. - Changing a Rotom's form through furniture is disabled while in 1st person POV battle mode. - Using items on Pokemon is disabled to prevent evolving, form changing, leveling up, or increasing the strength of your other Pokemon while in 1st person POV battle mode. - The Explode move skill is disabled while in 1st person POV battle mode. - The Heal move skill is disabled while in 1st person POV battle mode. - Trainers can no longer be edited by NPC Editors while in 1st person POV battle mode. - The `/pc` command is disabled while in 1st person POV battle mode.
  • Added validation to the EV & IV text editor widgets so that you are no longer guessing as to what values you can and cannot put in there:
    • This prevents any value that is not an integer in the EV/IV text boxes.
    • This prevents any value not in the range 0 \< x \< 31 for the IV text boxes (sets text to red).
    • This prevents any value not in the range 0 \< x \< 252 in the EV text boxes (sets text to red).
    • It validates the EV value and if you've reached the max IV count (510) then it prevents input (sets text to red).
  • Changed the Camera item to no longer require Film to take pictures while in creative mode.
  • Updated battle logs to include the AI's top decisions on what action it'll take per turn recorded.
  • Removed the max party level check from the player's spawning to allow higher level parties to have Pokémon spawns in the world.


  • Split config.yml into multiple files in order to make changing config options easier:
    • afk_handler.json
    • debug.yml
    • drops.yml
    • healing.yml
    • ore_color.yml
    • outside_effects.yml
    • riding.yml
    • pokedollars.yml
    • pokerus.yml
    • server_discord.yml
    • tms.yml
  • Split the spawning.yml config into multiple files so that it is easier to navigate the spawning config options, moving sub-configs into /config/pixelmon/spawning:
    • boss.yml
    • general.yml
    • legendary.yml
    • level_distance.yml
    • meltan.yml
    • poke_loot.yml
    • pokestop.yml
    • ultra_space.yml
    • wild.yml


  • 21743 Fixed a client crash caused by using Mojang's random source.
  • 21740 Fixed the Arc Chalice not producing Arceus with plates.
  • Fixed the PokéDisplay's animations not working.
  • Fixed the Zygarde Cells not disappearing after a configurable amount of time.
  • 21689 Fixed server hang caused by bee replacement logic by using a method that does not generate new chunks.
  • Fixed dark background rendering over the trainer card.
  • 21704 Fixed a client crashed caused by client-side balances being null.
  • Fixed Pixelmon Spawners picking moves inappropriate to the spawn's level.
  • Fixed bosses from Pixelmon Spawners not having shader highlighting.
  • Fixed Pixelmon Spawners not persisting settings across launches.
  • Fixed Blank TMs to account for tag existence for 00 moves.
  • 21180 Fixed the fishing hook entity sending the wrong type of entity add packet to the client.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Pokéballs going through End and Nether portals.
  • Fixed the Pokémon sprite not rendering in the Reassembly Unit's menu.
  • Fixed the level and HP values not rendering in the Reassembly Unit's menu.
  • Fixed the Reassembly Unit's buttons rendering as bright white instead of matching the style of the rest of the menu.
  • Fixed camera's using up Film while in creative mode.
  • 21485 Fixed the override textures not working for statues.
  • 21610 Fixed animation type fly not being settable on statues.
  • Fixed permission checks not working.
  • 20210Fixed TMs/TRs failing to drop when rewarded from a Raid.
  • Fixed the description for the wiki command when getting evolution info on Primeape and Tandemaus.
  • Fixed the background of cards in the TCG Card Compendium not rendering when the mouse was not hovered over them.
  • Fixed the HP, name, weakness and resistance text, ability name, ability description, and other certain effect descriptions not rendering above the background of a hovered card while using the Card Compendium.
  • Fixed the Celebi quest failing to give a Gold Hourglass as a reward.
  • Fixed crafting PC quests failing to work with any PC, now defaulting to red PCs.
  • Fixed crafting Healer quests failing to work with any Healer, now defaulting to red Healers.
  • Fixed Pokémon cries failing to play properly.
  • Fixed the TCG Cards for the Full Heal, Potion, Super Potion, Revive, and Max Revive having their illustration missing.
  • Fixed Poké Display to stop sending previously stored Pokémon to the PC if party is full when swapping Pokémon.
  • Fixed the flying persistent goal still moving the entities up and down during battle causing the camera to glitch.
  • Fixed the z-level issues when rendering items in the PC screen.
  • Fixed the Pokédisplay packet erroring when modifying a display.
  • Fixed the animate button in the Pokédisplay not functioning.
  • Fixed the Pokédisplay update packet being abusable to edit any display anywhere.
  • Fixed Charmander's model sitting below the ground level.
  • Fixed the break particles on the Pokédisplay.
  • Fixed the break particles on the cloning machine, adding the SMD texture back.


  • 21724 Fixed the battle rules screen not rendering properly.
  • 21724 Fixed pressing the battle rules button causing a client disconnect.
  • 21350 Fixed Ancient Power boosting stats before doing damage.
  • 21348 Fixed Make it Rain reducing special attack on unsuccessful attacks.
  • Fixed Shield Dust and Covert Cloak preventing Ancient Power boosts.
  • Fixed PP-Up not boosting PP until all 3 have been used.
  • Fixed Hyperspace Fury being usable by Pokémon other than Hoopa-Unbound.
  • Fixed Hyperspace Fury and Hyperspace Hole not changing into each other on Hoopa form change.
  • Fixed Pickpocket stealing Protective Pads.
  • Fixed Baneful Bulwark, King's Shield, Obstruct, Silk Trap, and Spiky Shield inflicting effects on Protective Pads and Long Reach Pokémon.
  • Fixed Gear Up, Magnetic Flux, and Flower Shield to not bypass Max Guard.
  • Fixed damaging Z-moves and Max Moves being reduced by incorrect Protect types (Quick Guard, Crafty Shield, Wide Guard, etc).
  • Fixed damaging Z-moves and Max Moves being fully blocked by Mat Block.
  • Fixed Feint not removing non-base and non-team enemy Protect variants.
  • Fixed Feint not removing allied removable Protect variants.
  • Fixed Feint not resetting protect count.
  • Fixed Protect moves blocking allied Feint moves.
  • Fixed Protect moves failing to block non-max moves from a Dynamax’d user.
  • Fixed Quick Guard only blocking moves with a base priority.
  • Fixed Quick Guard not blocking Z-status moves with an increased priority.
  • Fixed Obstruct blocking Status moves.
  • Fixed Wide Guard not blocking spread status moves.
  • Fixed Wide Guard not blocking Expanding Force on Psychic Terrain.
  • Fixed Crafty Shield not resetting repeated Protect chance.
  • Fixed Mat Block blocking Feint/Vanish effects.
  • Fixed Judgement Legend Plate Dynamax move erroring in console.
  • 21224 Fixed Purifying Salt not ignoring Mold Breaker and Mycellium Might.
  • 21347 Fixed Toxic Debris not ignoring Mold Breaker.
  • 21347 Fixed Toxic Debris not placing a correct layer of Toxic Spikes on opponents when hit by an ally.
  • 21347 Fixed hazards not applying additional layers correctly in Doubles.
  • 21073Fixed Rising Voltage boosting power inappropriately.
  • Fixed Gravity reducing evasion instead of boosting move accuracy.
  • Fixed a Raid opponent's max moves being restored to 0 power after use.
  • Fixed Aurora Veil and Gear Up to be hitsAll moves.


  • Added PokemonStorage#open.
    • This hides the track, and initialize, calls to simplify opening another player's PC.
    • This will also retrieve all the Pokemon from the world for the player's party.
    • This also means you don't need NetworkHelper calls in code anymore, or the OpenScreenPacket.
  • Added PokemonStorage#encode and PokemonStorage#decode.
    • Used for sending the storage to the client.
  • Added PlayerCloseStorageEvent.
    • This is called when the player closes a Storage UI on the client.
  • Added PlayerPartyStorage#getOpenStorage and PlayerPartyStorage#setOpenStorage.
    • This dictates what storage the packets, sent by the player to the server, will interact with.
  • Removed PokemonStorage#getFile.
    • This made no sense in this abstract class as it is possible to implement a storage adapter type for non-flatfile storage.
    • I have added an interface FlatFileStorageSaveAdapter which has a function to convert the PokemonStorage to a File in the same way.
    • Subsequently the methods to calculate the File location of a Storage are now found in NBTStorageSaveAdapter.
  • Removed public access to PokemonStorage#uuid.
    • Changed to a getter PokemonStorage#getUniqueId.
  • Added StorageType registry and changed ClientStorageManager#storedPCs.
    • The storage type contains data on how to construct the storage type from a UUID.
    • This allows us to store more than just PCs in the client cache allowing for other types of UIs (such as a party view).
    • The StorageType is not server side-mod capable as it is also required on the client.
    • There is a getter for this in the Storage class which is PokemonStorage#getStorageType returning a ResourceLocation representing the key of the type in the registry.
  • Refactored the ClientInitializePCPacket to ClientInitializeStoragePacket.
    • This is inline with the above mentioned changed for StorageType allowing us to initialize any storage from the server to the client's cache.
  • Added PokemonStorage#initialize.
    • This sends the above packet, and means you don't have to make messy NetworkHelper calls anywhere anymore.
  • Removed StorageProxy#initializePCForPlayer and StorageManager#initializePCForPlayer.
    • Both of the above have been replaced with the PokemonStorage#initialize method and are abstract from PCs specifically.
  • Changed PokemonStorage#shouldSendUpdates to be protected and added getters/setters for it.
  • Removed PokemonStorage#notifyListener.
    • It appears this was initially intended as a refactor for PokemonStorage#notifyListeners to keep that function clean. Except it appears that it was mistaken and was used erroneously in a bunch of places.
    • You should now only use PokemonStorage#notifyListeners.
  • Removed unused function PokemonStorage#doWithoutSendingUpdates.
  • Removed unused function PokemonStorage#retrieveAll.
    • This only makes sense on the PartyStorage specifically and was lazily being used on the abstract level.
  • Added StorageProxy#invalidateCache and StorageManager#invalidateCache for removing a PokemonStorage from the cached storages.
    • This is useful if you wish to:
    • Force a reload of an online player's file.
    • Remove the cached value of an offline player's storage.
  • Added PokemonStorage#track, PokemonStorage#untrack, PokemonStorage#isTracking, and PokemonStorage#trackingPlayers.
    • These functions add the player given to the list of players tracking the storage's changes.
    • This allows multiple people to view, and edit, a storage simultaneously inline with Minecraft's chests/containers.
    • It is important to untrack the storage if you do not wish for the client to continue receiving updates after they are done with a PC that is not their own.
  • Added IStatStore#canSet.
  • Updated the default value of the No Crits battle rule to false/not present.
  • Updated new packets to add the ability of opening other player's PCs.
  • Added IStatStore#reset.
  • Registered all permissions through Forge.
  • Added PlayerHelper#registerPermission to bypass the unnecessary GatherPermissionsEvent.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Deprecated HyperDrill move effect, which no longer works. Use "bypass" move flag instead.
  • Added EffectBase#canHitMultipleTargets to support moves that are conditionally single or multi-target.
  • Added ProtectVariation#canBeRemoved to allow new Protect variants to resist Feint.
  • Added ProtectVariation#protectVariationBlocksAttack to allow new Protect variations to filter what they block.
  • Added ProtectVariation#applyProtectionEffect to allow new Protect variations to add an effect when blocking attacks.
  • Added “bypass” move flag, for moves that cannot be stopped by Protect while targeting that Pokémon.
  • Added “field” move flag, for moves that change the field without targeting the Pokémon on it.
  • Added constructor to OreColor sub-class so Configurate can construct it.

Pixelmon Mod 9.2.7

"1.20.2 (Alpha 7)"

  • The Java requirement for 1.20.2 is Java 17. This will come shipped with most launchers. For manual installation, you may need to install a later JRE.
  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 48.1.0 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • Worlds from 1.16.5 may not work with newer versions of Minecraft. Consider backups before updating.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Combined all Pixelmon NPCs into a single entity, pixelmon:npc.
    • This combined entity now has all capabilities of the former NPCs.
    • The popular sidemod "tedit"'s functionality is now incliuded in all unified NPC entities.
    • NPCs can now be made to be immovable.
    • Immovable NPCs cannot ride other entities such as boats, minecarts, etc.
    • Fishing rods will not affect immovable NPCs.
    • Minecraft's teleport command will not affect immovable NPCs.
    • NPCs can now be children models.
    • NPCs can have custom sized hitboxes.
    • NPCs can have their nameplate visibility toggled.
    • Right-clicking a bed while crouching will result in the NPC (whether player model or Pixelmon model) to be placed laying down on the bed.
  • The NPC Editor has been reworked to work with the new NPC system.
    • Old NPCs can no longer be created using the NPC Editor wand.
  • The NPC Editor now has additional functionality:
    • You can quickly delete NPCs by shifting whilst right-clicking the NPC with the NPC Editor wand.
    • You can now left-click blocks to open the 'Admin NPC Editor'.
  • Added a new NPC editor mode, the 'Admin NPC Editor' mode.
    • Only NPCs created by the admin wand will show in the new NPC tracking UI.
    • Added API functionality to extend this tracking to sidemods.
  • Added different NPC "display types":
    • Pokémon
    • Player
    • The names "Rasgnarok" and "Isi" will result in the NPC being rendered upside down.
  • Added URL capability for displaying textures on NPCs:
    • URL
    • Player URL
    • Resource Location (with fallback)
  • Added NPC "interaction pipeline":
    • (1) Interaction Event
    • (2) Interaction Condition
    • (3) Interaction Result


  • A Recipe Book has been added to the Infuser, allowing players to look up what can be crafted in it.
  • Added dancing sprites to the server list title.


  • Added Cetoddle.
  • Added Cetitan.
  • Added Fidough.
  • Added Dachsbun.
  • Added Flamigo.

Cosmetic Palettes:

  • Added 'Rainbow' Flamigo.


  • Added new Pokémon cries: Cetoddle, Dachsbun, Fidough, Chien-Pao, Houndstone, Veluza, Charcadet, Flamigo, Drakloak, Flutter Mane, Scream Tail, Tinkatink, Tinkaton, Tinkatuff, Ting-Lu and Roaring Moon.
  • Updated Machamp cry.


  • Updated all structure Pokéloot to use the config claim settings.
  • Added the Electric Gym Town to the Savanna Plateau and Shattered Savanna biomes.
    • Added Electric Gym structure.
    • Added Electric Town structures: Berry Farm A and B, Blacksmith, Church, Clutter A-F, Day Care, Farm A and B, House A-E, Poke Center, Poke Mart, Road A-D, Town Center A and B and TCG Shop.
    • Added Electric Gym Trainers to Electric Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.
  • Added the Dragon Gym Town to all Spruce biomes.
    • Added Dragon Gym structure.
    • Added Dragon Town structures: Berry Farm A and B, Blacksmith, Church, Clutter A-F, Day Care, Farm A and B, House A-E, Poke Center, Poke Mart, Road A-D, Town Center A and B and TCG Shop.
    • Added Dragon Gym Trainers to Dragon Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.
  • Updated Battle Arena structure layout to improve loot balance.
  • Moved the Water Gym Town from all Oceans to only Deep Ocean.
  • Moved the Steel Gym Town from all Savannas to only Savanna.

Moves, Items and Abilities:

  • Added rarities to all Pixelmon items.
  • Added the tide smithing template to underwater ruins to replace its loot from Elder Guardians, which get spawn replaced by Overqwil.
  • 21322 Added missing Z-Moves and status Z-Effects for 42 moves.
  • 19366 Added smelting recipes so that Iron Hammers and Gold Hammers can be smelted into Iron Nuggets and Gold Nuggets, respectively.
  • Added Alluring Voice move.
  • Added Blood Moon move.
  • Added Burning Bulwark move.
  • Added Dragon Cheer move.
  • Added Electro Shot move.
  • Added Fickle Beam move.
  • Added Hard Press move.
  • Added Malignant Chain move.
  • Added Matcha Gotcha move.
  • Added Mighty Cleave move.
  • Added Psychic Noise move.
  • Added Supercell Slam move.
  • Added Syrup Bomb move.
  • Added Tachyon Cutter move.
  • Added Temper Flare move.
  • Added Thunderclap move.
  • Added Upper Hand move.
  • Added tests for the Struggle move.


  • Added Fidough to the Plains category during the Morning.
  • Added Dachsbun to the Plains category during the Morning.
  • Added Cetoddle to Frozen Ocean, Snowy Beach, Shattered Glacier (BYG), Snowy Black Beach (BYG), Snowy Rocky Black Beach (BYG) during Day.
  • Added Cetitan to Frozen Ocean, Snowy Beach, Shattered Glacier (BYG), Snowy Black Beach (BYG), Snowy Rocky Black Beach (BYG) during Day. Added chance to spawn with group of Cetoddle.
  • Added Flamigo to Swamps during the Day on Land and in the Air. Added chance to spawn with a group of other Flamigo.


  • Added 'moves' 'attack' and 'attacks' as aliases to the move requirement of a Poke Spec.
  • Boss specs can now be used in the spawning files.
  • Added the pokebag_blacklist tag located at data/pixelmon/tags/items/pokebag_blacklist.json.
  • Added URL support to palette textures.
    ► Click to view example of palette texture URL
              "name": "none",
              "sprite": "pixelmon:pokemon/001_bulbasaur/all/base/none/sprite.png",
              "models": [
                  "model_predicate": {
                    "type": "pixelmon:always"
                  "models": [
                      "model": "pixelmon:pokemon/001_bulbasaur/all/base/none/model.pqc",
                      "texture": {
                        "type": "pixelmon:url",
                        "url": "YOUR URL HERE",
                        "target_location": "pixelmon:pokemon_models/001_bulbasaur/all/base/none/texture.png"
              "sounds": []


  • Added a short beacon-style beam coming out of all dropped items, the color of it being based on the item's rarity.
  • Added a Pokéball shadow underneath dropped items, the Pokéball icon being based on the item's rarity.
  • 21249 The PokéBag will now be able to hold any item that is not defined in the _pokebagblacklist tag, which is located at data/pixelmon/tags/items/pokebag_blacklist.json.
  • Reduced the speed at which Pokémon ascend and descend while riding them underwater by a third.
  • 21370 Changed what Pokémon can be used in Sky Battles to a tag-based system.
    • Any Pokémon with the "eligible_for_sky_battles", in their species json file can join a Sky Battle.
    • Any Pokémon with the "eligible_for_sky_battles_with_levitate", in their species json file can join a Sky Battle if they have the Levitate ability.
    • Made certain Gen 7, 8, and 9 Pokémon capable of participating in Sky Battles.
  • Changed the move requirement to always look for the exact word.
  • Change the type requirement to only fit if a word starts with 'type' and doesn't have it inside the word.
  • 21084 Changed special animations to play at the end of an idle sequence, and no longer require them to be a part of the idle sequence.
  • Reduced the movement speed of aggressive Pokémon to 125% of their base movement speed.
  • 19971 Lowered the height of Hisuian Typhlosion's hitbox.
  • Changed the id for aluminum_base to aluminium_base to match our other items.
  • Removed old anvil textures for Poké Balls.
  • Charms are no longer visible if the player has the Invisibility potion effect.
  • Poké Balls will now determine if they will catch a Pokémon before the Poké Ball lands.
  • Make the camera only follow the Poké Ball if its not in the void and not doing its rolling animation on an air block.
  • Replaced the Fiery Dance attack with Torch Song in the Revenant ability's pool of Fire type moves.
  • 20269 Set the render distance of PokéStops to the render distance of the game.
  • Changed all Pokéloot to match config settings by default, including structure-generated Pokéloot.
  • Changed Pokéloot to now spawn break particles.
  • Changed Pokéstops to use the render distance of the game.
  • Removed the ugly, and often erroneous Forge ping information from the server list.
  • Reduced Transistor ability to Generation 9's strength.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed the isboss and areyouaboss spec to only check if the Pokémon is specifically a boss Pokémon.
  • 16777 Prevented Hoppers dumping too many items into the Cooking Pot.
  • Changed the /wiki command to specify that the biome for Pokémon that spawn everywhere underground, is underground.
  • Changed the Poké Display to include all battle forms of Pokémon it stores.
  • Changed recipe book registration to be later on startup so that Pixelmon items can be registered.


  • Improved SMD rendering:
    • Reduced the casting of the VertexConsumer interface (a very heavy operation) to once per model rather than three times per face (or once per vertex).
    • Removed isEmpty check for a cached boolean.
  • Improved game memory profile:
    • Reduced some duplicate Strings caused by repeatedly creating a default value for every entity rather than using a constant.
    • Reduced amount of garbage created (and so GC calls) by caching the hashCode for the ModelData class.
    • Reduced the overhead of a lot of the SMD classes (although not by much) by changing places where List was used rather than a direct array.


  • Added a config option droppped-item-beams-enabled to disable the dropped item beam in graphics.yml.


  • 21215 Fixed Pokémon with the 'walksonwater' property immediately dismounting the player if the player attempted to ride them on water.
  • Fixed the player being dismounted if they tried to take a Pokémon capable of surfing and ride it underwater.
  • 21276 Fixed diamonds, enchanted golden apples, and netherite upgrade smithing templates being missing from the bastion treasure loot table.
  • 21357 Fixed a species of Pokémon not appearing in the Pokédex due to one form of a species being labeled as 'undexable'.
  • Fixed the PP Up and PP Max missing from the PokéMart's potential sell items for certain languages.
  • Fixed Smelt not auto-smelting a certain number of items based on the move Smelt is known from.
  • Fixed Foraging ignoring an item's biome conditions.
  • 21236 the /pokebattle command not providing tab completion for nearby NPC Trainers.
  • Fixed PP Ups and PP Maxs not increasing the PP past 160% of its base PP when a move is set to have a higher max PP than default.
  • Fix Staryu, Shellder, Vaporeon, Marill, and Azumarill occasionally not being able to spawn due to their file using 'baseBlocks' instead of 'baseBlock'.
  • 21062 Fix Pokémon with their spawning location type set to 'Air' spawning underground instead of in the air.
  • Fixed the trim smithing templates being missing from our loot tables.
  • Fix Pokémon being able to access Galarian forms in the Poké Display if the form sent into the Poké Display was not a Galarian form.
  • 16064 Fixed the Therian forms not using their flying animation as their walk animation.
  • 16113 Fixed the previous and next arrow buttons not appearing in the summary page for Pokémon when the Pokémon was stored in the PC.
  • Fixed the Clauses list and the Selected Clauses list not showing any battle clauses on the Battle Rules screen.
  • Fixed the Infuser not displaying progress towards the next crafted item.
  • 18778 Fixed Poké Balls failing to catch Pokémon if they fell into the void.
  • 21507 Fixed an error in console that occurred when the move requirement of a Poké Spec failed.
  • Fixed Pokémon not transforming via Illusion, Transform, or Imposter.
  • Fixed a server crash that could occur if a player being targeted by a Pokémon switched from survival to creative.
  • 21551 Fixed Pokémon moving really slowly.
  • 17660 Fixed Pixelmon Paintings being rendered black if a block was placed above its left half.
  • Fixed Mirror Herb not being obtainable in forest biomes.
  • Fixed Max Mushrooms not spawning in the Mushroom Fields biome.
  • Fixed the external move Rock Smash not being able to break any blocks that fit in the Forge category of stone, cobblestone, sandstone, ore, or end stone.
  • Fixed the external move Rock Smash considering all blocks as underground.
  • 20002 Fixed the external move Rock Smash never dropping the destroyed block.
  • Fixed placing Clocks facing the player instead of attaching to the surface of the clicked block.
  • 20262 Fixed players being unable to give their Battle Bond form Greninja the Zombie palette.
  • Fixed the interaction changing a Pokémon to the Zombie palette working during the day.
  • 19959 Fixed commands that accept a player as an argument to return 'Player Not Found' when a player doesn't exist, instead of returning with the argument changed to the user of the command.
  • Fixed a big error appearing in the console/logs when using "/tiershow [tier]".
  • Fixed "/tiershow" not ignoring the letter case of the given tier.
  • Fixed a server crash occurring when a player's leading Pokémon in their party held a Cleanse Tag and prevented the server from spawning a Pokémon.
  • Fixed PokéStops not spawning break particles.
  • Fixed PokéStop break particles being only grey colored instead of the PokéStop's color.
  • Fixed the recoil evolution condition requiring more than the required HP damage, and not the exact amount, affecting Basculin and Basculegion.
  • Fixed Sinistea and Polteageist having their forms named incorrectly in Pixelmon forms.
  • Fixed the Pokémon class not being able to be used for evolving, no longer requiring the entity, fixing issues where entities disappear mid-evolution.
  • Fixed canSeeSky ignoring seesSkyException blocks.
  • 21129 Fixed custom evolution trees not working properly by fixing datapack load order and spec validation.
  • Fixed non-base Pokéballs causing a crash when failing a raid catch.
  • Fixed EV-boosting items and Pokérus not boosting EV gain.
  • Fixed crashes caused by loading models without animations by adding a blank transformation per bone.
  • Fixed error messages displaying for animation-less models not describing what model is causing the issue.
  • Fixed RequestCloseEditingPlayerPacket accessing the logical client from the server.
  • Fixed /pokestats accessing the logical client from the server.
  • Fixed the default server's list 1.20 URL.
  • 21565 Fixed a crash caused by /pokebomb.
  • 20502 Fixed client crashes caused by models or textures no longer being present after a resource reload (from switching resourcepacks) and a host of 'missing textures' being displayed incorrectly.
  • 21577 Fixed abilities remaining unchanged after evolution until Pokémon refreshed.
  • 21237 Fixed an error caused by a Move Spec move requirement failing.
  • Fixed the recipe book erroneously calling client classes from server setup.
  • 21511 Fixed wrong entries appearing in the server listing after a direct connection entry.
  • 21438 Fixed servers not being addable to the server list.
  • Fixed servers not being editable in the server list.
  • 21421 Fixed a server crash caused by wrongful imports.
  • Fixed Politoed's base texture having the wrong colour of antennae.
  • Fixed the hotbar not appearing on a player's screen after taking a photo of a Pokémon.


  • Fixed G-Max Gold Rush and Pay Day displaying 'literal{}' for the player receiving the money at the end of a battle.
  • Fixed Pokémon flying in the air during a battle from falling out of the sky when they tried to Mega Evolve.
  • Fix moves requiring a Z-Crystal of a type different than the type of a move.
  • Removed the ability to turn Struggle into a Z-Move.
  • Fixed erratic battle camera movement by preventing the camera from updating its position if it has been set to be removed.
  • Fixed Pokémon not transforming via Illusion, Transform, or Imposter.
  • Fixed transformed Pokémon not displaying species-unique particles.
  • Pokémon Transforming can now transform into the correct gender, instead of always being male.
  • 18778 Fixed an occurrence of the waiting glitch if a Poké Ball fell into the void during a battle.
  • Fixed the MissingNo sprite being displayed for Alter palette Mega Rayquaza instead of the default Mega Rayquaza sprite.
  • Fixed zooming in and out with the battle camera not working.
  • Fixed the mouse scroll wheel not zooming in and out of battle.
  • Fixed Ice Face not repairing in Snow.
  • Fixed Ice Face repairing when sent out at the same time weather is removed.
  • Fixed Wandering Spirit being able to trigger off of non-Max Moves from raid Pokémon.
  • Fixed Truant to block move if gained via a Mega-Pokémon's ability the turn it mega-evolves.
  • Fixed Ruination not doing minimum 1 damage.
  • Fixed Power Construct getting the wrong HP if below the normal maximum HP.
  • Fixed Hydro Steam ignoring Desolate Land.
  • Fixed Booster Energy restoring higher leveled stats in a LevelCap battle.
  • 21361 Fixed Trick deleting held items when known by higher level AI trainers.
  • Fixed Defiant triggering from allies' moves.
  • Fixed Solar Beam power getting halved in strong wind.
  • Fixed missing battle messages when a Terrain Seed is consumed.
  • Fixed Room Service not activating when the holder didn't use Trick Room.
  • Fixed Life Orb doing recoil damage for each damaged Pokémon in a spread move.
  • 21193 Fixed battle music not playing at all when you enter a battle.
  • 18237 Fixed battle music overlapping if you quickly enter and leave battles.


  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.


  • The Transform packet now uses entity UUIDs. It also no longer includes data for particles and instead includes data for gender.
  • Added new tests to make sure the spec requirements for ability, ball, cancrowned, generation, growth, nature, nickname, pokerus, and status all work.
  • Split a variable that handled cancelling the evolution and closing the Evolve Screen into two separate variables so that they can be done independently.
  • To align with moving to use the Pokémon class for evolutions, this update deprecates:
    • Evolution#doEvolution(PixelmonEntity, String) in favor of Evolution#doEvolution(Pokemon, String)
    • Evolution#finishedEvolving(PixelmonEntity) in favor of Evolution#finishedEvolving(Pokemon)
    • EvolutionQuery(PixelmonEntity, Evolution, String) in favor of EvolutionQuery(Pokemon, Evolution, String)
    • EvolutionQuery(PixelmonEntity, Stats) in favor of EvolutionQuery(Pokemon, Stats)
    • EvoCondition#passes(PixelmonEntity) in favor of EvoCondition#passes#(Pokemon)
  • Delay the spec validation until after the datapack files are loaded via Pixelmon.
    • This means the spec error will likely appear when you attempt to evolve the custom Pokémon, or run commands such as the wiki command.
    • This is likely the only way to do this as we cannot guarantee load order and with the new spec validation system the Pokémon has to exist for the species requirement, therefore we must delay the "get" call.
  • Added the ability to set and get the random seed used by battles.
    • Added BattleRandomSource, an implementation of RandomSource which is supplied with another RandomSource implementation to use for battles.
    • Allows setting of seed used in a given battle, and retrieval of the seed used by a battle, including if randomly determined.
    • Added and changed a number of the random methods to be named better.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Battles no longer use RandomHelper, except in cases where the BattleController isn't available yet, or cases of client-side only use.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: TickHandlerBase#onTick now returns a boolean value for whether the tick handler should be removed or not, changing from returning void.
  • Added improved BattleEndCause API.
    • This allows for more specific/precise reasoning for when a battle is ended. Therefore, letting sidemod developers have a deeper level of control over what to do for different scenarios.
    • Added registry PixelmonRegistry#battleEndCause.
      ► Click to view example of custom battle end
      @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = Pixelmon.MODID, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD)
      public class NewBattleCauses {
      public static void onRegister(RegisterEvent event) {
      event.register(PixelmonRegistry.BATTLE_END_CAUSE_REGISTRY, helper -> {
          helper.register(, BattleEndCause.FORFEIT);
  • Added a builder for requirements to allow for much easier creation of simplistic requirements.
    • Obviously for more complicated requirements, such as the logical ones, it still requires a class.
      ► Click to view example of custom requirement
              .aliases("isboss", "areyouaboss")
              .dataMatcher((pokemon, aBoolean) -> false)
              .dataApplier((pokemon, aBoolean) -> {})
              .minecraftMatcher((pixelmonEntity, isBoss) -> pixelmonEntity.isBossPokemon())
              .minecraftApplier((pixelmonEntity, isBoss) -> pixelmonEntity.setBossTier(isBoss ? BossTierRegistry.getRandomBossTier() : BossTierRegistry.NOT_BOSS))
  • Added method to BattleLog to search for and compare the ordering of two specific strings within battle messages.
  • Replaced method returns of type ArrayList with the generic List within BattleController and BattleParticipant.
  • Replaced various usages of Stream with enhanced-for within BattleController.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Deprecated the old Dialogue API and the events.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Refactored the "DialogueInputScreen" API to "DialogueFactory".
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Added a lot of options to the new Dialogue API:
    • You can now add infinite buttons.
    • Button interactions now have a response for seemless UI transitioning.
    • You can now chose to hide or show the Minecraft UI behind the Dialogue UI.
    • Buttons can now have a background color, and hover background color setting.
    • Buttons can now have "accepted inputs" to where the button press will only be accepted when all the requirements are met.
    • When the accepted input requirements are not met buttons now have errors displayed for a short period of time.
    • The input box can now have "accepted inputs" to change the characters the user can enter. For example, only allowing numbers entered.
    • The maximum text input length can now be modified.
    • You can use a Component for the default input text value (allowing for translation keys).
    • You can now specify the button, and close, handlers directly on the Builders.
  • Added the method BattleBuilder#logResult which will force the log to be printed at the end of the battle.
  • Changed some resource locations to just use the already-created static values from
  • Removed ResourceLocations from images that were no longer used, were missing, or were redundant.
  • Removed several image files for UIs that are no longer used.
  • Removed old, which was not implemented anywhere.

Pixelmon Mod 9.1.11

"Bark Bark Bark"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.



  • Added Flamigo.
  • Added Cetoddle.
  • Added Cetitan.
  • Added Fidough.
  • Added Dachsbun.


  • Added new Pokémon cries: Cetoddle, Dachsbun, Fidough, Chien-Pao, Houndstone, Veluza, Charcadet, Flamigo, Drakloak, Flutter Mane, Scream Tail, Tinkatink, Tinkaton, Tinkatuff, Ting-Lu and Roaring Moon.
  • Updated Machamp cry.


  • Added the Electric Gym Town to the Savanna Plateau and Shattered Savanna biomes.
    • Added Electric Gym structure.
    • Added Electric Town structures: Berry Farm A and B, Blacksmith, Church, Clutter A-F, Day Care, Farm A and B, House A-E, Poke Center, Poke Mart, Road A-D, Town Center A and B and TCG Shop.
    • Added Electric Gym Trainers to Electric Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.
  • Added the Dragon Gym Town to all Spruce biomes.
    • Added Dragon Gym structure.
    • Added Dragon Town structures: Berry Farm A and B, Blacksmith, Church, Clutter A-F, Day Care, Farm A and B, House A-E, Poke Center, Poke Mart, Road A-D, Town Center A and B and TCG Shop.
    • Added Dragon Gym Trainers to Dragon Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.
  • Updated Battle Arena structure layout to improve loot balance.
  • Moved the Water Gym Town from all Oceans to only Deep Ocean.
  • Moved the Steel Gym Town from all Savannas to only Savanna.


  • Added Fidough to the Plains category during the Morning.
  • Added Dachsbun to the Plains category during the Morning.
  • Added Cetoddle to Frozen Ocean, Snowy Beach, Shattered Glacier (BYG), Snowy Black Beach (BYG), Snowy Rocky Black Beach (BYG) during Day.
  • Added Cetitan to Frozen Ocean, Snowy Beach, Shattered Glacier (BYG), Snowy Black Beach (BYG), Snowy Rocky Black Beach (BYG) during Day. Added chance to spawn with group of Cetoddle.
  • Added Flamigo to Swamps during the Day on Land and in the Air. Added chance to spawn with a group of other Flamigo.


  • Changed the way attack animations are stored to be per battle:
    • This change should improve the speed of battle ticking on servers, as we no longer have to search through all current attack animations to find those related to the current battle.
    • This change should also improve the memory footprint of attack animations as they no longer need to store a backwards reference to the battle controller.
  • Changed battle ticking to be only done once per tick rather than once per level:
    • This will reduce the impact battles have on server performance.
    • This will reduce the likelihood of rare concurrency related issues.


  • 20502 Fixed client crashes caused by models or textures no longer being present after a resource reload from players switching servers, or resourcepacks, displaying 'missing texture' incorrectly.
  • 21296 Fixed Kingambit failing to drop Silver Ingots due to a typo.
  • Fixed Legendary spawn time randomization to modify the period by 40 percent instead of by frequency.
  • 21215 Fixed Pokémon that have the 'walksonwater' property dismounting their passenger when they touch water, such as Suicune.
  • 21565 Fixed crashes caused by parent species changing, such as a crashing after using /pokebomb.
  • Fixed wrong antennae color for regular Politoed.
  • 21325 Fixed Gym Signs failing to drop the item they had stored.
  • Fixed missing shiny palette for Mega-Gallade.
  • 21419 Fixed underground Pokémon spawning in the Nether, overtaking natural Nether spawns.
  • Fixed the Pokémon Editor wand failing to properly update ability slots when updating abilities of party Pokémon.
  • Fixed RequestCloseEditingPlayerPacket accessing the logical client from the server.
  • Fixed /pokestats accessing the logical client from the server.


  • 18778 Fixed a waiting bug caused by Pokéballs from the Bag falling into the void, failing the catch.
  • Fixed a waiting bug caused by Pokéballs falling far, failing the catch.
  • 21383 Fixed a waiting bug caused by fainting immediately after a mega-evolution animation mid-battle, allowing the opponent to move twice.
  • 21213 Fixed switch moves not doing any damage when used.
  • 21349 Fixed Nuzzle, Bolt-Strike, Mortal Spin, Bide, Triple Kick, Gear Grind, Hold Back, Plasma Fists, False Surrender, Double Shock and Comeuppance not being considered as contact moves.
  • Fixed Pokémon immediately attacking after their switch.
  • 21166 Fixed Overdrive failing to trigger Throat Spray.
  • 21360 Fixed leap move animations used by flying Pokémon causing server crashes.
  • Fixed Foul Play causing a rare server crash.
  • Fixed Opportunist crashing against AI with StatsEffect moves.
  • Fixed Wandering Spirit swapping when dynamaxed.
  • Fixed Wind Rider activating on Sandstorm.
  • Fixed Wind Rider preventing Tailwind's effect in double battles.
  • Fixed Cursed Body not disabling behind a Substitute.
  • Fixed Berserk not triggering if the final hit of a move didn't cross half HP.
  • Fixed Instruct not advancing turn timers for sleep and Truant.
  • Fixed Instruct always working despite sleep status.
  • Fixed Truant not blocking sleep.
  • Fixed Truant not loafing if gained after a mega-evolution.
  • Fixed Symbiosis moving items to Pokémon switching out.
  • Fixed Unaware not ignoring accuracy stages.
  • Fixed Foresight removing target's negative evasion stages.
  • Fixed Thick Fat reducing overall damage instead of the attacking stat.
  • Fixed start of battle effects not triggering unless starting in battle.
  • Fixed Trace to treat all ComingSoon abilities as null abilities.
  • Fixed crash issue with virtual battles via NPCs.
  • Fixed some Z-moves requiring the incorrectly typed Z-crystal, such as Captivate.
  • 21432 Fixed berries and healing items failing to work on Drowsy and Frostbite.
  • Fixed erratic battle camera movement by preventing the camera from updating its position if it has been set to be removed.
  • Fixed Water Spout ignoring Desolate Land's prevention of water attacks.
  • Fixed Eruption ignoring Primordial Sea's prevention of fire attacks.
  • Fixed Hydro Steam ignoring Desolate Land's prevention of water attacks.
  • Fixed Protosynthesis activating in Desolate Land's sun.
  • Fixed Life Orb applying recoil for each target damaged by a spread move.
  • 21376 Fixed Booster Energy activation restoring pre-level-cap stat points.
  • 21361 Fixed Trick-based moves remove the held items without being used.


  • Added an unbreedable check for Day Care parents server-side, preventing client-side exploits.
  • PlayerParticipant and TrainerParticipant now correctly post SpawnPixelmonEntityForBattleEvent.Pre and SpawnPixelmonEntityForBattleEvent.Post when switching Pokémon in battle.
  • TickHandlerBase#onTick now returns a boolean value for whether the tick handler should be removed or not, changing from returning void.

Pixelmon Mod 9.2.6

"1.20.2 (Alpha 6)"

  • The Java requirement for 1.20.2 is Java 17. This will come shipped with most launchers. For manual installation, you may need to install a later JRE.
  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 48.1.0 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • Worlds from 1.16.5 may not work with newer versions of Minecraft. Consider backups before updating.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added a new palette format to all palette-driven data.
  • Adds the partyFaintRespawn gamerule (disabled by default, and can be edited from the World Creation singleplayer screen):
    • When this is enabled players will be teleported back to their last respawn point when they have 0 battle capable pokemon remaining in their party.
    • If keepInventory gamerule is disabled the player will drop the items in their inventory.
    • This will not apply for players in creative.
    • This will not apply for players with a temporary mode party.
  • Added a button to the Discord Rich Presence allowing people to join the Pixelmon Discord.
  • Added support for servers to add a button to a link of their choosing in the rich presence under config.yml:server-discord, discord-invite and server-name, defaulting to blank - if the invite is invalid, the button will not show.
  • Added the Pumkin, Drash, Eggant, Strib, Nutpea, Ginema, Kuo, Yago, Touga, Niniku, and Topo berries to the creative menu.
  • Added bone mode debug [F3+'], showing both bones on Pokémon models and their name.
  • Added sphere model for bone display.
  • Added elf palette option to Christmas ball logic!
  • Adds tags for pulse, bite, bullet, dance, explosive, powder, punch, slicing, and wind moves.


  • Added Flutter Mane.
  • Added Capsakid.
  • Added Scovillain.
  • Added Flittle.
  • Added Espathra.

Cosmetic Palettes:

  • Added 'Christmas' Pichu.
  • Added 'Elf' Pichu.
  • Added 'Christmas' Pikachu.
  • Added 'Elf' Pikachu.
  • Added 'Christmas' Raichu.
  • Added 'Elf' Raichu.
  • Added 'Christmas' Dratini.
  • Added 'Elf' Dratini.
  • Added 'Christmas' Dragonair.
  • Added 'Elf' Dragonair.
  • Added 'Christmas' Dragonite.
  • Added 'Elf' Dragonite.
  • Added 'Christmas' Munchlax.
  • Added 'Elf' Munchlax.
  • Added 'Christmas' Snorlax.
  • Added 'Elf' Snorlax.
  • Added 'Christmas' Pawmi.
  • Added 'Elf' Pawmi.
  • Added 'Christmas' Pawmo.
  • Added 'Elf' Pawmo.
  • Added 'Christmas' Pawmot.
  • Added 'Elf' Pawmot.
  • Added 'Christmas' Iron Leaves.
  • Added 'Elf' Iron Leaves.
  • Added 'Christmas' Slitherwing.
  • Added 'Elf' Slitherwing.
  • Added 'Christmas' Mew.
  • Added 'Elf' Mew.


  • Added Water Town in Oceans, our most involved town yet!
  • Added Water Gym structure.
  • Added Water Town structures: Gym, Town Center, PokeCenter, PokeMart, Blacksmith, Church, Lighthouse A and B, House A-D, Kelp Farm a and B, Pier A-G, Fallback A-E, Deco A-H, Clutter A-T and Buoy A-C.
  • Added Water Gym Trainers to Water Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.
  • Added Swift Boat in Oceans.
  • Added Yacht Boat in Oceans.
  • Updated Fishing Boat, Magikarp Boat, Sail Boat and Submarine in Oceans.
  • Updated land Arc Chalice structure in Extreme Hills.
  • Updated Pumpkin House rarity for rarer, less common spawns.

Moves, Items and Abilities:

► Click to view all tests
- Added tests for Damp ability.
- Added tests for Dancer ability.
- Added tests for Dazzling ability.
- Added tests for Delta Stream ability.
- Added tests for Disguise ability.
- Added tests for Zen Mode ability.
- Added tests for Wind Rider ability.
- Added tests for Wonder Guard ability.
- Added tests for Wandering Spirit ability.
- Added tests for Victory Star ability.
- Added tests for Aftermath ability.
- Added tests for Anger Point ability.
- Added tests for Arena Trap ability.
- Added tests for Battle Armor ability.
- Added tests for Berserk ability.
- Added tests for Cheek Pouch ability.
- Added tests for Clear Body ability.
- Added tests for Cloud Nine ability.
- Added tests for Color Change ability.
- Added tests for Comatose ability.
- Added tests for Contrary ability.
- Added tests for Cursed Body ability.
- Added tests for Magic Guard ability.
- Added tests for Magician ability.
- Added tests for Intimidate ability.
- Added tests for Shields Down ability.
- Added tests for Simple ability.
- Added tests for Slow Start ability.
- Added tests for Contrary ability and Z-moves.
- Added tests for Intrepid Sword ability.
- Added tests for Liquid Ooze ability.
- Added tests for Magic Bounce ability.
- Added tests for Lightning Rod ability.
- Added tests for Desolate Land ability.
- Added tests for Dry Skin ability.
- Added tests for Emergency Exit ability.
- Added tests for Flash Fire ability.
- Added tests for Frisk ability.
- Added tests for Gluttony ability.
- Added tests for Guard Dog ability.
- Added tests for Immunity ability.
- Added tests for Neutralizing Gas ability.
- Added tests for Storm Drain ability.
- Added tests for Sturdy ability.
- Added tests for Suction Cups ability.
- Added tests for Sturdy ability.
- Added tests for Sword of Ruin ability.
- Added tests for Synchronize ability.
- Added tests for ScreenCleaner ability.
- Added tests for SapSipper ability.
- Added tests for Aromatherapy ability.
- Added tests for HealBell ability.
- Added tests for MagnetPull ability.
- Added tests for Moxie ability.
- Added tests for MultiScale ability.
- Added tests for Mummy ability.
- Added tests for Natural Cure ability.
- Added tests for Own Tempo ability.
- Added tests for Pastel Veil ability.
- Added tests for Pick Pocket ability.
- Added tests for Prankster ability.
- Added tests for Primordeal Sea ability.
- Added tests for Protosynthesis ability.
- Added tests for Ripen ability.
- Added tests for Rock Head ability.
- Added tests for Rough Skin ability.
- Added tests for SheerForce ability.
- Added tests for SereneGrace ability.
- Added tests for ShieldDust ability.
- Added tests for PoisonTouch ability.
- Added tests for ShellArmor ability.
- Added tests for ShadowTag ability.
- Added tests for Opportunist ability.
- Added tests for Glaive Rush move.
- Added tests for U-Turn move.
- Added tests for Acupressure move.
- Added tests for After You move.
- Added tests for Assurance move.
- Added tests for Aura Wheel move.
- Added tests for Baton Pass move.
- Added tests for Belch move.
- Added tests for Bide move.
- Added tests for Boomburst move.
- Added tests for Brick Break move.
- Added tests for Sky Drop move.
- Added tests for Follow Me move.
- Added tests for Weakness Policy held item.
- Added tests for White Herb held item.
- Added tests for Sitrus Berry held item.
- Added tests for Shell Bell held item.
- Added tests for Shed Shell held item.


  • Added Flutter Mane to Small End Islands
  • Added Capsakid to Arid and Mesas during the Day. Added chance to spawn with a group of Capsakid.
  • Added Scovillain to Arid and Mesas during the Day.
  • Added Flittle to Savannas and Arid during the Day. Added chance to spawn with a group of Flittle.
  • Added Espathra to Savannas and Arid during Day.
  • Added Taiga, Old Growth Pine Taiga, and Old Growth Spruce Taiga to all forest spawning biome types.


  • Updated PCs to only drop when mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe.
  • Added a new palette format to all palette-driven data. Datapacks prior to 9.2.6 will fail to load as a result of the new formatting and optimizations. To convert your datapack, please use our converter.
  • Added & implemented the "infinite" model locator officially retiring "DUAL_MODEL", "DUAL_MODEL_TEX" (etc) model factories.
► Example of Missing No's new palette format
          "palettes": [
              "name": "none",
              "sprite": "pixelmon:pokemon/000_missingno/all/base/none/sprite.png",
              "models": [
                  "model_predicate": {
                    "type": "pixelmon:always"
                  "models": [
                      "model": "pixelmon:pokemon/000_missingno/all/base/none/model.pqc",
                      "texture": "pixelmon:pokemon/000_missingno/all/base/none/texture.png"
  • Added scaling to model data so we can scale individual attachments on palettes (and also preparation for removal of PQC).
► Example of attachment scaling
                          "model": {
                            "model": "pixelmon:hat/hat.pqc",
                            "texture": "pixelmon:hat/texture.png",
                            "scale": 0.9,
                            "offsets": [
                              0.0, 0.8, 0.8
  • Added axis-based scaling for all dimensions along X, Y and Z (example, "scale": [2.0, 1.0, 1.0]).
► Example of axis-based scaling
                          "model": {
                            "model": "pixelmon:hat/hat.pqc",
                            "texture": "pixelmon:hat/texture.png",
                            "scale": [2.0, 1.0, 1.0],
                            "offsets": [
                              0.0, 0.8, 0.8
  • Added support for attaching models to other models via bone anchor points. For an in-use example, see the 'Elf' and 'Christmas' palettes.
► Example of anchor points
"models": [
                  "model_predicate": {
                    "type": "pixelmon:always"
                  "models": [
                      "model": "pixelmon:pokemon/172_pichu/all/base/none/model.pqc",
                      "texture": "pixelmon:pokemon/172_pichu/all/base/none/texture.png",
                      "attachments": [
                          "attachment_point": "Hat",
                          "model": {
                            "model": "pixelmon:hat/hat.pqc",
                            "texture": "pixelmon:hat/texture.png",
                            "scale": 0.9,
                            "offsets": [
                              0.0, 0.8, 0.8
  • Added christmas and elf palettes with Christmas Hat attachment.
  • Added support for palettes to use the Minecraft particle system - palette particles can now utilize vanilla particles.
► Example of particle usage
"particle": {
                "probability": 0.1,
                "options": {
                  "type": "pixelmon:shiny",
                  "diameter": 2.5,
                  "lifetime": 30,
                  "tint": {
                    "red": 255,
                    "green": 215,
                    "blue": 0,
                    "alpha": 255


  • Updated Water as a viable block for Pokémon to spawn of for water spawns.
  • Updated boss drops to support Forge-style NBT entries.
  • Updated Shrine Orbs craft into themselves with max damage (or 0 KO charges).
  • Updated Shrine Orbs unrepairable so that they might not be combined into an anvil.
  • Optimized rendering by removing some redundant Matrix multiplication.
  • Updated Miraidon sprite.
  • Updated Walking Wake sprite.
  • Updated Lechonk model and animations.
  • Updated Swalot and Gulpin model and animations.
  • Updated Kilowattrel to now drop a Swift Feather instead of a Swift Wing.
  • Updated Gholdengo to drop a Relic Silver instead of two Relic Gold.
  • 20997 Updated Silicon to use the ingot tag.
  • 20997 Updated all metal ingots to use the ingot tag.
  • 20997 Updated aluminium and aluminium ore tags to Bauxite.
  • Removed the Pixelmon Anvil, as it is no longer required to craft Poké Balls.
  • Updated all instances of the Pixelmon Anvil to Minecraft's Anvil.
  • Updated all Pixelmon blocks to include a Minecraft map block color.
  • Updated lang to combine pixelmon.interaction.abilitycapsule and pixelmon.interaction.abilitypatch into pixelmon.interaction.abilityitem.
  • 5489 Updated Ability Patches to change Pokémon with their Hidden Ability to their first Ability.
  • 19808 Updated speed calculations to Generation 7+, which recalculates speed at every turn, reworking in turn Pursuit and switching mechanics.


  • Added itemconfig.yml.
  • Moved multiplePhotosOfSamePokemon, allowAmuletCoin, and amuletCoinMultiplier to itemconfig.yml.
  • Added bottleCapLevel to itemconfig.yml, which defaults to 50.
  • Updated minimum-distance-between-spawns config setting to 5 blocks, down from 15 blocks .
  • Updated minimum-distance-from-centre config setting to 5 blocks, down from 18 blocks.
  • Updated maximum-distance-from-centre config setting to 30 blocks, down from 64 blocks.
  • Updated spawn-replacements in and around villages to be lower leveled species.
  • Updated the village Golurk Iron Golem spawn replacement to be uncatchable.


  • Fixed the normal map breaking with attachments and only using the attachment texture.
  • Fixed the package not being correctly relocated causing load errors.
  • Fixed the direct connect screen being broken by the recent changes to the server list.
  • Fixed Pokemon continually trying to chase and fight the player after a battle.
  • 21209 Fixed a server crash from a fishing bobber entity or anything else interacting with a Pokémon Egg and attempting to cast it to a Player.
  • 21085 Fixed wishing pieces dropped from within inventory no longer cause the player's held item to be consumed.
  • Fixed Pokémon following or attacking the player while in spectator mode.
  • 21218 Fixed Pokémon being unable to complete biome conditions for evolving.
  • 21221 Fixed players being unable to use the Bee Spawn Egg to spawn Bee Pokémon.
  • Fixed statues not being able to be animated.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the starter list erroring when a player disconnects immediately after joining.
  • Fixed Pokemon with the walksonwater or walksonlava tag being unable to walk on that fluid.
  • 21252 Fixed medicines curing statuses outside of battle.
  • Fixed improper spacing in starter lang ribbons.
  • Fixed ability slots reverting on evolution when changed using the Pokémon Editor.
  • 21262 Fixed a crash caused by wearing a photo on a player's head.
  • Fixed random shiny sometimes failing to give a shiny with non-shiny palette listings.
  • 21282 Fixed missing texture sprites for all Pixelmon Music Discs.
  • Fixed Pawmo's hitbox and size.
  • Fixed Lechonk's walk failing to loop properly.
  • 19240 Fixed Swalot and Gulpin's animation deforming their models.
  • 21225 Fixed Chien-Pao missing from raid spawning.
  • Fixed Revavroom spawn level range.
  • Fixed Tandemaus and Maushold dropping the wrong type of cheese.
  • 21307 Fixed Delta Shards being obtainable in Mineshafts when they should not be there.
  • 21296 Fixed Kingambit failing to drop Silver Ingot.
  • Fixed Ultra Gingko Trapdoor tag failing to load.
  • Fixed curry recipe parsing errors for Boiled Egg, Brittle Bones, Smoke Poke and Toast recipes.
  • Fixed owned Minior not changing to Core form when out of battle.
  • Fixed water spawning not working properly as underwater typed when spawning Pokémon extremely deep underwater.
  • Fixed Pokémon not taking freezing damage when in contact with Powdered Snow blocks, except for Ice types.
  • Fixed Treasures of Ruin Pokémon stat jsons requiring hyphens.
  • Fixed registry entry utils like /checkspawns use backwards compatibility with un-hyphenated yet hyphenated Pokémon names.
  • 21278 Fixed data loss of Day Care Pokémon caused by concurrency issues happening on login.
  • 21325 Fixed gym signs deleting the item in the block instead of droping it.


  • Fixed Dancer not having the correct list of moves to copy from.
  • Fixed Focus Sash, Focus Band and Sturdy never blocking confusion damage.
  • Fixed Suction Cups ignoring Moldbreaker.
  • Fixed multiple Of Ruin abilities stacking stat reductions in battle.
  • 21280 Fixed the turn, weather and terrain information not appearing in the right side of the battle screen.
  • 15176 Fixed Dynamaxed Pokemon being able to switch out, switch back in, and use Max Moves and stay dynamaxed, despite not having the appearance.
  • 21239 Fixed transformed Pokémon from using the Disguise ability.
  • Fixed spectators getting stuck in permanent spectator mode after spectating into a raid.
  • Fixed Wandering Spirit triggering when dynamaxed.
  • Fixed Wind Rider blocking Tailwind from applying.
  • Fixed Wind Rider activating against Sandstorm.
  • Fixed an error caused by a non-existing trainer for changing weather conditions.
  • Fixed an error caused by changing forms when the entity itself does not exist.
  • Fixed Moldbreaker preventing Anger point from increasing the attack stat.
  • Fixed Seismic Toss, Night Shade and Parental Bond not being identified as a multi-hit move.
  • Fixed a server crash coming from attack animations.
  • Fixed flee moves such as Roar and Red Card sometimes randomly selecting a currently sent out Pokémon.
  • Fixed Comatose not correctly identifying the Pokémon asleep when they have 0 statuses.
  • Fixed Comatose not doubling the power of Hex or Wake-Up Slap.
  • Fixed berries erroneously applying healing after Neutralizing Gas leaves the field.
  • Fixed Neutralizing Gas not disabling extreme weathers caused by abilities such as Desolate Land.
  • Fixed Gastric Acid (and similar moves) not disabling Neutralizing Gas when used.
  • Fixed Imposter applying after Neutralizing Gas leaves the field.
  • Fixed Shields Down blocking all non-entry hazard statuses.
  • Fixed Slow Start not resetting count when Neutralizing Gas appears.
  • Fixed Emergency Exit not working properly after a multi-hit move.
  • Fixed Emergency Exit not properly working after damage at the end of turn, such as poison-inflicted damage.
  • Fixed horde battles crashing occasionally when starting battle due to a null battle controller in their AI.
  • Fixed occasional crashes in battle cased by LegacyRandomSource.
  • 21258 Fixed switch-in abilities triggering too early during simultaneous switches.
  • Fixed EnforcedSwitching triggering twice.
  • Fixed Blue Flare and Bolt Strike boosting Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare.
  • Fixed Parting Shot soft-locking the client if used without a Pokémon to switch to.
  • Fixed Pursuit only triggering if already targeting the switching Pokémon.
  • Fixed Expanding Force failing to boost power on Psychic Terrain if not forcibly grounded.
  • Fixed Sky Drop damaging the wrong target after Ally Switch.
  • Fixed Sky Drop making contact on the first turn.
  • Fixed Sky Drop allowing targets to mega-evolve.
  • Fixed redirect abilities, such as Lightning Rod, not absorbing allied attacks.
  • Fixed redirect abilities, such as Lightning Rod, sometimes triggering before Follow Me.
  • Fixed redirect abilities and statuses, such as Lightning Rod, sometimes activating in the wrong order.
  • Fixed Wonder Guard blocking Sky Drop before its attacking turn.
  • Fixed Expanding Force and Thrash re-targeting by moving to their move effects.
  • Fixed Focus Sash, Focus Band, and Sturdy never blocking confusion damage.
  • Fixed Suction Cups ignoring Mold Breaker.
  • Fixed multiple Of Ruin abilities stacking stat reductions.
  • Fixed SapSipper absorbing self-targeting grass moves.
  • Fixed Aromatherapy and HealBell not healing allied trainers.
  • Fixed Aromatherapy bypassing Substitute and SapSipper.
  • Fixed HealBell bypassing Soundproof.
  • Fixed abilities logic firing before held item logic when statuses are added to Pokemon in battle.
  • Fixed addreneline orb incorrectly interacting with intimidate.
  • Fixed PickPocket working even after being swapped out off the battle field.
  • Fixed Prankster incorrectly blocking moves when moves are enforced by Encore.
  • Fixed Protosynthesis working with extreme weather.
  • Fixed weather changes not calling the change to any held items.
  • Fixed booster energy activating before the initial switch in at the start of a battle.
  • Fixed Z-Nature Power not dealing any damage.
  • Fixed stack overflow crash caused by Opportunist.
  • Fixed ShieldDust not blocking all additional effects against the target.
  • Fixed SheerForce not triggering for many additional effects.
  • Fixed PoisonTouch not being considered an additional effect (to be blocked by ShieldDust).
  • Fixed Frostbite chance ignoring SereneGrace and WaterPledge boosts in Hail.
  • Fixed ThawTarget moves (ie Scald) thawing frozen targets if SheerForce is active.
  • Fixed SparklingAria not curing burns against ShieldDust.
  • Fixed Barb Barage being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Bide being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Bolt Strike being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Bone Club being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Comeuppance being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Double Shock being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed False Surrender being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Final Gambit being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Gear Grind being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Hold Back being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Mortal Spin being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Nuzzle being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Plasma Fists being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Raging Fury being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Strength Sap being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Terrain Pulse being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Thunder Cage being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Triple Kick being marked as a non-contact move.


  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Updated Ukrainian translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.


  • Added Ability#modifyConfusionDamage and HeldItem#modifyConfusionDamage.
  • Moved variables and control of dynamaxing the model of a Pokemon from the PixelmonWrapper class to the PixelmonEntity class.
  • Added PixelmonWrapper#attackAlly(I)V for simplifying the selection of attacking moves.
  • Added BattleTestHelper#setupDoubleBattleBuilder to allow double battles.
  • Changed BattleController#takeFullTurn to do a turn for each active pokemon instead of always 2.
  • Added check to getGrowth to prevent scaling on null values.
  • Fixed PokemonBuilder#ability not creating a new instance of the ability given.
  • You no longer need to manually register battle tests with the "UnitTestRegistry" class and instead should use the BattleTestClass annotation.
  • The PixelmonUnitTest class has been deleted as it is no longer needed.
  • The UnitTestRegistry class has been renamed to BattleTestRegistry.
  • The UnitTest annotation has been renamed to BattleTest.
  • Removed the test identifier from the BattleTest annotation and changed it to instead just use the method name.
  • Added the BattleTestHelper with useful functions for creating No-Op wild battle participants, quickly starting frozen battles, and skipping through frozen battle's ticks.
  • Changed all battle test functions to have the BattleTestHepler parameter.
  • Added & exposed BattleController#doTurnLogic and BattleController#takeFullTurn for manipulating frozen battles with a bit more ease.
  • Added PokemonBuilder#ability(Lcom/pixelmonmod/api/registry/RegistryValue;)Lcom/pixelmonmod/pixelmon/api/pokemon/PokemonBuilder overload.
  • Added PokemonBuilder#moves([Lcom/pixelmonmod/api/registry/RegistryValue;)Lcom/pixelmonmod/pixelmon/api/pokemon/PokemonBuilder overload.
  • Added PokemonBuilder#species(Lcom/pixelmonmod/api/registry/RegistryValue;)Lcom/pixelmonmod/pixelmon/api/pokemon/PokemonBuilder overload.
  • Added BattleTestHelper#createDefaultPokemon for creating a Pokemon with the default settings (level 100, serious nature, max IVs, max happiness, in a PokéBall).
  • Added PixelmonWrapper#attackOpponent(I)V for simplifying the selection of attacking moves.
  • Added PixelmonWrapper#attackSelf(I)V for simplifying the selection of attacking moves.
  • Adds the PartyFaintRespawnEvent for canceling the above mechanic in given situations.
  • Made EVYields class immutable.
  • Made EVYields class a record.
  • Added EVYields#setHP, EVYields#setAttack, EVYields#setDefense, EVYields#setSpecialAttack, EVYields#setSpecialDefense, EVYields#setSpeed, EVYields#addToHP, EVYields#addToAttack, EVYields#addToDefense, EVYields#addToSpecialAttack, EVYields#addToSpecialDefense, EVYields#addToSpeed, EVYields#set, and EVYields#multiply.
  • Added EVGainEvent and EVGainEvent.Double for handling when EVs are gained.
  • Renamed BattleController#turn to actionIndex to better separate it from battleTurn.
  • Added EffectBase#modifyTargets.
  • Added StatusBase#stopsEvolution.
  • Added PixelmonWrapper#canEvolve.
  • Added Ability#preventsRedirection.
  • Added Ability#modifyConfusionDamage and HeldItem#modifyConfusionDamage.
  • Fixed PixelmonSpecies#TAPU_FINI being a MissingNo.

Pixelmon Mod 9.1.10


  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.



  • Added Flutter Mane.
  • Added Capsakid.
  • Added Scovillain.
  • Added Flittle.
  • Added Espathra.


  • Added Water Town in Oceans, our most involved town yet!
  • Added Water Gym structure.
  • Added Water Town structures: Gym, Town Center, PokeCenter, PokeMart, Blacksmith, Church, Lighthouse A and B, House A-D, Kelp Farm a and B, Pier A-G, Fallback A-E, Deco A-H, Clutter A-T and Buoy A-C.
  • Added Water Gym Trainers to Water Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.
  • Added Swift Boat in Oceans.
  • Added Yacht Boat in Oceans.
  • Updated Fishing Boat, Magikarp Boat, Sail Boat and Submarine in Oceans.
  • Updated land Arc Chalice structure in Extreme Hills.


  • Added Flittle to Savannas and Arid during Day and as a group.
  • Added Espathra to Savannas and Arid during Day.
  • Added Capsakid to Arid and Mesas during the Day and as a group.
  • Added Scovillain to Arid and Mesas during the Day.
  • Added Flutter Mane to Small End Islands.


  • Updated Kilowattrel to now drop a Swift Feather instead of a Swift Wing.
  • Updated Gholdengo to drop a Relic Silver instead of two Relic Gold.
  • Updated Miraidon sprite.
  • Updated Walking Wake sprite.
  • Updated Lechonk model and animations.
  • Updated Swalot and Gulpin model and animations.


  • Fixed erasing a statue's species line causing /pokekill to become unresponsive.
  • 21225 Fixed Chien-Pao missing from raid spawning.
  • Fixed Ultimate bosses dropping Poké Balls instead of the correct ball type, such as Master Balls.
  • Fixed missing drop data for Miraidon.
  • Fixed erroneous drop data for Koraidon.
  • Fixed Tandemaus and Maushold dropping the wrong type of cheese.
  • 21085 Fixed Wishing Pieces dropped from within inventory causing the player's held item to be consumed.
  • Fixed Lechonk's walk failing to loop properly.
  • 19240 Fixed Swalot and Gulpin's animation deforming their models.
  • 21252 Fixed status curing items curing any status condition when used outside of battle.
  • Fixed client crashes caused by improperly flying mounts.
  • Fixed Revavroom spawn level range.
  • Fixed /wiki and /checkspawns failing to work on Treasures of Ruin Pokémon due to their hyphenated name format.
  • Fixed /locate flooding water-based structures such as the Magikarp Boat.
  • 21209 Fixed a server crash from a fishing bobber entity or anything else interacting with a Pokémon Egg and attempting to cast it to a Player.
  • Fixed server crash caused by Terrain examination when the entity's world position is null.


  • Fixed spectating battles causing spectators of Max Raids to remain stuck in spectate mode.
  • 21230 Fixed client crash caused by Burmy killing a wild Pokémon.
  • Fixed aggressive Pokémon successfully chasing down and targeting for battle players in spectator mode.
  • 21360 Fixed possible OutOfMemoryError server crashes caused in attack animations using Leap Forward by disabling their use case.
  • Fixed /battletests failing due to Shedinja, Focus Sash, Clangorous Soulblaze, Overworld weather and Form change tests, fixing relevant bugs associated with their use cases.


  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Ukrainian translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.

Pixelmon Mod 9.2.5

"1.20.2 (Alpha 6)"

  • The Java requirement for 1.20.2 is Java 17. This will come shipped with most launchers. For manual installation, you may need to install a later JRE.
  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 48.0.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • Worlds from 1.16.5 may not work with newer versions of Minecraft. Consider backups before updating..
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added the Witch Hat cosmetic.
  • Added a Witch Hat to all PokéStop. Happy Halloween!
  • Added comments to most of the Pixelmon config settings.
  • Added /statuespawn <spec> command which spawns in a statute with a given spec.
  • Added new specs for statues including:
    • animated, animate
    • annimationframe, frame
    • animationtype
    • bbmode, boundingboxmode
    • canmove, movement
    • statuetexture, texturetype, texture
  • Added support for existing Pokémon requirements to statues including:
    • Crowned
    • Egg Group
    • Form
    • Gender
    • Generation
    • Growth
    • Growth Stage
    • HasSpecFlag
    • Lake Trio
    • Legendary
    • Logical AND, NOT and OR
    • Nickname
    • Palette
    • Position
    • Primal Evolution
    • Random Species
    • Shiny
    • Species
    • Type
    • Ultrabeast
  • Implemented support for BMD2.
  • Implemented support for GeckoLib.
  • Added the cel shader
  • Added the black and white shader
  • Added the rainbow shader
  • Added new specs:
    • friendship: for comparing against a specific friendship, and setting a specific friendship.
    • maxfriendship: for doing a less than or equal check against a friendship value (and setting a random number from 1 to the number given).
    • minfriendship: for doing a greater than or equal check against a friendship value (and setting a random number from the value to 255).
    • rainbow
    • b&w
    • cel
    • shader:<shader id> i.e. shader:pixelmon:cel
  • Added 5 tags for which biomes will have harsh sunlight in battle. These tags are for the duration of in-game time of one, two, four, six, and eight hours, with the mid-point centered around noon (6000 in Minecraft time).


  • Added Tandemaus.
  • Added Maushold.
  • Added Varoom.
  • Added Revavroom.
  • Added Charcadet.
  • Added Armarouge.
  • Added Ceruledge.
  • Added Veluza.
  • Added Tatsugiri.
  • Added Dondozo.
  • Added Annihilape.
  • Added Dudunsparce.
  • Added Kingambit.
  • Added Scream Tail.
  • Added Cyclizar.
  • Added Greavard.
  • Added Houndstone.
  • Added Tinkatink.
  • Added Tinkatuff.
  • Added Tinkaton.


  • Added 'Witch' Misdreavus.
  • Added 'Witch' Mismagius.
  • Added 'Witch' Hisui Zorua.
  • Added 'Witch' Hisui Zoroark.
  • Added 'Witch' Shuppet.
  • Added 'Witch' Banette.
  • Added 'Witch' Greavard.
  • Added 'Witch' Houndstone.
  • Added 'Witch' Tinkatink.
  • Added 'Witch' Tinkatuff.
  • Added 'Witch' Tinkaton.
  • Added new JUMP! Gyarados palettes: Skelly, Calico Orange White, Calico White Orange, Calico Orange Gold, Orange Two-Tone, Orange Orca, Orange Dapples, Pink Two-Tone, Pink Orca, Pink Dapples, Gray Bubbles, Grey Diamonds, Grey Patches, Purple Diamonds, Purple Patches, Apricot Tiger, Apricot Zebra, Apricot Stripes, Brown Tiger, Brown Zebra, Brown Stripes, Orange Forehead, Orange Mask, Black Forehead, Black Mask, Blue Saucy, Blue Raindrops, Violet Saucy and Violet Raindrops. Thank you to Masked_Flare for the artwork!
  • Added new JUMP! Gastrodon palettes: Gray Bubbles, Purple Bubbles, Violet Saucy, Apricot Saucy, Moons, Gold East, Gold West, Gray Diamonds, Purple Diamonds, Brown Stripes, Blue Stripes and Sun. Thank you to Masked_Flare for the artwork!
  • Added new JUMP! Grapploct palettes: Alien, Clubs, Diamonds, Irish, Martian, Red Ringed, Starry and Yellow Ringed. Thank you to Masked_Flare for the artwork!


  • Added Pumpkin House to Plains biome.


  • Added new cries for Cetitan, Chi-Yu, Eiscue, Lokix, Nincada, Ninjask, Oinkologue, Revavroom, Shedinja, Stakataka, Stonjourner, Walking Wake and Wo-Chien.
  • Updated cries for Krookodile, Meltan, Melmetal and Necrozma.

Moves, Items and Abilities:

  • Added Snow weather.
  • Added Hospitality ability.
  • Added Toxic Chain ability.
  • Added Supersweet Syrup ability.
  • Added Minds Eye ability.
  • Added Chilly Reception move.
  • Added Snowscape move.
  • Added Trailblaze move.
  • Added Chilling Water move.
  • Added Pounce move.
  • Added Mirror Herb item.
  • Added Blank Plate item.
  • Added Booster Energy item.
  • Added Legend Plate item.
  • Added Punching Glove item.
  • Added Loaded Dice item.
  • Added Sweet Heart item.
  • Added Leader's Crest item.


  • Added 'Witch' specie palettes spawning to Pumpkin House structures during Day and Night.
  • Added Legend Plate as a drop item to Arceus.
  • Added Manmade and Indoors as spawning locations for all 'Witch' palettes.
  • Added Manmade and Indoors as spawning for Hatenna and Gothita line.
  • Added Hatenna and Gothita as Day spawning to Pumpkin House structures.


  • Added Teal Mask species in sprite-mode: Dipplin, Poltchageist, Sinistcha, Okidogi, Munkidori, Fezandipti, Bloodmoon Ursaluna and Ogerpon.
  • Added Punching Glove to Village Tannery's loot tables.
  • Added Punching Glove and Loaded Dice to uncommon boss drops.
  • Added Punching Glove and Loaded to shopkeepers.
  • Added Mirror Herb in foraging and various chests.
  • Added Blank Plate in Village Temples, Pillager Outposts, Ultra Space Pokéchests and Legendary boss drops.


  • Updated tray icon to spoopy-Halloween Pixelmon icon!
  • 20810 Changed the default value of allow-t-r-reuse to false in the config for game parity.
  • Removed, and replaced, Pixelmon's amethyst with Minecraft's amethyst.
  • Improved Showdown Importer to resolve required IVs and Hidden Power (move) types.
  • Updated the PokéStop to use GeckoLib rendering.
  • Updated the PokéStop to enable animation.


  • Fixed Zygarde Cells being placeable on blocks that are not solid.
  • Fixed Zygarde Cells deleting from a block changing next to them.
  • 20595 Fixed Roasted Magikarp not evolving into Zombie Gyarados.
  • Fixed Pokemon eye height not correctly scaling with their growth.
  • 18280 Fixed importing Toxtricity sometimes giving the incorrect form.
  • Fixed Pokémon rendering in cyan on Mac OS devices.
  • Fixed player's Pokémon randomly wandering around when in survival mode.
  • Fixed the Pokémon's flags rendering on top of the level in their nameplate.
  • Fixed Pokemon flags rendering as lang keys.
  • Fixed Pixelmon network not correctly disconnecting vanilla clients.
  • Fixed the dialogue input screen not allowing input.
  • Fixed the dialogue input screen rendering very dark.
  • Fixed the Poké checkers being very dark.
  • Fixed the random spec consuming other specs that start with the word random (i.e. 'randomability').
  • 21157 Fixed raid dens kicking nearby players.
  • 21157 Fixed boss Pokémon kicking nearby players.
  • 21157 Fixed evolving a Pokémon kicking nearby players.
  • Fixed setting the shader parameters of a Pokémon kicking nearby players.
  • Fixed a few sizing issues with some recent Generation 9 Pokémon.
  • Fixed the tutorial toast having the missing texture background.
  • Fixed the tutorial toast text having a drop shadow.
  • Fixed the trade machine screen breaking when two players propose a Pokemon to trade.
  • Fixed spawning conditions with multiple structures requiring all structures listed to be present to validate the spawn.
  • Fixed Kingambit being undexable.
  • Fixed missing emissive for Bellibolt.
  • Fixed erroring spawning for Arc Chalice (Land), Arc Chalice (Water), Fairy Gym, Articuno Shrine, Zapdos Shrine, Moltres Shrine, Ilex Shrine, Towers of Waters, Towers of Darkness and Spear Pillar.
  • Fixed spawning conditions with multiple structures requiring all structures listed to be present to validate the spawn.
  • Fixed missing Scarlet and Violet Pokédex tab.
  • Fixed mounts fainting in battle triggering the vanilla Minecraft death animation.


  • Fixed rare server crash caused by specific battle endings.
  • Fixed a rare catch crash issue on servers with non-existent Pokémon in battles.


  • Updated Ukrainian translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.


  • Added StatueSpecificationProxy for creating statues from specs & checking if they match a spec.
  • Changed statues to default to not animated (Pokemon will remain default animated).
  • Added BattleHoverGoal, replacing the FlyingPersistentGoal given to a Pokémon which is flying in a battle, to hold it in place hovering for the duration of the battle only. This goal stops being on once the battle is over.
  • Changed FlyingPersistentGoal to now guard against invalid flyRefreshRateSpeed values in flying parameters.
  • Split HeldItemChangedEvent into
    • HeldItemChangedEvent.Pre, which is ancelable and can modify item.
    • HeldItemChangedEvent.Post, which cannot be canceled or modify item and fires after item is set.
  • Changed Pokemon#setHeldItem to return a boolean if the held item was set.
  • Moved trainer effects to a registry.
  • Added WalkingModelPredicate.

Pixelmon Mod 9.1.9


  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.



  • Added Cyclizar.
  • Added Greavard.
  • Added Houndstone.
  • Added Tinkatink.
  • Added Tinkatuff.
  • Added Tinkaton.


  • Added 'Witch' Greavard.
  • Added 'Witch' Houndstone.
  • Added 'Witch' Tinkatink.
  • Added 'Witch' Tinkatuff.
  • Added 'Witch' Tinkaton.


  • Added Pumpkin House to Plains biome.


  • Added 'Witch' specie palettes spawning to Pumpkin House structures during Day and Night.
  • Added Manmade and Indoors as spawning locations for all 'Witch' palettes.
  • Added Manmade and Indoors as spawning for Hatenna and Gothita line.
  • Added Hatenna and Gothita as Day spawning to Pumpkin House structures.
  • Added Tinkatink, Tinkatuff, and Tinkaton to Mountainous Forests and Redwoods during Day.
  • Added Cyclizar to Savannas and Arid during Day.
  • Added Greavard and Houndstone to Freezing during Night.


  • Updated tray icon to spoopy-Halloween Pixelmon icon!


  • Fixed spawning conditions with multiple structures requiring all structures listed to be present to validate the spawn.
  • Fixed Kingambit being undexable.
  • Fixed missing emissive for Bellibolt.
  • Fixed data readability issues caused by old moveset data processing, causing PC-loss reports.


  • Fixed a rare catch crash issue on servers with non-existent Pokémon in battles.

Pixelmon Mod 9.1.8

"Witch version?"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added Shiny Charm config option for its boosting rates.
  • Added a warning tag to the Pokémon's nameplate when using a fallback model.
  • Added a config setting that can change the rate at which SpawnInfos are collected, based on the Blocks around the player.
  • Added music records for all Pixelmon soundtracks: PokéCenter, Ultra Space, Wild Battle, Player Battle, Trainer Battle, Gym Battle, Boss Battle, Legendary Battle, Raid Battle and Custom Battle.
  • Pokemon battles can now start with a weather effect that mirrors the current weather in the Overworld.
    • This will not impact battles indoors, underground, underwater, in the nether, in the end, or in the drowned world.
    • The battle weather created this way will not have a limit to the amount of turns it lasts, but can be overridden by weather created by a Pokemon's move.
    • By default it only affects battles with Wild Pokemon and NPC Trainers.
    • There are config options to set whether it impacts Wild Pokemon battles, NPC Trainer battles, PvP battles, and Max Raid battles.
    • There is an additional config option to set whether the in-battle weather changes during the battle if the Overworld's weather also changes. This defaults to true.
  • Added Halloween Pokéstop.
  • Added Witch Hat player cosmetic.


  • Added Tandemaus.
  • Added Maushold.
  • Added Charcadet.
  • Added Armarouge.
  • Added Ceruledge.
  • Added Varoom.
  • Added Revavroom.
  • Added Veluza.
  • Added Dondozo.
  • Added Tatsugiri.
  • Added Annihilape.
  • Added Dudunsparce.
  • Added Kingambit.
  • Added Scream Tail.


  • Added new JUMP! Gyarados palettes: Skelly, Calico Orange White, Calico White Orange, Calico Orange Gold, Orange Two-Tone, Orange Orca, Orange Dapples, Pink Two-Tone, Pink Orca, Pink Dapples, Gray Bubbles, Grey Diamonds, Grey Patches, Purple Diamonds, Purple Patches, Apricot Tiger, Apricot Zebra, Apricot Stripes, Brown Tiger, Brown Zebra, Brown Stripes, Orange Forehead, Orange Mask, Black Forehead, Black Mask, Blue Saucy, Blue Raindrops, Violet Saucy and Violet Raindrops. Thank you to Masked_Flare for the artwork!
  • Added new JUMP! Gastrodon palettes: Gray Bubbles, Purple Bubbles, Violet Saucy, Apricot Saucy, Moons, Gold East, Gold West, Gray Diamonds, Purple Diamonds, Brown Stripes, Blue Stripes and Sun. Thank you to Masked_Flare for the artwork!
  • Added new JUMP! Grapploct palettes: Alien, Clubs, Diamonds, Irish, Martian, Red Ringed, Starry and Yellow Ringed. Thank you to Masked_Flare for the artwork!
  • Added 'Witch' Zorua.
  • Added 'Witch' Zoroark.
  • Added 'Witch' Mismagius.
  • Added 'Witch' Misdreavus.
  • Added 'Witch' Shuppet.
  • Added 'Witch' Banette.

Weather, Moves, Abilities and Items:

  • Added Snow weather.
  • Added Hospitality ability.
  • Added Toxic Chain ability.
  • Added Supersweet Syrup ability.
  • Added Minds Eye ability.
  • Added Chilly Reception move.
  • Added Snowscape move.
  • Added Trailblaze move.
  • Added Chilling Water move.
  • Added Pounce move.
  • Added Mirror Herb item.
  • Added Blank Plate item.
  • Added Booster Energy item.
  • Added Legend Plate item.
  • Added Punching Glove item.
  • Added Loaded Dice item.
  • Added Sweet Heart item.
  • Added Leader's Crest item.


  • Added the Steel Gym Town to the Savanna biome.
    • Added Steel Gym structure.
    • Added Steel Town structures: Berry Farm A and B, Blacksmith, Church, Clutter A-F, Day Care, Farm A and B, House A-E, Poke Center, Poke Mart, Road A-D, Town Center A and B and TCG Shop.
    • Added Steel Gym Trainers to Steel Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.
  • Added the Ice Gym Town to the Snow Plains biome.
    • Added Ice Gym structure.
    • Added Ice Town structures: Berry Farm A and B, Blacksmith, Church, Clutter A-F, Day Care, Farm A and B, House A-E, Poke Center, Poke Mart, Road A-D, Town Center A and B and TCG Shop.
    • Added Ice Gym Trainers to Ice Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.


  • Added Legend Plate as a held item to Arceus.
  • Added Mirror Herb in foraging and various chests.
  • Added Blank Plate in Village Temples, Pillager Outposts, Ultra Space Pokéchests and Legendary boss drops.
  • Added Punching Glove to Village Tannery's loot tables.
  • Added Punching Glove and Loaded Dice to uncommon boss drops.
  • Added Punching Glove and Loaded Dice to shopkeepers.
  • Added Punching Glove to the Pokédrops of Primeape, Hitmonchan, Crabrawler, Crabominable, Clobbopus, and Annihilape.
  • Added Booster Energy to Ultimate boss drops and Tier 3 Pokéchests.
  • Added Booster Energy as a held item to Iron Moth, Iron Thorns and Slither Wing.
  • Added Leader's Crest as a held item to Bisharp with a 5% chance to appear. Added Charcadet, Armarouge, Ceruledge, Varoom, Revavroom, Veluza, Dondozo, Tatsugiri, Kingambit, Annihilape, Scream Tail, Dudunsparce Two-Segment Tandemaus, and Maushold Family of Four to raids.
  • Added Tandemaus and Maushold to Indoors of Plains and All Forests at All Times.
  • Added Charcadet to Mesas, Volcano, and Volcanic Plains at All Times. Charcadet also has a chance to have a group spawn with other Charcadet.
  • Added Armarouge to Mesas, Volcano, and Volcanic Plains during Day.
  • Added Ceruledge to Mesas, Volcano, and Volcanic Plains during Night.
  • Added Varoom and Revavroom to Mesas during Day.
  • Added Veluza to Oceans, Lukewarm Oceans, Warm Ocean, and the Deep version of the biomes via fishing and natural spawning.
  • Added Dondozo to Rivers, Lakes, and Swamps during Day via fishing and natural spawning.
  • Added Tatsugiri to Lakes and Rivers during Day via fishing and natural spawning.
  • Added Annihilape to Jungles, Ultra Jungles, and Crag Gardens during Night.
  • Added Dudunsparce to Underground and also to Arid and Ultra Desert during Night.
  • Added Kingambit to River, Bamboo Jungle, Ultra Deep Sea, and Lakes during Night. Kingambit also has a chance to have a group spawn with Bisharp.
  • Added Scream Tail to Small End Islands.
  • Added 'Witch' Shuppet, 'Witch' Banette, 'Witch' Misdreavus, 'Witch' Mismagius, 'Witch' Hisuian Zorua, and 'Witch' Hisuian Zoroark to Graveyards and Haunted Towers.


  • Added new cries for Cetitan, Chi-Yu, Eiscue, Lokix, Nincada, Ninjask, Oinkologue, Revavroom, Shedinja, Stakataka, Stonjourner, Walking Wake and Wo-Chien.
  • Updated cries for Krookodile, Meltan, Melmetal and Necrozma.


  • Added an optional withPalette section to the Party evolution condition that works in the same way as the withForm section, when if it isn't empty it will check that the party contains at least one of the palettes listed.
  • Added the Sweet Heart recipe.
  • Added all missing Generation 9 Pokédrops.
  • Added Teal Mask species in sprite-mode: Dipplin, Poltchageist, Sinistcha, Okidogi, Munkidori, Fezandipti , Bloodmoon Ursaluna and Ogerpon.


  • Updated Snow Warning to properly use Snow weather.
  • Updated and standardized all hammer speeds based on material tiers.
  • Optimized Catch Combos threshold checks.
  • Updated flags to be synchronized with the client.
  • Updated all a Pokemon's flags to render underneath the Pokemon's nameplate, prefixed with pixelmon..
  • Updated uncatchable to a proper flag and not a special case.
  • Updated the Run attack animation, affecting 37 moves including Tackle, Quick Attack, and Extreme Speed.
  • Updated battling while riding or flying on a Pokemon, making it more fun!
    • If a Pokemon can fly or can be flown by a player starts a battle in the air, they will stay in the air during the battle. Pokemon not being ridden will continuously float up and down.
    • If you start a battle while riding on a Pokemon, you are no longer knocked off your Pokemon and fall to the ground. If you are flying, you stop mid-air and continue riding your Pokemon.
    • If you start a battle with the Pokemon you are riding, and switch Pokemon, you will stay on the Pokemon you are riding.
    • If a Pokemon flying in battle uses an attack that has the 'Leap Forward' attack animation, they will zoom towards their target and stay there, instead of hopping back and forth.
  • 20256 Updated Healer block behavior so it doesn't always act as a full block.
  • Updated Judgment (move) to it's Legends of Arceus effect.
  • Updated Judgment (move)'s PP to 5 from 10.
  • Updated the Arc Chalice to require 18 plates, up from 17 plates.
  • Updated Empoleon to drop a Trident instead of a Metal Coat.
  • Updated Fairy Gym Town House B structure.
  • Updated Pokéstops colors again.
  • Updated Intrepid Sword.
  • Updated Dauntless Shield.


  • 20249 Fixed Paldean forms, such as Wooper, failing to properly inherit when bred from evolved parents such as Clodsire.
  • 18704 Fixed functioning Cloning Machines failing to drop themselves instead of ingots.
  • 19836 Fixed hidden abilities being lost when breeding an evolutionary line whose second evolution does not have a hidden ability.
  • Fixed hidden abilities being lost when breeding an evolutionary line with split regional evolutions.
  • Fixed hidden abilities being erroneously passed down when breeding between regional forms.
  • Fixed Pokémon with hidden abilities losing their hidden ability status when evolving through an evolutionary line which does not share the same hidden ability.
  • Fixed and corrected Meltan spawning conditions to prevent exploiting the surrounding terrain to maximize Meltan's spawn count.
  • Fixed Catch Combos erroneously pre-emptively applying their bonus at the edge of the count threshold instead of at the count.
  • 20447 Fixed starters always generating as the Small growth size.
  • Fixed the Azure Flute ignoring config settings when activating the Timespace Altar more than once.
  • Fixed all Repels lasting for far less long than advertised.
  • 17157 Fixed the Poké Editor resetting an existing move's PP if said move was modified by a PP-boosting item.
  • Fixed the Pokémon summary screen failing to display a Pokémon's nickname color.
  • 19579 20475 Fixed the Netherite Hammer's speed being extremely slow.
  • Fixed JUMP Magmar having no possible palette-led evolution method to evolve from Magby with JUMP Slugma.
  • Fixed uncatchable flag failing to display underneath the nameplate's Spawner Tags.
  • 17667 Fixed Thunderstone Ores sometimes failing to yield their drops and instead yielding Cobblestone due to client de-synchronization.
  • Fixed the Poké Editor's Showdown importer failing to import Gmax, Urshifu and Toxtricity forms.
  • Fixed the Ultra Space's soundtrack missing soundtrack.
  • Fixed orb particle offsets of the Blank and Draco Plates in the Arc Chalice's activation animation.
  • Fixed the Smelt external move not working on Smokers and Blast Furnaces.
  • Fixed issues with TCG Cards being incorrectly rendered in front of or behind things in the inventory menu.
  • 20465 Fixed a player being able to receive Porygon parts from dyeing a PC via the crafting table.
  • Fixed the Christmas Ball lid being shown as a missing texture if the ball breaks when trying to use it to catch a raid Pokemon.
  • 20207 Fixed Poke Balls not applying a change in texture to Pokemon they catch in a Max Raid Den.
  • 19016 Fixed Firestone Ore generation erroneously replacing natural End Portal blocks.
  • Fixed the egg hatch event (pre and post) firing twice.
  • Fixed ribbon spec testing, as it was erroneously testing the time received and the giver, making the spec never test true.
  • Fixed Metronome calling moves that should be denied.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by an erroneous NPC Double Battle tier rule.


  • 20648 Fixed mega-evolution switching abilities if the mega-evolution happened in-battle while its animation completed outside of battle due to fast battle end (0HKO).
  • 20490 Fixed Dusk or Dawn Necrozma unfusing after a fusing battle and evaporating the corresponding fused Pokémon of Solgaleo or Lunala.
  • 20799 Fixed items and abilities failing to boost or increase stats when used in battle, such as Eviolite, Assault Vest, Huge Power, Fur Coat and more.
  • Fixed raids not enforcing a proper 10 turn limit at end of turn.
  • 20828 Fixed a crash caused by Moveset#addCurrentMovesToReminder not accounting for moves being null.
  • Fixed transforming Pokémon (such as Ditto) failing to update their sprite to their transformed sprite.
  • 16394 Fixed chat scrolling and battle camera scrolling simultaneously, making it impossible to use both at once.
  • 20631 Fixed Z-Moves that target an opponent never missing when they could.
  • Fixed Z-Moves persisting as marked Z-Moves visually until a player rejoins.
  • 20614 Fixed the Red Card item activating even when the holder of it fainted.
  • Fixed Shell Bell activating from indirect damage, such as Leech Seed.
  • 20574 Fixed an issue with Mimicry not recognizing the NoTerrain type of Terrain.
  • 20535 Fixed Retaliate not dealing double damage if used after a Pokemon was defeated the previous turn.
  • 19821 Fixed an issue where a Pokemon with the ability No Guard could miss their OHKO moves.
  • 20168 Fixed Taunt cancelling status Z-Moves.
  • Fixed Expanding Force not changing to a multiple-target attack that targets both enemy Pokemon if Psychic Terrain is active and the player selects an adjacent ally instead of an opponent.
  • 20498 Fixed the client being locked into a screen when Revival Blessing was used by different move, such as Assist.
  • 20836 20808 Fixed Gyro Ball (move) power being uncapped past 150BP.


  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Russian translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Ukrainian translation.


  • Added a giveChoice argument to PlayerPartyStorage.unlockMega.
  • Added a giveChoice argument to PlayerPartyStorage.unlockDynamax.
  • Added HisuiBallLogic class to allow custom balls to convert pokemon to Hisuian variants.
  • Made PlayerPartyStorage.setMegaItem open the gui if giveChoice is true and the player is not already in a gui.
  • Moved all sounds to SoundRegistration.
  • Changed Ribbon Spec to a List<String> type from List<Ribbon>.
  • Moved entity health set back out of generic retrieval to the ifFainted check.
  • Changed Ribbon Spec to a List<String> type from List<Ribbon>.

Pixelmon Mod 9.2.4

"1.20.2 (Alpha 5)"

  • The Java requirement for 1.20.2 is Java 17. This will come shipped with most launchers. For manual installation, you may need to install a later JRE.
  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 48.0.22 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • Worlds from 1.16.5 may not work with newer versions of Minecraft. Consider backups before updating..
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added a "logical NOT" spec so now you could do random legendary !mew to get a random legendary that is not mew
  • Adds Legend Plate to summoned Arceus
  • Adds Mirror Herb, Legend Plate, and Blank Plate
  • Adds new particles to the vanilla particle system
    • /particle pixelmon:cyclone 1.0 255 255 255 255 255 ~ ~ ~
    • /particle pixelmon:shiny 0.5 60 255 215 0 255 ~ ~ ~
    • /particle pixelmon:flame_particle 2 255 255 255 ~ ~ ~
    • /particle pixelmon:shadow 1.0 255 255 255 255 255 ~ ~ ~
    • /particle pixelmon:blue_magic 1.0 255 255 255 255 255 ~ ~ ~
    • /particle pixelmon:yellow_magic 1.0 255 255 255 255 255 ~ ~ ~
    • /particle pixelmon:sling_ring 1.0 255 255 255 255 255 ~ ~ ~


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.20.2
  • Made Stench, White Smoke, and Quick Feet reduce spawns around the player
  • Changes circling orbs on chalice to fit 18 plates


  • Suggestions Fixed ore sense not recognizing deepslate ores and updated the shapes for the new 1.20 ore shapes
  • Fixed the party overlay GUI not having a transparent background
  • Fixed dens not being affected by gravity
  • Fixed dens not sinking in water
  • Fixed wishing peices not being able to be thrown into dens
  • Fixed the random spec not working with entity requirements such as bosses with pokespawn command
  • Fixed bosses, and pokemon with shaders applied, causing player disconnects/crashes
  • Fixed the player's party not overflowing into their PC correctly
  • Fixed player's daycare not storing correctly
  • Fixed async entity creation causing arclight crash
  • Fixed NPC parties not loading in world generation, and structures
  • Fixed random spec only giving/spawning bulbasaurs
  • Fixed EggHatchEvent firing twice
  • 21119 Fixed catching a shiny pokemon causing a crash
  • 20979 Fixed arc chalice not functioning at all
  • 20894 Fixed particles (shiny, and battle) not rendering properly
  • 21068 Fixed essence jars not rendering on "Fabulous!" graphics
  • Fixed legendary bird orbs not showing progress
  • Fixed giving held items when in creative not working
  • 20879 Fixed items not rendering on the player's head for non-slim (Steve) skins
  • Fixed double battles (and any battle with rules) causing the client to be kicked
  • 20948 Fixed bosses not dropping items after the first pokemon faints
  • Fixed pokemon entities not appearing in the world after a party member faints
  • Fixed not specifying args after /pokekill not working


  • 20905 Fixed switch moves, such as Volt Switch, not dealing any damage to the target
  • Fixes moves continuing to be treated as Z-moves after being used


  • Updated Ukrainian translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.


  • Prevent deadlocking the default storage executor service by adding additional threads
  • Made the clearAll method clear loading cache, and cancel running tasks
  • Changed Ribbons to create using Pokemon object rather than Pixelmon entity (this was causing crashes on hybrids)
  • Changed error for Specification#matches to be understandable when giving an invalid object type to the method

Pixelmon Mod 9.2.3

"1.20.1 (Alpha 4)"

  • The Java requirement for 1.20.1 is Java 17. This will come shipped with most launchers. For manual installation, you may need to install a later JRE.
  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 47.1.46 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • Worlds from 1.16.5 may not work with newer versions of Minecraft. Consider backups before updating..
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added Paldean TMs: TM172, TM173, TM174, TM175, TM176, TM177, TM178, TM179, TM180, TM181, TM182, TM183, TM184, TM185, TM186, TM187, TM188, TM189, TM190, TM191, TM192, TM193, TM194, TM195, TM196, TM197, TM198, TM199, TM200 and TM201.
  • Added shader support.
  • Added normal map support. An example of this change can be found on IronLeaves' asset folder and species json.
  • Added fresnel shader support.
  • Added error messages to commands using invalid or error-filled Pokémon specs.

Moves, Abilities and Effects:

  • Added Minds Eye ability.
  • Added Toxic Chain ability.
  • Added Hospitality ability.



  • Added the Steel Gym Town to the Savanna biome.
  • Added Steel Gym structure.
  • Added Steel Town structures: Berry Farm A and B, Blacksmith, Church, Clutter A-F, Day Care, Farm A and B, House A-E, Poke Center, Poke Mart, Road A-D, Town Center A and B and TCG Shop.
  • Added Steel Gym Trainers to Steel Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.


  • Modified Mailbox and Letterbox block bound boxes to a smaller size than a full block.
  • Modified Pokémon Bosses to now use fresnel shader rendering.
  • Modified evolution animations effects to now use fresnel shader rendering.
  • Modified Gigantamax and Dynamax animations effects to now use fresnel shader rendering.
  • Changed all test based commands to return 1 when successful and 0 when failing, including /comptest /spectest and /poketest.
  • Gastly, Haunter, Shuppet, Misdreavus, and Dreepy are now mob replacements for Minecraft's Vex.


  • Fixed Pokemon not spawning below Y-level 0.
  • 21004 Fixed the move skill descriptions sometimes showing up behind the selection wheel.
  • Fixed the mystery box rendering at weird positions
  • 20850 Fixed the Move Relearner's moves rendering invisible on opening UI.
  • 20879 Fixed certain items not showing in the player's hand.
  • 20824 Fixed player name and resource pack-textured NPCs displaying as a missing texture.
  • 20976 Fixed the raid end victory screen UI.
  • 20940 Fixed client crash when breaking Pixelmon's Pokédisplay block.
  • Fixed raids sometimes lasting more than 10 turns
  • Removed duplicate acitvation text from Fillet away
  • 20249 Fixed Clodsire not breeding into Paldean Wooper
  • 20249 Fixed Tauros inheriting its Paldean status based on breeding forms.
  • Fixes the boss rate not working in the Pixelmon spawner block.
  • Fixed Meltan double-eating iron nuggets.
  • 20629 20149 Fixed Pokémon other than Magikarp not spawning with JUMP palettes.
  • Fixed JUMP palettes overriding shiny palettes.
  • Fixed the Trade Machine screen repeating endlessly the lever click sound when hovering over the Pokémon selection UI.
  • 20887 Fixed the Trade Machine screen buttons not working.
  • Fixed the Pokémon Egg not launching players in singleplayer worlds if stepped or fallen on.
  • 20490 Fixed Necrozma losing fused Solgaleo/Lunala respectively.
  • 20648 Fixed Mega-evolutions losing their ability on mega-evolving.
  • Fixed evolved forms persisting after battle end.
  • 20987 Fixed item duplication bug with Pokébags.
  • Fixed the Move Relearner not including egg moves in its movelist.
  • 20947 Fixed lures being unplaceable in their inventory slot when in survival mode.
  • 20965 Fixed Street Lights failing to produce light.
  • Fixed Pokémon not spawning in underground caves appropriately.
  • Fixed banners not appearing above the Ice Gym Town's PokéMart.


  • 20781 Fixed multiple hit attacks hitting an extra time once their battle effect resolved.
  • 20498 Fixed soft locks when Revival is used by other copying moves, such as Assist.
  • Fixed stat-changing items not working when equipped in battles.
  • Fixed Gigantamax Pokémon only being able to use their Gmax-move once per battle.


  • Added the normal map property to palettes. An example of this change can be found on 1010-IronLeaves.json.


  • Updated Ukrainian translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.


  • PokemonStorage now implements Iterable. Allowing for it to be used in enhanced for loops
  • PokemonStorage now has an abstract PokemonStorage#clear()V method which is implemented by both sub classes and will remove all Pokemon from the storage
  • Removed the "dynamax scale" and changed it to just use the Pixelmon's scale factor
  • Added ShaderProperties to AbstractClientEntity
  • Changed the StorageProxy and StorageManager to return CompletableFuture on the default methods as the loading of the player data now defers to the Scheduler's thread
  • Moved StorageSaveScheduler and StorageSaveAdapter out of the StorageManager and as static variables in the StorageProxy
  • Added StorageSaveScheduler#getExecutor so that async execution can be done when accessing the party through the CompletableFuture interface
  • Adds the BoxCountCalculateEvent with Pre and Post for changing the box count of a PC on a per-player basis
  • Added methods to the StorageProxy and StorageManager with "Now" suffix to maintain instantaneous access to the PC/Party where applicable. Most use cases are fine to use this however, it's notable that these should not be used if attempting to load offline player data as they will hold the thread until done (as was seen with the previously implementation when players logged in). These methods have been observed taking up to 2,000ms (probably more sometimes too) when players have a significant number of boxes in their PC.
  • Added the ParseAttempt interface
  • Changed the SpecificationProxy to return ParseAttempt when creating

Pixelmon Mod 9.1.7

"Insert Lost Woods bgm"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added Rainbow Chien-Pao.
  • Added Tangela Bramblin.
  • Added Tangela Brambleghast.


  • Added Nymble.
  • Added Lokix.
  • Added Pawmi.
  • Added Pawmo.
  • Added Pawmot.
  • Added Bramblin.
  • Added Brambleghast.
  • Added Chien-Pao.
  • Added Chi-Yu.

Moves, Abilities and Effects:

  • Added Fillet Away move.
  • Added Order Up move.
  • Added Comeuppance move.
  • Added Spicy Extract move.
  • Added Lumina Crash move.
  • Added Jet Punch move.
  • Added Spin Out move.
  • Added Twin Beam move.
  • Added Kowtow Cleave move.
  • Added Ruination move.
  • Added Collision Course move.
  • Added Electro Drift move.
  • Added SuperEffectiveBoost move effect.


  • Added Fairy Town in Birch Forests.
  • Added Fairy Gym structure.
  • Added Fairy Town structures: Berry Farm A and B, Blacksmith, Church, Clutter A-F, Day Care, Farm A and B, House A-E, Poke Center, Poke Mart, Road A-D, Town Center A and B and TCG Shop.
  • Added Fairy Gym Trainers to Fairy Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.


  • Added Bramblin to Arid, Mesas, and Savannas at All Times.
  • Added Tangela palette to have a chance of appearing with Tangrowth as Party Lead.
  • Added Brambleghast to Arid, Mesas, and Savannas at All Times.
  • Added Tangela palette to have a chance of appearing with Tangrowth as Party Lead.
  • Added Lokix to Savannas in the Afternoon.
  • Added Nymble to Savannas during Day. Nymble also has a chance to have a group spawn with other Nymble.
  • Added Pawmi to Taigas and Redwoods during Dawn and Day.
  • Added Pawmo to Taigas and Redwoods during Dawn and Day. Pawmo also has a chance to have a group spawn with Pawmi.
  • Added Pawmot to Taigas and Redwoods during Dawn and Day. Pawmot also has a guaranteed chance to have a group spawn with Pawmi.
  • Added Chi-Yu to Mesas, Volcano, and Volcanic Plains during Day above Y80.
  • Added Chien-Pao to Freezing Mountains during Night above Y80.


  • Wishing Pieces can be thrown or dropped into a raid den to use them, including if dropped by a chest or dropper.
  • 13425 Hatching an egg will now include its on-hatch moves on the Pokemon's move reminder list, making them available to relearn.
  • Updated Headbutt, Forage, and Rock Smash loot tables to allow loot in Ultra Space.
  • Updated Headbutt spawns to match their Standard counterparts.
  • Updated Rock Smash spawns to match their Standard counterparts.


  • 20567 Fixed Capsakid crashing a server or client when evolving with a Fire Stone.
  • Fixed biomes with zero raid star chances attempting a raid spawn regardless of the config chances.
  • Fixed raid den shadow previews appearing inside the red beam instead of in front of them.
  • Fixed Paldean TM 9 registering as Pin Missile instead of Fire Fang.
  • 18511 Fixed Zygarde Cell and Cores failing to spawn naturally in new chunks.
  • Fixed Zygarde Cell transparency failing to render properly.
  • Fixed server crash caused by throwing a Poké Ball at a Pokémon riding a Bike or Boat.
  • Fixed move application failing unless a move is used with a number, such as move1:Bite vs move:Bite.
  • Fixed move specs failing to match under specific scenarios.
  • Fixed cascading chunk loading issues when marking a chunk as needing updates while a tile is being loaded.
  • 15582 Fixed Clobbopus erroneously transforming into an alien palette when caught in a Beast Ball.
  • Fixed the Flash external move producing a dim light instead of a bright light.
  • Fixed large betterspawning config files crashing the server when used.


  • Fixed client-side error when reverting a Dynamax state.
  • 20288 Fixed Aegislash failing to switch from Shield to Blade form when using an attacking Z-Move.
  • 20286 Fixed Shattered Psyche and All-Out Pummeling calculating damage using the opponent's Defense stat when the base move is Psyshock, Psystrike or Secret Sword.
  • Fixed TCG's Brock's Vulpix Hypnotic Gaze failing to put the opponent to sleep.
  • Fixed TCG's Brock's Vulpix Fire Ring not properly applying damage to a benched Pokémon.
  • Fixed fallback move errors for Toedscool and Toedscruel when used in raid dens.


  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.


  • Breaking Change: Fields in RaidSpawningRegistry privatized, getters added instead.
  • Breaking Change: Renamed RaidSpawningRegistry to RaidRegistry.
  • Breaking Change: Replaced RaidSpawningRegistry::raids with RaidRegistry::getAllRaids().
  • Breaking Change: Replaced RaidSpawnRegistry::map with RaidRegistry::getBiomeToRaids().
  • Breaking Change: Raid registry now uses specific raid data structures instead of long nested collections.
  • Breaking Change: Added RaidRegistry.RaidCollection data structure, a collection of raids for a list of specific biomes.
  • Breaking Change: Added RaidRegistry.RaidBiomeGrouping data structure, a group of raids for a specific biome with specific raid star level weights.
  • Breaking Change: Added RaidRegistry.RaidStarGrouping data structure, a group of raids mapped to raid star levels.
  • Breaking Change: Added RaidRegistry.Raid data structure, a representation of a specific individual raid Pokémon and form, contained within the above data structures.
  • Breaking Change: Methods in raid registry events now return the base interfaces of List and Map, or a specific raid data structure, where applicable.
  • Breaking Change: RegisterRaidEvent.AddDefault#getRaid() now returns a RaidRegistry.Raid instead of a Tuple<Integer, String>.
  • New: Added EffectBase method modifyDamage, allowing MoveEffects to modify move damage directly.

Pixelmon Mod 9.1.6

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added undexable flag to use when giving Pokémon that should only be dexable.
  • Added undexable spec to check if a Pokémon is correctly dexable.


  • Added Shroodle.
  • Added Grafaiai.
  • Added Iron Leaves.
  • Added Walking Wake.

Moves, Abilities and Effects:

  • Added Ice Spinner move.
  • Added Make it Rain move.
  • Added Last Respects move.
  • Added Hydro Steam move.
  • Added ignoreWeather option for move effects.
  • Added StatsEffectPost move effect.

Loot Tables:

  • Added loot tables for Village Butcher, Cartographer, Desert House, Plains House, Savanna House, Shepard, Snowy House, Taiga House, Tannery and Temple.
  • Added special loot table for Random Berry.


  • Added Shroodle to Forests and Jungle on Land during Day, including group spawn chance.
  • Added Grafaiai to Jungle on Tree Top during Night, including Headbutt chance in Jungle.
  • Removed Diancie from Ultra Deep Sea.
  • Added Halloween Ivysaur to Graveyards at Night.
  • Added Cofagrigus to Ultra Desert during Night.
  • Added Runerigus to Ultra Desert during Day.
  • Moved Stakataka from Ultra Desert to Ultra Plant.
  • Moved Spirit Cresselia, Regieleki and Suicune from Ultra Space to Graveyards via Land and Manmade at Midnight.


  • Reduced permission level of /compedit and /pokeedit to 2.
  • Optimized tab completion requests, having them run off the main thread.
  • Optimized attack loading and saving during chunk calls, removing unnecessary allocation and mapping methods for better performance.
  • Optimized calculations for nearby spawn horde battles in Ultra Space's spawning system.
  • Aggressively optimized resource loading for clients, affecting startup time and resource pack load time.
  • Updated Dubwool's sprite system to support multi-colored sprites based on wool color.
  • Updated Celebi's base stats to allow for Alien palette transformation when caught using a Beast Ball.


  • Fixed missing recipes for Roserade Tea, Komala Coffee, Pinap Juice, Skitty Smoothie and Tapu Cocoa.
  • Fixed client logins into a vanilla hub failing if classes are initialized in wrongful order, causing a relog on the client.
  • Fixed unbattleable, uncatchable specs failing to apply when used in a Pixelmon spawner block.
  • 20480 Fixed the Arc Chalice consuming two plates instead of one when using with stacked plate items.
  • Fixed Skitty and Slaking drop registration.
  • 20326 Fixed broken Cloning Machines accepting a new Mew despite their broken (and unusable) state.
  • 19847 20012 Fixed some instances of untranslated display of custom Pokémon names despite names or nickname being set, affecting translation as well.
  • 17979 20336 Fixed Ore Sense failing to display colors, shapes or exact locations of ores seeked.
  • Fixed general config.yml referring to some ores as Minecraft blocks instead of Pixelmon ones.
  • Fixed missing recipes for Stripped Ultra Jungle Log, Stripped Ultra Gingko Log, and Stripped Ultra Elm Log failing to create planks when placed in the crafting table.
  • Fixed the Hourglass block items being placeable on the same block a player is standing.
  • Fixed inconsistent 'hordespelling inspawning.yml`.
  • 20549 Fixed undexable Pokémon appearing in several API getter methods for obtaining random Pokémon.
  • Fixed a player crashed caused while shift-clicking a Pokémon in a PC on multiplayer while said Pokémon's palette is null.
  • 20124 Fixed some statues being stuck in 'flying' mode animation.
  • Fixed missing drops for Tatsugiri and Dudunsparce.
  • 19210 Fixed sizes of Galarian Farfetch'd and Sirfetch'd compared to Kantonian Farfetch'd.
  • 20303 Fixed NPC Traders failing to successfully trade with the player, causing an error instead.
  • Fixed PokéDisplays not listing default forms properly.
  • 19874 Fixed PokéDisplays occasionally failing to revert form or palette changes accurately.
  • Fixed Legendary and Ultimate tier bosses drops failing to drop a Master Ball properly.
  • 20358 Fixed Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini failing to correctly appear as raid spawns.
  • 20409 Fixed Psychic and Fairy type colors being reversed when used via the API.
  • 20500 Fixed the size of the update tag on PokéStop entities to prevent players from getting kicked if too large.
  • 20495 20545 Fixed underground spawning, restoring non-biome-specific spawn compatibility.
  • Fixed Ultra Space portals failing to spawn.
  • 19815 Fixed incompatibility with Resourceful Bees and Pixelmon concerning the US wood blocks - now registered.
  • Fixed missing evolution items to item registry class, namely Black Augurite, Peat Block, Auspicious Armor and Malicious Armor.
  • 20504 Fixed mega bosses failing to properly select players for spawning.
  • Fixed Origin and Primal forms taking too long to transform when interacted with their respective item.
  • Fixed Meltan eating anything and everything. Silly Meltan.
  • 20612 Fixed Meltan evolution mechanic duplicating iron it was fed if total exceeded amount required.
  • Fixed NPCs being knocked back by the NPC Editor wand in an effort to delete them.
  • Fixed EXP Candies printing twice the success message in chat when used.
  • 20420 Fixed NPC Trainers throwing an error or crashing when using a non-primary language locale such as English (CA) or Spanish (Mexico).
  • Fixed Netherite Hammers not being fire resistant.
  • 19187 19171 Fixed allow-vanilla-mobs config option overpopulating in Pokémon when used in conjunction with the spawn replacer datapack system.
  • Fixed Poképaste import error text log being untranslatable.
  • 20539 Fixed missing clock recipes for Light Blue Clock, Light Gray Clock, Lime Clock and Magenta Clock.
  • 20662 Fixed mispelling of BYG's Coniferous Forest Hills biome in several spawn sets.
  • 20664 Fixed invalid biomes in Skiddo's spawn set.
  • Fixed mispelling of Pixelmon's Ultra Jungle biome in Greninja's spawn set.
  • Fixed Drowned Finneon and Remoraid using invalid biomes to denominate Pixelmon's Drowned World biomes.
  • 20515 Fixed Quaxly's default spawn levels in its spawn set.
  • 20444 Fixed Galarian Darmanitan's TR moveset missing Defense Curl and Bulk Up.
  • Fixed hitboxes for Toedscool and Toedscruel.
  • Fixed Farfetch'd, Sirfetch'd and Galarian Farfetch'd stat weight.


  • 20391 20594 Fixed Fake Out failing if used on any turn after Turn 1.
  • 20622 Fixed Rage Fists power boost activating by direct damage being affected by hazard entries and weather damage.
  • Fixed a player's Pokémon moving when switching into battle.
  • Fixed Triple Arrows having a wrong PP, now defaulting to 16.
  • Fixed a battle crashed caused by Laser Focus requiring an attack on the next turn.
  • 20501 Fixed flinch condition checking for battle log events instead if the Pokémon had taken their turn.
  • 20551 Fixed reserve-waiting moves such as Teleport and U-Turn locking a battle if used as the last viable Pokémon in party.
  • 20229 Fixed Darmanitan's Zen-mode failing to activate if already below half health at the start of a battle.
  • 20429 Fixed advanced AI 'cloning' a Pokémon in their party by switching back into it as if it were in reserve.
  • Fixed mega-evolving Pokémon taking damage from the opponent when using a pivot move on the same turn as the mega-evolution.
  • 20590 Fixed mega-evolving Pokémon dealing excessive damage to an opponent when mega-evolving on the same turn as the opponent's switch out.
  • 20293 Fixed Pursuit hitting twice when the Pursuit-target is no longer on the field.


  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.


  • Changed the moves section of the species JSON to no longer require all sections, discarding the need for empty arrays such as "tmMoves2": [].


  • Changed the distinct move list during startup for datapack loading for efficiency in time and memory when recomputing entity spawns or Pokémon calls for initialize methods.

Pixelmon Mod 9.1.5

"Rainbows, but a lack of kittens"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added a setting to the spawning.yml config to disable dimensions for spawning, spawning-disabled-dimensions.
  • Added Pride-themed Pokéstop model to celebrate Pride Month!


  • Added Toedscool.
  • Added Toedscruel.


  • Updated Pokémon sounds for Dusclops, Dusknoir, Duskull, Necrozma, Noibat, Noivern, Skarmory and Wooper.
  • Added Pokémon sounds for Aegislash, Ariados, Bellibolt, Brambleghast, Bramblin, Brute Bonnet, Cosmog, Doublade, Drilbur, Excadrill, Frillish, Froslass, Grafaiai, Honedge, Marshtomp, Pidove, Pignite, Ponyta, Purugly, Reshiram, Shroodle, Spoink, Tadbulb, Toedscool, Toedscruel, Tyrunt and Varoom.


  • Updated structures for Spear Pillar A, Spear Pillar B, Sail Boat, Grass Gym Pokémart, Desert Pokémart, Savanna Pokémart and Taiga Pokémart.


  • Added Toedscool to Mushroom, Redwoods, and Taigas during Day.
  • Added Toedscruel to Mushroom, Redwoods, and Taigas during Day.
  • Added group spawn chance with Toedscool to Toedscruel's spawning.


  • Removed deprecated debug commands: /pixeldebug, /psnapshot, /reloadmoveanimations, /reloadmoveanimation and /pixeltp.


  • 20472 Fixed NPCTrainers crashing the server when trying to engage a player they have already fought this day when set to once-a-day or once-a-mc-day setting.
  • 20452 Fixed legendaries failing to spawn due to the spawning system calling threads wrongly.
  • Fixed hordes failing to respect spawn weights.
  • Fixed server crashes caused by Mystery Box usage on Arclight-powered servers.
  • Fixed the Froggy Chair recipe.
  • 20457 Fixed Darmanitan defaulting to 'normal' form when evolving Darumaka with an Ice Stone.
  • 20052 Fixed /checkspawn for forage and rocksmash causing server errors in console.
  • Fixed flying values not accounting for higher or equal values to 0, causing logging errors.
  • Fixed missing moves for fused Calyrex Ice Rider and Shadow Rider.
  • 20479 Fixed Iron Thorns being undexable.
  • Fixed malePercentage gender ratio for 133 Pokémon species, causing the number to be rounded down instead of adding a decimal.
  • Fixed Deerling's model floating slightly off the ground for all palettes.


  • 20451 Fixed Illusion failing when used in battle, causing errors in console.


  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.


  • Changed the legendary spawner to not call .join() on the spawning thread.
  • Changed the method AbstractSpawner#getTrackedBlockCollection to return a CompletableFuture as if called offthread it will return to the server thread and then return using a CompletableFuture.

Pixelmon Mod 8.4.3

"There are DOZENS of us, DOZENS!"


  • Added the griseous core, lustrous globe, and adamant crystal
  • Added origin dialga
  • Added origin palkia
New Pokémon:
  • Added Hisuian Typhlosion
  • Added Hisuian Sneasel
  • Added Sneasler
  • Added Ursaluna
  • Added Kleavor


  • Ghost Pokémon now drop Psychic essence instead of Darkness essence.


  • Enamorus was not marked as being a legendary Pokémon.
  • Fixed the usage message for the /setraid command
  • Fixes LoA Pokémon not showing up in the pokedex and caught Pokémon counts.
  • Fixed shiny reshiram sprite
Battle Fixes:
  • Fixed NPE issues with null attacks
  • Make Silvally's multi attack use the type of the memory it holds while dynamaxed
  • Force OHKO moves and moves that fail in a raid to use PP.
  • Prevent Max Moves from having their overridePower reset while the AI tries to calculate the best move.
  • Don't allow the holder of a Shell Bell to heal from damage originating from them.
  • Make sure that if moveAccuracy can't miss we don't change it.
  • Prevent player collecting money from Pay Day if they catch the Pokemon, flee, black out, or fight a player or raid.
  • Add the Freeze effect to Freeze-Dry's json.
  • Make Dynamaxed Pokemon take 10% of non-Dynamax HP damage from Life Orb.
  • Prevent Pokemon from regaining health after damaging themselves.
  • Make Pokemon that were switched out and then switched back in during the same turn able to use Fake Out the next turn.
  • Fix recoil with Magic Guard and no recoil when missing.
  • Fix HP restore berries only healing the Pokemon whose current turn it is.
  • Make Substitute stop popping the Substitute user's Air Balloon.
  • Add onGlobalStatusAdded method and apply it to Room Service.
  • Add Helping Hand to list of moves that can't be reflected.
  • Fixes multiple hit moves calculating accuracy for each hit.
  • Fix default crit chance and rerolling crit chance to determine if the attack already crit.
  • Fix Max and G-Max Moves not depleting pp from the original move.
  • Make Dragon Energy hit the opponents at the same time.
  • Fix Max Moves doing zero damage to allies in raids.
  • Make Encore and Taunt subtract the turn count on the statused Pokemon's turn.
  • Remove message to player saying the opponent's attack failed when it did not
  • Fix the abilities that modify types so that they work in double battles.
  • Prevent Pokemon immune to certain statuses being given said statuses
  • Fix moves that affect all teammates so that they affect the 3rd teammate in raids.
  • Fix Bolt Beak and Fishious Rend not dealing double damage to Pokemon switching in.

Archived Versions

Pixelmon Mod 9.2.2

"1.20.1 (Alpha 3)"

  • The Java requirement for 1.20.1 is Java 17. This will come shipped with most launchers. For manual installation, you may need to install a later JRE.
  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 47.1.46 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • Worlds from 1.16.5 may not work with newer versions of Minecraft. Consider backups before updating..
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Adds Terralith support for spawning
  • Adds the following entity replacements:
    • Frog: Froakie, Frogadier, Greninja, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Politoed, Palpitoad, Seismitoad, Croagunk, Toxicroak
    • Tadpole: Poliwag, Tympole, Tadbulb
    • Axolotl: Wooper, Quagisre, Clodsire, Mudkip, Marshtomp, Swampert
    • Camel: Numel, Camerupt
    • Goat: Skiddo, Gogoat
    • Glow Squid: Inkay, Malamar
    • Allay: Cutiefly, Spritzee, Swirlix, Flabebe, Floette
    • Sniffer: Kabuto, Omanyte, Aerodactyl, Anorith, Lileep, Cranidos, Shieldon, Archen, Tirtouga, Tyrunt, Amaura


  • Changed the egg hatching music to now fall under the 'music' setting, enabling the music volume setting to adjust its volume
  • Changed the importer behavior to trigger an error when the provided gender exceeds one character in length


  • Fixed the fossil machine's text not being centered
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect text coloring on the fossil machine
  • Fixed the new Discord Game SDK requiring Discord for the game to load
  • Fixed the issue where Boss Pokémon in horde battles were erroneously permitting Pokéballs to be thrown, leading to unintended Pokéball consumption
  • Fixed an issue where the changing a Pokemon's held item in survival would desync with the server causing unusual behaviour
  • Fix King's Rock not importing via Pokepaste due to the apostrophe
  • Fix Arceus deleting any Z-Crystal that didn't belong to a type
  • Fixed the issue where the party tooltip, located within the inventory, was rendering beneath other GUI elements
  • Fixed the chisel not changing the statue's gender
  • Fixed the problem where raid dens were not naturally spawning or responding to wishing pieces due to being assigned the entire resource key of the biome
  • Fixed a crash from invalid translated shopkeepers
  • Fixed flying pokemon getting stuck when they land in water
  • Fixed Pixelmon ores not spawning in the overworld
  • Fixed apricorn trees not spawning in the overworld
  • Fixed white apricorns not growing into trees
  • Fixed improper tool assignments for Pixelmon blocks, ensuring correct mining behavior
  • Fixed the hoglin spawn replacement file to prevent it from replacing piglins and piglin brutes


  • Gyro Ball's power is now correctly limited to a value between 1 and 150


  • Adds back all forge tag modifications from 1.16.5 to resolve some broken recipes


  • Fixed an issue where you could not use runClient due to Pixelmon being unable to locate the Discord Game SDK file

Pixelmon Mod 9.2.1

"1.20.1 (Alpha 2)"

  • The Java requirement for 1.20.1 is Jave 17. This will come shipped with most launchers. For manual installation, you may need to install a later JRE.
  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 47.1.44 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • Worlds from 1.16.5 may not work with newer versions of Minecraft. Consider backups before updating..
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added ice gym
  • Added fairy gym


  • Updated our Discord rich presence integration to use Discord's Game SDK (hopefully solving crashing on MacOS)


  • Fixed the Safari ball causing crashes
  • Fixed the refresh button on the cosmetics screen from breaking the game
  • Fixed pokemon spamming the take off sound
  • Fixed the shaded libraries conflicting with hybrid servers (arclight)
  • Fixed the server jar failing to start due to missing Jar in Jar (client reset packet)
  • Fixed the cloning machine drops being reversed


  • Nature Power is now labeled as a Status move.


  • Added the "poke_balls/safari" biome tag for deciding which biomes receive the safari ball bonus

Pixelmon Mod 9.2.0

"They have those cherry trees don't they? - Jay 2023"

  • The Java requirement for 1.20.1 is Jave 17. This will come shipped with most launchers. For manual installation, you may need to install a later JRE.
  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 47.1.44 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • Worlds from 1.16.5 may not work with newer versions of Minecraft. Consider backups before updating..
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added more Minecraft.


  • Added more Minecraft structures, most likely.


  • Updated targeted Minecraft version to 1.20.1


  • Datapacks from 1.16.5 may need to be tested before running on 1.20.1 builds.


  • Javadocs will be made available with each release.

Pixelmon Mod 9.1.4

"Smol update, rq"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added Mystery Box.
  • Added Mystery Box recipe, crafted with Netherite Scraps, a Nether Star, a Ruby and a Sapphire.
  • Added Meltan and Ditto spawning to the Mystery Box.
  • Added config options for Mystery Box spawning and behavior parameters in spawning.yml.
  • Added Meltan evolution method by feeding it Iron Nuggets.
  • Added config options for Meltan evolution parameters.
  • Added 2D 'Sprite' mode for all Pokémon entities.
  • Added all unreleased Pokémon data, defaulting to 'Sprite' mode.
  • Added support for pixelmon:none as an option to disable the model attempting to be rendered, defaulting to the sprite without throwing an error.
  • Added a config option for toggling sprite mode globally.
  • Added [F3 + X] as a keybind for toggling sprite mode globally.
  • Added undexable species tag to prevent a specie from appearing in the PokéDex.
  • Added Auspicious Armor.
  • Added Malicious Armor.
  • Added Froggy Chair.
  • Added Glass Table.
  • Added Cluttered Box variant to Box.
  • Added Egg Block:
    • Landing on, walking on or breaking an Egg block starts a boss battle while in Ultraspace.
  • Added config option for multiplying Pokémon spawn levels in Ultraspace (defaults to 2).
  • Made all Pokémon in Ultraspace default to aggressive AI.
  • Added Ultra Crater biome, which generates deathly, liquid-filled geysers, towering monoliths, and buried metal pipes that inflict poison, mining fatigue and blindness by chance upon mining.
  • Added Ultra Plant biome, which generates Xurkitree-like features, large and imposing monoliths and aggressive lightening strikes on breaking light-producing blocks.
  • Added a 40% chance of wild Pokémon starting a horde battle in Ultraspace.
  • Added Nest feature to Ultraspace:
    • Nests spawn most often at bedrock level.
    • Nests spawn wild Pokémon Eggs protected by aggressive, high-level Boss Pokémon.
  • Added egg hatching animation, complete with an original sound.
  • Added group spawning feature, where Pokémon will only spawn as a combination of a bigger group, entirely supported by our spawning system.
  • Added 17 Pixelmon-themed paintings via Minecraft's Painting item block.
  • Added and revamped battle logging system and making it extendable.
  • Added battle logging to the following actions: Select Move, Battle Message, Change Ability/Type, Damage Pokémon, Enter/Exit Dynamax, Global/Personal Status Add/Remove, Heal Pokémon, Mega, Player Command, Stat Change, Terrain/Weather Change, Turn Begin/End and Ultra Burst.
  • Added player positions and dimensions to the start of battle logs.
  • Added Poképaste URL to battle log headers.
  • Added upload button to the import and export screens for the PokéWand, allowing you to export with Poképaste.
  • Added a download button to the PokéWand, allowing you to download a Poképaste to the party.
  • Added a config setting to graphics.yml for changing the radius of the "spectate battle" message.
  • Added config toggle to graphics.yml for rendering wild Pokémon while in battle, defaults to false.
  • Added config setting to spawning.yml for Ultra Space horde spawn chance.
  • Added config toggle to graphics.yml for Pixelmon particles visibility.
  • Added all Generation 9 TMs.
  • Added Generation 9 Blank TM item.
  • Added game starting pop-up tutorial to first join 'Send Out' Pokémon action.
  • Added Avoidance potion effect, preventing aggressive Pokémon from targeting a player.
  • Added Repel potion effect, preventing Pokémon from spawning on a player.
  • Added achievements for entering Ultra Space.
  • Added achievements for touching or getting sick from Ultra Desert Cactus, Ultra Deep Kelp, Ultra Forest Flower and Ultra Crater pipes.
  • Added all Pixelmon recipes to Minecraft's Recipe Book:
    • Recipes for each type of Pokéball unlock once their Pokéball lid is obtained.
    • Recipes for Poké, Great, Ultra, Nest, and Heal Pokéball lids unlock once any Apricorn is picked up.
    • Recipes for additional Pokéball lids unlock once a Poké, Great, Ultra, Nest, or Heal Pokéball is crafted.
    • Recipes for the Pokéball lids of Pokéballs from PLA unlock upon obtaining their crafting materials.
    • Recipes for all PokéBall bases unlock once an ingot or plank is picked up.
    • The rest of the recipes are unlocked from obtaining one of their ingredients or the recipe's output item but of a different color. Exceptions to this are the Red Chain and Porygon Pieces, which require all component items to unlock the recipe, and the Fossil Cleaner, which requires obtaining a Covered Fossil.
  • Added config setting called always-aggressive-dimension which dictates which dimensions should spawn Pokémon that are always aggressive encounters and use aggressive AI in battle.
  • Added config setting called horde-battle-dimensions which dictates in which dimensions the 40% (configurable) chance of a horde battle spawning applies.


  • Added Lechonk.
  • Added Oinkologne.
  • Added Nacli.
  • Added Naclstack.
  • Added Garganacl.
  • Added Smoliv.
  • Added Dolliv.
  • Added Arboliva.
  • Added Iron Moth.
  • Added Slither Wing.
  • Added Iron Thorns.
  • Added Glimmet.
  • Added Glimmora.
  • Added Paldean Tauros (Combat Breed).
  • Added Paldean Tauros (Blaze Breed).
  • Added Paldean Tauros (Aqua Breed).

Effects, Moves and Abilities:

  • Effects:
    • Added Tidy Up effect.
    • Added Gigaton Hammer effect.
    • Added Rage Fist effect.
    • Added Last Respects move effect.
  • Abilities:
    • Added Seed Sower ability.
    • Added Cud Chew ability.
    • Added Commander ability.
    • Added Guard Dog ability.
    • Added Zero to Hero ability.
    • Added Beads of Ruin ability.
    • Added Sword of Ruin ability.
    • Added Tablets of Ruin ability.
    • Added Vessel of Ruin ability.
    • Added Well-Baked Body ability.
    • Added Wind Rider ability.
    • Added Wind Power ability.
    • Added Anger Shell ability.
    • Added Armor Tail ability.
    • Added Purifying Salt ability.
    • Added Quark Drive ability.
    • Added Protosynthesis ability.
    • Added Orichalcum Pulse ability.
    • Added Sharpness ability.
    • Added Hadron Engine ability.
    • Added Rocky Payload ability.
    • Added Lingering Aroma ability.
    • Added Toxic Debris ability.
    • Added Supreme Overlord ability.
    • Added Opportunist ability.
    • Added Good as Gold ability.
    • Added Costar ability.
    • Added Mycelium Might ability.
  • Moves:
    • Added Salt Cure move.
    • Added Mortal Spin move.
    • Added Doodle move.
    • Added Hyper Drill move.
    • Added Raging Bull move.
    • Added Population Bomb move.
    • Added Double Shock move.
    • Added Axe Kick move.
    • Added Silk Trap move.
    • Added Triple Dive move.
    • Added Gigaton Hammer move.
    • Added Armor Cannon move.
    • Added Bitter Blade move.
    • Added Tidy Up move.
    • Added Revival Blessing move.
    • Added Rage Fist move.


  • Added accessibility narration through subtitles to all Pixelmon sounds.
  • Added new Pokémon sounds: Annihilape, Armarouge, Capsakid, Cyclizar, Dondozo, Dudunsparce, Espathra, Gholdengo, Gimmighoul, Glimmet, Glimmora, Hawlucha, Iron Jugulis, Iron Thorns, Klawf, Koraidon, Miraidon, Nymble, Scovillain, Spoink, Tatsugiri, Wiglett and Wugtrio.


  • Added Ghost Gym Town to Soul Sand Valley: Ghost Gym, Blacksmith, Church, Clutter A-I, Day Care, Elite A-F, Farm A-D, Grunt A-I, House A-D, Leader A-F, Pokémon Center, Poké Mart, Road A-D, Town Center A-B and TCG Shop.
  • Added Ultra Crater Den A-F.
  • Added Ultra Crater Grotto A-J.
  • Added Ultra Crater Gray/Red/White Pipe A-R, a mineshaft-like pipe system full of loot to explore.
  • Added Ultra Plant Den A-D.
  • Added Ultra Plant Grotto A-B.
  • Moved Fire Gym Town to Nether Wastes biome.
  • Updated signs for visibility for all TCG and Day Care structures.
  • Updated all relevant structures to the new Blockbench blocks.

From Suggestions:

  • 30582 Added a new MoonPhaseEvolution condition ({ "moonPhase": 0, "evoConditionType": "moonPhase" }) where moon phase values correspond with Minecraft's 8 tier phase system, thanks to a community suggestion!
  • Updated Pixelmon Spawner to support ability, boss, untradeable, uncatchable, unbattleable, ribbon and min/max level Pokémon specs.
  • 31462 Added Generation 9 starters to the spawning pool. Check our wiki for biome specifics.
  • Added Linking Cord evolutions to all Pokémon which evolve via trade while holding an item, thanks to our datapack author community!
  • Added Linking Cord evolution to Shelmet if Karrablast or Escavalier are in party.
  • Added Linking Cord evolution to Karrablast if Shelmet or Accelgor are in party.


  • Added byg:travertine, byg:frost_magma, byg:overgrown_crimson_blackstone, minecraft:nether_wart_block, byg:subzero_ash, byg:subzero_crystal_block, and byg:budding_subzero_crystal to "seesSkyException".
  • Removed Ultra Space biomes from all normal categories except the "ultraspace" category.
  • Updated Raids in Ultra Space to increase the difficulty of spawned Pokémon.
  • Updated Legendary Pokémon in Ultra Space Raids to Necrozma, Solgaleo and Lunala only spawns.
  • Added Yellow Concrete Powder, Orange Concrete and Yellow Concrete to valid Land blocks.
  • Added fishing to Ultra Forest, Ultra Crater, Ultra Desert, Ultra Jungle, Ultra Plant, Ultra Deep Sea.
  • Updated Water Loot for Ultra Space to add different rarities on Silver Bottle Caps and Evolution Stones.
  • Added Cosmog to all Ultra Space biomes during Dawn and Day.
  • Added Piplup Line Fishing to Freezing biomes with an anticondition of Freezing Forests and Freezing Mountains at All Times.
  • Added Tadbulb Line to River, Swamps, and Lakes at All Times.
  • Added Kingdra to Oceanic and Beaches with an anticondition of Freezing biomes during the Day.
  • Added Buizel Line to River, Lakes, Stone Shore, Gravel Beach, and Rocky Beach at All Times.
  • Added Stunfisk and Galarian Stunfisk to Swamps at All Times.
  • Added Wooper Line to Swamps, River, and Lakes during Day and Dusk.
  • Added Paldean Wooper Line to Swamps during Night and Dawn.
  • Added Marshtomp and Swampert to Swamps at Night.


  • Changed the Ultraspace Teleporter to a consumable item for non-creative players.
  • Changed the Drowned World Teleporter to a consumable item for non-creative players.
  • Updated Boulder to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Small TV to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Big TV to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Old TV to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Frozen, Static and Fiery shrine to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Timespace Altar to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Arc Chalice to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Ilex Shrine to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Fan to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Mower to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Washing Machine to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated End Table to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Umbrella to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Vending Machine to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Water Float to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Healer, PC and Trading Machine to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Rug to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Folding Chair, Cushion Chair and Arm Chair to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Clock to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Box to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Couch to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Gym Sign to new Block Bench model, capable of attaching to walls and ceilings.
  • Removed Clothed Table, replaced by Glass Table.
  • Added Silver Helmet to the Village Armorer's item pool.
  • Added Ruby Hoe to the Village Toolsmith item pool.
  • Updated battle crashing to crash at the first error instead of tolerating three consecutive errors and causing a battle lock-up.
  • Updated /tcg give to support fullness quantity for TCG Jars.
  • Updated the PokéWand display to be wider and easier to review.
  • Slowed down Pokémon movement AI, so they no longer run around everywhere, all the time.
  • Disabled Pokémon AI movement for all foes and allies in battle.
  • Updated battle rendering so wild Pokémon no longer render while in battle.
  • Updated battle rendering to force opposing Pokémon to look at each other during battle.
  • Updated battle camera to center and focus on the PokéBall when capturing in-battle.
  • Updated battles to award the player with 10 seconds of Pokémon Avoidance potion effect on battle end.
  • 13688 17981 Players can no longer be pushed while in battle.
  • Updated /wiki command to return our Pixelmon wiki link when used with no arguments.
  • Updated PokéStop model. Valentine's Day is over!
  • Updated Gracidea's collision and break speed to be consistent with vanilla flowers.
  • Updated Gracidea's bonemeal spread chance to 5%.
  • Updated Small, Big and Old TV to be turned on only if interacted with face front.
  • Removed deprecated /struc command, use Minecraft's Structure Blocks instead.
  • 17230 Reduced the permission level from 4 (owner) to 2 (command block and functions) for the following commands: dolegendaryspawn, pokerestart, pokebomb, spawning and starter.
  • Reduced the permission level from 4 (owner) to 3 (admin) for pixeltp.
  • Removed Anvil recipe, a block that is no longer needed to craft PokéBalls.
  • Updated Relearner and Move Tutor screen FLASHBANG extra-bright screen to no longer being so bright.
  • Updated the Love Sweet's recipe from using Brown Dye to using Cocoa Beans.
  • Updated Card Compendium to yield all cards only when player is in creative.
  • Updated Cushion Chair recipes.
  • Updated Relic items shopkeeper prices to reflect a more realistic value.
  • Reduced memory allocation in our Pokémon spawning system.
  • Added TM data to MissingNo.


  • Re-organized Rapid Spin to include speed in its datapack json.
  • Added a new evolution condition that requires a Pokémon to use a move a certain amount of times before it may evolve.
  • Added a new insideBattle evolution condition.
  • Added a new 'WalkEvolution' condition for evolving a Pokémon after walking a set number of blocks.
  • Added error log on datapack load if datapack contains an invalid evolution condition.
  • Added the apricorns, armchairs, badgecases, cleanedfossils, flutes, folding_chairs, healers, pcs, rugs, trade_machines, umbrellas, uncleanedfossils, vendable, vending_machines, and water_floats tags.


  • Fixed /learnmove failing to include all level-up moves despite them being in a specie's level learnset.
  • 18694 Fixed Trainer Cards not displaying another player's Pokémon when viewed.
  • Fixed mispelled Pokémon targets in /pokespawn throwing an error when the target is shiny.
  • 20017 Fixed several typos causing 'gray' tinted blocks from being unrecognizable in the betterspawnerconfig.json.
  • 19878 Fixed Zygarde Cells being unplaceable next to each other while placed on non-grass or wood blocks.
  • Fixed Hisuian Zorua failing to spawn in raids due to a typo.
  • 18843 Fixed Kyogre failing to summon rain with thunderstorm when using Rain Dance as an external move.
  • Fixed an error caused by special palette statues after its palette having been deleted.
  • 19974 Fixed Sacred Ash healing all Pokémon in the party when used, instead of only healing the fainted ones.
  • 19625 Fixed Wings and EV Juices from being used infinitely, causing no changes to stats yet applying to capped Pokémon.
  • 19350 Fixed Catch Combos failing to apply a shiny multiplier when not used in conjunction with a Shiny Lure.
  • 20072 Fixed party form evolution condition not accounting for translated specie names.
  • Fixed Pixelmon item blocks failing to produce placement sounds.
  • 19282 Fixed Pokémon evolving into themselves.
  • Fixed aggressive AI upon Pokémon targeting a player for battle.
  • Fixed timid AI upon Pokémon running away from a player.
  • Fixed the Ultraspace Teleporter and Drowned World Teleporter placing you inside blocks when underground.
  • Fixed particles failing to display when battle attack animations are played.
  • Fixed the Pokéball use event not being cancelable.
  • Fixed the inventory being changed on the client separate to the server on Pokéball use.
  • 19841 Fixed Silk Touch failing to drop Fossil Blocks when mining a Fossil Block.
  • 20234 Fixed external move Cut causing wood log duplication upon usage.
  • Fixed Fighting type erroneously requiring 3 Oak Planks instead of 2 when breeding.
  • 19792 Fixed client crash caused by bee replacement logic.
  • 20094 Fixed Pokémon failing to evolve after a battle upon reaching the required level.
  • 20075 Fixed a client crash when shift-clicking a Pokémon into the PC.
  • Fixed Pokémon spawning in the air at low Y levels or on superflat worlds.
  • 20239 Fixed Doctor John using Nurse Joy lines when healing a party from Pokérus.
  • Fixed the PokéWand's multi-line text editor so it's functional again.
  • Fixed the PokéWand's Showdown importer and exporter.
  • Fixed the PokéWand's [Save] button in the importer and exporter.
  • 20066 Fixed the unequippable NBT tag failing to prevent items from being stored in armor slots.
  • 19566 Fixed missing Zeraora sound.
  • Fixed players' movement staying frozen after warp plate usage.
  • 19387 Fixed the NPC Editor disallowing the renaming of NPCs through backspace usage.
  • 20089 Fixed Raid catching failing when a player carries more than 2 stacks of the same type of PokéBall in their inventory.
  • Fixed Pokémon AI spinning on corners of blocks and at the end of their paths. No more spinny bois
  • Fixed aggressive AI failing to correctly target players.
  • Fixed sent out Pokémon walking away from their Trainer.
  • Fixed aggression specie stats failing to apply properly.
  • 17026 Fixed Flygon's missing facial features.
  • 19856 Fixed duplication of multi-blocks when destroyed by TNT.
  • Fixed /pokedelete command deleting the wrong Pokémon and causing a crash.
  • Fixed /pokespawn failing to summon MissingNo when specified as a spec.
  • Fixed missing texture reference for Pika Mug.
  • Fixed missing container capability to the Fridge. Clicking while uncrouched will now open the block's container.
  • Fixed missing dual model Egg model on Crocalor's head mesh.
  • Fixed Ultra Desert Sandstone failing to craft into its respective Chiseled, Cut, and Smooth sandstone variants.
  • Fixed Ultra Space Stone failing to craft into its respective Chiseled and Polished stone variants.
  • Fixed Gracidea failing to spread when bonemealed on grass.
  • Fixed Gracidea not dropping when mined directly.
  • 18693 Fixed Online Spheal (Christmas 2021) not appearing in the [ESC] cosmetics menu.
  • 18704 Fixed in-progress Cloning Machines dropping an Aluminum Ingot isntead of a Cloning Machine.
  • 18808 Fixed Shaymin Gracidea apply effect failing to display leaf particles.
  • 19951 Fixed Arc Chalice plate placement failing to display type plate particles.
  • Fixed Timespace Altar activation event failing to display summoning circle particles.
  • Fixed Pokéball models not resetting on client resource pack reload.
  • Fixed the Pixelmon Spawner improperly converting boss mode ratio.
  • 20131 Fixed Picket Fences from being un-waterloggable.
  • Fixed time requirement truncation on Day Care wait time in datapacks, now using minutes and not hours.
  • 20257 Fixed Charm items causing errors in multiplayer consoles upon usage.
  • 19980 Fixed Ultra Desert Chiseled Sandstone using the incorrect side panel texture.
  • Fixed Fossil Displays failing to drop their displayed Fossil upon block break.
  • 20000 Fixed TCG Card HP failing to render while in inventory.
  • Fixed player successfully using PP increasing items on moves that have their max PP equal or lower to their base PP.
  • 19966 19967 19968 Fixed incorrectly typed sound files.
  • 20338 Fixed PokéGift's recipe.
  • Fixed PC storage failing due to a rare error.
  • 20294 Fixed Cloning Machine and Reassembly Unit spawn rates not respecting the shiny rate set in config.
  • Fixed PokéEditor fields breaking when changing the species field.
  • 19392 Fixed Pixelmon blocks failing to place on Snow blocks.
  • Fixed the camera remaining stuck in one spot while watching a Pokémon evolve.
  • Fixed Pokémon freezing into place or moving extremely slowly when swimming.
  • Fixed TCG cards rendering with excessive shadow effects.
  • 15833 Fixed Zacian, Zamazenta and Eternatus accepting Dynamax Candies instead of failing.
  • 17059 Fixed Ghost-type Pokémon being immune to damage by vanilla potions.
  • 18065 Item Finder now finds items as the name implies.
  • Fixed dens in chunk limits spawning Legendaries and then immediately despawning.
  • 19647 Fixed Pokémon ruled by 'three perfect IVs' failing to apply iv-related specs properly, now ignoring the rule if an iv-spec is specified.
  • Fixed happiness-related specs failing to apply when used via /pokegive and other similar commands.
  • Fixed /pokebomb and pokespawn failing to respect the world they are executing in, fixing their usage with Minecraft's /execute.
  • Fixed Lopunny's model missing its neck piece.
  • Fixed join dev message failing to send on the first time joining a server.
  • Fixed the Fractured Pillar's recipe crafting into a Temple Pillar.
  • Fixed vanilla loot tables failing to use PokéBall IDs properly.
  • Fixed dual model animation sequencing counting incorrectly when switching between animation types.
  • Fixed Christmas Spheal (Online) missing sprite.
  • 20337 Fixed Hitmontop walking backwards.
  • Fixed White Stripe Basculin evolving into either gender instead of maintaining its gender post-evolution.
  • Fixed missing Generation 9 TMs to all new Generation 9 Pokémon.
  • Fixed insanely high flight height for several Pokémon that were launching far too high in the sky on prompt.
  • Fixed erroneous egg cycle entries for Sneasel, Wyrdeer, Kleavor, Ursaluna, Sneasler and Overqwil.
  • Fixed NPCs failing to be targeted by Minecraft's /kill command.
  • Fixed NPCs failed to be harmed or killed by creative-mode players.
  • Fixed a memory issue caused by the navigator stored in the Server World for block changes, changing the Entity's navigator to ensure that entities have a "permanent" navigator, preventing further memory leaks.
  • Fixed a memory issue caused by the structure cache being removed improperly while using the correct dimension key for structure checks.


  • 20093 Fixed revived Pokémon crashing raid battles.
  • Fixed Triple Axel erroneously messaging that its target avoided the attack if one of its three hits missed the target.
  • 20099 Fixed Ditto failing to use Transform when used in a raid battle.
  • 18676 Fixed extreme weathers not activating properly when Kyogre or Groudon use Primal Reversion.
  • Fixed the TeamSelectScreen from being prematurely closed by hitting [ESC].
  • 20082 Fixed Shed Tail producing battle errors upon use.
  • Fixed Thermal Exchange failing to boost attack power as expected.
  • 20235 Fixed Aegislash's stats failing to properly switch when changing stances.
  • Fixed missing battle message which communicates when Water-typed attacks fail under harsh sunlight, and its counterpart for Fire-typed attacks failing under heavy rain.
  • Fixed Anchor Shot failing to target adjacent foes and allies.
  • 20236 Fixed certain abilities gained on mega evolve or primal reversion activating twice.
  • Fixed mega evolutions failing to activate whilst in a double battle.
  • 20077 Fixed mega evolutions failing to activate in PVP battles if rules are set to 'Raise to Cap' or 'Team Preview'.
  • Fixed Shell Trap failing to damage all adjacent opponents upon use.
  • 20229 Fixed Darmanitan failing to access Zen Mode while in battle under the right HP conditions.
  • 20174 Fixed Misty Terrain emulating Electric Terrain when used by AI.
  • 20277 Fixed Earth Eater healing the opponent instead of the user.
  • Fixed Rayquaza failing to use properly Air Lock.
  • Fixed switching or fleeing in battle erroneously taking into account the Pokémon in the last slot.
  • Fixed the battle camera's movement being excessively jittery and moving around the battle scene.
  • Fixed the battle camera's render vanishing in-battle Pokémon when scrolling out far enough for them to be out of render distance.
  • 19509 Fixed Filter and Tinted Lens failing to apply 8x weakness or 8x resistance, respectively.
  • Fixed White Herb triggering if stats had been lowered despite being unusable.
  • Fixed a Pokémon which is mega evolving as it KO's an opponent failing to update its model while in battle.
  • Fixed a Pokémon which is mega evolving as it gets killed failing to correctly phase over to the next turn, resulting in the opponent attacking the next sent out Pokémon with the same move that KO'd the failed mega.
  • Fixed Ice Face activating at the end of the turn.
  • 20209 Fixed a battle waiting bug caused by attempting to catch a high-velocity flying Pokémon while very high off the ground.
  • Fixed guaranteed critical hit moves such as Flower Trick and Wicked Blow failing to bypass Reflect.
  • 20270 Fixed shiny Zoroark particles persisting after Illusion when morphing into a non-shiny opponent.
  • Fixed freezing status effect conditions in battle.
  • Fixed multiple hit effects causing a battle crash.
  • Fixed Burning Jealousy not targeting both adjacent foes as a spread move should.
  • 16276 Fixed Shedinja's maximum health increasing erroneously upon dynamaxing (for realsies this time).
  • Fixed a packet-loss issue causing the player to be stuck in waiting when using Teleport after the user has spam-clicked or used an auto-clicker.
  • Fixed an issue where the client's Pokémon HP displays out of sync with the server due to concurrent modification of the variable when animating the health bar.


  • Updated French translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.


  • Replaced old Meltan evolution condition and specification requirement, going from ores to nuggets and OresSmeltedRequirement to NuggetsFedRequirement respectively.
  • Added MysteryBoxEvent superclass, containing various sub-events for handling Mystery Boxes:
  • Added MysteryBoxEvent.Activate, fired whenever a player right-clicks a Mystery Box. Can modify the input item, or be cancelled to prevent activation.
  • Added MysteryBoxEvent.Open.Pre, fired whenever a Mystery Box is about to open. Can call setCanOpen or be cancelled to prevent the box from opening.
  • Added MysteryBoxEvent.Open.Post, fired whenever a Mystery Box has just opened. Can modify the updated values of the Mystery Box via this event.
  • Added MysteryBoxEvent.Feed, fired whenever a Netherite Scrap is about to be fed to a Mystery Box. Can be cancelled to prevent the scrap from being fed to it.
  • Added MysteryBoxEvent.ComparatorPower, fired whenever a Mystery Box updates its comparator output strength.
  • Added MysteryBoxEvent.Tick.Start, fired at the start of a Mystery Box's tick. Can be cancelled to prevent further tick logic from being processed.
  • Added MysteryBoxEvent.Tick.TrySpawn, fired whenever a Mystery Box is about to try to spawn a Pokémon. Can be cancelled to prevent this attempt.
  • Added MysteryBoxEvent.Tick.DoSpawn, fired just before a Mystery Box is going to spawn a Pokémon. Can be cancelled to prevent this, or the Pokémon being spawned can be modified.
  • Added MysteryBoxEvent.Tick.AboutToClose, fired just before a Mystery Box is about to close. Can be cancelled to keep the Mystery Box open.
  • Reduced access on AbstractClientEntity#evoStage so it's only accessible via getters & setters as it now has a data-sync.
  • Added EggBlockEvent.SelectSpecies with Pre and Post sub events for modifying the species selected to be spawned by a specific Pokemon Egg.
  • Added EggBlockEvent.BeginFight with Pre and Post sub events for modifying the entity that begins the battle from Pokemon Eggs.
  • Added Ability#modifyStatsOther and Ability#modifyStatsCancellableOther.
  • Adds the EnforcedReviveTask and EnforcedRevivePacket.
  • Adds the EnforcedReviveMode BattleScreen.
  • Deprecated Pokemon#getPixelmonWrapper because it tries to get the PixelmonWrapper from an entity instead of the player participant, Pokemon, or battle controller.
  • Changed RaidActionPacket to send item count separately from the ItemStack.
  • Added the SyncSpectatorRangePacket so developers can set the range a client can see the spectate battle message from.
  • Added the AttackEvent.Use event to additional instances where a move misses or fails to work.
  • Added getters to the PokemonBuilder variables.
  • Added an error if the Import/Export logic finds a MissingNo.
  • Added error line to stacktrace for showdown errors.
  • Created the PokemonRetrievedEvent for retrieving a Pokemon (its entity) and returning it to its Pokeball.
  • Created the WalkedPokemonListener which uses the PokemonSendOut and PokemonRetrieved events to track how far a player walks with a Pokemon sent out.
  • Added particle information to entities and the Transform packet.
  • Added packet logging option behind the environment variable pixelmon.log_packets for startup flags, -Dpixelmon.log_packets=true.
  • Added client-side "battle mode" changing logging behind the environment variable pixelmon.client.log_battle_mode for startup flags, -Dpixelmon.client.log_battle_mode=true.
  • Reduced allocations in storage manager getAllCachedStorages by setting the side of the list to the correct amount.
  • Removed exception usage in NumberHelper parse logic to improve memory usage and make its reading easier, now using OptionalInt, OptionalFloat and OptionalLong to reduce unnecessary boxing and unboxing.

Pixelmon Mod 9.1.3

"Love is in the Pokedex!"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added Valentines' Day catch mechanic: catching certain Pokémon with a Love Ball turns them into their Valentine palette.
  • Added Valentine palette Pokémon: Swablu, Altaria, Togepi, Togetic, Togekiss, Drifloon, Drifblim, Emolga, Absol and Celebi.
  • Added Valentine's Day Discord-exclusive Heart Wings.
  • Added Electromorphosis ability.
  • Added Earth Eater ability.
  • Added Thermal Exchange ability.
  • Added Glaive Rush move.
  • Added Shed Tail move.
  • Added new debug modes: Vertex mode[F3+V], Emissive mode [F3+K].
  • Added new debug modes to debug help menu [F3+Q].


  • Added Wiglett.
  • Added Wugtrio.
  • Added Orthworm.
  • Added Tadbulb.
  • Added Bellibolt.
  • Added Frigibax.
  • Added Arctibax.
  • Added Baxcalibur.


  • Added Ground Gym Town structures: Gym Ground, Gym Ground Town Center A-B, Gym Ground PokeCenter, Gym Ground PokeMart, Gym Ground Road A-D, Gym Ground House A-E, Gym Ground Blacksmith, Gym Ground Church, Gym Ground Day Care, Gym Ground TCG Shop, Gym Ground Farm A-B, Gym Ground Berry A-B, Gym Ground Clutter A-E and Gym Ground Light A-B.
  • Added Fire Gym Town structures: Gym Fire, Gym Fire Town Center A-B, Gym Fire PokeCenter, Gym Fire PokeMart, Gym Fire Road A-D, Gym Fire House A-E, Gym Fire Blacksmith, Gym Fire Church, Gym Fire Day Care, Gym Fire TCG Shop, Gym Fire Farm A-B, Gym Fire Berry A-B, Gym Fire Clutter A-E and Gym Fire Light A-B.
  • Added Valentine's Day Swanna Boat.
  • Updated Dos Shrine A, Den Swamp B, Graveyard A, Graveyard Church A-B, Gym Grass, Gym Grass PokeCenter, Gym Grass PokeMart, Gym Grass House A-E and Gym Grass Blacksmith.


  • Added Frigibax, Arctibax, Baxcalibur and Orthworm voices.
  • Updated Necrozma, Reshiram and Wooper voices.


  • Added Ground Gym Town spawning to Badland biomes.
  • Added Fire Gym Town spawning to Nether biomes.
  • Added Swanna Boat spawning to Ocean biomes.
  • Added Orthworm to Arid night-time spawns.
  • Added Wiglett and Wugtrio to Beaches, Lukewarm Ocean and Warm Ocean spawns.
  • Added Tadbulb and Bellibolt to River, Lakes and Swamp spawns.
  • Added Frigibax, Arctibax and Baxcalibur to Freezing Forests and Freezing Mountains night-time spawns and Underground spawns.


  • Updated Starter screen welcome message.
  • Removed unnecessary mega-evolution palette missing textures.
  • Updated Black Cash Register recipe to match the rest of the dyed Cash Register recipes.
  • Removed individual color-specific or specie-specific Apricorn and Berry Logs, unifying them into a single Berry Log and Apricorn Log, decreasing game load time.
  • Updated Apricorn Log plank recipe to yield Yellow Berry Planks.
  • Updated Berry Log plank recipe to yield Green Berry Planks.
  • Updated Red Berry Planks, Purple Berry Planks, Pink Berry Planks and Blue Berry Planks recipe to a staining recipe using Yellow Berry Planks and their respective dyes.
  • Removed placeholder blocks with blockstate variations, decreasing game load time.
  • Updated Wireframe debug mode keybinds to [F3+J].
  • Updated PokéStop model to Valentine variant.
  • Updated Love Koffing and Weezing to use the Valentine Love Ball catch system.


  • Added Model Predicate system for improved loading of multi-model Pokémon.
  • Updated flyingModelLocator to the new system, collapsing it with modelLocator into modelLocators. This new system will allow for an infinite, ordered list of possible models for a single Pokémon instead of limiting it to Flying-only modes.
  • Added a backward compatibility system to enable the loading of stat files with flyingModelLocator.
  • Added pixelmon:flying, pixelmon:battle, pixelmon:riding and pixelmon:always as starting model predicates.


  • 15596 Fixed badgeList error on PixelmonItems#getBadgeList(Element type).
  • 18018 Fixed Shulker Box-stored items failing to display in the battle UI under Bag.
  • 19566 Fixed missing sound event errors on console startup, failing to load sounds for Popplio, Terrakion, Zeraora and Eevee.
  • 19802 Fixed Shopkeepers failing to yield items if player inventory is full.
  • 19807 Fixed client crash when walking through Pixelmon Grass.
  • 19820 Fixed Hammer area damage permanently deleting items stored in destroyed Shulker Boxes.
  • 19900 Fixed DittoxDitto breeding results displaying improperly in the Day Care UI.
  • 19979 Fixed Cooking Pots failing to reduce durability of Flint and Steel.
  • 19982 Fixed Az' Floette failing to spawn due to a typo in its spawning file.
  • 19986 Fixed marks failing to be unequipped from the player's inventory UI.
  • Fixed Articuno Galar and Moltres Galar using their idle animation while in flight.
  • Fixed Clodsire invalid stat entries for EV yield and Gmax factor.
  • Fixed Gulpin dropping incorrectly Beetroot.
  • Fixed Mount Lanakila raid dens failing to activate with a Wishing Piece.
  • Fixed Paldean Wooper dropping all Wooper drops instead of the Paldean-inspired ones only.
  • Fixed Porygon-Z failing to drop Silicon properly.
  • Fixed Water Stone Ore spawning surrounded in sand without a water source directly above it.
  • Fixed Yellow Day Care using an incorrectly colored sprite.
  • Fixed /dexcheck displaying numbers by decimals in percentage of completion.
  • Fixed /hatch command resulting in a doubled feedback message.
  • Fixed a client crash when rendering item sprites and PokéBalls.
  • Fixed client crash when loading high density NPC populations on login.
  • Fixed client crash when swapping empty party slots in the Day Care menu.
  • Fixed console errors caused by an attempt load of the ParticleManager.
  • Fixed console flooding when a player attempts to fly on a Pokémon with incorrect flying parameters.
  • Fixed duplicated entries for Palkia spawning locations.
  • Fixed duplicated items displaying when searching a specific PokéBall or PokéBall component in the creative inventory.
  • Fixed duplicated move entries for Mr Mime Galarian, Mew and Celebi.
  • Fixed emissive, transparent models failing to render properly, affecting Nihilego.
  • Fixed erroneous entry for Earthquake as an Egg move for Paldean Wooper.
  • Fixed missing Paldean tag to Clodsire.
  • Fixed missing cave_air entry as a valid spawning location, causing /checkspawns to incorrectly list possible spawns.
  • Fixed missing move entry of Amnesia to Clodsire's moveset.
  • Fixed naturally spawned raid dens failing to activate after the first activation.
  • Fixed quest items failing to be stackable up to 64 count.
  • Fixed raid dens activating continuously if daylight cycle is switched off.
  • Fixed raid dens failing to activate when summoned via the Raid Den Spawner.
  • Fixed the wrongful logging of ENCODING and DECODING Pixelmon packet messages if Pixelmon#logPackets is false.


  • 18018 Fixed battle Bag options not detecting Shulker Box content, including Pokéballs.
  • 18768 Fixed missing AI on Pokémon spawns after fleeing and being fished out.
  • 19783 Fixed Charizard Mega Y transforming into Charizard Mega X when switching back in.
  • 19785 Fixed Mewtwo Mega Y transforming into Mewtwo Mega X when switching back in.
  • 19809 Fixed client crash on SkyBattleClause exception from optionals.
  • Fixed Jaboca and Rowap Berries not damaging the opponent if you use False Swipe in the same turn.
  • Fixed Pokémon being unable to steal (Thief, Trick, Switcheroo) items that aren't classified as held items.
  • Fixed non-attack damage sources failing to correctly trigger phase changes for Revenant Pokémon.


  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.


  • Added BattleItemScanner, a one-stop-shop for finding, collecting, and consuming battle items for battles.
  • New item scanners can be registered via this class, allowing modders to add their own item containers for use in battles, like how Poké Bags and Shulker Boxes can be used. BattleItemScanner.InventoryScanner is the class used for this purpose, and it takes various functional interfaces for each of the functions required.
  • Added an identifier string to BagItemEvent, for determining the source of the search request. By default, there are two types, normal and end of raid. These identifiers can be found in BagItemEvent.Identifiers.
  • BagItemEvent.SelectItem.Pre now has a method to set the item selected. This will be null if virtual items were sent via BagItemEvent.CollectItems - in order for a virtual item to function, it must be set again here. This is to avoid the server just believing what the client is telling it.
  • Added a new event SpawnPixelmonEntityForBattleEvent.
  • Added PixelmonTradeEvent.Pre, PixelmonTradeEvent.Post for better precise control over the event, adding getters for variables.
  • Added NPCTraderEvent.ShowTrade.Pre, NPCTraderEvent.ShowTrade.Post, NPCTraderEvent.AcceptTrade.Pre and NPCTraderEvent.AcceptTrade.Post for improvement on Trader NPC display and handling.
  • Added NPCTutorEvent.CollectLearnableMoves.Pre and NPCTutorEvent.CollectLearnableMoves.Post.
  • Added TeachMoveEvent.CanLearnMove, TeachMoveEvent.MoveLearnt.Pre and TeachMoveEvent.MoveLearnt.Post.
  • Updated PokemonBuilder#copy to properly copy egg status of a Pokémon.
  • Added option to prevent the [ESC] key from closing the Dialog screen.
  • Added SpawnPixelmonEntityForBattleEvent to decouple battle starting logic from the PixelmonEntity class.
  • Cancelling SpawnPixelmonEntityForBattleEvent allows you to start /pokebattle without spawning any entities, throw a Pokéball and start a battle without spawning entities, throw a Pokéball at an NPC and start a battle without spawning entities, start a PvP battle without spawning either player's Pokémon and start a raid battle without spawning any entities.
  • Added several duplicate methods which use the Pokémon object or other objects instead of PixelmonEntity.
  • Deprecated Pokemon#getPixelmonWrapper, replaced by Pokemon#getPixelmonWrapperFromPlayerEntity.
  • Deprecated PartyStorage#getFirstAblePokemon, replaced by PartyStorage#getFirstBattleReadyPokemon().
  • Extended BattleQuery#BattleQuery, BattleQueryPlayer#BattleQueryPlayer, PlayerParticipant#PlayerParticipant and PlayerParticipant#initialize.
  • Extended RaidPixelmonParticipant#RaidPixelmonParticipant, RaidGovernor#init and RaidSettings#init.
  • Extended WildPixelmonParticipant#WildPixelmonParticipant and WildPixelmonParticipant#init.

Pixelmon Mod 9.1.2

"I already did a flight related pun this week :("

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


  • Added a new keybind, [C], to lower height while flying.
  • Added drops for Paldean Wooper.
  • Added drops for Clodsire.


  • Added Paldean Wooper.
  • Added Clodsire.


  • Updated Pirate Boat.
  • Updated Hauler Boat.


  • Added sounds for Delibird, Beldum, Metang, Golett, Larvesta, Volcarona, Reshiram, Zekrom, Corviknight, Orbeetle, Sprigatito, Floragato, Meowscarada, Fuecoco, Crocalor, Skeledirge, Quaxly, Quaxwell, Quaquaval, Eevee, Shellos, Gastrodon, Arceus, Keldeo and Goomy.
  • Updated sounds for Golurk, Guzzlord, Hariyama, Metagross and Registeel.


  • Added Paldean Wooper to Swamps on Land and Water at night and dawn.
  • Added Clodsire to Swamps on Land and Water at night and dawn.
  • Added Magikarp fishing for any Rod in Water.
  • Added Magikarp-Roasted fishing for any Rod in lava.


  • Updated flying mechanics for user-friendliness. Space-bar input is now slower, and allows the player to slightly hover forward.
    • Flying Pokémon mounts now have datapackable "charges" whilst in the air, preventing infinite flying.
    • The duration of hover can now be changed in the datapack section of the flying parameters per specie.
    • Continuous forward motion can be toggled in the species JSONs, allowing mounts to be hovers or true flyers.
    • The gravity drop per-tick can be modified in the species JSONs, allowing the fine-tuning of the fly 'weight'.
  • Updated flying parameters for Charizard, Aerodactyl, Dragonite, Skarmory, Altaria, Mewtwo, Metagross, Salamence, Garchomp, Togekiss, Arceus, Latias, Latios, Braviary, Talonflame, Yveltal, Decidueye, Necrozma, Frosmoth, Corviknight, Eternatus and more.
  • Updated flying parameters for alternative flying for Beedrill, Golbat, Venomoth, Aerodactyl, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Dragonite, Mewtwo, Noctowl, Crobat, Xatu, Scizor, Skarmory, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Altaria, Claydol, Tropius, Salamence, Metagross, Latias, Latios and Rayquaza.
  • Removed obsolete config options displaying freshly generated config files, including breeding-ticks, num-breeding-levels, use-breeding-environment, allow-anvil-autoreloading, flying-speed-limit, use-smooth-shading-on-pokeball, den-spawn-chance-modifier, den-additional-spawn-chance-on-liquid, boss-level-increases and boss-candy-chances. These settings have been replaced by datapack usage.
  • Added dye-based recipes for Blue Cash Register, Brown Cash Register, Cyan Cash Register, Gray Cash Register, Green Cash Register, Light Blue Cash Register, Light Gray Cash Register, Lime Cash Register, Magenta Cash Register, Orange Cash Register, Pink Cash Register, Purple Cash Register, Red Cash Register, White Cash Register and Yellow Cash Register.
  • Updated den-respawn-chance in raids.yml from 0.25 to 0.40, allowing raid dens to respawn quicker.


  • Added mountedFlyingParameters stat section to species, allowing the edit of flying mount parameters per specie.
  • Added flying_stamina_charges, allowing the edit of the duration of flight per specie.
  • Added continuous_forward_motion and continuous_forward_motion_ticks, allowing the edit of the forward momentum of flight per specie.


  • 19379 Fixed Guzzlord mounting position being too low, causing the player to suffocate.
  • 19558 Fixed Sinistea's missing sprite when using its Christmas palette.
  • 19728 Fixed Basculegion's nameplate displaying far too high above its model.
  • 19749 Fixed Hidden Cubes displaying as translucent instead of transparent.
  • 19838 Fixed an incompatibility with Custom Players Models caused by items rendered on the player model, including Dynamax Bands and Mega Rings.
  • 19851 Fixed Urshifu Scrolls of Water and Darkness failing to display with transparency when placed in the world.
  • 19892 Fixed a client crash caused by breaking an SMD (smooth) block post-rendering.
  • 19893 Fixed client rendering breaking graphically when a Mega Ring is equipped.
  • 19901 Fixed naturally spawning raid dens taking several days to activate for the first time
  • Fixed Day Care allowing the breeding of fainted Pokémon in the party.
  • Fixed Gracidea flowers failing to spawn naturally in Flower Forests.
  • Fixed NPCs appearing with broken textures.
  • Fixed Shaymin-Sky learning no moves separately from its Land form.
  • Fixed Sinistea-Christmas displaying with shiny particles despite not being a shiny.
  • Fixed /pokebomb crashing the server when using a species name.
  • Fixed a crash caused by editing an NPC with a texture, or model, that had failed to load.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by Drowned world boss handling.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by exploding, through TNT, a Fossil Display.
  • Fixed bound box for Picket Fence, preventing animals and players alike from phasing through it.
  • Fixed broken Tumblestones from breaking adjacent Tumblestones block when destroyed with a hammer.
  • Fixed client rendering breaking graphically when a gym sign is nearby
  • Fixed clocks facing the opposite direction when placed against a block
  • Fixed command-generated Ultra Necrozma displaying its language key instead of its form name.
  • Fixed fainted Pokémon not counting towards the total party size when viewing it in Day Care.
  • Fixed item fishing failing in Water and Lava where no Pokémon could be fished out.
  • Fixed the rotation of the Picket Fence, it is no longer upside down.


  • Fixed missing Dire Claw's battle messages when inflicting Drowsy status effect.


  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.


  • PokemonBuilder#iv now does not throw exceptions when trying to use it.
  • PokemonBuilder#ev now does not throw exceptions when trying to use it.
  • Added PokemonBuilder#gigantamaxFactor.
  • Added ControlledMovementLogic interface for defining how the mounted flying controls should work
  • Added PixelmonRegistry with MOVEMENT_LOGIC_TYPES_REGISTRY for registering custom ControlledMovementLogic
  • For an example of how to make a custom implementation of the movement logic please see the MountedFlyingParameters class and Forge documentation for RegistryEvent

Pixelmon Mod 9.1.1

"Pretty Ribbons and Wings..."

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


  • 17947 Add spawn location settings to Pixelmon Spawners.
  • 17947 Added aggression settings to Pixelmon Spawners.
  • Added 'debug' dimension type (only accessible if enabled via datapack).
  • Added Torch Song.
  • Added Aqua Cutter.
  • Added Aqua Step.
  • Added Flower Trick.
  • Added Psyshield Bash move.
  • Added Triple Arrows move (Generation 9 version).
  • Added Victory Dance move (Generation 9 version).
  • Added 2022 Winter cosmetic for all users in Discord for the month of December, Pixelmon Forum linking required.
  • Added Cosmetics (Card Backs and Coins) to TCG Trader, configurable in the TCG Config, enabled by default.


  • Added Floragato.
  • Added Meowscarada.
  • Added Crocalor.
  • Added Skeledirge.
  • Added Quaxwell.
  • Added Quaquaval.


  • Added 3 decoration blocks with ~3000 combinations (with directionality) for map makers to use for resource packs if adding "custom blocks".


  • Updated TCG Shops: Desert A, Desert B, Plains A, Plains B, Savanna A, Savanna B, Snowy A, Snowy B, Taiga A, Taiga B and Grass Gym.
  • Updated Battle Arena NPCs to 'Stand Still' aggression level instead of 'Still and Engage'.


  • Added Ultra Gingko, Ultra Elm and Ultra Jungle logs and leaves to the seesSkyException spawning category.
  • Added Poké Sand and its corners to the beach and land spawning category.
  • Added Ultra Jungle Vine, Ultra Forest Flower, Ultra Forest Fallen Leaves to the air spawning category.
  • Added all Apricorn, Ultra Gingko, Ultra Elm and Ultra Jungle logs and leaves to the treeTop spawning category.
  • Added all Temple-derived blocks, all Braille blocks, all Unown Blocks, all Berry Wood-derived blocks, Ultra Gingko, Ultra Elm and Ultra Jungle-derived blocks to the structure spawning category.


  • Aggressively improved memory allocation for clients.
  • Improved allocation in spawning thread.
  • Added wireframe "debug" mode using F3 + W.
  • Added wireframe setting in the graphics.yml config.
  • Added F3 + O key bind to toggle animations off.
  • Added animation toggle in graphics.yml.
  • Improved SMD rendering performance.
  • Essence Jars are now craftable (4 Glass, 1 Crystal Block, 1 Wooden Slab, with Dye in the middle, or Glowstone Dust for a random color).
  • Updated the trading cap of available trades after first purchase from the TCG Trader to 12, configurable.
  • Added ability to give Essence Jars through /tcg give.
  • Players can now zoom in and out on the Pokémon model display in the Pokédex and Fishing Log.
  • Stantler will now learn Psyshield Bash as an egg move and after evolving into Wyrdeer.
  • Updated Hisuian Decidueye's level-up movepool.
  • Hisuian Decidueye will learn Triple Arrows after evolving from Dartrix.
  • Hisuian Lilligant will learn Victory Dance after evolving from Petilil.
  • Updated Raging Fury to its Generation 9 mechanics.
  • Suicune can now walk and run on water.
  • Drowned boss types now add 20 levels on top of the party lead instead of multiplying the level.
  • Extended Enter the Drowned World quest availability until end of January.
  • Added 3D Poké Ball in-hand rendering as an option in graphic.yml, defaults false.
  • Updated Pixelmon Oven.
  • Updated Pixelmon Workplace (Dark and Light).
  • Updated Bagon assets.
  • Updated Duraludon assets.
  • Added an 'Ancient' version of moves with the Obscured status effect. No Pokémon by default learns these moves through level-up.
  • Updated Lunar Blessing and Shelter to their Generation 9 effect.
  • Updated Cresselia to learn Lunar Blessing at level 72.
  • Updated Goomy to learn Shelter upon evolving into Hisuian Sliggoo.
  • Updated Hisuian Goodra to include Shelter in its level 1 movepool.
  • Updated raid catch screen.
  • Updated raids to no longer give experience by default.
  • Updated and vastly improved shiny particle visibility.
  • Updated Dancer (ability) so that it may copy Aqua Step (move).
  • Updated PokeStop, PokeChest, PokeDrops and ShopItems to properly use NBT data.


  • Added ribbons to datapacks.
  • Updated ribbons to store the person that owned the Pokémon when given.
  • Updated ribbons to store the time they were given to the Pokémon.
  • Updated ribbons to override palettes.
  • Added optional suffixes and prefixes to ribbons.
  • Added warning for invalid TR move loading in species jsons.


  • 17661 Adjust Pokemon photos to be centered, a smaller size, and protrude from their painting less.
  • 17661 Make the Painting Frames exactly 2x2 blocks in size.
  • 18109 Fixed gigantamax clouds displaying underneath the in-battle raid den.
  • 18825 Fixed Pokémon on head display slot not updating properly when switching between palettes and forms of the same Pokémon species.
  • 18959 Fixed Daycare GUI displaying in preview whether or not the child will be shiny before hatching.
  • 19050 Fixed invalid moves crashing the player after creating a MissingNo when force-generated through move spec.
  • 19217 Fixed being unable to breed Runerigus with an Everstone to obtain Galarian Yamask.
  • 19286 Fixed super-flat worlds ignoring the /spawning off command.
  • 19318 Fixed online palette Cinderace sprite.
  • 19401 Fixed client crash from an NPC with an invalid custom resource skin.
  • 19433 Fixed Clear and Tidal bells failing to flash or shine during its ringing phase.
  • 19565 Fixed all ball lid recipes to output the new lids instead of old ones.
  • 19565 Fixes PokéBall lids being unusable in recipes.
  • 19573 Fixed AI not resetting, fixing Forage, Rock Smash and many other targetable external moves.
  • 19577 Fixed Essence Jars being stackable.
  • 19580 Fixed missing Ultra Gingko derived crafting recipes.
  • 19596 Fixed Essence Jars missing crafting recipes.
  • 19673 Fixed PokéGift block model rendering invisible.
  • 19759 Fixed dens activating repeatedly, ignoring the Minecraft day delay.
  • 19772 Fixed keepinventory gamerule failing to apply to a player's stored lures.
  • 19777 Fixed Scyther failing to properly drop Miracle Seeds.
  • Fixed Defeat Drowned Pokemon quest not counting the defeat of a Drowned Lugia for its quest progression.
  • Fixed Fishing Rods using standard appraisal when they've not been appraised.
  • Fixed Fly and Teleport (external moves) sending players into the void when used without having used a Poké Healer.
  • Fixed Jade Cliffs being spelt improperly in spawning file for Biomes O Plenty.
  • Fixed Poké Balls with 0% break chance displaying their respective lids in creative inventory.
  • Fixed Pokéballs and Pokéball Lids not displaying when searched in creative inventory.
  • Fixed Pokémon losing moves not in their level-up movepool after evolving.
  • Fixed Pokémon with a different model for each gender being incapable of using the shiny spec.
  • Fixed Rod recipes not using the new NBT item IDs for Pokéballs.
  • Fixed Shedinja failing to be obtained when evolving Nincada.
  • Fixed TCG cards not displaying when searched in creative inventory.
  • Fixed TCG command auto-completion.
  • Fixed Tower of Darkness and Tower of Water spawning on top of eachother.
  • Fixed /learnmove command not accepting move names that have a space in their name.
  • Fixed /pokegive not giving an error when misspelling the species name while using the shiny spec.
  • Fixed isHisuian() not identifying Leaden Ball, Gigaton Ball, Feather Ball, Wing Ball, Jet Ball and Origin Ball, failing Hisui the catch system.
  • Fixed a client crash caused by an index out of bounds exception related to an egg's ability slot.
  • Fixed a client crash caused by power increase of an Incense.
  • Fixed a crash when changing worlds and throwing out a Poké Ball, causing the thrower to be null.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by resetting the moveset of a Pokémon.
  • Fixed break particles when destroying a Pixelmon oven.
  • Fixed catch failure on raids when leveling and learning a move upon raid end.
  • Fixed displaying the same chat message twice when you can't pay to teach a 4th move.
  • Fixed duplicate UUID console log spam due to a spawning bug.
  • Fixed dyed and filled Essence Jars not displaying when searched in creative inventory.
  • Fixed empty Pokéballs breaking on Pokémon and breaking during capture before capture attempt is made.
  • Fixed entries for Light Ball and Smoke Ball in pokechestdrops.json.
  • Fixed failed catches in the raid screen when completing with a full party.
  • Fixed global TM moves not including generational TM moves, having commands like /learnmove fail.
  • Fixed missing Ultra Elm derived crafting recipes.
  • Fixed missing Ultra Jungle derived crafting recipes.
  • Fixed non-default form Pokémon appearing with only 1 move when spawned in or generated through commands.
  • Fixed shiny particles failing to scale according to the model.
  • Fixed the Oven not dropping itself when destroyed.
  • Fixed the [Cancel] and [Confirm] buttons rendering at the wrong time in the Daycare UI.
  • Fixed the [Next] and [Previous] buttons displaying as a hover in the Daycare UI when the button itself does not exist.
  • Fixed water-based Pokémon zooming across the land after beaching themselves.


  • 17635 Fixed wild Pokémon surviving on 0%, causing battles to hang until /endbattle is used.
  • 18397 Fixed Ice Face failing if it was busted in a previous battle.
  • 18397 Fixed Ice Face regenerating as soon as a new hailstorm is created, instead of only at the end of turns.
  • 18454 18662 18131 Fixed client crash when hovering over moves while in battle due to cursor textures not being found.
  • 19561 Fixed Zorua and Zoroark using the incorrect sprite when disguising as a non-default palette of the targeted Pokémon.
  • 19590 Fixed Pokémon taking recoil damage despite failing to attack due to taking confusion damage.
  • 19593 Fixed raids failing to count until turn 10 before vanishing.
  • 19741 Fixed the client displaying, while in battle, a Pokémon in the party as many times as that Pokémon leveled up.
  • Fixed Focus Sashes not working when held by a Revenant Pokémon.
  • Fixed Hold Back activating Revenant phases.
  • Fixed Mega Pokémon having the incorrect ability when switched back in.
  • Fixed Neutralizing Gas not activating Revenant on switching out or fainting.
  • Fixed Obscured decreasing evasion in the same turn it increased evasion.
  • Fixed Obscured lasting only 1 turn instead of the 3 to 4 turns depending on the move used.
  • Fixed Pokémon that switched forms in battle forgetting moves if the moves were not from their learnset.
  • Fixed Revenant Pokémon holding a Focus Sash not reviving as per its ability.
  • Fixed Revenant Pokémon taking recoil damage before health damage when affected on the same turn.
  • Fixed Revenant battles not resetting properly after battle end.
  • Fixed in-battle item usage dupe.
  • Fixed raids breaking rendering when a client is using Optifine shaders.


  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated German translation.


  • Added AbstractClientEntity#setWireFrame.
  • Added AbstractClientEntity#isWireFrame.
  • Added RibbonEvent.
  • Added RibbonEvent.SetDisplayedRibbon with Pre and Post.
  • Added RibbonEvent.ReceiveRibbon with Pre and Post.
  • Added RibbonEvent.RemoveRibbon with Pre and Post.

Pixelmon Mod 9.1.0

"Pick a card :)"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


  • Added TCG.
  • Added Mount Lanakila biome to Overworld.
  • Added Christmas Pokéball.
  • Added Ultra Jungle biome to Ultra Space.
  • Added Ultra Forest biome to Ultra Space.
  • Added Netherite Hammer.
  • Added Gym Heroes TCG card sets.
  • Added Gym Challenge TCG card sets.
  • Added TCG Essence Jar and new Essence System
  • Added TCG Essence Trader NPC
  • Added TCG admin tools: Millenium Rod and Millenium Ring.
  • Adedd TCG Arenas: Small Arena, Medium Arena and Large Arena.
  • Added TCG Deck Holder.
  • Added TCG Card Compedium.


  • Added Christmas Pokémon palettes for Shaymin-Sky, Shaymin-Land, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Ninetales, Delibird, Castform, Snover, Abomasnow, Cryogonal, Drampa and Sinistea.


  • Unified all Pokéball types into a single item with NBT tags for properties.
  • Added Ultra Jungle Tree: Ultra Jungle Wood, Ultra Jungle Log, Ultra Jungle Sapling, Ultra Jungle Leaves, Stripped Ultra Jungle Log, Stripped Ultra Jungle Wood, Ultra Jungle Stairs, Ultra Jungle Slab, Ultra Jungle Planks, Ultra Jungle Door, Ultra Jungle Trapdoor, Ultra Jungle Button, Ultra Jungle Fence, Ultra Jungle Boat and Ultra Jungle Sign.
  • Added Ultra Elm Tree: Ultra Elm Wood, Ultra Elm Log, Ultra Elm Sapling, Ultra Elm Leaves, Stripped Ultra Elm Log, Stripped Ultra Elm Wood, Ultra Elm Stairs, Ultra Elm Slab, Ultra Elm Planks, Ultra Elm Door, Ultra Elm Trapdoor, Ultra Elm Button, Ultra Elm Fence, Ultra Elm Boat and Ultra Elm Sign.
  • Added Ultra Gingko Tree: Ultra Gingko Wood, Ultra Gingko Log, Ultra Gingko Sapling, Ultra Gingko Leaves, Stripped Ultra Gingko Log, Stripped Ultra Gingko Wood, Ultra Gingko Stairs, Ultra Gingko Slab, Ultra Gingko Planks, Ultra Gingko Door, Ultra Gingko Trapdoor, Ultra Gingko Button, Ultra Gingko Fence, Ultra Gingko Boat and Ultra Gingko Sign.
  • Added Ultra Forest Fallen Leaves.
  • Added Ultra Forest Flower.
  • Added Ultra Jungle Vine.
  • Added Oven.
  • Added TCG Essence Jars. Place in the world to slowly gain essence in them, battle near them, or battle with them in your inventory to fill them. Spend full jars at TCG Shops
  • Added TCG Battle Arena block.


  • Added Grass Gym Village: Grass Gym, Grass Backup A, Grass Backup B, Grass Berry Farm A, Grass Berry Farm B, Grass Blacksmith, Grass Church, Grass Clutter A, Grass Clutter B, Grass Clutter C, Grass Clutter D, Grass Clutter E, Grass Daycare, Grass Crop Farm A, Grass Crop Farm B, Grass House A, Grass House B, Grass House C, Grass House D, Grass House E, Grass Light A, Grass Light B, Grass Light C, Grass PokeCenter, Grass PokeMart, Grass Road A, Grass Road B, Grass Road C, Grass Road D, Grass Towncenter A, Grass Towncenter B and Grass TCG Shop.
  • Added TCG Shops to villages: TCG Shop Desert, TCG Shop Plains, TCG Shop Savanna, TCG Shop Snowy and TCG Shop Taiga.
  • Updated Bird Shrine structures: Uno Shrine A, Uno Shrine B, Dos Shrine A, Dos Shrine B, Tres Shrine A and Tres Shrine B.
  • Added Bird Shrine Ruins: Uno Shrine Connector A, Uno Shrine Connector B, Uno Shrine Chunk A, Uno Shrine Chunk B, Uno Chunk C, Uno Chunk D, Uno Chunk E, Dos Shrine Connector A, Dos Connector B, Dos Shrine Spike A, Dos Shrine Spike B, Dos Shrine Spike C, Dos Shrine Spike D, Dos Shrine Spike E, Tres Shrine Connector A, Tres Shrine Scorch A, Tres Shrine Scorch B, Tres Shrine Deco A, Tres Shrine Deco B, Tres Shrine Deco C, Tres Shrine Deco D and Tres Shrine Deco E.
  • Added Ultra Deep Sea Raid Dens: Ultra Deep Sea Den A and Ultra Deep Sea Den B.
  • Added Ultra Desert Raid Dens: Ultra Desert Den A and Ultra Desert Den B.
  • Added Ultra Forest Raid Dens: Ultra Forest Den A and Ultra Forest Den B.
  • Added Ultra Forest Grottos: Ultra Forest Grotto A, Ultra Forest Grotto B, Ultra Forest Grotto C and Ultra Forest Grotto D.
  • Added Ultra Jungle Raid Dens: Ultra Jungle Den A and Den B.
  • Added Ultra Jungle Grottos: Ultra Jungle Grotto A, Ultra Jungle Grotto B, Ultra Jungle Grotto C and Ultra Jungle Grotto D.
  • Added Ultra Jungle Ruins: Ultra Jungle Ruin A, Ultra Jungle Ruin B, Ultra Jungle Ruin C, Ultra Jungle Ruin D, Ultra Jungle Ruin E and Ultra Jungle Ruin F.
  • Updated Graveyards: Church A and Church B.
  • Updated Battle Arenas: Desert Arena A, Plains Arena A, Plains Arena B, Savanna Arena A, Savanna Arena B, Snowy Arena A, Snowy Arena B, Taiga Arena A and Taiga Arena B.
  • Updated Waypoints: Badlands, Desert, Forest, Ice, Jungle, Mountain, Mushroom, Plains, Savanna and Swamp.
  • Added Mount Lanakila village: Lanakila Meeting Point 1, Lanakila Meeting Point 2, Lanakila Meeting Point 3, Elf Workshop, Gingerbread House, Santa Sleigh, Snowmon A, Snowmon B, Snowmon C, Snowmon D, Snowmon E, Winter Berry Farm and Xmas Tree.
  • Updated Tower of Darkness and Tower of Water.

Loot Tables:

  • Added loot table to the Uno Shrine.
  • Added village loot tables to the Grass Gym Village.
  • Added Ultra Space loot tables to the Ultra Jungle Ruins.
  • Added Christmas loot tables to Mount Lanakila village.
  • Updated Pokéball yield in loot tables for Arena, Ultra Ruins, Waypoints, Common PokéStop, Rare PokéStop and Legendary PokéStop.


  • Removed additional voice entries for the same Pokémon.
  • Added new Pokémon voices: Arceus, Brionne, Celesteela, Cobalion, Fraxure, Gastrodon, Glameow, Kartana, Keldeo, Litten, Mimikyu, Naganadel, Panpour, Patrat, Pheromosa, Pikipek, Poipole, Popplio, Rowlet, Scolipede, Shellos, Simipour, Spinda, Spiritomb, Terrakion, Toucannon, Trumbeak, Unown, Venipede, Watchog, Whirlipede and Zeraora.
  • Updated Pokémon voices: Braixen, Chespin, Delphox, Eevee, Emolga, Fennekin, Froakie and Snorlax.


  • Added Mount Lanakila spawning: Frosmoth, Snom, Snorunt, Vanillish, Vanillite, Vanilluxe, Abomasnow, Castform, Crabominable, Cryogonal, Winter Deerling, Delibird, Drampa, Alolan Ninetales, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash, Winter Sawsbuck, Shaymin, Snover, Hoothoot, Fletchling, Fletchinder, Noctowl, Pidove, Sinistea, Talonflame, Tranquill, Unfezant and Alolan Vulpix to the Mount Lanakila biome.
  • Added Regieleki Spirit, Guzzlord and Stakataka to Ultra Desert.
  • Added Celesteela and Xurkitree to Ultra Deep Sea.
  • Added Poipole to Ultra Jungle.
  • Added Blacephalon to Ultra Forest.
  • Added palette-based Minior spawning conditions with a Star Piece held item.
  • Added NPC Trainer spawns to the Uno Shrine, Dos Shrine and Tres Shrine.


  • Automatically converted all existing Pokéball in previous saves to the new Pokéball item with their correct NBT effect.
  • Removed break chance from certain Pokéballs: Master Ball, Park Ball, Beast Ball, GS Ball, Cherish Ball, Strange Ball, Origin Ball and Dream Ball.
  • Optimized entity wandering AI.
  • Optimized several spawning conditions spawn pass.
  • Optimized structure registry logic.
  • Added TCG Trader, Exchange Essence Jars for Card Packs and Cosmetics
  • Optimized TCG duel card rendering.
  • Added jars to TCG Give command
  • Essence Jars are now craftable
  • New worlds will now always first spawn players in a Village.
  • Added alwaysSpawnInVillage config option to enable or disable Village first spawn behaviour.
  • Ultra Desert Cactus now can be cooked into Purple Dye.
  • Pokémon Editor party edit screen can now re-order Pokémon by dragging.
  • Updated Fridge block model.
  • Pixelmon Fridge can now be opened with [Shift+RightClick].
  • Removed Fridge storage container.
  • Disabled clouds in Ultra Space.
  • Disabled the [ESC] button when in the ChooseStarterScreen.
  • Added tooltips for hovered TCG Cards, Card Backs and Coins.
  • Eeveelution, Minior and Unown advancements are now hidden until unlocked.
  • Ultra Wormholes no longer spawn in Oceanic, Lake and River biomes.
  • Pokéchest drop config file now supports NBT data after an item's ID, eg "minecraft:diamond {Tag:1b}".
  • Pokéballs now longer render as a 3D item in hand and will now use their sprite, like all other items.
  • Removed TCG Printer & Blank Cards.
  • Fixed /tcg autocomplete requiring you to type the first letter


  • Custom Pokéball types can now be created via datapacks and resource packs.
  • Capture method can now be customized per Pokéball type.
  • Added default capture methods: gen1, gen2, gen3, gen4, gen5, gen6, gen7, gen8, 100% and 50%.


  • 17462 Fixed catch formulas for Quick Ball, Timer Ball and Poké Ball.
  • 17927 /pokegive, Trainer Editor and Pokémon Editor not supporting localized names as they should.
  • 18739 Fixed Master Ball, Park Ball, GS Ball, Beast Ball, Dream Ball, Cherish Ball and Origin Ball recipes to re-craft them when broken.
  • 18739 Fixed Pokéballs without a crafting recipe from breaking.
  • 18770 Fixed Graveler's Rock Smash item spawning for Black Augurite.
  • 18880 Fixed Ditto x Ditto breeding history displaying the resulting mystery child before hatching.
  • 18897 Oval Charm not applying and reducing breeding times in Day Care once obtained.
  • 18906 Fixed incompatibility with Gender Mod.
  • 18918 Fixed Light Blue, Light Gray, Lime and Magenta Day Care blocks failing to drop when broken.
  • 19024 Fixed Zygarde Core, Zygarde Cell and Arc Chalice break particles.
  • 19175 Fixed Relic Crown position on a player's head when viewed from a Multiplayer environment.
  • 19182 Fixed console errors appearing when a player's first party slot is carrying a Cleanse Tag.
  • 19207 Fixed Piglin, Snow Golem, Piglin Brute, Zombified Piglin and Rabbit and Zoglin's spawn replacement config.
  • 19209 Flint-and-Steel durability failing to tick down when used to light a Cooking Pot.
  • 19211 Fixed /shinycharm [username] remove displaying the same chat feedback as when adding a charm.
  • 19252 Fixed Pokémon summary inventory hovers being too short to include the level line, affecting all Pokémon in a non-default form.
  • 19253 19254 Temple Stairs and Temple Brick Stairs breaking in a single punch.
  • 19274 Fixed Raid Dens not dropping type-specific loot.
  • 19281 Fixed Flabébé evolution line only spawning in Red palette instead of all colors.
  • 19328 Berry Leaves and Apricorn Leaves failing to break quicker when using a hoe tool.
  • 19371 Fixed enchanted hammers only applying partial area damage when hammered on the ground.
  • 19373 Fixed Pokéballs being usable multiple times if the same type of Pokéball was used from different Shulker Boxes.
  • 19374 Ultra Space applying poison damage and thereby fainting eggs.
  • 19398 Fixed Galarian Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres Enigmatic Quests incorrectly detecting the form instead of the palette.
  • 19404 Fixed Pokéball capture effect causing a temporary visual glitch on the held Pokéball model.
  • 19408 Fixed a typo in Zubat's Sweet Scent spawning file.
  • 19422 Fixed Porygon2 spawning as an Alter palette and not a Spirit palette when found in a Graveyard.
  • 19468 Fixed Fossil Displays crashing servers or clients when broken with a null entity or world.
  • 19471 Fixed Thunder Stone tools experience exploit.
  • 19486 Fixed Pokémon without a hidden ability spawning as 'Coming Soon' ability when forced spawned as hidden ability.
  • 19508 Fixed Optifine and Pixelmon crash when scrolling while in the leveling screen.
  • 19536 Fixed dye affecting shiny Wooloo, Dubwool or Mareep.
  • Pikachu, Meowth and Eevee evolving if they have Gigantamax Factor.
  • Fixed transparency issues on Isi's Diamond Hourglass, Isi's Golden Hourglass, Isi's Silver Hourglass and Isi's Copper Hourglass.
  • Fixed the nodrops spec failing to apply when used in a Pixelmon spawner block.
  • Fixed the Pokédex highlight box displaying at too small of a size.
  • Fixed server crash caused by players riding invalid Pokémon targets.
  • Fixed non-plank wooden items having the #plank tag in recipes.
  • Fixed missing smoke particles from Koffing and Weezing.
  • Fixed form setting failing to set a Pokémon's moves or ability accordingly.
  • Fixed client performance issues when opening the TCG Compendium.
  • Fixed boss drop custom name fields failing to apply when items are dropped.
  • Fixed advancement sprite displays in capture triggers for Articuno, Celebi, Deoxys, Entei, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Jirachi, Kyogre, Latias, Latios, Lugia, Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres, Raikou, Rayquaza, Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Suicune, Zapdos, Alter, Clobbopus JUMP, Crystal Onix, Drowned, Eeveelotion, Feebas Magikarp, Magikarp JUMP, Minior, Pink, Rainbow, Shellos JUMP, Sir Doofus, Spheal, Spiky Pichu, Strike, Summer, Unown, Valencian and Zombie.
  • Fixed a rare NPC-related client crash where the base Trainer is null.
  • Fixed pokechestdrops.json not supporting the use of shopitems.json IDs.
  • Fixed /compsee and /compsearch error messages displaying in white and not red.
  • Fixed Ultra Wormholes failing to spawn in the overworld.
  • Fixed Ultra Wormholes disabling the spawning thread when attempting to spawn.
  • Fixed Ultra Space Teleporter and Drowned World Teleporter having wrongly layered enchanted sprite effect.
  • Fixed UI element rendering displaying unevenly or off-center, such as in Day Care buttons.
  • Fixed Tumblestones rendering invisible when placed by another player.
  • Fixed Spectator mode players constantly floating higher and higher when submitted to Ultra Space's low gravity.
  • Fixed Safety Goggles not lowering the fog in Ultra Space.
  • Fixed Sacred Ash usage printing an error to console.
  • Fixed Power Reserve deck returning extra TCG cards.
  • Fixed Pokémon successfully spawning outside of the world border.
  • Fixed Pokémon in the Drowned dimension being unable to swim at any Y level.
  • Fixed Pokémon AI prioritizing horse-like behaviour.
  • Fixed Pokéballs using Generation 4 catching formula mechanics instead of Generation 8.
  • Fixed PokéStops vanishing loot items instead of dropping to the ground when a claimant player's inventory is full.
  • Fixed Galar-Yamask, and any other wild evolution condition, from crashing the game once triggered.
  • Fixed Armchair and Couch dying logic pairing to the correct dyes.


  • 18945 Fixed Pokémon gaining health from moves that drain health (e.g. Absorb, Drain Punch) after damaging themselves while confused.
  • 19056 Fixed Pokemon that were switched out and switched back in failing to use Fake Out successfully.
  • 19306 Dynamax Pokémon taking more than 10% of their normal HP when damaged by Life Orb.
  • 19310 Fixed an error caused by checking item effects after all attacks have hit.
  • 19420 Fixed Steel Beam dealing recoil damage if the user has the Magic Guard ability.
  • 19420 Fixed Steel Beam not dealing recoil damage when the attack missed the target or the target had used a protect move (e.g. Protect, Detect).
  • 19467 Fixed Substitute damage incorrectly popping the protected user's Air Balloon.
  • 19469 Fixed Bag Berries healing the Pokémon currently in-battle instead of the selected party member.
  • Fixed Entrainment, Simple Beam, Role Play, Trace, Mummy, Worry Seed, Core Enforcer, Gastro Acid, Mold Breaker, Turboblaze and Teravolt successfully replacing Revenant.
  • Fixed Healing moves not affecting a Pokémon with Revenant even if it is at full health.
  • Fixed Imposter and Transform being able to copy a Pokémon that has Revenant.
  • Fixed Pokémon losing their moves after mega-evolving if the move is not learnable under normal move learn list conditions.
  • Fixed Pokémon movement AI activating while in battle.
  • Fixed Revenant ability looping with Berry Juice usage.
  • Fixed Revenant being ignored by moves that ignore abilities like Moongeist Beam.
  • Fixed Revenant failing to activates from Powder damage and Recoil damage.
  • Fixed Revenant failing to block Perish Song.
  • Fixed Revenant healing damage activating Life Orb.
  • Fixed Revenant improperly resetting the number of turns on start of battle.
  • Fixed Revenant not activating from Iron Barbs, Spiky Shield, Rocky Helmet, Bad Dreams, Nightmare, Aftermath, Innards Out, Sticky Barb, Life Orb, weather, status effect, confusion self-damage, Leech Seed, Curse, False Swipe, Jaboca Berry, Rowap Berry, Gulp Missile, splinters and binding move damage.
  • Fixed Splinters displaying a successful hit despite the target already being afflicted by Splinters.
  • Fixed Wandering Spirit swapping itself with Revenant.
  • Fixed Wandering Spirit's activation message incorrectly using the target instead of the user.
  • Fixed Zacian and Zamazenta regaining all their move PP after battling while holding the Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield, respectively.
  • Fixed healing moves erroneously stating in the battle logs that they healed the Pokémon when they didn't.
  • Fixed wild, in-battle Pokémon returning a feedback stating they are a Trainer in battle.
  • Revenant healing damage now also destroys the current held item.
  • Revenant healing damage now isn't doubled.
  • Revenant now tells you the held item and typings of the initial phase.


  • Added TCG language translation files.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated French translation.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Pokéball items are now unified, differentiated by NBT instead.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Capture method is now compartmentalized and isolated.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Capture events now return encapsulated catch rate and ball bonus variables rather than the values directly.
  • Custom capture methods for Pokéballs can now be registered and used.
  • Improved performance and usage of the Pokéball item renderer.
  • Improved performance and usage of the Pixelmon Sprite item renderer.
  • Fixed Pokemon.setForm failing to update the Pokémon's moveset and ability responsively.
  • Added ITextComponent (RGB) support to overlays.
  • Moved Bag item logic to the server.
  • Added BagItemEvent.CollectItems.Pre.
  • Added BagItemEvent.CollectItems.Post.
  • Added BagItemEvent.SelectItem.Pre.
  • Added BagItemEvent.SelectItem.Post.
  • Added Mail events.

Pixelmon Mod 9.0.11

"Swim Safely!"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


  • Added Ultra Space.
  • Added Ultra Deep Sea biome to Ultra Space.
  • Added Ultra Desert biome to Ultra Space.
  • Added Drowned World.
  • Added Drowned World biomes: Drowned Crimson, Drowned Warm and Drowned Dark.
  • Added Drowned World air-meter and health timer, with a flashing warning symbol when the timer is close to elapsing.
  • Updated the Drowned World boss challenge.


  • Added Gift Box.
  • Added Ultra Deep Sea blocks: Ultra Deep Sea Crystal, Ultra Deep Sea Crying Crystal, Ultra Deep Sea Clay, Ultra Deep Sea Gravel, Ultra Deep Sea Stone, Ultra Deep Seagrass and Ultra Deep Sea Pickle.
  • Added Ultra Space Stone.
  • Added Ultra Desert blocks: Ultra Desert Sandstone, Ultra Desert Sandstone Stairs, Ultra Desert Sandstone Slab, Ultra Desert Chiseled Sandstone, Ultra Desert Cut Sandstone, Ultra Desert Cut Sandstone Slab, Ultra Desert Smooth Sandstone, Ultra Desert Smooth Sandstone Stairs, Ultra Desert Smooth Sandstone Slab, Ultra Desert Sandstone Wall and Ultra Desert Gilded Sand.
  • Added Ultra Desert Cactus, which will poison you, and your party members on contact with the block.
  • Added Ultra Deep Sea Kelp, Ultra Deep Sea Grass and Ultra Deep Sea Pickle, which will blind you, and put your party members to sleep, on contact with the block.
  • Added Drowned World Teleporter to the creative inventory.
  • Added Ultra Space Teleporter to the creative inventory.


  • Added battle arenas variants: Plains Battle Arena, Desert Battle Arena, Taiga Battle Arena and Snowy Battle Arena.
  • Added battle arena market stands variants.
  • Added beginner-friendly competitive NPC Trainer trios to each generated battle arena.
  • Added chatting NPCs to battle arena stalls for friendly introductions to competitive battling.
  • Added graveyards: Church A, Church B, Church C, Haunted Graveyard A and Haunted Graveyard B.
  • Updated the Towers of Darkness and Towers of Waters.
  • Added chatting NPCs to the entrance of the Towers of Darkness and Towers of Waters.
  • Added challenging, competitive NPC Trainers to each level of the Towers of Darkness and Towers of Waters.
  • Updated Grotto Hills structure.
  • Updated Raid Den structures: Raid Den Water E, Raid Den Nether B, Raid Den Desert C, Raid Den Beach A.
  • Updated Waypoint structures: Waypoint Badlands A, Waypoint Badlands B, Waypoint Desert A, Waypoint Desert B, Waypoint Forest A, Waypoint Forest B, Waypoint Icy A, Waypoint Icy B, Waypoint Jungle A, Waypoint Jungle B, Waypoint Mountain A, Waypoint Mountain B, Waypoint Mushroom A, Waypoint Mushroom B, Waypoint Plains A, Waypoint Plains B, Waypoint Savanna A, Waypoint Savanna B, Waypoint Swamp A and Waypoint Swamp B.
  • Added Ultra Desert clutter: Desert Clutter A, Desert Clutter B, Desert Clutter C, Desert Clutter D, Desert Clutter E and Desert Clutter F.
  • Added Ultra Desert ruins: Desert Ruin A, Desert Ruin B, Desert Ruin C, Desert Ruin D, Desert Ruin E, Desert Ruin F, Desert Ruin G, Desert Ruin H, Desert Ruin I, Desert Ruin J, Desert Ruin K, Desert Ruin L, Desert Ruin M, Desert Ruin N, Desert Ruin O, Desert Ruin P Desert Ruin Q and Desert Ruin R.
  • Added Ultra Desert grottos: Desert A, Desert B, Desert C and Desert D.
  • Added Ultra Deep Sea grottos: Deep Sea Grotto A, Deep Sea Grotto B, Deep Sea Grotto C and Deep Sea Grotto D.

Loot Tables:

  • Added PokéStops to all remaining Waypoint structures.
  • Added container loot tables to battle arena structures.
  • Added container loot tables to buried graveyard structures.
  • Added container loot tables to all remaining Waypoint structures.
  • Added container loot tables to Chalice house structures.
  • Added container loot tables to Towers of Water and Towers of Darkness.
  • Added container loot tables for Haunted Tower houses.
  • Added container loot tables for Ultra Ruin structures.


  • Significantly improved memory allocation, reducing memory usage during gameplay.
  • Berry and Apricorn plants now grow inline with Minecraft's Berry Bush. They now have a 20% chance of growing up one stage, for a total of 3 stages. Rarer berries will take up to twice as long.
  • Necrozma will now revert to Dawn or Dusk form after battle.
  • Improved void structure generation.
  • Ultra Space will now respawn you to your spawn point if all of your party faints while in Ultra Space.
  • Drowned World will now respawn you to your Overworld teleport location once you swim out of the world's bound heights.
  • Gift Boxes will no longer yield Coal.
  • Updated color-changing pattern of Wormholes, making them smoother in their transition.
  • Aluminum, Platinum and Silver materials now have different durability.
  • Evolution stone hammers now no longer have a mining speed of 1.
  • Hammers can now mine a 3x3x1 area, costing them 3x the normal durability usage.


  • Added specs to modify battle statistics instead of setting them: modhp, modattack, moddefence, modspecialattack and modspeed.
  • Added specs to modify EVs values instead of setting them: modevhp, modevattack, modevdefence, modevspecialattack, modevspecialdefence and modevspeed.
  • Added specs to modify IVs values instead of setting them: modivhp, modivattack, modivdefence, modivspecialattack, modivspecialdefence and modivspeed.


  • 17003 Necrozma failing to Ultra Burst from Dawn or Dusk form effectively into Ultra form.
  • 17510 Fossil Cleaner model failing to visually indicate the status of the fossil cleaning process.
  • 17802 Scrolls in Towers of Water and Towers of Darkness always facing East regardless of building directionality.
  • 18476 White-Stripe Basculin being unable to evolve into Basculegion.
  • 18724 Incense Burner failing to be usable in Infuser recipes.
  • 18767 Infuser failing to stack the resulting item.
  • 18895 Fixed switching party positions while inside the Day Care menu allowing to see the specie of the displayed Egg.
  • 18898 Pixelmon wooden blocks failing to be usable as furnace fuel.
  • 18898 Pixelmon wooden items now can be used as fuel, such as Picket Fence, Wood Hammer, Wooden Base and Wooden Flooring.
  • 18912 Fixed changed NPC from Player Name to Resource Pack soft-locking the client.
  • 18947 Mareep recently evolved into Flaaffy now will update the model accurately after shearing.
  • 18947 Mareep, Wooloo and Dubwool not regrowing wool once sheared.
  • 19017 Move Tutors failing to accept costs for customized movelists.
  • 19017 Move Tutors failing to display Level-Up moves despite settings allowing it.
  • 19086 Urshifu Rapid-Strike being able to learn Wicked Blow when it shouldn't.
  • 19108 Eggs sent to PC upon Day Care retrieval displaying the Pokémon specie of the Egg on confirm message.
  • 19132 Elevators failing to obey coordinate decimal points.
  • 19133 Fixed Elevator hitbox not centering on the block.
  • 19178 Fixed Elevators being only responsive in their North-West corner when ascending.
  • 19179 JUMP Fishing Log completion percentages displaying one too many decimals.
  • 19181 Witches spawning as their vanilla counterpart instead of their Pixelmon replacement.
  • 19186 Orbs counting up instead of down upon soul harvesting.
  • 19190 19147 Blue Orbs with exactly 8 shards crashing the client on render.
  • 19195 Interacting with a PokéDisplay no longer crashes the server.
  • 19224 "Once Per Day" NPC trainers crashing the client when challenged.
  • 19234 19131 Pokéballs being reusable when used in a Raid while stored in a Pokébag.
  • 19281 Flabébé, Floette and Florges failing to spawn as any other color than Red variant.
  • 19283 Fixed recipes for Mail Boxes and Letter Boxes.
  • 'OK' button in the JUMP Fishing Log activating on hover, and not click input.
  • Calyrex Ice Rider's Glastrier displaying with the wrong texture.
  • Fixed Berry combos Infuser recipes producing Colorful Shake instead of Juice.
  • Fixed Fire Stone failing to drop from 3 star Fire raids.
  • Fixed Grotto Hills spawning surrounded in gravel blocks.
  • Fixed Raid Dens spawning on top of Grottos during world generation.
  • Fixed /compsee and /compsearch error messages displaying their error message in white, not red.
  • Fixed /fillcurry failing to accept Plain Curry as a command argument.
  • Fixed /wiki calling a client-side method on the server.
  • Fixed /wiki displaying a specie's base Special Defense stat instead of their base Speed.
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by breaking a PokéStop.
  • Fixed a rare instance of Day Care slots being overwritten by two new parents whilst keeping the old timer.
  • Fixed blockstate position errors for Bench, Birch Bench, Fossil Cleaner, Mint, Movement Plate, Poké Display, Street Light, TV-2 and Zygarde Cell.
  • Fixed client crash caused by PokéStop pre-calc event.
  • Fixed locked text input fields during NPC editing.
  • Fixed model position errors for Light Gray Armchair and Light Gray Couch.
  • Fixed mount riding offsets seemingly ignoring base stat values.
  • Fixed newly-hatched Pokémon inheriting moves from their movesets when hatched with empty move slots.
  • Fixed rare soft-lock client crash when attempting to locate extra-dimensional dens while in overworld.
  • Fixed special palettes failing to be included in the PokéDex.
  • Fixed structure-spawned entities, such as statues, failing to rotate when spawned by world generation.
  • JUMP Fishing Log displaying 2D nametags above the specie 3D model.
  • JUMP Fishing Log displaying language keys instead of the proper palette name for Pokémon species in the summary and palette pages.
  • JUMP Fishing Log scrolling upwards instead of downwards.
  • JUMP Fishing Log specie page button hover being functionally smaller than displayed.
  • Lures failing to drop upon player death.
  • Magikarp palette catches failing to count towards Fishing Log completion.
  • Palette display pages in JUMP Fishing Log displaying a flashing specie model.
  • Pokédisplay crashing the client and server when rendered for the first time.
  • Pokémon no longer chasing you and attempting to battle if you throw eggs or snowballs.
  • Shellos East and Shellos West sprites flickering between the two forms when displayed by the JUMP Fishing Log.
  • Shellos palettes catches failing to count towards JUMP Fishing Log completion.
  • Spheal icon legend not displaying Spheal's name in the JUMP Fishing Log.


  • 15778 Necrozma's Light That Burns the Sky move improperly calculating damage.
  • 17120 Max-moves and G-Max moves failing to deplete PP from the original move used.
  • 17325 Necrozma failing to use Z-Moves.
  • 17740 Form Pokémon reverting to their normal form after mega-evolving or dyanamaxing.
  • 18964 Fling failing to activate regardless of the item held slot status.
  • 19019 Mega-evolved Pokémon such as Charizard displaying the wrong ability post-evolution.
  • 19034 Rayquaza failing to mega-evolve when using Dragon Ascent.
  • 19037 Shell Bell healing for entry hazards upon switch in.
  • 19048 Room Service item failing to activate during battle.
  • 19048 Room Service item failing to activate.
  • 19055 Meloetta's Relic Song erroring upon battle use.
  • 19073 Bide using PP on turns where energy is storing or unleashing.
  • 19089 Necrozma being unable to use Searing Sunraze Smash.
  • 19118 Pay Day enabling money-collection even after players have fled their battle.
  • 19123 Poison Types failing when using Toxic.
  • 19161 Splinters' success battle message incorrectly using an apostrophe.
  • Cramorant's Gulp Missile failing to shoot a missile back when attacked.
  • Dynamax moves failing to consume PP.
  • Fixed Mega evolutions occuring before switching when used on the same turn.
  • Fixed Pokémon initiating a second flee check at the end of a turn.
  • Fixed switched-in Mega Pokémon using an incorrect model when switched into a Pokémon with an available mega form.
  • Players can no longer Ultra Burst more than one Necrozma per battle.
  • Players can no longer Ultra Burst two Necrozma in the same turn during Double Battles.


  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.


  • 18040 PixelmonItems#getPokeballListWithMaster no longer causes API breakages.
  • Fixed PokeStop Cooldown color changes not being sent to the client
  • NPC Trainers no longer always return false, allowing success to be returned.
  • Replaced static reference to the client version party with a reference to the StorageProxy player's party.
  • Added a PreCalculate PokéStop event to allow for changing the PokéStop's cooldown.
  • Deprecated PokeStopTileEntity#canClaim(UUID) as it is redundant to re-create the player.
  • Improved PixelmonBlocks#elevator.
  • Removed ElevatorEvent#fetDestination, ElevatorEvent#setDestination and ElevatorEvent#getBlock.
  • Pokemon Specs can now be used to define which Pokemon may use a Z-Move.
  • Implements the PixelmonFaintEvent in more places (when health is set to <= 0)
  • Adds PixelmonFaintEvent.Pre (cancellable)
  • Adds PixelmonFaintEvent.Post

Pixelmon Mod 9.0.10


  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


  • Added PokéStops.
  • Added loot tables to PokéStops.


  • Added Pokéstops to Waypoints.
  • Added loot tables to Waypoint containers.


  • Improved client and server performance on internals.
  • 18947 Sheep Pokémon such as Wooloo, Dubwool and Mareep now drop 6 to 8 wool upon shearing.


  • Day Care buttons for 'Previous' and 'Next' overlapping on Box 1's display.
  • Pokémon failing to spawn in local worlds after several login attempts.
  • 18756 Tridents damaging Pokémon.
  • 17744 Pokémon Editor failing to import properly a valid and well-formatted text.
  • Fence connector behavior maintained with the berry log blocks once the adjacent block is destroyed.
  • Vertical and Cross Tombstones not allowing light to pass through the block model.
  • Cash Registers failing to drop their respective item once destroyed.
  • Cash Registers breaking sounds emulating wood blocks instead of metal-based blocks.


  • 19129 Fixed battle item usage disconnecting the client through a packet error.
  • Take Heart move failing to cure status conditions.
  • Moves with Obscured effect raising evasion by 5 instead of by 1.
  • Splinters status effect language key stating the wrong target.


  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.


  • Refactors CustomDropScreen to CustomDropScreenFactory
  • Adds button handler to the CustomDropScreenFactory.Builder
  • Adds close handler to the CustomDropScreenFactory.Builder
  • Adds drop handler to the CustomDropScreenFactory.Builder
  • Adds CustomDropScreenFactory.Builder#escapeCloses
  • Adds CustomDropScreenFactory.Builder#escapeDoesNotClos
  • Adds evolution beams as a spawnable particle, for example, /particle pixelmon:evolution_beam 100 4 900 255 0 0 255.

Pixelmon Mod 9.0.9

"You have mail!"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
  • 18695 Added Dire Claw.
  • Added Mystical Power.
  • Added Wildbolt Storm.
  • Added Wave Crash.
  • Added Stone Axe.
  • Added Sandsear Storm.
  • Added Mountain Gale.
  • Added Lunar Blessing.
  • Added Power Shift.
  • Added Raging Fury.
  • Added Take Heart.
  • Added Springtide Storm.
  • Added Obscured status effect.
  • Added Obscured status effect configuration per move.
  • Added sprites for Halloween Ivysaur, Full-Moon Lunala (shiny and non-shiny), Creator Sentret, Radiant Solgaleo (shiny and non-shiny), Berry Ruby Swirl Alcremie, Clover Ruby Cream Alcremie, Clover Ruby Swirl Alcremie, Love Mint Cream Alcremie and Star Lemon Cream Alcremie.
  • Added textures for Love Lemon Cream Alcremie, Ribbon Ruby Swirl Alcremie, Star Salted Cream Alcremie and shiny Original Magearna.

New Items:

  • Added new Letter Boxes: Black Letter Box, Blue Letter Box, Brown Letter Box, Cyan Letter Box, Gray Letter Box, Green Letter Box, Light Blue Letter Box, Lime Letter Box, Magenta Letter Box, Orange Letter Box, Pink Letter Box, Purple Letter Box, Red Letter Box, White Letter Box and Yellow Letter Box.
  • Added new Mail Boxes: Black Mail Box, Blue Mail Box, Brown Mail Box, Cyan Mail Box, Gray Mail Box, Green Mail Box, Light Blue Mail Box, Lime Mail Box, Magenta Mail Box, Orange Mail Box, Pink Mail Box, Purple Mail Box, Red Mail Box, White Mail Box and Yellow Mail Box.
  • Added new Cash Registers: Black Cash Register, Blue Cash Register, Brown Cash Register, Cyan Cash Register, Gray Cash Register, Green Cash Register, Light Blue Cash Register, Lime Cash Register, Magenta Cash Register, Orange Cash Register, Pink Cash Register, Purple Cash Register, Red Cash Register, White Cash Register and Yellow Cash Register.
  • Added new Tombstones: Cross Tombstone, Tall Tombstone and Vertical Tombstone.


  • Added biome-specific Grottos and Hidden Grottos, including Badlands, Dark Forest, Desert, End, Forest, Hills, Icy, Jungle, Mushroom, Nether, Ocean, Plains, River, Savanna, Swamp, Taiga.
  • Added loot tables to Plasma Ship.


  • Updated sounds for Cleffa, Exeggutor, Onix and Togepi.
  • Added new sounds for Tapu Lele, Tapu Koko, Tapu Fini and Tapu Bulu.


  • Added /levelling command.
  • Added /wiki command.
  • Added /spectest command.


  • Vanilla spawn replacement logic is now datapackable.
  • 17927 Pokégive, Trainer Editor and Pokémon Editor now support localized names.
  • /hatch success message is now using a Pokémon's localized name.
  • Updated Workspace block model.
  • Updated shiny textures and sprites for Sun Castform, Hail Castform and Rain Castform.
  • Updated Apricorn and Berry leaves block background colour to be consistent with Minecraft fast rendering.
  • Protective Pads can now be dropped by Uncommon bosses.
  • Experience candy now relays a chat feedback message on item consumption.
  • Elevator blocks now have an unique texture.
  • Discord Rich Presence is no longer enabled if the JVM vendor is Android, fixing crashes on PojavLauncher.
  • Connecting screen now displays a random game's starters.
  • All accented-named items can now be searched without the accent in the creative inventory.
  • 17527 Kyogre swimming faster than intended.
  • 17574 Red and Blue orbs now render smoothly (and properly).
  • 17697 Dual texture models, such as Bikes and Calyrex Fused, rendering incorrectly when close to a light source.
  • 17731 Pokémon Photos failing to save when stored in a Pokémon Painting.
  • 18018 Pokéballs in Pokébags failing to display when used at the end of a raid.
  • 18045 Client crashes caused by a wild-Pokémon evolving, such as Galarian Yamask.
  • 18204 Overlapping text boxes in the Trainer editing UI for input and dropdown selection.
  • 18576 Empty-hand requirements when collecting an Apricorn berry.
  • 18607 Changed 'Boss Rate' in Pixelmon spawners resetting after UI closing.
  • 18643 Alolan Marowak defaulting to the wrong ability with normal Marowak.
  • 18680 18629 Mega Charizard-Y and Mega Charizard-X yielding their incorrect keystone upon defeat.
  • 18684 Pokemon failing to spawn with Hidden Abilities if their spawnrate has been re-configured.
  • 18735 Generation 8 fossil Pokémon now have a guaranteed minimum of 3 perfect IVs.
  • 18750 Pokémon not following the player when released out of their Pokéball.
  • 18814 Entity bike lost language key displaying incorrectly.
  • 18817 Custom form Pokémon crashing clients when said Pokémon are placed in a Trade Machine.
  • 18905 /ivs command displaying a targeted egg's IV points.
  • 18967 Dyes used on specific items failing to modify the block with the correct colour.
  • 19026 Pokébags in container duplicating items when moved in inventory while open.
  • Swimming parameters failing to properly activate on non-Water types that should be swimming, such as Dhelmise.
  • Spectral Gastly, Haunter and Gengar sprites now match textures accurately.
  • Sinistea failing to display the correct form name when hovered in party or PC.
  • Shiny Reshiram sprite's eyes now colour matches accurately.
  • Shiny Galarian Zapdos sprite's eyes now colour matches accurately.
  • Prevented a possible PokéDisplay duplication when accessed through delayed server packets.
  • Minior failing to pass down palette (colours) when bred.
  • Lunatone's 'Gibbous' form displaying as 'None'.
  • Ice-Ride Calyrex' texture now colour matches properly.
  • Hourglass blocks failing to display light transparency.
  • Hisuian Zorua and Hisuian Zoroark appearing genderless.
  • Hidden Ability Lures failing to modify the spawnrate.
  • Hidden Ability Ditto passing its hidden ability state to offspring when bred with a male Pokémon.
  • Fixed wiki-spawning command displaying incorrect or confusing data.
  • Fixed the in-battle screen UI appearing when a player is out-of-battle and leveling a Pokémon.
  • Fixed the Team Select screen displaying Pokémon species inside eggs.
  • Fixed the Infuser maintaining progress level (and staying on that recipe) when an item is removed.
  • Fixed sounds usage for Zygarde 100%, Zygarde 50%, Calyrex Ice Rider and Galarian Farfetch'd.
  • Fixed incorrect lang key when /hatch is successful.
  • Fixed flashing textures for Strange Ball and Ancient Ultra Ball.
  • Fixed a crash caused by a sprite rendering in any armor slot while head slot is occupied.
  • Fixed Ravagers not properly being replaced by Pokémon.
  • Fixed PokemonBuilder not respecting growth setting.
  • Fixed NPE error when rendering PC screen for clients.
  • Fixed Cramorant using an incorrect sprite when in normal form.
  • Evolving Milcery with a ribbon sweet at midnight in a Giant Tree Taiga no longer crashes the client or server.
  • Cooking Pots 'sneak for more information' failing to detect sneaking.
  • Battle Bond Greninja failing to display the correct ability when spawned in through wild spawning and commands.


  • 17658 Battle rule editing while battling another player locking the UI screen.
  • 18452 Max Moves having their overridePower reset while the AI tries to calculate the best move.
  • 18522 Corrosion used with Mega Pokémon erroring mid-battle.
  • 18667 Pokémon locked by a Choice item continuing to be locked for their first Dynamax turn.
  • 18762 Power Construct now properly takes effect during a battle. Zygarde will revert at the end as expected.
  • 18844 Multi-Attacks behaving as Normal-typed moves when used under Dynamax mechanics.
  • Bitter Malice now gives the correct status effect when in battle.
  • Greninja with forced spawned Battle Bond ability no longer crashes the client on battle start.
  • Minior's Shield Down ability malfunctioning mid-battle.
  • OHKO moves and failed moves now use PP properly when used in a raid.
  • Reworked logic for abilities activated on Pokémon faint.
  • Reworked logic for doing damage to a substitute.
  • Updated logic for battle generation settings.
  • Updated logic for calculating an attack's accuracy.
  • Updated logic for modifying power and accuracy of a move.
  • Updated logic for redirecting attacks.
  • Zen Mode now properly takes effect during a battle. Darmanitan will revert at the end as expected.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Hebrew translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Updated Dutch translation.
  • Updated Turkish translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Adds ElevatorEvent.Pre which is cancelable and the entire block pos can now be changed.
  • Adds ElevatorEvent.Post for after the player teleports.
  • Adds PlayerActivateShrineEvent.Pre cancelable.
  • PlayerActiveShrineEvent.Pre now properly changes on entity summon.
  • Adds PlayerActivateShrineEvent.Post
  • Fixes the DayCareEvent.TimerComplete (previously event was not firing).
  • Adds LevelUpEvent.Pre (cancelable).
  • Adds LevelUpEvent.Pre#setAfterLevel that is now respected.
  • Adds LevelUpEvent.Post.
  • Adds ExperienceGainType as cause to LevelUpEvent.
  • LearnMoveController.LearnMove is now a public class.
  • Palette now implements ITranslatable.
  • Adds PokedexEvent.Pre (cancelable), able to set the Pokémon and the new state.
  • Adds PokedexEvent.Post.
  • Adds battle cause for PokedexEvent.
  • Moved all causes to PokedexEvent.Constants.
  • Fixed DayCareEvent.TimerComplete.

Pixelmon Mod 9.0.8

"Something about having a blast"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.



  • This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught THE MAGIKARP SUBMARINE
  • One of our devs has a LAME sense of humor so I'm adding the entry exactly like that
  • They probably won't even notice this until it's released
  • Added the /starter command.
  • Added the /redeemfossil command.
  • Added the /fillcurrydex command.
  • /givepixelsprite now allows tab completion.
  • /compsee and /compsearch will now properly prove feedback.
  • Pokémon names and random can now be tab-completed in /pokegive.
  • 18865 Fixed an ID mismatch for the Leaf Storm and Outrage TRs in shopkeepers.
  • Added missing fossils (cleaned/covered) and missing berries to ShopItems.
  • Added ResourceWithFallback for fallback texture, sprite, model and emissive support.
  • Added ability to specify "chance" in the "spawnInfos" section of the spawn sets; which is a decimal value specifying a chance of the set not spawning


  • 17509 18316 Decorate Pixelmon blocks that could hold items will now drop those items when destroyed.
  • 17820 The Orb item is now located under the Miscellaneous creative tab instead of Held Items.
  • 18332 You can now smelt the following ores in a furnace and blast furnace; Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Crystal, Moon Stone, Ice Stone, Shiny Stone, Thunder Stone, Leaf Stone, Water Stone, Fire Stone, Sun Stone, Dusk Stone, and Dawn Stone.
  • 18601 Removed replace-mc-structures in structures.yml as it is no longer in use.
  • 18643 Adjusted the spawning rate of Hidden Abilities.
  • The message stating a Pokémon was sent to the PC now shows their localized name instead of nickname.


  • 17462 17547 Quick Balls and Dusk Balls will now apply their bonuses properly.
  • 17549 Fixed an error on Arclight servers related to Cameras.
  • 17594 Move skill 'Smelt' failing to work as intended.
  • 17670 Neo Plasma armour now uses the correct texture.
  • 17788 Creator Wobuffet now uses the correct model.
  • 18098 Fixed an issue with Berry Wood Sign rendering.
  • 18154 Calyrex can now change forms as intended.
  • 18331 Added sprites for Ruins Walls and Dusty Walls.
  • 18558 Relic Crown is now equippable again.
  • 18577 Fixed berry signs placed on a wall dropping regular oak signs.
  • 18585 Healers now drop ingots rather than plates.
  • 18591 Fixed /pokesee only showing "Empty" and no Pokémon in the player's party, even if they have Pokémon.
  • 18629 Fixed Mega Charizard-Y not using its flying animation.
  • 18654 Exp candies will no longer give experience twice.
  • 18666 Pixelmon Ores will no longer give exp when Silk-Touched.
  • 18684 hidden-ability-rate in spawning.yml wil now respect changes to the value.
  • 18689 Targeting an in-battle Trainer NPC causing a server crash.
  • 18700 Command /pokespawn random legendary yielding an incorrect ability Legendary Pokémon.
  • 18705 Maranga berry leaves will now drop properly.
  • 18728 Fixed a crash issue related to Trash Cans.
  • 18813 Power Band will no longer drop twice in rare Boss drops.
  • 18845 Fixed a visual error with partially filled Orbs.
  • 18853 Landorus, Thundurus, Tornadus, and Enamorus will now swap their forms as intended.
  • 18865 Fixed a syntax error caused by Mushroom Curry on a shopkeeper.
  • Added missing Chatting NPC models, female Pokéfan, female Preschooler, female Psychic, female Ranger, male Pokéfan, male Ranger, male Scientist, Pokémon Breeder and Pokémon Breeder 2.
  • An error with levelMultiplier causing Boss pokemon to spawn at level 0 has been fixed.
  • CurryDex will now properly show ratings.
  • Feinting a Pokemon after receiving a Dynamax band will no longer prevent the Mega Bracelet UI showing in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Pokémon who are uninfected by Pokérus having the expired icon in the PokeChecker GUI.
  • Fixed a server crash related to quest translation.
  • Fixed a shutdown delay related to certain storage items and players using OreSense.
  • Fixed a texture issue with stick plates.
  • Improved how translated NPC filenames are read, which was causing them not to appear in game.
  • Improved rendering with underwater evolution ores.
  • Fixed an Index out of Bounds error thrown by /pokereset when only the player specified.
  • Fixed some cases where switching a species form changed the ability slot of that saved Pokémon.
  • Fixed wild Castform failing to swap to their correct weather model during battle-induced weather.
  • Fixed enchants from fishing rewards
Battle Fixes:
  • 17845 Fixed Substitute failing to reapply on the same turn it fades away.
  • 18794 Added Helping Hand to list of moves that can't be reflected.
  • Certain multiple hit moves will now have their accuracy checked properly between attacks.
  • Critical hit chance has been adjusted to Generation 7.
  • Battles will use the exact number of crits hit for Pokemon that need critical hits to evolve instead of rerolling crit chance for each crit that was hit.


  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.


  • The depreceated BattleForceEndCause values have now been removed.
  • Added PokemonFactory#copy.
  • Added PokemonProxy#copy.
  • Added PartyStorage#enterTemporaryMode.
  • Added PartyStorage#copyToTemporaryMode.
  • Added PartyStorage#getOriginalParty (for getting the player's non temporary party when they're in temporary mode).
  • Adds PartyStorage#setOriginal (for setting the player's non temporary party when they're in temporary mode).
  • Added helper methods to PlayerPartyStorage, EnumBerryFlavor, and EnumCurryRating.
  • Made UNBREEDABLE public so it won't need to be re-created when referencing.
  • Fixed CloningCompleteEvent so that it will no longer return the player to null.
  • Fixed packet console log spam related to moveset values.
  • It is no longer possible to remove an entire Moveset.
  • Simplified and removed giveChoice logic from the UpdateClientPlayerDataPacket.
  • Added thread pool for commands in PixelmonCommandUtils.
  • Refactored TeamSelectList to TeamSelectRegistry
  • Added TeamSelectRegistry.Builder class for ease of use
  • Added close-ability option to team select
  • Added ability to "hide" opponents Pokemon with team select
  • Added Pokemon hover information to the team selection screen
  • Added cancel consumer/handler to team select builder
  • Added start consumer/handler to team select builder

Pixelmon Mod 9.0.7

"Your Daycare and You..."

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


  • Added Day Care system, replacing Breeding and Breeding Environments.
  • Added Day Care inventory tab to Survival player inventory.
  • Added Tentacool, Tentacruel, Horsea, Seadra, Lapras, Qwilfish, Corsola, Remoraid, Octillery, Mantine, Sharpedo, Wailmer, Milotic, Clamperl, Luvdisc, Finneon, Frillish, Jellicent, Alomomola, Wishiwashi, Bruxish, Arrokuda, Barraskewda and Overqwil to Terraforged's Warm Ocean Standard spawn list.
  • Added Nautilus Shell, Nanab Berry, Razz Berry and Pinap Berry to Forage.
  • Added Nautilus Shell to Good Rod and Super Rod fishing.
New Items:
  • Added new hourglass items: Isi's Copper Hourglass and Isi's Diamond Hourglass.
  • Added new hourglass blocks: Isi's Copper Hourglass, Isi's Silver Hourglass, Isi's Gold Hourglass and Isi's Diamond Hourglass.
  • Added new Day Care blocks with egg in-ranch variants: Blue Day Care, Red Day Care, Green Day Care, Orange Day Care, Pink Day Care, Purple Day Care, Yellow Day Care, White Day Care, Brown Day Care, Black Day Care, Gray Day Care, Cyan Day Care, Lime Day Care, Magenta Day Care, Light Gray Day Care and Light Blue Day Care.
  • Added PokéDisplay block.


  • Added Day Care centers as a possible village structure.
  • Added Day Care Man, Day Care Lady and Day Care Assistant to Day Care structures.
  • Added Day Care instruction book to Day Care structures.
  • Added loot tables to Day Care center structures.


  • Added Alolan regional cries to Ninetales.
  • Added Hisuian regional cries to Qwilfish, Lilligant and Sliggoo.
  • Added Galarian regional cries to Meowth, MrMime, Articuno, Zapdos, Corsola and Zigzagoon.
  • Added form cries to Meowstic (Male), Meowstic (Female), Zygarde (50%), Zygarde (100%), Hoopa, Kyogre (Primal), Groudon (Primal), Rayquaza (Mega), Audino (Mega), Lycanroc (Midnight), Necrozma (Dusk), Necrozma (Dawn), Indeedee (Male), Indeedee (Female), Calyrex (Ice Rider), Calyrex (Shadow Rider) and Basculegion (Male).
  • Added normal cries to Jumpluff, Slowking, Girafarig, Dunsparce, Kingdra, Swellow, Wingull Surskit, Gulpin, Swalot, Grumpig, Zangoose, Clamperl, Huntail, Gorebyss, Groudon, Buizel, Floatzel, Ambipom, Lopunny, Chatot, Gallade, Rotom, Phione, Victini, Samurott, Munna, Musharna, Cofagrigus, Galvantula, Tynamo, Eelektrik, Eelektross, Genesect, Litleo, Tyrantrum, Amaura, Phantump, Avalugg, Volcanion, Dartrix, Rockruff, Lurantis, Morelull, Shiinotic, Lunala, Necrozma, Marshadow, Wooloo, Yamper, Applin, Flapple, Sizzlipede, Centiskorch, Cursola, Runerigus, Arctozolt, Arctovish, Duraludon, Zarude, Regieleki, Regidrago, Glastrier, Calyrex, Ursaluna, Sneasler and Overqwil.
  • Removed /unlock ranch Pokémon command.
  • Added Day Care customization for type costs under the daycare datapack folder.
  • Added Day Care customization for breeding tiers under the daycare datapack folder.
  • Added print out error when datapacked abilities fail to load in Pokémon data.


  • Removed Ranch Block.
  • Removed Ranch Upgrade.
  • Replaced effects of Isi's Silver Hourglass and Isi's Gold Hourglass.
  • Players' breeding Pokémon are no longer tied to the block they were placed in. All currently-breeding Pokémon are globally accessible through their player's Day Care inventory tab.


  • 17517 Raid Den lights appearing white instead of their original fushia.
  • 17888 Fixed crash on game start for Turkish language
  • 18101 Roasted Magikarp failing to evolve into Roasted Gyarados.
  • 18205 Updated village Pokémarts and Pokécenters to prevent vanilla villagers from getting stuck under the entrance arch.
  • 18475 Tyrogue failing to evolve after reaching level 20.
  • 18656 Display of available shopkeepers, allowing all of the default shopkeeper types to show again in the NPC wand menu.
  • 18720 Eggs displaying the Pokémon within them when entering the Cosmetic menu through [ESC].
  • 18732 Stack overflow crash in PokemonBuilder#species method.
  • 18801 Crashing caused by null palettes when a Pokérus Pokémon is added to the PC storage.
  • Foongus failing to evolve into Sus form Amoonguss after holding an Eject Button at level 39.
  • Grimer and Muk forms listed as Hisuain instead of Alolan.
  • Milcery failing to evolve into Strawberry Lemon Cream Alcremie.
  • Optifine and Pixelmon causing graphical flickering while evolving Pokémon.
  • Out of bounds exception in the type<number> Pokémon specification.
  • Spewpa failing to evolve based on biome condition and instead evolving into Archipelago form Vivillon only.
  • Updated Black Augurite properly to Graveler's held item spawning.
  • Updated Chilan Berry properly to Kantonian Rattata and Raticate's held item spawning.
  • Updated Clobbopus and Grapploct from Freezing to Frozen spawning.


  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.


  • 18803 Custom DropScreen buttons failing to work as expected.
  • Fixed type Pokémon specification failing.
  • Added egggroup Pokémon specification.
  • Removed EggGroup enum.
  • Added EggGroup extensible registry
  • Added PokemonBuilder#makeEgg and PokemonBuilder#egg(boolean).
  • Added BreedingLogicProxy and BreedingLogicFactory for swappable breeding logic via sidemod.
  • Added BreedingCondition interface and BreedingConditionRegistry.
  • Added pokedollar and itemstack implementation of BreedingCondition.
  • Added Pokmeon#isFainted API.
  • Added Species#getForms(Predicate).
  • Added Stats#isAlolan.
  • Added Stats#isGalarian.
  • Added Stats#isHisuian.
  • Added Stats#isRegional.
  • Added Stats#hasTag.
  • Added Pokemon#isAlolan.
  • Added Pokemon#isGalarian.
  • Added Pokemon#isHisuian.
  • Added Pokemon#isRegional
  • Added additional sub-events to the DayCareEvent:
    • DayCareEvent.PreTimerBegin
    • DayCareEvent.PostTimerBegin
    • DayCareEvent.PreDurationCalculate
    • DayCareEvent.PostDurationCalculate
    • DayCareEvent.PrePokemonAdd
    • DayCareEvent.PostPokemonAdd
    • DayCareEvent.PreEggCaclulate
    • DayCareEvent.PostEggCalculate
    • DayCareEvent.PreConditionStatusUpdate
    • DayCareEvent.PostConditionStatusUpdate
    • DayCareEvent.PreCollect
    • DayCareEvent.PostCollect
    • DayCareEvent.TimerComplete
  • Day Care data is now accessible from PlayerPartyStorage.
  • Added Gen2BellEvent.SummonLegendary.Pre which is cancellable
    • You can now get, and set, the spawned entity using the pre event
  • Added Gen2BellEvent.SummonLegendary.Post
    • You can now get the spawned entity using the post event
  • Moved variable access in IlexShrineEvent to getters
  • Added ability to set the entity in IlexShrineEvent.Pre
  • Added entity to TimespaceEvent.Pre and the ability to set said entity
  • Added entity to PlayerActivateShrineEvent and ability to set said entity

Pixelmon Mod 9.0.6

"Look up :)"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


New Items:
  • Added a new badge, 'Plasma'
New Structures:
  • Added the Plasma Frigate.
Updated Structures:
  • Added loot to the Haunted Castle :)


  • 17668 17774 Added rolls for fortune and silk touch enchantments to Gem and Evo shard loot tables.
  • Changed Orb drop on Dragonite from .1 to .3
  • Iron Disc, Aluminum Disc, and Platinum Disc have now been fully removed.
  • Updated item sprites for Dire Hit, Fluffy Tail, Guard Spec, X-Accuracy, X-Attack, X-Defense, X-SpecialAttack, X-SpecialDefense, X-Speed, Apicot Berry, Balloon Berry, Belue Berry, Bluk Berry, Cornn Berry, Durin Berry, Kuo Berry, Magost Berry, Niniku Berry, Nomel Berry, Nutpea Berry, Payapa Berry, Rabuta Berry, Spelon Berry, Topo Berry, Wepear Berry, Clear Bell, Tidal Bell, Clever Feather, Genius Feather, Health Feather, Muscle Feather, Rare Candy, Resist Feather, Soda Pop, Swift Feather, Aguav Berry, Aspear Berry, Babiri Berry, Bright Powder, Cell Battery, Charti Berry, Cheri Berry, Chilan Berry, Coba Berry, Colbur Berry, Custap Berry, Dragon Fang, Drash Berry, Eggant Berry, Eject Button, Enigma Berry, Eviolite, Figy Berry, Ganlon Berry, Ginema Berry, Haban Berry, Hard Stone, Iapapa Berry, Iron Ball, Jaboca Berry, Kasib Berry, Kebia Berry, Lansat Berry, Leftovers, Leppa Berry, Liechi Berry, Light Ball, Light Clay, Lucky Punch, Lum Berry, Magnet, Mago Berry, Maranga Berry, Mental Herb, Metal Coat, Metal Powder, Metronome, Micle Berry, Miracle Seed, Mystic Water, Never-Melt Ice, Occa Berry, Oran Berry, Passho Berry, Pecha Berry, Persim Berry, Petaya Berry, Poison Barb, Power Herb, Pumkin Berry, Quick Claw, Quick Powder, Rawst Berry, Rindo Berry, Ring Target, Roseli Berry, Rowap Berry, Salac Berry, Sharp Beak, Shell Bell, Shuca Berry, Silk Scarf, Silver Powder, Sitrus Berry, Smoke Ball, Soft Sand, Soothe Bell, Starf Berry, Tanga Berry, Throat Spray, Touga Berry, Twisted Spoon, Wacan Berry, White Herb, Wide Lens, Wiki Berry, Yache Berry, Yago Berry, Zoom Lens, Alpha Shard, Delta Shard, Omega Shard, Balm Mushroom, Big Mushroom, Big Nugget, Big Pearl, Black Shard, Blue Shard, Comet Shard, Gold Leaf, Green Shard, Heart Scale, Nugget, Pearl, Pearl String, Pretty Feather, Pretty Wing, Rare Bone, Red Shard, Relic Shard, Relic Band, Relic Copper, Relic Crown, Relic Gold, Relic Silver, Relic Statue, Relic Vase, Shoal Salt, Shoal Shell, Silver Leaf, Slowpoke Tail, Star Piece, Stardust, Strange Souvenir, Tiny Mushroom, White Shard, Yellow Shard, Reins of Unity and Reveal Glass.


  • 13690 Wormholes to Ultra Space will no longer drop you beyond the border if smaller than the Overworlds.
  • 16832 Raids will now respect generational config settings.
  • 17515 17545 NPC Trader will now properly save after editing.
  • 17524 Fixed LAN doing crazy things.
  • 17564 Fixed the Cooking Pot interaction.
  • 17569 18233 Arc Chalice and Timespace Altar have regained their particle animations.
  • 17614 PLA pokéballs now display properly in the party overlay.
  • 17621 If a generation is disabled, spawnsets from that generation are no longer registered.
  • 17640 Harvest and Lightning Rod abilities no longer break spawning.
  • 17753 Fishing will no longer yield a blank enchanted book as loot.
  • 17761 Status ailment icons are now hidden if the party sidebar is in a labelless mode.
  • 17772 The Fishing Log can now be opened.
  • 17791 Galarian Farfetch'd can now properly evolve to SirFetch'd.
  • 17841 Custom megas can now reuse mega stones as their required item.
  • 17841 Custom megas not called "mega" now work.
  • 17875 Statues can now be targeted by Vanilla /kill.
  • 17880 Water Floats are now located under 'Decorations' in Creative inventory.
  • 17896 Statues will now longer switch from 'Idle' to 'Walking' animation on world reload.
  • 17963 Pixelmon Box will now drop it's contents when broken.
  • 18003 18366 Pixelmon pickaxes no longer prevent the use of off-hand tools.
  • 18057 Golden Lure transforming into Silver Casing when its item durability has ran out.
  • 18171 Apricorn leaves now drop with shears or Silk Touch.
  • 18171 Apricorn leaves now sometimes drop sticks when broken.
  • 18171 Berry leaves now drop with shears or Silk Touch.
  • 18171 Berry leaves now sometimes drop sticks when broken.
  • 18204 NPC Editor menu will no longer close upon confirming a change.
  • 18329 Apricorn Logs and Berry Logs now smelt into Charcoal.
  • 18330 Apricorn Logs can now be used as a common fuel source.
  • 18340 Added the Aguav Berry as an ingredient to recipes for hyper potions.
  • 18344 Players can walk through through Pixelmon Grass
  • 18359 Headbutt now sends a correct message in chat when an item is found.
  • 18364 Misaligned Pokébag UI inventory slots.
  • 18392 Moltres' Tres Shrine now spawns properly in Badlands and its variant biomes.
  • 18392 Zapdos' Dos Shrine now spawns properly in Savannah and its variant biomes.
  • 18398 18474 Ice Rock and Moss Rock will now properly trigger evolution conditions for Pokémon such as Eevee.
  • 18399 Crystal Ore will now generate naturally in the world.
  • 18421 Berry Wood slabs can now be used in common crafting recipes.
  • 18422 Meltan will no longer be obtainable via non metal items.
  • 18426 Zoroark and Hisuian Zoroark's Disguise cloning into a MissingNo, potentially crashing a client mid-battle.
  • 18428 Move Relearners now properly save the cost of a move.
  • 18433 PokéGift incorrectly redeeming manually inserted Pokémon.
  • 18437 Pokémon form language keys displaying wrongly for Creator Dragonite, Solgaleo Radiant Sun, female Unfezant, Deoxys 'Sus', Minior-Core, Galarian Zen-Darmanitan, Crowned Generic Zamazenta, Zenith-Marshadow, Crowned Generic Zacian, Urshifu G-Max Single-Strike, Urshifu G-Max Rapid-Strike, female Indeedee and White Basculin.
  • 18441 Marshadow's 'Zenith' form displaying its model horizontally.
  • 18444 Fixed some colour forms having 'sus' in the title.
  • 18445 Added Missing language lines for shiny name forms for Pokémon such as Vivillon, Flabébé and Florges.
  • 18457 Swimming behaviour has been adjusted for Swampert, Bidoof, Bibarel, Floatzel, Oshawott, Dewott, Samurott, Swanna, Wimpod, Golisopod, Drednaw and Arctovish.
  • 18458 Lugia drowning while swimming underwater.
  • 18458 Pokemon will no longer drown if their maximum swim depth is greater than 2 blocks.
  • 18486 Pixelmon Hoes now work on modded hoe compatible blocks.
  • 18488 Power Weight yielding an additional 8 Atk EVs atop the intended HP EV yield.
  • 18491 Fixed Pokésand recipes all giving the same (base) Pokésand, can now make corners and sides.
  • 18501 Magnet Pull now attracts Steel-types instead of Electric-types.
  • 18508 Missing textures for shiny Machamp G-Max, shiny Kingler G-Max, shiny Lapras G-Max and Ashen Dragonite.
  • 18530 Pokémon with regular abilities gaining a hidden ability after evolution through special conditions.
  • 18545 Fishing Rods crashing their user and players around when used in multiplayer.
  • 18546 NPC skins will now properly save.
  • 18552 Pokemon drops will no longer disappear.
  • /eggsteps command failing when used in multiplayer.
  • Alolan Sandshrew and Alolan Sandslash spawning as their Kanto counterparts when using Sweet Scent in Ice Mountains and Snowy Tundra.
  • BYG's Crimson Gardens incorrectly labeling Ekans and Arbok for spawning.
  • BYG's Snowy Evergreen Hills incorrectly named in spawning conditions.
  • Battle log missing language key.
  • Curry Dex displaying language keys instead of full Curry names.
  • Flabébé's name cannot be tab-completed properly when using unaccented -e.
  • Forge servers occasionally failing to fully shutdown after final world save.
  • Hisuian or Unovan Zoroark enforcing it's regional form through Disguise'd Pokémon.
  • Improved rendering issues under certain circumstances.
  • Old Fisherman failing to give a Fishing Log when interacting with a JUMP-Magikarp in the party.
  • Pillar blocks failing to rotate properly when spawned inside a structure.
  • PokéGift redeem feedback displaying as a language key instead of the proper line.
  • Pokémon nametags no longer rotate badly when near a Pokémon model rendered in the world.
  • Regular Pokéball being non-selectable in the Pokémon Editor.
  • Removed parentheses around a Pokemon's species name if they have no nickname.
Battle Fixes:
  • Fixed an NPE from self-targeting.
  • 17120 Max Moves and G-Max moves do not deplete PP from the move they turned from.
  • 17458 Dragon Energy failing to hit both targets when used in a Double Battle.
  • 17824 Rocky Helmet failing mid-battle, closing it unexpectedly with an error.
  • 17855 Togedemaru being unable to be sent out during double battles.
  • 18080 No Retreat move failing during battle, causing errors.
  • 18134 Switching while damaging weather is active causing a battle error.
  • 18253 Wimp Out and Emergency Exit failing when the user had low max HP.


  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.


  • 17743 CustomDropScreen now renders properly.
  • 17743 CustomDropScreen now has an event for when it is closed.
  • 17743 CustomDropScreen can now have a mnemonic set to allow differentiation between different screens.
  • 18444 Added optional palette name translation key override.
  • 18444 Added optional form name translation key override.
  • 18444 Added optional species name translation key override.
  • 17850 DialogueInputScreen mishandling input.
  • 17743 Custom-drop-screens displaying improperly.
  • Added nodrops Pokémon requirement spec.
  • Added location Pokémon requirement spec.

Pixelmon Mod 9.0.5

"Don't worry, Bee happy :)"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


New Items:
  • Added a new badge, 'Galactic'
  • Added permission nodes for targeting other players in Pixelmon commands, such as pixelmon.command.givemoney.other, pixelmon.command.completeallquests.other, pixelmon.command.resetallquests.other, pixelmon.command.setstage.other, pixelmon.command.breed.other, pixelmon.command.unlock.other, pixelmon.command.hatch.other, pixelmon.command.endbattle.other.


  • 17828 Pokémon cries are now shared by their alternate palette and forms.
  • Made various adjustments to structures.
  • Added a percentage option to /filldex
  • Updated MimeJr's and Nosepass' evolution biomes to 1.16.5.
  • Added Land to Haunted Tower spawns.
  • Updated the Badgecase screen to display lore and names.
  • Added stats for Origin Dialga and Palkia.
  • Command feedback which specify a Pokémon now displays name instead of nickname.
  • Renamed '/bossbomb' to '/pokebomb' to support PokémonSpecs.
  • Command tab-completes are no longer inline.
  • Updated textures for Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple, White and Green Berry Wood-based blocks, including planks, doors, trapdoors, fences, gates, slabs, stairs, boats and log tops.


  • 18405 Pokémon failing to evolve and causing a soft lock when evolving at the end of a battle they finished themselves.
  • 17990 Fixed flying Pokémon moving slower in certain directions.
  • 18070 Flying Pokémon will properly stop after landing.
  • 17552 Pokémon cries being silent while playing on multiplayer.
  • 17915 Fishing rod bobbers appearing as invisible while in use.
  • 18374 Origin form Dialga and Palkia being permanent after switching into their alternate forms.
  • 18337 Slowed down the insane Bee spawns from Beehives
  • 18338 Nihilego, Regice, Shiny Regice, Shadow Lugia, Shadow Ho-Oh textures/emissives.
  • 18363 Sirfetch'd listed pre-evolution forms.
  • 18348 'Spawn Bonus Chest' item weight rarity.
  • 18368 Hidden ability spec requirement not applying properly in command usage.
  • 18220 NPC Trainers dropping air despite specified drops after a restart.
  • 18189 Drop screens adding up declined rewards with newly accepted rewards.
  • 17675 NPC Trainers using MissingNo Pokémon.
  • 17747 Pokémon visually displaying no experience points when joining first rejoining a world or server.
  • 17730 Starter Pokémon missing their 'Destiny' starter mark.
  • 18439 Eevee Creator, Greninja Creator and Mewtwo Creator missing textures.
  • 18285 Text rendering on the Fossil Machine appearing stretched and off-sized.
  • 18194 Pink Beedrill, and other colored Pokémon, losing their special form after Mega Evolving or Gigantamaxing.
  • 17909 Eevee's evolution to Sylveon being overriden by its evolution to Espeon or Umbreon.
  • 18197 /pokesee [username] returning no command output when used in multiplayer.
  • 17493 Missing armor texture models for Silver Helmet, Silver Chestplate, Silver Leggings, Silver Boots, Platinum Helmet, Platinum Chestplate, Platinum Leggings, Platinum Boots, Galactic Helmet, Galactic Chestplate, Galactic Leggings and Galactic Boots.
  • 17957 Trade Holder Left and Right recipe defaulting to either side instead of following shaped recipe.
  • 18014 Inventory Tweaks Renewed and Pixelmon crashing the client when middle-mouse clicking inside a Pokébag.
  • 17837 Shiny Vivillon palettes displaying their name improperly.
  • Fixed emissives for Spectral Gastly, Spectral Haunter, Spectral Gengar, Ashen Gengar, Strike Zubat, Strike Golbat, Strike Vaporeon, Spirit Vaporeon, Halloween Ivysaur, Alter Porygon, Shiny G-Max Charizard, and G-Max Blastoise.
  • /pokekill command failing to show how many Pokémon were killed when used in multiplayer.
  • NPC Trainer models displaying thrice in their selection dropdown menu.
  • Missing movesets for Alolan Diglett, Dugtrio, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Rattata, Raticate, Vulpix, and Ninetales.
  • Alcremie sweets missing from it's default model.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases a palette would be applied to a form that doesn't have them, and only then the form would be applied, causing the latter form to have a default palette.
  • Fixed Rockruff only evolving to Midday form Lycanroc.
  • Fixed Pancham evolution issues.
  • Fixed Budew evolution issues.
  • Fixed Happiny evolution issues.
  • Fixed Gligar evolution issues.
  • Fixed commands not returning messages in MP.
  • Form and palette mutual requirements applying specs in the incorrect order.
  • Fixed palette/form issues with Creator Pokemon (Eevee/palette, Xerneas/palette).
  • Gastly now has the proper particle trail.
  • Diglett now has the proper block dust particle trail.
  • Legendary spec requirement not applying properly in command usage.
  • Fixed Zamazenta and Zacian being stuck in Crowned forms.
  • Sprite items crashing a client when the form or palette name is erroneously displayed.
  • /poketest and /comptest returning no command output.
  • Targeted selector usage in /pokeheal returning incorrect command output usage.
  • /compsee failing to properly search a player's PC when using search specs.
  • Inconsistent item sprites for Silver Helmet, Silver Chestplate, Silver Leggings and Silver Boots.
  • Tornadus and Landorus default forms not being Incarnate.
  • Enamorus flight.
  • Shellos' forms displaying improperly for East and West forms.
  • Teaching a Z-move via /teach crashing the client upon usage.
  • Badge case failing to support and display properly NBT data holding badges.
  • 17753 Fishing with a Super Rod yielding an empty enchanted book.
Battle Fixes:
  • 18117 Non-default keybind on 'Open Chat' being ignored during a battle.
  • 18243 Battle rules failing to save between restarts.
  • 17860 Mimikyu failing to regain its Disguise after losing it during its first battle.
  • 18502 Transformed shiny Ditto defaulting into a non-shiny Ditto when losing Transform during a battle if met as a shiny Pokémon.


  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Dutch translation.


  • Added PlayerPokedex#getSeenCompletionPercentage
  • Added PlayerPokedex#getCaughtCompletionPercentage
  • Deprecated BattleForceEndCause.ENDBATTLE
  • Deprecated BattleForceEndCause.ENDBATTLE_FORCEFUL
  • Changed setSpecies to use getRandomLegendary instead of randomPokemon().
  • Removed check which filters out keyListener events when the player has just closed a GUI.
  • Added resetevs and resetivs specs.
  • Improved targeting in DoLegendarySpawn
  • Cleaned up PixelCommand.setupTargetOrSourceAsTarget() for readability.
  • Added permission check on "other player" argument in PixelCommand.setupTargetOrSourceAsTarget().
  • Updated all commands with optional player argument to verify if the command source has permission to do use it.
  • Cleaned up a few parameter names for more even formatting.

Pixelmon Mod 9.0.4

"Hoooooow Original..."

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


New Pokémon Forms:
  • Added Origin Dialga.
  • Added Origin Palkia.
  • Added Haunted Tower and Haunted Castle boss and rare spawns.
  • Added Spear Pillar rare spawns.
  • Added Chalice Temple and Chalice Village rare spawns.
  • Added Ender Pearl to Galarian Slowking drops.
  • Added Extreme Hills Chalice Temple spawn.
  • Added Extreme Hills abandoned Chalice Village spawn.
  • Added Desert Hills Timespace Altar spawn.
New Items:
  • Added Lustrous Globe.
  • Added Adamant Crystal.
  • Added Griseous Core.


  • Removed structure spawn configuration options from structures.yml.
  • Moved Haunted Towers to Roofed Forest spawning.
  • Updated Haunted Tower variant A and B.
  • Updated Haunted House variant A and B.
  • Updated Haunted Village Path variant A, B and C.
  • Updated Haunted Village Berry Farm.
  • Updated Waypoints A and B variants for Badlands, Desert, Forest, Icy, Jungle, Mountain, Mushroom, Plains, Savanna and Swamp.
  • Updated Raid Dens A and B variants for Badlands, Badlands Plateau, Basalt Delta, Beach, Crimson Forest, Desert, End Highlands, Ice Spikes, Jungle, Mushroom, Nether, Snow, Snowy Mountains, Soul Sand Valley, Swamp, Warped Forest and Water.
  • Added miscellaneous ruined structures and paths to Desert Ruin Raid Den.
  • Added short cooldown to item interactions after harvesting said item from a Pokémon.
  • Added Lustrous Globe to held items for Glaceon, Espeon and Flareon.
  • Added Adamant Crystal to held items for Leafeon, Umbreon and Vaporeon.
  • Added Griseous Core to held items for Giratina.
  • Updated Broken Cloning Machine to drop Aluminium Ingot.


  • 18290 Breaking multiblocks (like PCs, Trading Machines) causing client crashes.
  • 17527 Water-spawning Pokémon migrating across the land in search of new puddles.
  • 17544 Wallpaper selection in player PCs.
  • 18270 Hitting [ESC] while in the evolution screen, causing a camera and movement lock.
  • PokéChestDrops not loading due to a (sad) typo.
  • 18252 Renamed Pokéball being infinitely usable.
  • 17778 Being unable to catch raid Pokémon after leveling and learning a move.
  • 18307 Slowpoke drops from minecraft:fish to minecraft:cod.
  • Purugly drops having a minimum and maximum entry value swapped.
  • Duplicate drop chance values on pokédrops.
  • 18296 Pokédrops occasionally dropping air based on minimum quantity chances.
  • 18258 Trading Machine causing client crashes when trading Pokémon with no 'default' form, including Flabébé and Vivillon.
  • Traded Pokémon not updating properly after trading without using the 'Switch' or 'Randomize' buttons.
  • Edited Pokémon movesets not properly accepting non-English variants and saving improperly - it will now display after editing in English.
  • 17488 Origin Ball and Strange Ball missing models and textures.
  • Origin Ball party overlay missing texture.
  • Kommo-O's rare drop being not rare at all.
  • 17718 Chatting NPCs missing a 'Custom Texture' option under textures.
  • 18260 /pokegive random yielding legendaries, ultra beasts or shinies despite the config option disabling them.
  • 18310 NPC Editor displaying an incorrect message while npc-editor-op-only is false.
  • 18312 Pickup resulting in no loot after a battle.
  • 18283 NPCs missing Pixelmon-native textures.
  • 18186 Clear and Tidal Bells not ringing.
  • 18088 Pancham missing an evolution method.
  • 18300 Galar Zapdos missing its texture and animation.
  • 18244 Missing translation for Landorus Therian, Tornadus Therian, Tornadus Incarnate, Thundurus Therian, Enamorus Therian, Enamorus Incarnate, Sinistea Phony, Sinistea Antique, Polteageist Phony, Polteageist Antique, Mareep Shorn, Wooloo Shorn, Dubwool Shorn, Deerling Spring, Deerling Summer, Deerling Autumn, Deerling Winter, Sawsbuck Spring, Sawsbuck Summer, Sawsbuck Autumn and Sawsbuck Winter.
  • 18293 Missing nighttime requirement for Gligar evolution method.
  • 18292 Missing daytime requirement for Happiny evolution method.
  • 18288 Missing daytime requirement for Budew evolution method.
  • Mewtwo Y form not being marked as temporary.
  • 18229 Missing shiny forms for Shellos East and Shellos West.
  • Being unable to leave Ultraspace through Wormholes or Void.
  • Placed pokéloot changes not saving after world reload.
  • 17951 Berry and Apricorn saplings not dropping their fruit once broken.
  • Legendary spec not respecting the :false value when used in commands.
  • 17835 Missing movesets for Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Ninetales.
  • 17570 Max Mushrooms using a 2D model that does not drop when broken.
  • 17725 Spelling on 'Aluminum Shovel'.
  • 18282 Generated Pokéloot does not yielding loot and displaying a missing lang on interact.
  • 18086 Burmy missing drops, should now drop minecraft:string.
  • Missing movesets for Alolan Rattata and Alolan Raticate.
  • Emissive textures for Strike Zubat, Strike Golbat, Spectral Gastly, Spectral Haunter, Ashen Gengar, Strike Vaporeon, Spirit Vaporeon, Alter Porygon, G-Max Blastoise, Shiny G-Max Blastoise, Shiny G-Max Charizard, Halloween Ivysaur, and Spectral Gengar.
  • 18161 Zacian and Zamazenta retaining their Crowned form.
  • 17852 Rockruff's evolution method defaulting to Midday form.
  • 18179 Berry Wood Doors dropping twice on break.
  • 17823 Berry Wood signs dropping Oak Signs on break.
  • 18107 Vanilla interactions with harvestable Pokémon such as Camerupt and Mareep.
  • Zombie Form moon phase spawning conditions.
  • In-ranch Pokémon not updating their model when interacted with shears.
  • Floette's Alternate-AZ form implementation.
  • 18061 Gliscor's model and texture displaying improperly.
  • 17912 MimeJr's evolution method not properly differentiating between regional forms.
  • 17940 Poipole's evolution method.
Battle Fixes:
  • 17624 Chat box typing disabling itself during battles.
  • 17340 Raid Pokémon Max Moves not damaging all 4 allies.


  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Hebrew translation.


  • Added startup log warning when running a datapacked version of Pixelmon on clients or server.


  • Updated color() method to properly reflect API changes, fixing formatting codes not parsing displays.
  • 18029 Added UI element properties to set image scale.
  • Added UI element property to rotate the UI element.
  • Added packet to sync available possible trades when a player joins a server.

Pixelmon Mod 9.0.3

"The loot is on fire"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


  • Added NBT support to Pokémon item drops.
  • Removed all mail from Tier 1 Pokéchests.
  • Added Peat Block to Tier 2 drops.
  • Added Black Augurite to Tier 2 drops.
  • Removed type-Gems from Tier 2 loot and moved it to Tier 1.
  • Updated Hisuian Voltorb and Hisuian Electrode, now dropping Wooden Base and Ancient Pokéball parts.
  • Removed Mudsdale from spawning in villages.
  • Updated some Item ID typos on Large Leek, Fancy Apple, and Pungent Root in Forage.
  • Added Lakes to Water Stone Shard, Sugar Cane, Sand, Clay, and Light Clay under Forage.
  • Added Peony to Roofed Forest drops in Forage.
  • Updated Silver Base, Platinum Ingot and Silver Ingot sprites.
  • Added Bastion Bridge loot table.
  • Removed any empty chances on vanilla loot in Loot Tables and increased roll chances.
  • Reduced empty weight on Type Gems in loot tables.
  • Reduced empty weight on valuable treasures (Relics, Coin, etc) in loot Tables.
  • Updated Pokédrops to the new drop format system.
  • Disabled portal travel using Pokémon entities.


  • 17839 Pokémon EVs yields permanently stacking for all players online, occasionally causing a crash.
  • Timespace Altar, Scroll of Water and Scroll of Darkness no longer crash players viewing it when broken.
  • 18078 Move Relearners not being able to teach moves.
  • 17512 Move and Transfer tutors not being able to teach moves.
  • 18227 Held item evolutions attempts no longer crash the client if no held item is involved.
  • 18045 Yveltal no longer crashes the client due to invalid flying parameters.
  • 18142 Tumblestone crystals being un-hammerable past broken stage 1.
  • 17741 Fossil machines not rendering properly causing a duplication exploit.
  • 18053 Open wiki [K] hotkey unresponsiveness in-game.
  • 17651 Statues twitching when placed down.
  • 17925 Movesets from 1.12.2 Pokémon data now properly export into 1.16.5 data.
  • 17651 Statues sliding away when placed underwater after a relog.
  • 17646 Berry boats transforming into the Blue Berry Wood variety on reload.
  • Pokéballs showing in the Creative inventory when searching for den.
  • 17640 Partied Pokémon with abilities that boost spawns disabling spawning around the player.
  • 17771 Enchanted rubies being unavailable in Creative inventory.
  • Ruby Block, Sapphire Block, Amethyst Block and Crystal Block being breakable empty-handed.
  • 17961 17543 Transparency on Bridge Block, Berry Wood Door, Berry Wood Trapdoor and Galarica Cuff.
  • 17929 Berry Leaves and Apricorn Leaves flowering and fruiting when unattached to logs.
  • 17800 Pokéloot yielding the incorrect chest type when middle-clicked.
  • 18055 Pixelmon furniture and decoration blocks dropping in Creative mode, including PC, Cooking Pot, Infuser, Ranch Block, Fossil Machine, Fossil Cleaner, Trade Machine, Cloning Machine, Fridge, Fossil Display, Big TV, Clothed Table, Water Float (all colors), Vending Machine (all colors), Pokéball Rugs (all colors) and Couches (all colors).
  • Gigaton and Leaden party overlay Pokéball missing textures.
  • NPC Custom PlayerName textures not properly rendering and displaying as missing texture.
  • 18087 /givemoney command not properly updating a player's balance with negative amounts.
  • 18097 Emissive textures showing as missing for a select few Pokémon, namely Charizard, Butterfree, Vulpix, Arcanine, Poliwrath, Machamp, Kingler, Lapras, Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon and Dragonite.
  • Mispelled item IDs on Curry and Forage item configs.
  • Beehives creating endless amounts of bee-typed Pokémon if the beehive does not exist nearby.
  • Milcery not properly evolving into the corresponding form based on the sweets given.
  • 18148 Removed bossdrops.json, data is now moved to /bosstiers folder.
  • 17494 Temple stairs now display properly when placed and connected.
  • 17898 Pixelmon Grass' placed model now displays properly.
  • Petaya berry conditions in Forage to be Flowery.
  • 18091 Enamorus, Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadus now properly transform when exposed to a Reveal Glass.
  • 18211 Porygon now evolves when exposed to an Up-Grade.
  • 17659 Commented lines in files which prevented the loading of translation.
  • Nosepass biome evolution condition.
  • Client crash when viewing an NPC whose skin has been set to 'Custom Texturepack' with a player username.
  • 17634 Pixelmon-wood planks now can be used in native Minecraft recipes, like any other planks.
  • PC-received Pokédex'd Pokémon not saving to the party's Pokédex count.
Battle Fixes:
  • 17171 Pokémon not switching out from moves after being attacked by Pursuit.
  • Bolt Beak and Fishious Rend not dealing double damage when a Pokémon is switched in.
  • 17313 Encore and Taunt now subtract the turn count on the statused Pokemon's turn.
  • Self-Destruct no longer displays the opponent's 'Attack Failed' message when they did not attack.
  • 17222 Abilities that modify types now properly work in double battles.
  • 17780 Gigantamaxed moves now properly register as G-Max moves.


  • Added Lithuanian translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Hebrew translation.
  • Updated Turkish translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.


  • Removed an extra / from sprite search, causing datapack sprites not to bake properly.
  • Rewrote Pokémon drop information to work with unlimited drops.


  • Cleaned up BreedingConditions class for friendlier usage.
  • Ensured all data in Evolution condition subclasses is accessible.
  • Added getters for all variables in Pokémon drop system.
  • Removed custom registry types for Log and Foliage Pixelmon blocks to prevent registry errors when logging into vanilla servers.
  • Added UnbreedableRequirement flag specification.
  • Fixed PlayerPartyStorage#setBalance improperly updating balances.
  • Added WormholeTeleportEvent.Pre and WormholeTeleportEvent.Post.
  • Added error logs to drops when drops are empty or non-standard specs.
  • Made PixelmonPalette#getAll static work properly.
  • Added PokemonBuilder.
  • Moved the Showdown exception to its corresponding API package.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Import/Export system now uses a custom registry, overwritten entirely.
  • Updated Import/Export screen to use packets and properly communicate to the server on Import/Export.
  • Fixed the ChatHandler broadcast method to properly send message to all players and not just console.
  • Updated broken or erroneous form constants.

Pixelmon Mod 9.0.2

"It's Hammertime...."

  • Pixelmon for 1.16.5 requires Java 8, up to 11. Go further at your own risk....

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


New Items:
  • Added Raw Tumblestone.
  • Added Raw Sky Tumblestone.
  • Added Raw Black Tumblestone.
  • Added Generation 8 Dark Badge.
New World Generation:
  • Added two updated Haunted Tower variants in Roofed Forests.
  • Added two new Haunted (Tower) Castle variants in Roofed Forests.
  • Added Haunted Village attached to Haunted (Tower) Castle in Roofed Forests.
  • Added four houses for Haunted Village world generation and their corresponding paths.
  • Added Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestone and Black Tumblestone mining crystals to world generation.
  • Added new updated model for Moss Rock.
  • Added new updated model for Ice Rock.


  • Added Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestone and Black Tumblestone spawn chance config under 'Dimensions.cfg' called tumblestoneSpawnChance.
  • Added isAllowRandomBreedingEggsToBeUltrabeast for Ditto x Ditto Breeding in config.
  • Lowered Black Augurite's Blast Furnace experience yield to match vanilla equivalents.
  • Added pokédrops to Hisuian regional Pokémon.
  • Added Silver Ore, Silver Ingot, Platinum Ore, Platinum Ingot to Pokémon drops.
  • Replaced Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestone and Black Tumblestone with Raw variants for pokédrops.
  • Replaced Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestone and Black Tumblestone with Raw variants for abandoned Mineshafts loot.
  • Added Stonecutter recipes for Raw Tumblestone, Raw Sky Tumblestone and Raw Black Tumblestone to their smooth variants.
  • Removed vanilla-spawned Pokémon, enforcing wild spawning logic values.
  • Updated Dusk Ball Lid, Luxury Ball Lid, Level Ball Lid, Quick Ball Lid, Repeat Ball Lid and Timer Ball Lid recipe to yield 1 lid.
  • Updated Great Ball Lid and Moon Ball Lid recipe to yield 3 lids.
  • Updated Premier Ball Lid, Sport Ball Lid, Heal Ball Lid, Nest Ball Lid and Safari Ball Lid recipe to yield 5 lids.
  • Updated Platinum Base and Silver base to yield 5 bases instead of 1 and 3 respectively.


  • Reverse condition for a configuration for Ditto x Ditto Breeding.
  • 17787 StackOverflow error causing raids to stall players when the counter reaches 1.
  • Dialogue Input screen usage.
  • Removed scrolling of MOTD in the multiplayer screen, fixes issues with MOTD displaying.
  • Client only method usage in colour parsing, fixes error in console.
  • Client access from rename packet running on server, fixes error in console.
  • Nincada evolving robbing you of all Pokéballs instead of one.
  • Healer dropping a healer instead of an Aluminium Ingot.
  • 17886 Death messages failing to display when viewed on a hybrid API server.
  • Vanilla mob replacements saving to chunk, causing bloating.
  • 17702 Crash upon using a TM when super-universal-t-ms: true in config.
  • 17911 Language displays for regional form names, including Hisuian, Alolan and Galarian.
  • 18032 Hourglass stacks being fully consumed when trying to use one on a Ranch Block.
  • 17910 Sizes for Hisuian Sneasel, Kleavor, Scizor, Hisuian Avalugg and Hisuian Typhlosion.
  • 17966 Black Augurite's Blast Furnace recipe.
  • Broken Pokéballs dropping the incorrect base type.
  • Paras' Pink and Valencian palette.
  • 17881 Temporary party storage is now temporary when manipulated externally.
  • 18036 HealBall not healing the Pokémon contained on capture.
  • Pokémon dropping 'Air' due to invalid item IDs in drops.
  • 17972 Nurse and Doctor chat UI now displays properly when using them to heal your Pokémon party.
  • 17972 Nurse and Doctor now have healing ranges consistent with 1.12.2, of 8 blocks.
  • 18005 Berry Wood Boats now have consistent hitboxes with Minecraft boats.
  • 18001 Silicon, Silver and Platinum ores now vein in world generation.
  • 17923 Blast Furnace times are now consistent with vanilla.
  • 17981 Frozen UI when the player is pushed into a Nether Portal while in-battle.
  • 18007 Cosmetic Robe body shifting (way) down when a player crouches.
  • 17733 Berry and Apricorn saplings rendering invisible for users on multiplayer.
  • 17887 Duplicate config entry for mc-villager-replace.
  • 17926 Unset forms causing error when importing .comp files into 1.16.5.
  • 17979 Ore Sense move skill conflicting with UI display.
  • 17979 Ore Sense move skill not highlighting ores consistently.
  • 17776 Pixelmon-introduced axes now can be used to strip logs.
  • 17734 Berry Wood blocks (door, trapdoor, pressure plate, fence, gate, boat, button, sign, slab, stairs) now drop their respective block loot.
  • 17673 Graphical size glitching if smoothAnimations=true in 'Graphics.cfg'.
  • 17739 NPC Trainers and Move Relearners walking away when set to 'Stand Still'.
  • 18048 Hidden abilities persisting on evolution if the evolved Pokémon's hidden ability changed.
  • Waypoint spawn in Extreme Hills spawning completely filled with water.


  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.


  • 17710 Updated IVs and EVs spec set to initialize and properly respect set values.
  • DialogueInputScreen.Builder now contains a function to disable closing the screen with the [ESC] key.
  • Added "hidden ability" spec requirement with aliases hiddenability and ha.
  • Added "palette" spec requirement with aliases customtexture and ct.
  • Added an "aggression" spec requirement with aliases ai, artificialintelligence, aggression and aggro.
  • Added Mew clone spec requirement with aliases clone, clones and mewclones.
  • Added Lake Trio "enchanted" spec requirement with aliases enchanted, enchantedcount and laketrioenchanted.
  • Added Meltan "ores smelted" spec requirement with aliases oressmelted, smelted and ores.
  • Added "shorn" spec requirement with aliases shorn and isshorn.
  • Added Wooloo, Mareep and Dubwool stats spec requirement with aliases growthstage.
  • Added "nickname" spec requirement with aliases nick and nickname.
  • Added "minimum level" spec requirement with aliases minlvl, minlevel and gtlvl.
  • Added "maximum level" spec requirement with aliases maxlvl, maxlevel and ltlvl.
  • Added "experience" spec requirement with aliases exp and xp.
  • Added "is wild" spec requirement with aliases iswild, unowned and wild.

Pixelmon Mod 9.0.1

"Pixelmon players, soon to be Vampire hunters..."

  • Pixelmon for 1.16.5 requires Java 8, up to 11. Go further at your own risk....

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


New Pokémon:
  • Kleavor
  • Ursaluna
  • Sneasler
New Pokémon Forms:
  • Hisuian Avalugg
  • Hisuian Lilligant
  • Hisuian Sneasel
  • Hisuian Typhlosion
New Items:
  • 17494 Updated the Temple Pillar and Broken Temple Pillar
  • Added waterlogging to Temple Pillar and Broken Temple Pillar.
  • Added Black Augurite.
  • Added Peat Block.
  • Added Silver Base.
  • Added /poketake [player] <slot> command.
  • Added /tradesim [player] <slot> [simulation] command.
  • Added /movelist <pokemon> command.
  • Added /tms <pokemon> command.
  • 17767 All commands now support Minecraft-native selectors, such as (@p, @r, @a, @s, @e[type=player]).
  • Commands now require a target player's full username.


  • Removed hammering mechanics from Pokéball crafting.
  • Added recipe for Iron Base, Aluminum Base, Silver Base, Wooden Base and Platinum Base.
  • Removed Iron Disc and Aluminum Disc.
  • 17489 Added Tumblestone-based recipes for Ancient Poké Ball, Ancient Great Ball, Ancient Ultra Ball, Ancient Heavy Ball, Leaden Ball, Gigaton Ball, Feather Ball, Wing Ball and Jet Ball as well as their Lids.
  • Updated ball recipes to split between tiers of Ball Bases (i.e. Aluminum/Iron, Silver, Platinum).
  • Replaced all recipes using Aluminium Plate to Aluminium Ingot: Healer, PC, Infuser, Fossil Cleaner, Movement Plate, Stick Plate, Gym Sign, Item Finder, Trade Monitor, Trade Holder Right, Trade Holder Left, Trade Panel, Green Tank, Orange Tank, Camera, Fossil Machine Top and Fossil Machine Base.
  • Disabled Pixelmon anvil usage.
  • Removed Mechanical Anvil.
  • Added Blast Furnace smelting mechanic for Black Augurite.
  • Added PokéDollars default balance to general config.
  • Updated Raids with new Pokémon star spread.
  • Updated default raid star weightings in the raids config.
  • Removed silicon, type gems, feather, grass, brick, clay, blaze powder from all raid drops.
  • Updated the experience candy spread on boss drops.
  • Added EXP. Share to high tier boss loot.
  • Added evolution stones to common boss drops.
  • Added silver and gold bottle cap to high tier boss drops.
  • Removed all berries from Pokéloot drops.
  • Added power held items to high tier Pokéloot drops.
  • Added experience and ability items into high tier Pokéloot drops.
  • Lowered the chances of Apricorn or Berries from Forage drops.
  • Added Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestone, Black Tumblestone, Peat Block and Black Augurite to Pokédrops, External Move: Rock Smash, Mineshafts and Village Masons.
  • Updated item attack damage for Pixelmon tools and weapons.
  • Updated item attack speed for Pixelmon tools and weapons.
  • Updated textures for Temple Brick and Temple Block.
  • Added missing cosmetic Sableye Hat.
  • Added missing online forms Cinderace 'Goku' and Mothim 'Bug Catcher' forms.
  • Updated evolution method for Petilil, Bergmite, Ursaring, Quilava and Scyther.
  • Updated spawntimes for Raikou, Eternatus, Type:Null, Cosmog, Volcanion, Landorus, Kyurem, Regigigas, Mesprit, Registeel, Rayquaza and Jirachi.
  • Added new Ocean raid dens.
  • Added new Beach, Badlands, Forest, Snowy, Mountain, Mushroom, Plains, Savanna, Desert, Jungle and Swamp waypoint structures.


  • Registry mismatch when a client(BYG+Pixelmon or ExplorerCompass+Pixelmon) connects to a server(Pixelmon).
  • Enforced server resource packs not downloading properly.
  • 17692 Storage failure when saving a player with boss(mega) save data.
  • 17590 Data transfer failures resulting from MoveSkill data when first loading on 9.0.0.
  • 17568 Critical security data issue on world loading.
  • 17530 Crash caused by a Pixelmon incompatibility during world load with OpenTerrainGenerator.
  • 17558 Mules spawning in the wild and replaced their spawn egg by Mudsdale and Mudbray.
  • 17551 Berry Wood planks not dropping their respective block.
  • Removed Pokébags from being equipped on the chest armour slot.
  • 17593 Significant duplication exploit with Pokébags.
  • 17514 Crash caused by mega evolving Charizard/Mewtwo.
  • 17601 Mewtwo spawning from the Cloning Machine.
  • 17519 Exporting Pokémon from the PokéEditor not displaying properly in the UI.
  • 17540 Statue labels not rendering correctly.
  • 17548 Berry Boats not dropping the correct Berry Wood boat.
  • Command header for /ivs.
  • Move descriptions for Ceaseless Edge, Wildbolt Storm, Springtide Storm, Triple Arrows, Raging Fury, Bleakwind Storm, Bitter Malice, Infernal Parade, Chloroblast, Sandsear Storm, Mountain Gale, Power Shift, Barb Barrage, Psyshield Bash, Shelter, Wave Crash, Dire Claw, Esper Wing, Headlong Rush, Lunar Blessing, Mystical Power, Take Heart and Victory Dance.
  • Aqua, Galactic and Magma boss trainers dropdown display name in the NPC Editor.
  • 17550 Warp plate block rendering.
  • 17577 Disabled Berry Boats stacking in inventory.
  • Removed redundant structures.json file.
  • Textures on Platinum Ore and Block, Silver Ore and Block, Aluminium Block, Unown Block Blank, Braille Block Blank, as well as Platinum and Silver shovels.
  • 17521 Smelting recipes for Bauxite Ore, Silicon Ore, Silver Ore, Platinum Ore, Boiled Egg, and Toast.
  • 17490 Command permission checks defaulting to cheats-enabled.
  • 17576 Hisuian Goodra's Pokémon cry sound.
  • 17633 Red and Blue orbs causing a client crash when the block underneath them is broken.
  • 17645 Move Tutors interacting with fainted Pokémon, causing a crash.
  • Move Tutors interacting with an empty slot, causing a crash.
  • Pokémon spec gen:,canmegaevolve and random in command usage.
  • 17643 17830 Coalossal, Spirit Eevee and Moltres emissive textures.
  • Move errors for Rapidash, Samurott, MrMime, Basculin and Decidueye on level-up.
  • 17644 Galarian Zigzagoon's evolution to Galarian Linoone.
  • 17684 Pixelmon Rock overlapping Stone Bricks recipe.
  • 17603 Sento and Tobu badge sprites.
  • 17522 Pokémon Editor not refreshing properly Pokéball specs.
  • 17676 Metal and gem ore blocks dropping when mined with an empty hand.
  • 17657 Scary Face, Ground Birds and Cut move skills related client crashing.
  • 17701 Pokemon Spawner number field causing a client crash.
  • 17699 Nincada's evolution mechanic.
  • Command sources targeting returning the wrong command output.
  • Command target selectors printing invalid argument errors.
  • 17709 Move spec usage crashing if the move spec had a spaced out name.
  • 17788 Fixed Vintage Beef's online form Wobbuffet causing a client crash.
  • 17746 Fixed shorn default Wooloo sprite.
  • 15151 Fixed sizes for Galarian Stunfisk, Indeedee (male), Indeedee (female) and Drapion.
  • 17725 17750 Lang entries for Weak Lure Casing, Fractured Temple Pillar, Aguav Berry Log and Aluminium Shovel.
  • 17679 Evolution lines for Hatenna and Hattrem.
  • 17663 Scroll of Water improperly evolving Kubfu.
  • 17783 Goomy evolution method to Hisuian Sliggoo during thunderstorms.
  • Chat output when enchanted a Ruby with an underleveled lake spirit.
  • G-Max form names under the chisel UI.
  • High friendship return message when maximizing happiness.
  • Waypoint rendering when loading up with JourneyMaps.
  • 17862 17869 17868 Evolution methods for Hisuian Goodra, Impidimp, Morgrem, Dreepy, Drakloak, Galarian MrMime, MimeJr and MrRime.
  • 17871 Hisuian Zoroark spawning levels.
  • Structures not having the proper Y level upon world generation.
  • 17711 Pokédex progression resetting when switching between singleplayer and multiplayer.
  • 17840 Horse hoof sounds when mounting Pokémon.
  • 17683 Apricorn Leaves decaying after harvesting.
  • Regice sound erroring on startup.
  • Raid structures sometimes spawning above their recommended Y level.
Battle Fixes:
  • 17583 'Splinters'-related status moves improperly displaying the effect in battle.
  • 17225 Fell Stinger not making physical contact.
  • 17024 Dual Wingbeat's Max Airstream base power from 90 to 130.
  • 17125 Snorlax' G-Max Replenish not inflicting damage.
  • 17214 Targeting to hit all adjacent opponents and change flinch chance from 30% to 20%.
  • 17226 Z-Weather Ball's base power and typing.
  • Fixed Rollout not using PP when it never misses.
  • 17095 Contrary and Simple ignoring abilities with a switch-in effect, such as Intimidate.
  • 17089 Z-Mirror Move not turning into the corresponding Z-Move when used.
  • 17071 Multi-Hit moves being capable of breaking a shield on each hit.
  • 17336 Mold Breaker not breaking Illusion.
  • 17092 Hidden Power to also change type when used as a Max Move.
  • 17698 Gengar's Ghostium-Z move when used in battle as a mega.


  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Hebrew translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Dutch translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.


  • External models causing a crash when loading from our datapack system.
  • Enabled usage of a resource's full filepath location in our .pqc model repository.
  • Fixed capital letter usage breaking datapacking in forms.
  • Extended Pokédex to datapacked custom Pokémon species.


  • Updated constant values in PixelmonForms for MEGA_X and MEGA_Y
  • Add getter for pre-evolutions.
  • Added missing isLegendary and isUltraBeast easy checks.
  • Added HiddenPowerCalculateEvent.
  • Added API Pokemon#isUnbreedable
  • Added API Pokemon#isUncatchable
  • Added API Pokemon#isUntradeable
  • Added API PixelmonEntity#isUncatchable
  • Added doFailEffect to CaptureLogic for PokéBalls.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed old PixelmonSpawnerEvent
  • Added PixelmonSpawnerEvent#Pre
  • Added PixelmonSpawnerEvent#Post
  • Updated ServerRedirect to 1.4.4a. Thanks to KaiNoMood for making this happen.

Pixelmon Mod 9.0.0

"Happy New Year!"

  • Pixelmon for 1.16.5 requires Java 8.

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


New Pokémon Forms:
  • Added Rainbow Wooloo
  • Added Rainbow Mareep
Updated Pokémon Models:
  • All Pokémon models are now SMDs
New Items:
  • New Pokéball parts:
    • Masterball Lid, Ancient Heavy Ball Lid, Ancient Poké Ball Lid, Ancient Great Ball Lid, Ancient Ultra Ball Lid, Leaden Ball Lid, Gigaton Ball Lid, Feather Ball Lid, Wing Ball Lid, Jet Ball Lid, Origin Ball Lid and Strange Ball Lid
  • New Pokéballs:
    • Ancient Poké Ball, Ancient Great Ball, Ancient Ultra Ball, Ancient Heavy Ball, Strange Ball, Feather Ball, Leaden Ball, Gigaton Ball, Origin Ball, Jet Ball and Wing Ball
  • Silver armour and tools:
    • Silver Hoe, Silver Pickaxe, Silver Axe, Silver Shovel, Silver Hammer, Silver Chestplate, Silver Helmet, Silver Leggings, Silver Boots and Silver Sword
  • Silver Block
  • Silver Ore
  • Silver Ingot
  • Platinum armour and tools:
    • Platinum Hoe, Platinum Pickaxe, Platinum Axe, Platinum Shovel, Platinum Hammer, Platinum Chestplate, Platinum Helmet, Platinum Leggings, Platinum Boots and Platinum Sword
  • Platinum Block
  • Platinum Ore
  • Platinum Ingot
  • Linking Cord
  • Tumblestone
  • Sky Tumblestone
  • Black Tumblestone
  • New berries:
    • Razz Berry, Bluk Berry, Nanab Berry, Wepear Berry, Pinap Berry, Cornn Berry, Magost Berry, Rabuta Berry, Nomel Berry, Spelon Berry, Pamtre Berry, Watmel Berry, Durin Berry, Belue Berry, Payapa Berry, Pumkin Berry, Drash Berry, Eggant Berry, Strib Berry, Nutpea Berry, Ginema Berry, Kuo Berry, Yago Berry, Touga Berry, Niniku Berry, Topo Berry, Kee Berry and Maranga Berry
  • All existing berries now have blocks for their respective leaves and logs, such as Pomeg Berry Log and Pomeg Berry Leaves
  • New Pixelmon-themed badges:
    • Aisu Badge, Bagu Badge, Dendo Badge, Doku Badge, Doragon Badge, Gosuto Badge, Iwa Badge, Jimen Badge, Kasai Badge, Kurai Badge, Kusa Badge, Mizu Badge, Nomaru Badge, Seishin Badge, Sento Badge, Suchiru Badge, Tobu Badge and Yosei Badge
  • New Orange Island badges:
    • Coral-Eye Badge, Jade-Star Badge, Sea-Ruby Badge and Spike-Shell Badge
  • Apricorn logs:
    • White Apricorn Log, Red Apricorn Log, Blue Apricorn Log, Pink Apricorn Log, Green Apricorn Log, Yellow Apricorn Log and Black Apricorn Log
  • Apricorn leaves:
    • White Apricorn Leaves, Red Apricorn Leaves, Blue Apricorn Leaves, Pink Apricorn Leaves, Green Apricorn Leaves, Yellow Apricorn Leaves and Black Apricorn Leaves
  • New low-light evolution stone ores:
    • Thunderstone Ore, Icestone Ore, Shinystone Ore, Leafstone Ore, Waterstone Ore, Sunstone Ore, Duskstone Ore and Dawnstone Ore
  • Added colored Pokébags as portable backpacks:
    • White Poké Bag, Orange Poké Bag, Magenta Poké Bag, Light Blue Poké Bag, Yellow Poké Bag, Lime Poké Bag, Pink Poké Bag, Gray Poké Bag, Light Gray Poké Bag, Cyan Poké Bag, Purple Poké Bag, Blue Poké Bag, Brown Poké Bag, Green Poké Bag, Red Poké Bag, Black Poké Bag
  • Added new wood building blocks according to berry log colours:
    • Signs: Blue Berry Wood Sign, Green Berry Wood Sign, Pink Berry Wood Sign, Purple Berry Wood Sign, Red Berry Wood Sign and Yellow Berry Wood Sign
    • Planks: Blue Berry Wood Planks, Green Berry Wood Planks, Pink Berry Wood Planks, Purple Berry Wood Planks, Red Berry Wood Planks and Yellow Berry Wood Planks
    • Button: Blue Berry Wood Button, Green Berry Wood Button, Pink Berry Wood Button, Purple Berry Wood Button, Red Berry Wood Button and Yellow Berry Wood Button
    • Boat: Blue Berry Wood Boat, Green Berry Wood Boat, Pink Berry Wood Boat, Purple Berry Wood Boat, Red Berry Wood Boat and Yellow Berry Wood Boat
    • Door: Blue Berry Wood Door, Green Berry Wood Door, Pink Berry Wood Door, Purple Berry Wood Door, Red Berry Wood Door and Yellow Berry Wood Door
    • Fence: Blue Berry Wood Fence, Green Berry Wood Fence, Pink Berry Wood Fence, Purple Berry Wood Fence, Red Berry Wood Fence and Yellow Berry Wood Fence
    • Pressure Plate: Blue Berry Wood Pressure Plate, Green Berry Wood Pressure Plate, Pink Berry Wood Pressure Plate, Purple Berry Wood Pressure Plate, Red Berry Wood Pressure Plate and Yellow Berry Wood Pressure Plate
    • Slab: Blue Berry Wood Slab, Green Berry Wood Slab, Pink Berry Wood Slab, Purple Berry Wood Slab, Red Berry Wood Slab and Yellow Berry Wood Slab
    • Stairs: Blue Berry Wood Stairs, Green Berry Wood Stairs, Pink Berry Wood Stairs, Purple Berry Wood Stairs, Red Berry Wood Stairs and Yellow Berry Wood Stairs
    • Trapdoor: Blue Berry Wood Trapdoor, Green Berry Wood Trapdoor, Pink Berry Wood Trapdoor, Purple Berry Wood Trapdoor, Red Berry Wood Trapdoor and Yellow Berry Wood Trapdoor
  • We have now merged our very popular sidemod PixelExtras into Pixelmon. The following commands have been added (so far):
    • /bossbomb <type> - Set every wild-spawned Pokémon in the world as a boss type
    • /compSee [player] [box] - See all the Pokémon in a PC box
    • /compedit <player> <box> <slot> <specs> - Edit the player's PC Pokémon with the specifications.
    • /compsearch [player] <specs> - Search in the PC for Pokémon.
    • /comptake <player> <box> <slot> - Forcefully take a Pokémon from a player's PC.
    • /disableBattle <player> - Disable the player's ability to battle (rerun for enable).
    • /eggsteps [player] <slot> - Show the remaining eggsteps for the Egg.
    • /evs <slot> - Show the Effort Values (EV) of the Pokémon.
    • /faint <player> - Faints the player's Pokémon.
    • /hatch [player] <slot> - Hatch an egg.
    • /hiddenpower <slot> - Show the hiddenpower of the Pokémon.
    • /ivs <slot> - Show the Individual Values (IV) of the Pokémon.
    • /learnmove <player> <slot> <move> - Learn the player's Pokémon a move (if the Pokémon can learn it).
    • /npckill <world> - Kill all Pixelmon NPCs in the World.
    • /pc - opens up the Personal Computer.
    • /pokeclone <player> <slot> - Making an exact clone the player's Pokémon.
    • /pokecolor <slot> <nickname> - Give your Pokémon a color nickname.
    • /pokedel <player> <party|pc> [box] [slot] [spec...] - Delete player's Pokémon in party(slot) or PC(box, slot).
    • /pokeedit <player> <slot> <specs> - Edit the player's party Pokémon with the specifications.
    • /pokeevolve <player> <slot> [-f] - Evolve a player's Pokémon, forcefully or not.
    • /pokekill <world> <specs...> - Kill all wild Pokémon in the World.
    • /pokerandom <player> [specs...] - Give a random Pokémon to the player.
    • /pokereset <player> <slot> [lvl] - Resets the player's Pokémon (default level 5).
    • /pokerestart <player> <--confirm> - Restarts a player's full Pokémon progress.
    • /pokeretrieve <player | all> - Retrieve player's (or everyone's) Pokémon into their ball.
    • /pokesell <player> <slot> - Give your Pokémon to the player.
  • Added /battlelog [player] command, which logs the current battle to your instance logs
  • Added /setraid [species] [stars] [x] [y] [z] [world], which creates a raid to that specification


  • Updated PixelmonMod to Minecraft 1.16.5
  • Berry trees now feature as a world spawning tree for all currently existing berries. Berries are generated from their leaf blocks and can be planted to produce more berry-yielding trees. Their growth rate is now tied with Minecraft crop mechanics
  • Apricorns now feature as a world spawning tree for all colours of apricorns. Apricorns are generated from their leaf blocks and can be planted to produce more apricorn-yielding trees
  • Pixelmon config setting vanilla-mobs=true now allows for Minecraft villager spawning
  • If vanilla-mobs=false, all Minecraft spawn eggs will spawn their Pixelmon NPC or Pokémon counterpart
  • Added party Magikarp propulsion mechanics to Berry Wood Boats
  • Added configurable shoulder mount mechanics
  • Added headtop Pokémon placement
  • Flying mechanics and the general AI has been improved, simplifying their usage. All Pokémon now follow the same flying controls
  • Swimming mechanics and their AI has been optimized, improving speed and usage
  • Mounting is generally now consistent with Minecraft horse movement, improving the speed and efficiency of mounting AI
  • Pokémon movement speed is now based on their base speed stat
  • Added wilderness traveling shopkeeper
  • Updated structure spawning logic to 1.16, porting 1.12 structures to new format
  • Removed wild-spawning Pokécenters
  • Removed mistyped Gym structures
  • Added waypoint structure to world generation
  • Updated Tower of Darkness and Tower of Water for Kubfu evolution
  • Updated Articuno's Uno Shrine
  • Updated Zapdos' Dos Shrine
  • Updated Moltres' Tres Shrine
  • Updated Celebi's Ilex Shrine
  • Updated Pokémart structure in villages
  • Updated Pokécenter structure in villages
  • Added Golurk, Shinx, Litleo, Meowth, Mudsdale, Ponyta and Rapidash spawns to villages
  • Added Berry Farms structures to villages
  • Added config option for wildBerryTrees under Dimensions.config
  • Added den structures for all biomes, including underwater ocean ones
  • Added hidden rare Pixelmon ores and loot to den structures
  • Dens can now be placed underwater
  • Added Pixelmon structure compatibility for the vanilla command /locate
  • Lightning now creates thunderstone ore when hitting stone
  • Improved accessibility by creating ore patterns to match with Pixelmon ores
  • Added new screen states on pressing [O] hotkey
  • Moved /redeem gui to escape menu and main menu for cosmetic selection
  • Added Discord button to escape and main menus
  • Added dancing starter Pokémon to world loading screen
  • Added dancing starter Pokémon to server joining screen
  • Increased server resource pack size limit to 1.2 GB
  • Vastly expanded customization by utilizing datapacks, ensuring they sync with the client:
    • Custom Pokémon, forms, palettes, genders, moves, abilities, Pokéballs, bosses and starter screen
  • Updated SMD rendering
  • Updated Pokémon hurt sounds to their Pokémon cry
  • Party selected position is now persistent
  • Added new party toggling positions by using the [O] hotkey
  • Added battle-support for Shulker Boxes, allowing you to use them through the in-battle UI
  • Chisel has now been expanded and it's layout improved
  • Spawner blocks have been expanded by accepting specs and new spawning settings
  • Added BiomesYou'llGo spawning support
  • Added Terraforged spawning support
  • Updated Pokémon spawning biomes locations to 1.16.5
  • Expanded Oceanic, End, and Nether spawns to new biomes
  • Removed Ultra Space specific biomes
  • Added group spawning logic for the BetterSpawner
  • Rebalanced specie spawning across all generations, see
  • Flattened blocks, converting Pixelmon blocks into 1.16.5 format
  • Flattened items, converting Pixelmon items into 1.16.5 format
  • Updated Pixelmon tool textures
  • Added useful, interactive potion effects to consumed berries
  • Simplified Pokéball crafting by removing top lids
  • Updated Exp. Candy XS, Exp. Candy S, Exp. Candy M, Exp. Candy L and Exp. Candy XL sprites
  • Pokéballs now render in 3D when in hand
  • Added new Pokéball catch animation
  • Improved Pokéball throwing mechanic, enhancing distance and speed
  • Added rare break mechanic to thrown Masterballs, produces Masterball Lid
  • Removed mega-evolving and dynamaxing out of battle
  • Updated Forage default value, now has 94% chance of success
  • Added creative commons UI elements
  • Added fancy Discord rich presence for better interactivity
  • Updated language files to a new json format


  • Optimized SMD model rendering memory allocation
  • Improved the user experience (UX) of most utility screens, including spawner block, chisel and more
  • Improved visual UI backgrounds
  • UI screens pausing the game in singleplayer
  • Improved movement of battle camera
  • Improved multi-blocks, such as the Trade Machine
  • Rotation of multiblocks in spawned structures
  • Multiblocks no longer remove the block above them on placement
  • Non-persistent flying AI pausing
  • Large TV hitbox being off-centered
  • Big Couch(es) hitboxes
  • Seating positions on all couches
  • Stray pixels on Duskstone Chestplate
  • Street light placement and connectors
  • Nether Visit quest
  • Transfer Tutors not spawning in the wilderness
  • Tied NPC wandering AI to their native village, fixes endless wandering
  • Quest optimizations regarding structure location logic
  • Drastically improved world generation performance
  • En_US language inconsistencies
  • Namespacing on Galarian Pokémon abilities
  • Item names to be consistent with their item group
  • Optimized general networking
  • Choose move set vulnerability
Battle Fixes:
  • Battle bugs caused by incorrect move name strings
  • Battle rules


  • Refactored for consistent naming and ease of use
  • Now using Mojang Mappings
  • Abstracted and rewrote packets
  • Removed unused or redundant packets following the rewrite
  • Suffixed all packets following Minecraft convention
  • Refactored entity names following Minecraft convention
  • Refactored item, tile-entities and block class names following Minecraft convention
  • Refactored Pokémon typing from EnumType to Element
  • Refacted EnumSpecies to Species, is no longer an enum
  • Moved Pokémon to pixelmon/textures/pokemon/<dex>_<name>/gender/all(if for all genders)/base(if no form)/palette.
  • Added a config API for ease of use when creating YAML using the Sponge Configurate API
  • Added commandAPI to replicate 1.12 commands using Brigadier
  • Rewrote Pokemon API to work from JSON files
  • Made Pokemon API to be friendlier
  • Completely rewrote PokemonSpec system to be abstract (for TCG) and also just work better and be friendlier
  • New specs
    • Logical OR
    • Logical AND
    • Moves
  • Model definitions are now in json rather than hardcoded
  • Modified the DataSync system to improve entity performance
  • Added ability to create fake temporary parties
  • Rewrote the battle rules system to be more extensible
  • Added variables for AmuletCoin and HappyHour for sidemod usage
  • Updated economy to use a proxy pattern
  • Changed bank account interface to use BigDecimal for better precision
  • Changed bank account to have more methods for better friendliness
  • Updated economy events to be modern
  • Added movement toggle to statue entities
  • Added a movement flag to statues (that defaults to disabled) to disable movement ticking on statue entities
  • Removed now redundant Berry and Apricorn events as they are now Minecraft trees
  • Added Apricorn and Berry tree support for the following Forge events:
    • SaplingGrowTreeEvent
    • PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock

Pixelmon Mod 8.4.2

"A Love/Hate relationship :)"


New Pokémon:
  • Added Enamorus
  • Overqwil is no longer a big boi and had his size reduced to be more accurate
  • Reveal glass recipe center changed to diamond. Reveal glass removed from default boss drops.
  • Regular battles give a notification for when you get essence now.


  • Raids now respect the type two essence setting in tcg.cfg
  • 16945 Raids no longer randomize a Pokémon's form on catch
  • 17421 Disenchanting cards now properly adds essence
  • 17398 Water essence can now be gained
  • 17400 Hisuian-Goodra has the same abilities as kalosian form
  • 16337 RequireHM config does not work for Gen1 Pokémon
Battle Fixes:
  • 17092 Hidden Power is always normal type when used in G/Dmax
  • 17336 When a pokemon has Mold Breaker, Turboblaze or Teravolt uses a damaging move on a Zorua/Zoroark, the illusion will not wear off
  • 17226 Weather Ball with Normalium-Z does not apply z-crystal power increase when there is battle-weather present.
  • 17225 Fell Stinger does not act as a physical contact move.
  • Rollout now properly consumes PP.
  • 17204 Metronome can call moves it shouldn't, such as Max/G-Moves, and more.
  • 17095 Contrary ability not causing the opposite effect as it should.
  • 17089 Z-Mirror Move does not deal damage when copying opponents move
  • 17071 Some multi-hit moves are removing multiple shields on raids

Pixelmon Mod 8.4.1

"The essence of the update"

  • Reset your tcg.cfg as part of this release


New Pokémon Forms:
  • Added Hisuian Samurott
  • Added Hisuian Sliggoo
  • Added Hisuian Goodra
  • 17275 New TCG config setting for essence resetting on death (Default false)
  • Added /battlelog command to force battle logs to generate for the specified player



  • High-Definition card foreground assets have been changed to pixelart
  • Holo-rare cards now have a holographic effect
  • Essence from battles has been fully reworked with new config options. Please reset your TCG config to ensure you're using the new values!
  • Level 40 Goomy now evolves under rain conditions into Sliggoo. During thunderstorms, it evolves into Hisuian Sliggoo.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.


  • 17275 Essence resetting upon a player's death
  • 17256 Redstone Quest has been fixed
  • Various multiplayer duplication bugs
  • 17236 Unable to use Isi's Silver Hourglasses on Wooloo, Dubwool and Mareep
  • 17255 Changes to "Raid shiny rates", "Raid HA rates", and "Raid Gigantamax Factor rates" in the in-game config do not stick
  • 17263 Cannot catch anything from raids or obtain drops
  • 17257 The in-game config considers 1024.0 to be the default Raid Shiny rate for 5 star raids
  • 17269 Empty TCG Deck Holder not in creative menu
  • 17273 Regional variant raids drop incorrect essence type.
  • 17276 Steel-type raids reward Dragon essence rather than Metal essence.
  • 17266 New Booster/TCG NPC's do not get generated into external JSONs.
  • 17324 Printer doesn't drop photo when destroyed
  • TCG card-pack pulls giving the incorrect quantities of various rarities
  • 17264 Basculin cannot evolve into Basculegion.
  • 17267 Qwilfish cannot evolve into Overqwil, despite having a method in the JSON.
  • 17271 Basculegion missing shiny model texture
  • 17268 Standard Zorua, Zoroark, Qwilfish, and Decidueye missing shiny sprites.
  • 17284 Clicking Card Binder icon whilst in the GUI crashes the game.
  • Several TCG-related language lines
  • TCG commands running on servers in non-default worlds
  • 17280 Targeting trainers with the external option breaks textures
  • 17287 Basculegion and Overqwil not registering in the Pokédex
  • 16917 AZ' Floette never learning Light of Ruin
Battle Fixes:
  • 17065 All multi-hit moves bypassing the semi-invulnerable state of Phantom Force
  • 16406 Raid bosses can restore health at the second shield threshold
  • 17171 Pursuit cancelling switching moves from taking effect
  • 16406 Shields in raid dens do not prevent further incoming damage when activated.
  • 16409 NPC trainers can both Mega and Dynamax in the same battle
  • 17349 Snap trap able to see the language properly
  • 16401 Throat spray able to see the language properly
  • 17214 Fiery Wrath being treated as a single target move
  • Magic Coat and Magic Bounce abilities interacting with eachother
  • 15176 Dynamaxed Pokémon still using Max-Moves after switching out and back in


  • TCG now has it's own event bus with five new events! Events include EndGameEvent, EndTurnEvent, StartGameEvent, PackOpenEvent.Pre and PackOpenEvent.Post
  • Added EssenceHelper as an easy way to distribute essence via plugin

Pixelmon Mod 8.4.0


  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 2860 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


New Pokémon:
  • Basculegion (Male and female)
  • Overqwil
New Pokémon Forms:
  • Decidueye
  • Qwilfish
  • Zorua
  • Zoroark
  • Basculin
  • TCG has been added. Checkout the wiki here
  • Five new creative tabs. There is one for Cards, Packs(boosters), Decks(pre-made decks), and Cosmetics (Coins and card backs currently)
  • Added new card backs!
  • Coin is now rendered on the battlefield
  • The BattleBox now has three sizes instead of one, small, medium, and large. Play on any size field you like! These have no recipe by default to allow servers to implement them how they wish.
  • Removed chat, leaderboard and such from rendering when in battle
  • Added cosmetic cards
  • Card compendium updated with further sets
  • New Anniversary hood! Happy 10 years!


  • Fixed an issue where some players could not change their sash color via /redeem
  • 16227 Fixed a bug where the trainer AI would not attack a Shedinja with Focus Sash.
  • 16519 Fixed an issue where If a Pokemon fainted on the same turn a battle ended, the player would have to switch Pokemon.
  • 16464 Battle GUI - Fixes the Z-Move button staying pressed if anything but an attack is chosen.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed you to add any item to a Pokemon's held item slot.
  • 16950 Fixed forms in Pokedex showing incorrect weights
  • 16949 Fixed there being a chance of finding a shiny for the normal form in the pokedex
  • 13916 Fixed the sizes of models in the pokedex having variability
  • 17160 Fixes Hisuian breeding
  • You can no longer throw out egg pokemon
  • 16257 Prevents Type1 spec causing crashes
  • Hisuian forms should now breed properly
  • Fixed some TCG cards missing sprites
  • Many different TCG crash bugs fixed
  • TCG printer no longer eats items for invalid recipes
  • TCG effects and abilities in battle
  • Decks can no longer defy the laws of physics and have more than 60 cards
  • Added Curse ability
  • Added Evolutionary Light ability
Battle Fixes:
  • 17057 Fixed the Symbiosis ability not passing on items to allies.
  • 16476 Fix Thief and Covet not taking damage from Rocky Helmet before stealing it.
  • 17027 Fixed Phantom Force, Prevented moves with a NEVER_MISS accuracy value hitting through the Vanish status.
  • 16615 Fixed Bolt Beak and Fishious Rend doing double damage every turn after doubling once.
  • 15778 Fix Light That Burns the Sky to not calculating damage properly.
  • 15752 Fix Urshifu's ability not ignoring Protect while dynamaxed.
  • 13555 Fixed multi-turn moves losing PP each time they KO a Pokemon.
  • 16340 Fix Zacian and Zamazenta regaining all their pp back at the end of a battle.
  • 15818 Fix Dynamax'd Weather Ball not changing its type based on the weather.
  • 17125 G-Max Replenish will now inflict damage.
  • 15880 Berserk is no longer procs when hit with moves affected by Sheer Force.
  • 15881 The Recycle move will now try to restore health immediately after recycling a berry.
  • 15876 Fixed players not being able to choose a target if a Dynamaxed move's base move hit several targets at once.
  • 14520 Fixes Copycat not using pp when copying a multi-turn move.
  • 17018 Prevent Red Card activating if the attacker has already fainted.
  • 17007 Fix Shell Side Arm ignoring some abilities and whether it made physical contact.
  • 16990 Fix Psychic Terrain stopping a priority Pursuit attack.
  • 17043 Magic Bounce - Fixing absorption abilities (e.g. Volt Absorb) not working on reflected moves.
  • 15766 Prevent Follow Me from continuing to redirect moves after the user has fainted.
  • 15820 Fix Copycat copying the Max Move instead of the original move.
  • 16410 Prevent being choice locked into a move after fainting in a max raid battle.
  • 16404 Fix Court Change only moving statuses on the user's side and ignoring other ally trainer's Pokemon.
  • 16277 Fixes Transform transforming Pokemon into a default form but using the target's gigantamax texture.
  • 16456 Terrain Boosts - Fixes Expanding Force and Rising Voltage not increasing their base power in their appropriate terrain.
  • 17003 Players can no longer Ultra Burst twice in one battle. Players can now Ultra Burst and Mega Evolve in the same battle.
  • 16958 Fix Dynamaxed Judgment to use the correct Max Move based on the type of Judgment.
  • 15816 Separate postProcessAttackUser into damaging moves and all moves trigger. Fix ThroatSpray not activating with status moves.
  • 16145 Choice items no longer activate when dynamaxed
  • 17135 Eiscue's ability Ice Face no longer procs after using substitute
  • 17087 Change Howl too affect all allies at once
  • 17134 Make Worry Seed and Simple Beam change the target's abilities again
  • 17141 Prevent attacks ignoring the user's own ability
  • 17091 Fix G-Max Depletion not dealing damage.
  • 17165 Fix G-Max Depletion, Eerie Spell, and Spite not subtracting pp from the target.
  • 17192 Multiple hit moves will now continue to hit the target after breaking Substitute.
  • 17188 Prevent an erroneous battle message claiming sturdy blocked ground attacks.
  • 17185 Prevent abilities and items with switch in effects from activating twice.
  • 17171 Fix Pokemon not switching out from moves after being attacked with Pursuit.
  • 16406 Raid Pokemon won't restore health back to the HP bound when their shields activate.
  • 17172 Force Pokemon to un-dynamax after being knocked out during a raid battle.
  • 17206 Prevent G-Max Stun Shock from trying to paralyze or poison the user.


  • EggHatchEvent has been split into Pre and Post sub events, plugins utilizing this event may need to be updated.
  • TCG's API has been overhauled. This is the start of work to make it extensible for the future (1.16+)

Pixelmon Mod 8.3.8

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 2860 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


New Pokémon Forms:
  • Hisuian Voltorb
  • Hisuian Electrode
  • Hisuian Arcanine

Updated Pokémon Models:

  • Sigilyph updated to SMD (and that is the last of them!)


  • Added Strange Souvenir, Shoal Salt and Shoal Shell to the list of items sellable to shopkeepers.
  • Updated Guzzlord
  • Updated Hippowdon
  • Updated Electabuzz
  • Updated Tangrowth
  • Amaura
  • Arrokuda
  • Avalugg
  • Beartic
  • Blacephalon
  • Blipbug
  • Hisuian Braviary
  • Buzzwole
  • Chewtle
  • Clobbopus
  • Copperajah
  • Corvisquire
  • Crabominable
  • Crabrawler
  • Cramorant
  • Crawdaunt
  • Cubchoo
  • Deino
  • Donphan
  • Dottler
  • Dragapult
  • Druddigon
  • Dubwool
  • Espurr
  • Eternatus
  • Exeggcute
  • Alolan Exeggutor
  • Falinks
  • Forretress
  • Frosmoth
  • Golisopod
  • Grapploct
  • Hisuian Growlithe
  • Hakamo-o
  • Hatenna
  • Hoothoot
  • Hydreigon
  • Impidimp
  • Jangmo-o
  • Jirachi
  • Kommo-o
  • Krookodile
  • Kubfu
  • Kyurem
  • Landorus
  • Lapras
  • Lillipup
  • Machoke
  • Mareanie
  • Alolan Marowak
  • Meloetta
  • Minior
  • Minun
  • Necrozma-dawn
  • Necrozma-dusk
  • Nidoking
  • Nidoqueen
  • Obstagoon
  • Oranguru
  • Pachirisu
  • Palossand
  • Passimian
  • Perrserker
  • Pineco
  • Plusle
  • Polteageist
  • Pumpkaboo
  • Alolan Raichu
  • Rolycoly
  • Sandygast
  • Seaking
  • Sirfetch'd
  • Skitty
  • Sliggoo
  • Snubbull
  • Solgaleo
  • Swampert
  • Thundurus
  • Tornadus
  • Toxapex
  • Toxel
  • Toxtricity
  • Trevenant
  • Turtonator
  • Alolan Vulpix
  • Galarian Weezing
  • Xurkitree
  • Yveltal
  • Zacian


  • Fixed the /teach command displaying 'null' instead of the Pokemon's name.
  • Fixed switching pokemon in battle causing Pokemon to disappear from the Switch Pokemon menu.
Battle Fixes:
  • 16252 Fixed Decorate lowering SpAtk by 1 instead of raising by 2.
  • 16276 Fixed Shedinja Dynamaxing to 2 HP instead of 1 HP.
  • Fixed a issue with Disable causing a battle crash if the user was disabled on the first turn.

Pixelmon Mod 8.3.7

"Goodbye to more older models"


New Pokémon:
  • 899 Wyrdeer
New Pokémon Forms:
  • Hisuian Growlithe
  • Hisuian Braviary

Updated Pokémon Models:

  • Wynaut updated to SMD
  • Stantler updated to SMD
  • Girafarig updated to SMD
  • Sealeo updated to SMD
  • Walrein updated to SMD
  • Tropius updated to SMD
  • Sewaddle updated to SMD
  • Swadloon updated to SMD
  • Leavanny updated to SMD
  • Cottonee updated to SMD
  • Whimsicott updated to SMD
  • Crustle updated to SMD
  • Solosis updated to SMD
  • Duosion updated to SMD
  • Reuniclus updated to SMD
  • Golett updated to SMD
  • Golurk updated to SMD
  • Munchlax updated


  • Added lang for Colorful Shake usage.
  • Battle logs now show version number and targeting info, along with abilities and attacks in a cleaner format.
  • The battle GUI now lists all Pokémon that earn exp.


  • Fixes Transfer tutors using moves from the Tutors move pool.
  • Fixed EV Juices not yielding correct stat values.
  • Ore Sense external move performance fixes.
  • Fixed badges disappearing if you tried removing them from a badge case while your inventory was full.
  • Fixed an issue with Guardian deities pokemon having a typo in the tier set files.
  • Fix flying models for Pidgey, Pidgeotto's pink forms.
  • Fixed being able to throw pokeballs at bosses/NPC pokemon with the "Use last item" button.
  • Fixed a json formatting issue in icegymbase_es_es.
  • Fix the Meteorite item not cycling Deoxys to speed form.
  • Fixed Mothim using the wrong model.
  • Fixed an issue where some Pokémon after evolving had a missing texture issue.
  • Fixed developers not being able to give out developer ribbons.
  • Fixed Mimikyu's Spirit form being unable to spawn.
  • Fixed Figy, Wiki, Mago, Aguav, and Iapapa berries having the wrong amount of HP restore in the tooltip.
Battle Fixes:
  • 16140 Fixed Berserk not activating if the Pokemon was hit by a move that dealt direct damage (e.g. Night Shade, Submission, Super Fang).
  • 16920 Fixed a bug where you were able to switch both your Pokémon in a double battle to the same Pokémon.
  • 15122 Gorilla Tactics no longer activates while the user is Dynamaxed.
  • 16890 Zacian no longer loses Behemoth Blade if switched out and back into battle.
  • 16960 Block and Mean Look will no longer remain in effect when their user is not on the field.
  • 16954 Fixed Sparkling Aria not affecting all adjacent targets at once.
  • 14831 Fixed Sheer Force not removing the secondary effects of 12 different moves.
  • 14170 Parental Bond will now activate the Drain effect twice for moves (e.g. Drain Punch).
  • 14792 Seismic Toss will now correctly interact with Parental Bond to do double damage.
  • 14539 Fixed Clangorous Soulblaze giving a +2 boost to all stats in double battles instead of a +1 boost to all stats.
  • 16985 Fixed status moves applying the turn Substitute breaks.
  • 16789 Dynamaxed Pokemon can no longer be flinched.
  • 16999 Fixed Status Effects not applying upon contact (e.g. via Static or Flame Body).
  • 15534 Fixed the Z-Power of Z-Geomancy so it only occurs on the first turn instead of both turns.
  • 15236 Fix Foul Play and Body Press not using the user's attack modifiers.
  • 15871 Changes Power Construct to give correct amount of HP to Complete form Zygarde.
  • 15197 Fixes Life Orb activating multiple times for Dragon Darts and Triple Axel.
  • 15735 Fixes Libero displaying the wrong type when activating.
  • 16984 Fixed Disable working on Struggle.
  • Added battle text for Laser Focus and for Z Moves raising the critical hit ratio.
  • Fixed Mirror Armor reflecting stats twice.
  • The attack category of Coaching is now Status instead of Special

Pixelmon Mod 8.3.6

"Spin, spin spin..."

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 2860 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

  • If updating from 8.3.5, no external files or config needs to be refreshed. See: Updating Pixelmon - Pixelmon Wiki


New Pokémon Forms:
  • Christmas Spheal


  • Feathers will now give friendship as intended, making them functionally identical to wings.
  • Battle logging; Trainers and their Pokémon will be displayed in the log before battle turns.


  • 16731 16767 Fixed a client crash with PCs, and improved the search functionality.
  • 16880 Shiny Pokémon will properly display as such in the battle GUI.
  • Fixed an issue causing the drowned Lugia quest to error and not award the halloween robe.
  • 16858 Colo[u]rful shake can no longer be used infinitely.
  • 16879 Fixed an issue preventing certain items from working on Pokémon.
  • Fixed an issue with Tutors causing a battle error on the next battle after interaction.
  • Fixed EV gain items not working.
Battle Fixes:
  • 16850 Yawn will no longer bypass the sleep clause in battle.
  • 16887 Burmy will no longer cause an error at the end of battle.
  • 16878 Minior's Substitute will now work as intended while in Meteor form.
  • 16120 Power Construct can now activate from damage that occurs at the end of each turn, such as Poison damage.
  • 16234 Fixed Torment locking Pokémon into using Struggle if the Pokémon was using a Choice Item.
  • 16825 Max Moves and G-Max Moves will now show the correct base power in the battle GUI, instead of the base move's base power.
  • Max Moves and G-Max Moves will no longer default to 70 or 90 base power.


  • Fixed the Party Selection API - packet now reads full data, and sends the list to the consumer.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur when using type2 spec

Pixelmon Mod 8.3.5


  • The minimum Forge version for this update is and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.

  • In this update refreshing external files will reflect minor changes to Pokémon stat files. There are no changes to the Hocon file. See: Updating Pixelmon - Pixelmon Wiki


New Pokémon Forms:
  • Added new Strike Pokémon to finish the lines around the existing ones.
  • Added Strike Eevee
  • Added Strike Espeon
  • Added Strike Gardevoir
  • Added Strike Golbat
  • Added Strike Kirlia
  • Added Strike Leafeon
  • Added Strike Ralts
  • Added Strike Sneasel
  • Added Strike Umbreon
  • Added Strike Vaporeon
  • Added Strike Vulpix
  • Added Strike Yamper
  • Added Strike Zubat
  • Added a new Creator form (aDrive)
Not so new Pokémon Forms:
  • 16816 Re-added Alter Kecleon. Some IDIOT removed it when they were adding other Alters. (It was me :) )


  • The recommended Minecraft Forge is now We are enforcing the use of this version for clients, as it fixes an issue outlined in this Mojang blog post
  • 15224 /pokebattle will now allow for additional arguments. Using 3 participants in the command can now create a double battle and using 2 participants can create a double battle if one participant is an NPC set to double battles.


  • More enchantability changes for Pixelmon items. Scrolls, Orbs, the Wailmer Pail, Hidden Door, Pixelmon Paintings, the Pixelmon Camera, Pixelmon Film, and various Pixelmon Minerals are no longer enchantable via anvils and books.
  • 14337 Fixed Burmy always appearing as Trash form in the Party Gui on catch.
  • 16769 Misty Explosion is now Special rather than Physical.
  • 16788 Pokeballs no longer attempt to capture every Pokémon in its path.
  • 16808 Trader editors will now properly update the NPC when using the randomize/switch buttons.
  • 16852 Fixed Pokémon from Poké Gifts being all considered the same Pokémon.
  • Removed the ability to give a Pokémon Max Moves via /teach
Battle Fixes:
  • 13557 Fixed Wish failing to pass to the next Pokémon if the user fainted during the 1st turn of Wish, when it should only fail if the Wish receiver faints during the 2nd turn of Wish.
  • 14471 15379 Fixed Pokémon getting stuck in their MultiTurn status (i.e. Pokémon using Dig, Fly, Dive, etc. would become permanently invulnerable but unable to attack).
  • 15129 Fixed Perish Song setting a Pokémon's health to 1HP instead of knocking them out if they used False Swipe the turn the count reached 0.
  • 16275 Prevent an NPE thrown when spectating a battle involving Mega-Rayquaza.
  • 16428 Dragon Darts will now target multiple enemies properly.
  • 16652 Crowned Zamazenta no longer loses Behemoth Bash when switched out.
  • 16759 G-Max Volt Crash will no longer paralyze allies.
  • 16766 Terrain Pulse will now change typing and double its power for grounded Pokémon.
  • 16771 Max Geyser and Max Flare can no longer be used under Desolate Land and Primordial Sea.
  • 16807 Fixed an issue where Galarian Slowbro could use the Mega Evolve move skill.
  • 16809 Fixed multiple Pokémon on the same team being able to use a Z-Move during the same turn in double/triple battles if they were all holding a Z-Crystal.
  • 16813 Fixed a battle crash involving Aurora Veil and Hail/Snow.
  • 16840 Fixed a battle issue when attempting to, without an attack, Sleep/Paralyze an already Sleeping/Paralyzed Pokémon.
  • Fixed a battle issue caused by Advanced AI using a move that did not exist.
  • Fixed Leech Seed trying to give health to a Pokémon in a different position.
  • Illusion will now properly display its disguise Pokémon's shiny icon.
  • Illusion will now show shiny particles if a non-shiny Pokémon transforms into a shiny Pokémon, and vice versa.
  • Necrozma will no longer force itself to Dynamax in a Raid battle via Ultra Burst.
  • Fixed Emergency Exit activating below half HP in instances where the total possible damage from a move would be more than half the user's max HP.
  • Emergency Exit no longer works if the Pokémon faints.
  • Fixed a battle issue caused by NPCs with no name.
  • Fixed a battle issue when Magic Coat does not assign a user attack.
  • Fixed a battle issue when stats are modified under certain conditions.


  • Added Getter method on multiple evolution conditions.
  • 15889 Added Pokémon selection screen, PartySelectionFactory and PartySelectionScreen
  • 16554 Added EVGainedEvent
  • 16554 Added AbilityChangeEvent
  • 16554 Added BottleCapEvent
  • 16672 Optimize ribbon storage
  • 16672 Add option to not immediately display ribbons as added
  • 16672 Changed Pokemon#getRibbon to be immutable
  • 16689 Added getName() to all classes implementing IEnumForm
  • 16761 Added more ExperienceGainTypes
  • 16761 Improved RareCandyEvent
  • 16772 Added TileEntity to Fossil Cleaner and machine events.

Pixelmon Mod 8.3.4

"Forms, fixes and... spikey hair?"

  • In this update refreshing external stats will reflect changes to transfer moves. Refreshing the hocon file will reflect new defaults. See: Updating Pixelmon - Pixelmon Wiki


New Pokémon Forms:
  • Added new Alter Pokémon to finish the lines around the existing ones.
  • Added Alter Bagon
  • Added Alter Baltoy
  • Added Alter Doublade
  • Added Alter Froakie
  • Added Alter Frogadier
  • Added Alter Honedge
  • Added Alter Marill
  • Added Alter Porygon2
  • Added Alter Porygon
  • Added Alter Shelgon
  • Added Alter Zorua
  • Added a new Creator form (Sirud)


  • Updated the list of moves CopyCat (Attack) cannot use.
  • Optimized checking a Pokémon's boss mode.
  • Transfer Moves and Tutor Moves are now properly reflected in base stats, and server side adjustments to them will be respected.
  • Default the superUniversalTMs config option to false.
  • Switched npc entities to use persistenceRequired nbt tag instead of our own tag that does the same thing.
  • Certain Pixelmon Items can no longer have enchants added to them via an enchanted book/anvil.
  • Added a new button to the NPC editor to create a Transfer Tutor.
  • Armor stands can now display Safety Goggles.
  • NPC Tutors now have settings for what learn pools are considered when checking if a Pokémon can learn a move they teach.


  • Fixed Munna and Musharna not getting an increased catch rate with moon balls.
  • Fixed The Pokedex UI showing an abbreviation of meters when it should have been kilograms.
  • Fixed GS and Park balls having a chance to break when thrown out of battle.
  • Fixed an issue where a ghost of your Pokémon would stay in the world if traded away while it was sent out.
  • Raid Dens will no longer misinform the user of the Pokémon's form.
  • Fixed an issue where some button click sounds would be louder than normal.
  • Fixed a bug where Max Ether and Max Elixir were only restoring 10 PP.
  • Fixed a bug with the IV and EV command spec not updating the IV/EV value.
  • Fixed a bug with the Gender command spec throwing an error when trying to use it.
  • Fixed an issue with some small Pokémon constantly suffocating in the block its standing on.
  • Fixed some visual bugs caused by wearing a badge case.
  • Fixed an issue where you could breed Mime Jr. without the parent holding a Odd Incense
  • Fixed the despawnRadius config option not applying without a restart.
  • Fixed Oval Charm not reducing egg production times.
  • Fixed an issue where Jump! forms were calculating weights incorrectly causing the rarest forms to be rarer then intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Oa10712's Rod not fishing up the right kind of Pokémon.
  • Fixed an issue with Transfer Tutors allowing learning a move outside what a Pokémon could be taught from prior generations.
Battle Fixes:
  • Fixed losing PP Ups/PP Max levels after using the Rusted Sword or Rusted Shield held items.
  • Fixed Status Z-Moves not using the priority from the underlying move.
  • Fixed an issue with No Retreat not applying if the user tried to apply it whilst affected by Mean Look.
  • Fixed an issue where Heavy-Duty Boots were not clearing Toxic Spikes when a poison-type Pokémon was switched in.
  • Fixed an issue with Substitute not stopping Pokémon from being Flinched.
  • Fixed some edge case issues with the Inner Focus ability.
  • Fixed a battle crash caused by the Regenerator ability trying to heal its user when fainted.
  • Fixed an issue where an Imposter Ditto could transform into a fainted Pokémon.
  • Fixed an issue with Sky Drop that allowed some attacks to hit when they shouldn't have.
  • Fixed an issue where Secret Power was not being affected by Serene Grace.
  • Fixed Secret Power causing secondary effects other than lowering the defence stat in Ultra Space.
  • Fixed Aurora Veil should not have been reducing damage when a critical hit landed, a move with direct damage was used, or self inflicted damage.
  • Fixed Aurora Veil not reducing damage by half in single battles.
  • Fixed Frisk not checking all opponents for items and issues where it wouldn't take an item.
  • Fixed Healing Wish activating when a healthy Pokémon switched in.
Quest Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the Redstone quest.


  • Added a RecieveType of Custom for sidemods to use for better compatibility between sidemods.

Pixelmon Mod 8.3.3

"Sheep no longer starve to death in Pixelmon :)))"


New Quest Items:
  • Armor Pass
  • Blue Petal
  • Coin Case
  • Crown Pass
  • Devon Scope
  • Fashion Case
  • Forage Bag
  • Gold Teeth
  • Green Petal
  • Hi Tech Earbuds
  • Holo Caster
  • Jade Orb
  • Liberty Pass
  • Max Honey
  • Member Card
  • Mystic Ticket
  • Oaks Letter
  • Oaks Parcel
  • Old Sea Map
  • Orange Petal
  • Pink Petal
  • Pokeblock Case
  • Professors Mask
  • Prop Case
  • Purple Petal
  • Rainbow Flower
  • Rainbow Pass
  • Red Petal
  • Ride Pager
  • Seal Case
  • Secret Key
  • Silph Scope
  • Sonias Book
  • Sparkling Stone
  • SS Ticket
  • Style Card
  • Tri Pass
  • Yellow Petal
  • Z Power Ring
  • Z Ring


  • Sweets can now be held items. This doesn't affect the evolution method for Milcery, you still interact and dance!
  • Raid NPCs will no longer write to world.
  • Ribbons can now be given via spec in /pokegive
  • Optimized AI movement.
  • Pokemon will no longer spawn on dead players. This isn't a perfect change, as the core of the issue is a vanilla bug. This does however cover a common issue.
  • Scrappy, Inner Focus, Oblivious, Own Tempo, & Rattled are now immune to Intimidate.
  • Growth and Minimize will no longer affect the Pokemons literal size.
  • Searching for eggs in PCs has been improved.
  • Wailmer Pails now provide a text response when used on berry and apricorn trees, alongside the Bonemeal particle effect.
  • You can now plant on Pokedirt.


  • Wooloo and Mareep will once again eat grass and regrow wool.
  • Rainbow Wing is no longer consumed when interacting with pokemon that don't have rainbow forms.
  • Fixed an issue causing attempted evolution earlier than it should in Raids.
  • UI no longer pretends you can Dynamax Primals.
  • Fixed a fatal error with Badge Cases.
  • Fixed a fatal error with Infuser recipes.
  • Fixed a bug where Zygarde cells would spawn too close to each other
  • Golden Bottlecaps now work as intended.
  • Zygarde cells are now limited to a max of 3 cells around the player, more attempts to spawn cells are now made per pass.
  • Mirror Armor will no longer cause a crash under certain circumstances.
  • You can no longer seperate your last pokemon from your party via the Reassembly Machine.
  • Z-Spikes now uses Groundium-Z instead of Normalium-Z.
Battle Fixes:
  • Sleeping bosses will no longer attack everyone.
  • Queenly Majesty will now protect allies from priority in doubles.
  • Queenly Majesty will also account for Spikes/Mold Breaker, and block Z-Moves.
  • Decidueye will no longer activate contact-based moves and abilities.
  • Laser Focus will now make sure the next move is a critical hit.
  • Fake Out will no longer work twice in a row.
  • Tearful Look will no longer claim to have 100 basepower, this was a visual error.
  • Pressure no longer takes PP from multi-hit moves multiple times.
  • Thousand Arrows now has neutral effectiveness against ungrounded Pokemon.
  • Flower Veil now takes Mold Breaker into account.
  • Leppa Berries are no longer consumed twice.
  • Soul-Heart now works as intended.
  • Parting Shot now forces the user to switch Pokemon.
  • Z-moves no longer keep the targeting info from the original move, this will prevent them hitting multiple targets in double battles.
  • Tactical and Advanced AI won't betray you anymore.
  • Fleeing after U-Turn has been used now follows expected behaviour.
  • The above change also fixes Eject Button.
Quest Fixes:
  • Redstone Ore Quest now recognizes amounts, as do various other quests.


  • Added CloningCompleteEvent.
  • SetTrainerObject now properly updates name.

Pixelmon Mod 8.3.1

"Changelog guy is making pumpkin soup right now so this is a soup-er spooky changelog"


New Forms:
  • Added Spirit Breloom
  • Added Spirit Cresselia
  • Added Spirit Dragapult
  • Added Spirit Drakloak
  • Added Spirit Dreepy
  • Added Spirit Eevee
  • Added Spirit Espeon
  • Added Spirit Flareon
  • Added Spirit Glaceon
  • Added Spirit Jolteon
  • Added Spirit Leafeon
  • Added Spirit Mareanie
  • Added Spirit Milotic
  • Added Spirit Mimikyu
  • Added Spirit Porygon2
  • Added Spirit Regieleki
  • Added Spirit Shroomish
  • Added Spirit Suicune
  • Added Spirit Sylveon
  • Added Spirit Toxapex
  • Added Spirit Umbreon
  • Added Spirit Vaporeon
Updated Models:
  • Updated Gligar
  • Updated Gliscor
  • Updated Lampent
  • Updated Chandelure
  • Updated Vending Machine
  • Added Stone Graveyard
  • Added Swamp Graveyard
  • Added a battle config category (Reset your hocon to see this)
  • Added allowCatchCombo config option
  • Added a config option for Den spawning on liquids.
  • Added config coptions for Boss levels.
  • Shiny Pokemon now have gold names in battle
  • Added new config options to control breeding regional forms by dimension.
  • Battle errors will now export to their own log files.
  • Added a config to allow/deny juice crafting.
  • Added the Strike and Ashen robes.
  • Added settings to allow fine tuning of Catch combos
  • Added a set of config options to control Master/Park ball use at specific star levels.
  • Added a config option to allow only trhe leader of a raid to catch after a win.
  • Added a set of config options to set the health percentage Raid captures are calculated at.
  • Added 52 miscellaneous items for use, be it for quests, interfaces, etc.
  • Added Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, and Black Flute.


  • Dens can now spawn in mesas.
  • Dens can now also spawn in modded biomes.
  • Z-Move button is now disabled in raids.
  • Low level raids are now harder.
  • Dens now spawn less frequently.
  • Dens and Pokestops are no longer affected by movement plates. The gif was funny but people complained...
  • Change some icon position icons in the battle GUI.
  • Raid end screen now shows shininess.
  • Dens will now spawn in the Nether.
  • Max imprint for a TM is now shown to the client, even if altered.
  • Added emissive texture to Noivern.
  • Dens can now be broken in survival with repeat hits with a pickaxe.
  • Added Park Balls to the default boss drops.
  • Rebalanced default raid drops.
  • Added an engage distance setting for NPCs with a "x and engage" (i.e. walk and engage) AI mode
  • Added a spawning tweak to increase pokemon levels when spawning at a lower y axis (in caves)
  • Berry juice now has variable boosts based on what ingredients were used.
  • Summer Raichu now has the stats of Alolan Raichu.
  • Evolving a Magby while your party contains a Special form Slugma will now make the Magmar gain the special form as well.
  • Badge cases can now be equipped to show off all the badges inside it on your player model.
Quest Changes:
  • Drowned world can now be left by sinking/rising.
  • Added success argument type.
  • Defeat wild objective not triggering if KO was indirect (eg poison)


  • Fixed Ultra Space movement being sluggish
  • Fixed issues with breedlogic always giving alolan forms of pokemon.
  • Raid blacklist now works as intended.
  • Fixed issues with sounds for forms of a pokemon mixing with the sounds of the parent species.
  • Fixed OTs being wiped, and add recovery for lost OT UUIDs.
  • Fixed issues with the battle music causing crashes if the sound manager was reloaded during the game session.
  • Level and egg move icons are correctly positioned in Pokemon's learnlist.
  • Fixed issues with the superUniversalTM and universalTM config options.
  • Argument.cast not reverting to default value if cast failed.
  • Fixed dynamaxed ditto taking over the world.
  • Dynamax state now resets after a raid.
  • Ultra Space lets you go home instead of murdering you.
  • Alolan Grimer will now count as Dark type for Pancham to evolve.
  • Fixed a missing particle effect with Arceus spawning.
  • Fixed a crash from cushion chair when interacting with a dye of a color the chairs don't have.
  • Fixed a Raid infinite spawn loop.
  • Fixed streetlights not hanging properly.
  • Fixed Legendary despawn config option ignoring a change.
  • Fixed spectators being able to send out Pokémon.
  • Fixed shiny Gigantamax Urshifu sprites being incorrect.
  • Fixed Creator Lucario sprite.
  • Fixed Eggs' underlying species being revealed by PC searching.
  • Optimized isLegendary - Now using an EnumSet rather than an ArrayList
  • Optimized isUltraBeast - Now using an EnumSet rather than an ArrayList
  • Optimized TileEntityBerryTree - Reduced calls to getting blocks from world
  • Optimized DateObjective in Quests
  • Optimized Pixelmon entity despawning
  • Optimized ExtraStats
  • Fixed Ditto's move set not resetting on switch out and faint
  • Fixed PokeDex and TrainerCard showing disabled generations of Pokemon
  • Fixed PokeGifts allowing transferring untradable Pokemon
  • Fixed evolution not happening if you cancelled learning a move beforehand
  • Fixed crash when using the Z-Move form of Weather Ball in weather
Battle Fixes:
  • Delta Stream can no longer be overridden by normal weather.
  • Weather created by Desolate Land, Primordial Sea and Delta Stream no longer stay on the battle if defeated by a Pokemon with Mold Breaker, Teravolt or Turboblaze.
  • Foresight now fails against Pokemon with Foresight status and ignores evasion.
  • Mean Look now ends on the same turn its user fainted.
  • Fixed an issue with Trace not properly copying an opponent's ability.
  • Fixed targeting issues with triple and horde.
  • Z-Parting Shot now correctly heals on switchout.
  • Dynamax Ditto will now copy movesets on Transform.
  • Splash, High Jump Kick, and Magnet Rise now correctly fail when affected by Gravity.
  • Chilan Berry now only affects Normal type.
  • Contrary and Simple will no longer affect Z-Moves.
  • ZStatusMoves use their base accuracy now, instead of always hitting.
  • Z-Me First will now correctly copy moves.
  • Weather no longer overrides No Guard if a player is using a move that has its accuracy affected by weather.
  • Counter, Mirror Coat, and Metal Burst can now break a Substitute.
  • Bolt Beak and Fishous Rend no longer do enough damage to remove a Pokemon from existence.
  • Destiny Bond is no longer spammable.
  • AI will no longer spam just Stealth Rock.
  • Copycat can no longer copy Max moves.
  • Fixed Minior not swithing back to Meteor form upon health recovering to above 50%.
  • Fixed Minior removing entry hazards upon entering the battle.
  • Fixed an issue with npc switching in double battles.
  • Wild Charge now makes contact.
  • Fixes Emergency Exit causing a crash.
  • Fixed Dark-types not being immune to Mirror Coat.
  • Fixed Ghost-types not being immune to Counter.
  • Fixed an issue in Raids, not being able to catch after battle.
  • Fixed Obstruct not dropping physical attackers' defense.
  • Fixed BreakneckBlitz being incorrectly typed in weather (i.e. against Groudon would be not very effective due to the harsh sunlight).
  • Fixed Max Moves not using their own targeting properties.
  • Fixed trainers being able to Mega and Dynamax at the same time.
  • Fixed Crowned Zacian and Zamazenta typing in battle.
  • Synchronize nature swap now has one roll chance per Pokemon.
  • Fixed Misty Terrain not preventing bad status conditions for Pokémon on the ground when attacked by Pokemon flying.
  • Pokemon with Guts will no longer receive Guts' attack boost the turn they wake up from Sleep.
  • Knock Off will now correctly remove Red Card instead of Red Card switching out the Knock Off user.
  • Knock Off now correctly does not remove the target's held item if the Knock Off user faints from Rough Skin, Iron Barbs, or Rocky Helmet.
  • Fixed Receiver & Power of Alchemy stating they were switching from the ability that they were switching to.
  • Fixed Encore only lasting for two turns instead of 3.
  • Trying to Paralyze a Sleeping opponent will no longer state that they are already paralyzed.
Quest Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with AbsolutePositionObjective
  • Fixed a rare crash with flagActions
  • PokemonObjective now works for empty spec, this fixes some default quests


  • Battle End tasks now work properly, and hold an extra parameter.
  • Fixed the ApricornWatered event
  • Added a BerryWatered event.
  • Added a HyperTrainEvent.
  • ItemUIElement now has baked model support, so can be used for actual items.
  • Split out ItemUIElement's sprite sheet into separate files.
  • Added PlayerPartyStorage#queryResourceLocationExistence. Allows checking for the existence of a specific ResourceLocation on the client.
  • Added PlayerPartyStorage#registerKeyListener and PlayerPartyStorage#deregisterKeyListener. Allows containers with an ItemUIElement in them to listen for key presses by registering a callback method.
  • Updated SpawnerCoordinator to use ExecutorService
  • EnumSpecies.legendaries and EnumSpecies.ultraBeasts are now Set<EnumSpecies>
  • All other form lists in EnumSpecies have been converted from List<EnumSpecies> to Set<EnumSpecies>
  • Added 'unsafe' methods to the IPixelmonBankAccountManager so you don't have to use optionals all the time IPixelmonBankAccountManager#getBankAccountUnsafe(UUID) and IPixelmonBankAccountManager#getBankAccountUnsafe(EntityPlayerMP)
  • Added NBT boolean tag Unequippable, which can be applied to equippable items such as badges to make them not so.
  • Server resource packs (the one in now has a max size of 600 MB, up from 50 MB.
  • The shrine interact events now provide the instance of the tile entity that was interacted with.

Pixelmon Mod 8.3.0

"Venni, vidi, raidai" - Un allenatore di Pokémon Vichingo, probabilmente

  • Ricorda di eliminare tutte le configurazioni e JSON esterni prima di aggiornare la Pixelmon. Se non sai come fare da un'occhiata a: Updating Pixelmon - Pixelmon Wiki


Aggiunte forme GigantoMax ai seguenti Pokémon:
  • Rillaboom
  • Cinderace
  • Centiskorch
  • Toxticity
  • Urshifu Singolocolpo
  • Urshifu Pluricolpo
Aggiunte nuove forme:
  • Eternamax

    • Eternamax Giocabili
    • Eternamax Cosmetici
  • Forme Rosa

    • Caterpie
    • Metapod
    • Weedle
    • Kakuna
    • Nidoran
    • Bellsprout
    • Diglett
    • Dodrio
    • Doduo
    • Dugtrio
    • Mankey
    • Nidorina
    • Nidorino
    • Primeape
    • Rhydon
    • Rhyhorn
    • Rhyperior
    • Victreebel
    • Weepinbell
    • Oddish
    • Gloom
    • Vileplume
    • Bellossom
    • Exeggute
    • Exeggutor
    • Paras
    • Parasect
    • Pidgey
    • Pidgeotto
    • Pidgeot
    • Rattata
    • Raticate
  • Valenciane

    • Oddish
    • Gloom
    • Vileplume
    • Bellossom
  • AmoongSus

    • Merp
    • Marrone
    • Ciano
    • Blu Scuro
    • Verde Scuro
    • Rosa Scuro
    • Rosso Scuro
    • Verde Fprte
    • Grigio
    • Marrone Chiaro
    • Rosa Chiaro
    • Giallo Chiaro
    • Lime
    • Verde Oliva
    • Arancione
    • Rosa
    • Viola
    • Rosso
    • Bianco
    • Giallo
  • Slugma di Sale Fuso - JUMP!

Pokémon aggiornati:
- Jigglypuff
- Gloom
- Vileplume
- Voltorb
- Electrode
- Shinx
- Luxio
- Luxray
- Scraggy
- Cofagrigus
- Emolga
- Alomomola
- Joltik
- Noibat
- Wishiwashi (Solo)
- Bellossom
- Pachirisu
- Munna
- Musharna
- Klink
- Klang
- Klinklang
- Litwick
- Binacle
- Trevenant
- Comfey
- Oddish
- Igglybuff
- Caffè di Komala
- Cacao di Tapu
- Thè di Roserade
- Succo di Pinap
- Frullato di Skitty
- Soda Rara
- Ultra Soda Rara
- Succo Blu
- Succo Rosso
- Succo Rosa
- Succo Viola
- Succo Giallo
- Succo Verde
- Bacchetta Fatata
- Frappè Coloratissimo
- Zuppa Pericolosa
- Frammento Desiderio
- Dynite Grezza
- Armorite Grezza
- Frammento Rosso
- Frammento Blu
- Frammento Verde
- Frammento Giallo
- Frammento Nero
- Frammento Bianco
- Generatore di nidi Dynamax
- Pad Protettivi
- Caselle di Posta (Decorazione).
- Le lanterne adesso sono posizionabili a testa in giù.
- Aggiunta un tema per le battaglie tra allenatori.
- Aggiunto un tema per le sfide contro i leggendari.
- Le musiche sono a cura di Chris Geddes, creatore dell'intera OST della Pixelmon Mod. Da un'occhiata agli altri suoi lavori su [Il suo canale YouTube]( 
- Migliori amici, Campione di battaglia, Battle Royale Master, Paese, Terra, Leggenda, Master Rank, Nazionale, Campione Nazionale, Campione Mondiale, Record, Campione Regionale, Allenatore
- Circa 70 nastri "Vuoti" personalizzabili per i server via pacchetti risorse.
Nuove animazioni per gli attacchi:
- Aeroassalto
- Acquagetto
- Aromaterapia
- Corposcontro
- Lucesiluro
- Baldeali
- Bolla
- Semitraglia
- Cotonscudo
- Cottonspora
- Sdoppiatore
- Ira di Drago
- Giravvita
- Extrarapido
- Danzadipiume
- Nitrocarica
- Gigaimpatto
- Crescita
- Ricciolata
- Zuccata
- Bottintesta
- Marchiafuoco
- Pesobomba
- Forza Equina
- Incornata
- Metaltestata
- Magipolvere
- Megacorno
- Minimizzato
- Giornopaga
- Velenpolvere
- Pulviscoppio
- Inseguimento
- Attacco Rapido
- Polverabbia
- Scalaroccia
- Rotolamento
- Ondashock
- Baratto
- Capocciata
- Schianto
- Sonnifero
- Inondazione
- Scintilla
- Spora
- Rulloduro
- Paralizzante
- Troppoforte
- Azione
- Riduttore
- Retromarcia
- Generatore V
- Locomovolt
- Pistolacqua
- Acquapatto
- Docciascudo
- Zampillo
- Cascata
- Palla Clima
- Sprizzalampo
- Fuocofatuo
- Cozzata Zen
Animazioni d'attacco aggiornate:
- Bollaraggio
- Appletun
- Applin
- Arctovish
- Arctozolt
- Calyrex
- Calyrex Cavaliere Glaciale
- Calyrex Cavaliere Spettrale
- Carkol
- Coalossal
- Cufant
- Cursola
- Dracovish
- Dracozolt
- Flapple
- Farfetch' di Galard
- Corsola di Galar
- Darumaka di Galar
- Linoone di Galar
- Meowth di Galar
- Mr.Mime di Galar
- Zapdos di Galar
- Zigzagoon di Galar
- Glastrier
- Gmax Sandaconda
- Gossifleur
- Greedent
- Groudon
- Guzzlord
- Indeedee
- Inteleon
- Kyogre
- Melmetal
- Meltan
- Nickit
- Rayquaza
- Regigigas
- Regirock
- Registeel
- Runerigus
- Skwovet
- Snivy
- Spectrier
- Thievul
- Wooloo
- Yamper
- Generatore di nidi Dynamax.
- Aggiunto Esperienzamuleto.
- Aggiunto Catturamuleto.
- Aggiunto Emblemamuleto.
- Aggiunte catture critiches.
- Aggiunte Combo di cattura. Cattura le stesse specie di seguito per ottenere un boost!
- Aggiunte Battaglie triple, Raid, e battaglie ad orde per tipo.
- Aggiunta un'opzione che permette ai Pokémon di imparare macchine tecniche di qualsiasi regione, a patto che abbiano potuto imparare la mossa in una generazione qualsiasi.
- Aggiunta un'opzione di configurazione per impostare la possibilità di successo dell'abilità Sincronismo.
- Aggiunta un'opzione di configurazione per mostrare informazioni di battaglia avanzate, come la percentuale di salute.
- Aggiunta un'opzione di configurazione per regole di battaglia meno stringenti - sarà possibile decidere la meccanica generazionale di una battaglia puramente attraverso la fascia indossata.
- Aggiunta un'opzione di configurazione per permettere sia le battaglie Mega che Dynamax in un mondo come regola generale. Questo sovrascriverà oldGenDimensions e relaxedBattleGimmickRules.
- Aggiunta un'opzione di configurazione per controllare il volume della musica personalizzata.
- Aggiunto il crafting di Girlanda Galarica.
- Aggiunto lo sprite di Infernape Arcobaleno.


- Gli altari adesso hanno la funzionalità delle modalità di incontro. Possono essere impostati ad un incontro per player, un incontro al giorno o incontri illimitati. (Questo sostituisce la sidemod che alcuni server usano)
- Nuove condizioni di spawn aggiunte per la configurazione in tempo reale. Include opzioni per specificare data e ora.
- Le musiche da battaglia e di cura dei Pokémon fanno ripartire le musiche di background al loro termine.
- Il curry può essere spawnato nel mondo.
- I fossili di Galar possono adesso essere trovati nelle chest lootabili..
- Osso del Desiderio è ora disponibile come loot dei boss.
- BetterSpawnerConfig ora supporta Dynamic Trees e l'addon per Biomes O' Plenty interamente.
- Le macchine dei fossili ora considerano l' Ultra Space shiny rate.
- Le esche ora hanno il tag "unbreakable".
- Aggiunte le piume agli Shopkeepers.
- Migliorato il posizionamento della barra della salute in battaglia.
- La descrizione della forma viene ora mostrata nel Pokédex, includendo peso e grandezza.
- Le meccaniche di breeding ora rispettano la generazione attuale.
- Ispezionare un Pokémon ora mostra la forma e la texture personalizzata(se possibile).
- Alcune migliorie per il mondi sommersi, mancano solo 2 mesi!
- Alcune modifiche consigliate alla BattleUIs.
- Il log di battaglia può ora gestire sfide molto più lunge.
- Il log di battaglia will rispetta correttamente le righe di testo.
- L'interfaccia di battaglia ora supporta doppie, triple, orde e raid correttamente.
- Non puoi più affogare mentre scegli le mosse.
- Gli allenatori NPC ora hanno i Pokémon al massimo della loro felicità, per beneficiare alcune mosse.
- TM e TR vuote adesso sono stackabili.
- Aumentata la durabilità degli hammer quando usati sulle incudini Pixelmon.
- La musica di background ripartirà dopo aver lasciato un centro Pokémon o al termine di una battaglia.
- La musica da battaglia/pokécenter non verrà sovrapposta alla musica di background..   
- Rimosse le lettere dai loot dei Pokémon, onestamente ste lettere chi le vuole?
- Gli amuleti sono ora visibili quando attivati da un player.
- Migliorata l'esperienza utente della BattleUI.
- Le informazioni relative alla battaglia, come le mosse che stai visualizzando, ora appaiono nell'interfaccia di battaglia.
- Azelf, Mesprit e Uxie possono incantare i rubini anche se non si è l'OT.
- Gastly e Gengar spettrali hanno ora i loro sprite..
- Aggiunte descrizioni per quasi ogni item.
- Elettroimpennata e Vastaenergia ora applicano correttamente i loro effetti.
- L'altare del tempo e dello spazio adesso produce Pokémon con grandezza variabili.
Cambiamenti alle quest:
- Aumentato il rate delle  quest degli uccelli di Galar.
- Migliorati i premi di alcune quest.
- "Objectives" non hanno più richieste necessarie nelle estensioni .json.
- Migliorate le performance backend  per "objectives" i quali erano particolarmente pesanti.
- Gli elementi delle quest possono avere placeholders ovunque.
Item Sprite Aggiornati:
- Capsula Abilità
- Cerotto Abilità
- Bulbo
- Fifasfera
- Granradice
- Binding Band
- Legafascia
- Pietralieve
- Pietradura
- Scarponi robusti
- Cartelrosso
- Bitorzoelmo
- Distoservizio
- Disfoguscio
- Tutte le lastre
- Medaglia Coleottero
- Medaglia Scoglio
- Medaglia Folletto
- Medaglia Ghiacciaio
- Medaglia Pianta
- Medaglia Pisco
- Medaglia Mischia
- Medaglia Voltaggio
- Una serie di curry ha ora nuovi sprite


- Risolto un problema di spawning con i Pokèmon GMax.
- Resi alcuni Pokémon con condizioni di spawn sfavorevoli più semplici da trovare. es: Mew
- Risolti alcuni typo nel BetterSpawnerConfig che causavano dei problemi sopra citati.
- Risolto che alcuni Pokémon non salvavano alcuni oggetti applicati su di loro, es: Piuma Arcobaleno.
- Risolto che Fantasmanto (abilità) causasse cambi di forma permanenti in alcuni casi.
- Risolto un problema del Pokémon Editor Forme Gender.
- Risolto un problema con le statue e le Forme Genders
- Risolta la sovrapposizione tra musica di background e musica da battaglia che si sovrapponevano.
- Risolto un possibile problema di plugin con un Kartana superfluo. 
- Risolto che i Pokéstop fossero pescabili con la canna da pesca.
- Risolto un exploit di battaglia che causava il crash del server.
- Nuove funzionalità per la stella del Pokédex. Questo sarà molto bello per qualcuno, da qualche parte. 
- Risolto un problema di texture con Zombie Ditto.
- Corretta l'animazione di volo di Deoxys.
- Corretta l'animazione di volo di Dragapult.
- Magikarp Jump! Non può più essere finito senza la corretta canna da pesca.
- Corretti alcuni segni i quali non avevano la giusta texture.
- Scambiate le Texture di Hippoudon shiny tra maschio e femmina. Oops.
- MissigNO non è più disponibile nel `/pokerandom`
- Risolto che alcune mosse non fossero applicabili sulle TM/TR vuote.
- I Fossili di Galar adesso hanno 3 IV al massimo, come dovrebbe essere.
- Corretta la posizione del nastro quando si indossa un vestito.
- Risolto un problema con gli obiettivi quando si cattura Moltres di Galar.
- Gli starter shiny personalizzati ora funzionano come dovrebbero.
- Fare foto a Pokémon Gender non darà più gli sprite sbagliati.
- Bloccare l'insegnamento della TR non c a n c e l l e r à più la TR dall'inventario.
- Gli allenatori adesso interagiranno come si deve all'inizio della battaglia. Suvvia, un po' di buone maniere.
- Meowstic non poteva essere piazzato come statua, ora può.
- Il curry ora applica le statistiche corrette.
- Risolto un crash relativo al menu delle mosse.
- I materassini possono ora essere piazzati sull'acqua.
- Risolto un problema con le caramelle rare che causava l'ottenimento di molteplici livelli.
- Risolto un crash nella schermata della lista delle TM.
- Klink e le evoluzioni non si incastrano più nel terreno.
- Corretto Mantyke inverso.
- Risolta un'inconsistenza tra gli oggetti e la sprite GUI . 
- Risolto un errore quando "PokemonStorage" cerca di mandare pacchetti ad un player nullo.
- Corretto un problema con la JourneyMap che causava il blurring degli sprite.
Correzioni di battaglia:
- Risolta una condizione di race che causava il fallimento di alcuni pacchetti. Questa era la causa che causava molti dei problemi della mod, compreso il bug dell'attesa in battaglia durato per anni.
- Gli npc da AI avanzata ora resettano correttamente le loro simulazioni di battaglia dopo la sfida.
- Il Fix precedente risolve un problema con le uscite forzate.
- Risolto un problema con l'abilità Sincrodanza.
- Risolto un problema con le mosse di modifica del terreno. Questo risolve dei problemi anche con le abilità relative.
- Ferromascella adesso interagisce correttamente con Branchiomorso e Morsostretto.
- Overdrive è ora considerata una mossa suono.
- Intrapasso ora ignora correttamente le mosse schermo.
- Darmanitan di Galar ora entra correttamente in modalità Zen dopo essere rimasto a metà vita alla fine del turno.
- Squamacolpo non crea più contatto quando non dovrebbe.
- Triplo Axel e Spettrotuffo ora creano contatto sul colpo.
- Dynabarriera ora riesce a prendere di mira l'utilizzatore. Adesso ferma correttamente anche le mosse che dovrebbe fermare.
- Corretto il messaggio di Dolcevelo.
- Dragoenergia ora ha il corretto danno di base.
- Risolto un problema relativo alla selezione del target nelle battaglie doppie.
- Risolto il multi-targeting nelle orde.
- Colpocatrame si applica correttamente all'obiettivo.
- Cambiocampo ora funziona come dovrebbe.
- Rendere casuali alcuni team degli NPC non causerà più crash.
- Le mosse Z ora considerano le priorità degli oggetti.
- Risolto un problema con alcune variabili relative all'abilità Bulletproof.
- Risolto un problema nelle battaglie triple dove se il Pokémon preso di mira è stato sconfitto, tutti gli altri Pokémon in lotta verranno colpiti anche da mosse a target singolo.
- Accelleratore si attiva ora una volta a battaglia, al posto di una volta per turno.
- Risolto un problema nel quale Palla Clima non aumenta i suoi danni con condizioni meteo modificate .
- Risolto un problema con Nucleocastigo che falliva se non poteva sopprimere l'abilità del bersaglio.
- Risolti dei problemi con Sonnolalia e russare i quali non funzionavano con l'abilità Sonno Assoluto.
- Risolta una strana interazione tra Affannoseme e alcune abilità es: Insonnia, Sonno Assoluto.
- Risolto Ondisinvolta che non cambia alcune abilità in semplici, e.s. Sonno Assoluto.
- Risolto un problema di Rompiforma il quale non ignorava Acquascolo e Parafulmine.
- Risolto un problema con Stalwart e Coda Propeller i quali non ignoravano gli effetti di Acquascolo e Parafulmine.
- Risolto un problema con nebbia il quale non funzionava se utilizzato da un Pokémon con sostituto.
- Risolto un problema con Vigorilla il quale non bloccava la mossa dell'avversario.
- Risolto un problema raro con Monito, e.s. non colpire un Pokémon dietro sostituto, switchare quando le stats non sono abbassate.
- La telecamera di battaglia non tremerà più al termine di essa.
- Risolto un problema con Eiscue Liquefaccia il quale non aveva le statistiche corrette.
- I pp di Elettrogabbia, i danni e precisione sono stati corretti.
Fix delle quest:
- Risolto un raro crash che accadeva quando i player data relativi alle quest erano nulli.


- Aggiunto Pixelmon#getVersion per permettere ai plugin di ottenere la versione corrente della Pixelmon. (Reso deprecato il Field per aiutatare a rendersi conto di questo cambiamento , lo renderemo privato ad un certo punto quindi aggiornate!)
- Aggiunto StartRaidEvent
- Aggiunto RegisterRaidEvent.
- Aggiunto RegisterRaidAllyEvent.
- Aggiunto RandomizeRaidEvent.
- Aggiunto RandomizeRaidAllyEvent.
- Aggiunto RaidDropsEvent.
- Aggiunto JoinRaidEvent.
- Aggiunto EndRaidEvent.
- Aggiunto DenEvent
- Aggiornato CaptureEvent per fare in modo che prenda in considerazione i raids.
- Aggiunto FossilCleanerEvent.
- Aggiunto FossilMachineEvent.
- Aggiunto PokestopEvent.
- Aggiunti metodi ai Pokéstop per cambiarli per giocatori specifici.
- ThrowPokeballEvent è ora cancellabile.
- Aggiunte posizioni personalizzate della scoreboard.
- Aggiunto MovesetSyncEvent.
- Aggiunto CatchComboEvent.
- Added CloseBattle packet, to safely closee battles and restore client state. Works even if the battle is in a glitch state. Has a wrapper method in PlayerPartyStorage, PlayerPartyStorage#closeBattleSafely.
- Added PlayerPartyStorage#addTaskForBattleEnd, to allow tasks to be scheduled for after the player has closed all battle UIs.
- Battle UI now signals to the server when it is closed in all places where it should.
- Added PickupEvent. For Pickup ability's random item finds.

Pixelmon Mod 8.2.0

"Something looks different..."


Added new Pokémon:
  • Added Cufant.
  • Added Copperajah.
  • Added Dracozolt.
  • Added Arctozolt.
  • Added Dracovish.
  • Added Arctovish.
  • Added Duraludon.
  • Added Zacian.
  • Added Zamazenta.
  • Added Eternatus.
  • Added Kubfu.
  • Added Urshifu.
  • Added Zarude.
  • Added Glastrier.
  • Added Spectrier.
  • Added Calyrex.
  • Added Galarian Slowking.
Added new Gigantamax forms:
  • Added G-Max Venusaur.
  • Added G-Max Charizard.
  • Added G-Max Blastoise.
  • Added G-Max Butterfree.
  • Added G-Max Pikachu.
  • Added G-Max Meowth.
  • Added G-Max Machamp.
  • Added G-Max Gengar.
  • Added G-Max Kingler.
  • Added G-Max Lapras.
  • Added G-Max Eevee.
  • Added G-Max Snorlax.
  • Added G-Max Garbodor.
  • Added G-Max Melmetal.
  • Added G-Max Corviknight.
  • Added G-Max Orbeetle.
  • Added G-Max Flapple.
  • Added G-Max Appletun.
  • Added G-Max Hatterene.
  • Added G-Max Duraludon.
  • Added G-Max Grimmsnarl.
  • Added G-Max Sandaconda.
  • Added G-Max Drednaw.
  • Added G-Max Inteleon.
  • Added G-Max Coalossal.
Added new Forms:
  • Moon Phase Lunatone.
  • Meta Groudon.
  • Spheal JUMP!
  • Added Rainbow Beautifly
  • Added Rainbow Crawdaunt
  • Added Rainbow Weavile
  • Added Rainbow Cresselia
  • Added Rainbow Dustox
  • Added Rainbow Feebas
  • Added Rainbow Milotic
  • Added Rainbow Infernape
  • Added Rainbow Kecleon
  • Added Valencian Caterpie
  • Added Valencian Metapod
  • Added Valencian Blissey
  • Added Valencian Happiny
  • Added Valencian Chansey
  • Added Valencian Ratatta
  • Added Valencian Raticate
  • Added Valencian Bellossom
  • Added Valencian Nidoran Male
  • Added Valencian Nidorino
  • Added Valencian Nidoking
  • Added Valencian Nidoran Female
  • Added Valencian Nidorina
  • Added Valencian Nidoqueen
  • Added Valencian Politoed
  • Added Valencian Poliwag
  • Added Valencian Poliwhirl
  • Added Valencian Poliwrath
  • Added Valencian Shellder
  • Added Valencian Cloyster
  • Added Valencian Magikarp
  • Added Valencian Gyarados
  • Added a new Creator Pokémon (ItsRitchieW)
Updated Pokémon:
  • Updated Magnemite to SMD.
  • Updated Magneton to SMD.
  • Updated Doduo to SMD.
  • Updated Dodrio to SMD.
  • Updated Drowzee to SMD.
  • Updated Hypno to SMD.
  • Updated Porygon to SMD.
  • Updated Mantyke to SMD.
  • Updated Litleo to SMD
  • Updated Magby to SMD.
  • Updated Magmar to SMD.
  • Updated Magmortar to SMD.
  • Updated Spheal to SMD.
  • Added Emission to Regice.
  • Added Unseen Fist.
  • Added As One.
  • Added Chilling Neigh.
  • Added Grim Neigh.
  • Added Comatose.
  • Added Dancer.
  • Added Ripen.
  • Added Neutralizing Gas.
  • Added Gulp Missile.
  • Added Berserk.
  • Added Curious Medicine.
  • Added Quick Draw.
  • Added Mimicry.
  • Added Astral Barrage.
  • Added Eerie Spell.
  • Added Fiery Wrath.
  • Added Flip Turn.
  • Added Glacial Lance.
  • Added Jungle Healing.
  • Added Scale Shot.
  • Added Steel Roller.
  • Added Surging Strikes.
  • Added Wicked Blow.
  • Added Poltergeist.
  • Added G-Max Wildfire.
  • Added G-Max Befuddle.
  • Added G-Max Volt Crash.
  • Added G-Max Gold Rush.
  • Added G-Max Chi Strike.
  • Added G-Max Terror.
  • Added G-Max Resonance.
  • Added G-Max Cuddle.
  • Added G-Max Replenish.
  • Added G-Max Malodor.
  • Added G-Max Stonesurge.
  • Added G-Max Wind Rage.
  • Added G-Max Stun Shock.
  • Added G-Max Finale.
  • Added G-Max Depletion.
  • Added G-Max Gravitas.
  • Added G-Max Volcalith.
  • Added G-Max Sandblast.
  • Added G-Max Snooze.
  • Added G-Max Tartness.
  • Added G-Max Sweetness.
  • Added G-Max Smite.
  • Added G-Max Steelsurge.
  • Added G-Max Meltdown.
  • Added G-Max Foam Burst.
  • Added G-Max Centiferno.
  • Added G-Max Fireball.
  • Added G-Max Drum Solo.
  • Added G-Max Hydrosnipe.
  • Added G-Max One Blow.
  • Added G-Max Rapid Flow.
  • Added G-Max Vine Lash.
  • Added G-Max Cannonade.
  • Added Tower of Waters.
  • Added Tower of Darkness.
  • Added various ocean structures.
  • Added music to Pokémon Centers.
  • Added an ingame Quest Editor item, and a full ingame Quest Editor to go with it.
  • Added TMs by generation. Depending on the type of blank TMs you allow in your world/server, you can decide if older TMs are allowed.
  • Added Generation 8 fossils.
  • Added Max Mushroom. These generate naturally in Mushroom Island biomes.
  • Added Max Soup.
  • Added Reins of Unity.
  • Added Guard Spec.
  • Added Cleanse Tag.
  • Added Fluffy Tail.
  • Added Blunder Policy.
  • Added Ability Patch.
  • Added Galarica Wreath.
  • Added Heavy Duty Boots.
  • Added Terrain Extender.
  • Added Adrenaline Orb.
  • Added Rusted Sword.
  • Added Rusted Shield.
  • Added Heart Scale.
  • Added Scroll of Waters.
  • Added Scroll of Darkness.
  • Vastly improved the look of equipped Safety Goggles.
  • Added the ability to equip the Relic Crown and all badges.
  • The Key Stone, Wishing Star, Oval Charm and Shiny Charm are now all items as well. Using their item form unlocks them.
  • Added Frontier Symbols.
Quest Additions:
  • Added new default quests.
  • Quest dialogue can now use ?QUEST_DATA? placeholders, both directly and via lang.
  • Added Name Inserter objective.
  • Added Date objective.
  • Added Flag objective.
  • Added Query objective.
  • Added Timer objective.
  • Added Abandonable action.
  • Added Give XP action.
  • Added Potion action.
  • Added Sound action.
  • Added Set Flag action.
  • Added Unset Flag action.
  • Added alternate quest icons.
  • Added Server Cosmetic action.
  • Added Take Server Cosmetic action.
Riding (New):
  • Eternatus
  • Zacian
  • Zamazenta
  • Torracat
  • Regieleki
  • Regidrago
  • Quilava
  • Bayleef
  • Urshifu
  • Zarude
  • Cufant
  • Copperajah
  • Dracovish
  • Dracozolt
  • Arctovish
  • Arctozolt
  • Numel
  • Hippopotas
  • Dragapult
  • Duraludon
  • Frosmoth
  • Raticate
  • Alolan Raticate
  • Cacturne
  • Lucario
  • Electrode
  • Wobbuffet
  • Audino
  • Shiftry
  • Shelgon
  • Gabite
  • Darkrai
  • Boldore
  • Alcremie
  • Appletun
  • Barbaracle
  • Binacle
  • Blissey
  • Bounsweet
  • Chandelure
  • Cinderace
  • Drednaw
  • Dreepy
  • Drizzile
  • Grimmsnarl
  • Grookey
  • Incineroar
  • Inteleon
  • Magearna
  • Milcery
  • Minccino
  • Misdreavus
  • Morgrem
  • Oshawott
  • Primarina
  • Raboot
  • Rillaboom
  • Rookidee
  • Sandaconda
  • Scorbunny
  • Silicobra
  • Snom
  • Sobble
  • Steenee
  • Thwackey
  • Wynaut
  • Updated the battle UI!
  • Added battle music.
  • Added Pokecenter music.
  • Added a Transfer Tutor NPC.
  • Added a Mega Tiara.
  • Added two permissions for /endbattle, "pixelmon.command.admin.endbattle.ordinary" and "pixelmon.command.admin.endbattle.forceful".
  • Added allowIllegalShinies .hocon setting
  • Added Shadow Ho-oh and updated Shadow Lugia giveaway skins, these are both now bundled and are emissive. If you already had one, you now have both.
  • The Haunter Wizard now includes Gastly and Gengar.
  • Gold and Black Monocle giveaway items are now bundled. If you had one, you now have both.
  • Added the Yukata giveaway item.
  • Added the Wizard Hat Giveaway item.
  • Added the Winter Cloak.
  • Blank TMs and TRs for Generation 8 were added to default shopkeepers, Tier 1 and 2 Pokéloot, and Boss Drops.
  • All Pixelmon items can now be given food stats. All berries and berry juice are now edible!
  • Added a hard cap to flying Pokémon spawns in the main config.
  • Added a Gigantamax Factor button to the Pokémon editor.
  • Learnable TMs are now able to be viewed from the Stats menu. Egg moves and level-up moves are also viewable from this screen.
  • Marks can now be found on wild Pokémon, allowing special titles to be used in battle. Championship Ribbons are also available for servers to make use of.
  • Added a set of Eevee-themed scarves, which can be given via plugins and quests.


  • The Fly external move can no longer teleport between worlds. Teleport still can.
  • Spawning now supports Structures spawns and Lava Spawns.
  • Galarian breeding now works in the same way as Alolan breeding.
  • The Gigantamax Factor can now be obtained, and can appear on wild Pokémon.
  • We now properly check if the mother is Galar, for breeding.
  • Added a new selection of quest objectives and actions.
  • Trainers can be set, independent of the world, to be in Gen 7 or Gen 8 mode, which decides whether they can use the respective gimmicks or not.
  • Trainers now wear a Mega Ring or Dynamax Band if they can use it.
  • Trainers have updated Pokémon lists.
  • Updated Boss drops and Pokéloot.
  • Config category ULTRASPACE is now DIMENSIONS.
  • Wool regrowth now ticks for Wooloo and Dubwool.
  • Ether and Max Ether will now be consumed when used outside of battle.
  • The Fossil Machine now accepts dual fossil input.
  • ItemPokeball is now undamageable.
  • Updated the Heavy Ball to reflect SuMo changes.
  • Changed ChoiceItem to not apply on Transform.
  • Added position data to Ranches on error.
  • Added more error catching in the Pokémon Editor, it will call out issues with held items.
  • Added an additional check for evolution errors, and it will now dump relevant data.
  • /endbattle can now be cancelled directly.
  • Improved a large number of item textures.
  • Evolution particles are now high saturation.
  • Improved range of boss types available.
  • Improved boss customizability. Each boss type now has its own loot pool, can be weighted against other boss types, and can have their Rare Candy chance edited.
  • Added a wide range of new colors which can be applied to statues.
  • The Oval Charm is now obtainable.
  • Improved the shiny particle effect.
  • Vastly improved every single Pokémon bounding box in the game.
  • Dynamax now has a shimmer effect.
  • Alien Celebi has a new method of acquisition, and Beast Balls no longer work on the Ilex Shrine.
  • Removed hovering in Pixelmon stat files
  • There are many changes to spawning that would be better read on the wiki See: Spawning History - Pixelmon Wiki

Item Sprites:
  • Mints and "mint seeds".
  • Both Bottlecaps.
  • All Apricorns, including cooked variants.
  • All Badgecases.
  • All Evolution Stones and their Shards.
  • Ice Stone and Ice Shard.
  • All Umbrellas.
  • Rare Candy.
  • Prism Scale.
  • Gift.
  • Silver and Gold Hourglasses.
  • Dynamax Candy.
  • Ranch Upgrade.
  • Wall Clocks.
  • Pokéball Rugs.
  • Ruby, Silicon, Sapphire and Amethyst Blocks.
  • Ruby, Silicon, Sapphire, Crystal and Amethyst items.
  • Sweet, Tart and Fancy Apple.
  • Reassembly Unit.
  • Zygarde Cell, Core and Cube.
  • All Pokéballs, lids and bases.
  • Aluminium Ingot, Plate, Block, Tools and Armor.
  • Repels.
  • Red Card.
  • All Sweets.
  • All Pokémon Mega Stones.
  • Choice Band, Specs, and Scarf.
  • All Type Gems.
  • Chipped and Cracked Pot.
  • Damp, Heat, Icy and Smooth Rock.
  • Bach's Tin.
  • Bob's Tin.
  • Brittle Bones.
  • Fresh Cream.
  • Potato Pack.
  • Pungent Root.
  • Salad Mix.
  • Spice Mix.
  • Green Cloner.
  • Cloner Machine.
  • Orange Cloner.
  • Fan.
  • Fossil Cleaner.
  • Fossil Display.
  • Fossil Machine.
  • Fossil Machine Base.
  • Fossil Machine Display.
  • Fossil Machine Tank.
  • Fridge.
  • Mechanical Anvil.
  • Mower.
  • Washing Machine.
Riding (Updated):
  • Slowking
  • Galarian Slowking
  • Lapras
  • Obstagoon
  • Zweilous
  • Spectrier
  • Mudbray
  • Ponyta
  • Graveler
  • Alolan Graveler


  • Fixed a bug where Pokémon were unable to jump more then once. We're sorry to all those Spoinks whose hearts we've stopped.
  • Fixed an issue with shearing a Pokémon's wool in a Ranch Block.
  • Fixed shiny textures for Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone.
  • Fixed a bug where Cut and Rock Smash would cause tool damage if you were holding a tool.
  • Fixed a dupe with items that were damageable when they shouldn't have been.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Minior's color data.
  • Fixed a crash caused by custom textures being null.
  • Fixed a Super Spicy Curry bug crashing your client.
  • Fixed stats not being refreshed on the client when IVs or EVs were changed by plugins.
  • Fixed an exploit with vending machines.
  • Spawning NPCs now respect the level ranges of the trainer JSONs if there is no override in the spawning JSON.
  • Passive healing now passively heals.
  • Dynamax scaling is now more conservative, and the config setting for it actually works.
  • Fixed Dynamax clouds.
  • Fixed the completion rate of the Pokédex.
  • Ghost types drop items again.
  • Fixed a disconnect issue caused by the Camera.
  • Fixed items with a max damage of 1 million.
  • Forage will no longer give you underground loot when not targeting a transparent block.
  • Fixed CustomTextureSpec allowing null custom textures.
  • Fixed specs not matching with forms.
  • Fixed Indeedee's missing texture.
  • Fixed a crash while using Industrial Foregoing involving the Animal Rancher and Wooloo/Dubwool.
  • Fixed the Defog HM using the normal HM sprite texture instead of Fly.
  • Fixed RaiseToCap and BossBonusLevels not working together correctly.
  • Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit can no longer drown.
  • Fixed Pokémon getting stuck on the edge of the world.
  • Fixed NPE when using DNA Splicers on Kyurem with no Reshiram or Zekrom in your party.
  • Fixed enchanted Rubies being destroyed if your inventory was full.
  • Fixed the learn move exploit.
  • Fixed Thunder Stone Armor's speed boost persisting after taking the armor off.
  • Fixed a Mint Cuttings duplication bug.
  • Fixed an NPE related to evolving a certain Pokémon.
  • Fixed an NPE related to Ranch blocks.
  • Fixed not being able to turn Greninja into a zombie.
  • Fixed Poké Ball inheritance not ignoring Ditto.
  • Fixed the Dream Ball capture boost not working.
  • Fixed the starter advancement not being fired correctly.
  • Fixed invalid starters not being signaled properly to console.
  • Fixed starters not supporting forms.
  • Fixed doors and beds in snapshots not staying placed down.
  • Fixed New Running Boots ignoring the Unbreakable tag.
Battle Fixes:
  • Starting a battle versus an NPC with targeting now still pulls up the rules and team selection.
  • Metronome will no longer trigger Z-Moves.
  • Rising Voltage now has the correct power inside Electric Terrain.
  • Fixed Steel Beam not causing recoil damage.
  • Updated Dire Hit to the newest mechanics.
  • Me First can no longer copy moves it should not be able to.
  • Clangorous Soul no longer deals just one damage.
  • Morpeko transformation now displays messages.
  • Mummy and Wandering Spirit now display messages.
  • Fixed the Max Guard message.
  • Fixed Z-Geomancy and Taunt interaction.
  • Fixed Scale Shot not working at all.
  • Fixed the Steel Roller effect not working.
  • Fixed Queenly Majesty and Dazzling not working.
  • Fixed Destiny Bond ending battles in error.
  • Fixed the battle camera moving about while typing in chat.
  • Fixed Synchronize causing the "badly poisoned" effect to scale too quickly.
  • Max Moves can now be disabled.
Quest Fixes:
  • Fixed initial (default) quests having extra requirements.
  • Fixed a potential exploit where quests could be abandoned before the abandon button was visible.
  • Fixed Defeat Trainer and Absolute Position.
  • The Spawn Pokémon action can now be set to engage the player immediately.
  • All the default quests now use Name Inserters and new quest icons.
  • Large quest names are now squashed properly.


  • IVStore and EVStore now implement an interface for easier usage between the two.
  • BaseStats now has appropriate getters and all fields are now deprecated. The goal is to make it fully immutable at runtime as it was intended to be.
  • Added ForceEndBattleEvent for /endbattle and Fluffy Tail.
  • Added Fluffy Tail interaction.
  • Added abstract AttackEvent. Refactor of AttackEvents.
  • Added AttackEvent.Use - Fires for all attacks, allows modification of accuracy and cantMiss.
  • Added abstract NPCEvent.
  • Added NPCEvent.Interact - Fires for all NPC interactions.
  • Added NPCEvent.StartBattle - Fires for all NPC versus player battle starts.
  • Added NPCEvent.EndBattle - Fires for all NPC versus player battle ends.
  • EntityNPC and EntityStatue are now IAnimals. Prevents rendering of statue if entity tracker issue occurs.
  • PartyAlolanCondition has been merged into PartyCondition, and now supports any form.
  • Improved ItemBattleItem.
  • Championship Ribbons (and others as we add them) can be awarded to individual Pokémon with the method {Pokemon Instance}.addRibbon(EnumRibbonType.CHAMPION);
  • Added packet ClientSetLastOpenBox, allows setting of a player's last open box from the server.
  • Added ParticleArcaneryDispatcher, allows creation of Pixelmon particles from the server.
  • Which quest is being tracked can now be changed by the server. PlayerPartyStorage#getQuestData().setTracking(QuestProgresss) and PlayerPartyStorage#getQuestData().hideTracking().
  • Added MechanicalAnvilEvent.RemoveStack - Fires when an item is removed from a Mechanical Anvil.
  • Added MechanicalAnvilEvent.SetStack - Fires when an item is added to a Mechanical Anvil.
  • Added MechanicalAnvilEvent.Tick.Pre - Fires on start of a Mechanical Anvil tick.
  • Added MechanicalAnvilEvent.Tick.Post - Fires on end of a Mechanical Anvil tick.
  • Added MechanicalAnvilEvent.Hammer - Fires before a Mechanical Anvil creates a new item.
  • Added MechanicalAnvilEvent.HammerResult - Fires after a Mechanical Anvil creates a new item.
  • PokeLootClaimedEvent is now deprecated, replaced with PokeLootEvent.
  • Added PokeLootEvent.Claim - Is the equivalent of PokeLootClaimedEvent, fires when a Poké Loot is attempted to be claimed.
  • Added PokeLootEvent.GetDrops - Allows modification of the loot given by a Poké Loot.
  • Added PokeLootEvent.Drop - Fires whenever a Poké Loot is about to give an item.
  • Added SetLevellingEvent - Fires whenever a player, or the game, toggles levelling being enabled/disabled for a Pokémon.
  • Added ZygardeEvent.Activate - Fires whenever an Reassembly Unit is activated.
  • Added ZygardeEvent.Select - Fires whenever an Pokémon is selected for use in a Reassembly Unit.
  • Added ZygardeEvent.Seperate - Fires whenever a Zygarde is seperated by a Reassembly Unit.
  • Added ZygardeEvent.New.Start - Fires at the start of assembly of a new Zygarde in a Reassembly Unit.
  • Added ZygardeEvent.New.End - Fires at the end of assembly of a new Zygarde in a Reassembly Unit.
  • Added ZygardeEvent.Merge.Start - Fires at the start of a merger of an existing Zygarde in a Reassembly Unit.
  • Added ZygardeEvent.Merge.End - Fires at the end of a merger of an existing Zygarde in a Reassembly Unit.
  • Added AbandonQuestEvent - Fires whenever a quest is attempted to be abandoned.
  • Added FinishQuestEvent.Complete - Fires whenever a player completes a quest.
  • Added FinishQuestEvent.Fail - Fires whenever a player fails a quest.
  • Added NPCInserterEvent - Fires whenever a Quest Giver NPC is attempted to be chosen by an NPC inserter.
  • Added QuestActionEvent - Fires whenever a quest action is about to be executed.
  • Added QuestObjectiveEvent.Progress - Fires whenever a player makes progress towards completing a quest objective.
  • Added QuestObjectiveEvent.Complete - Fires whenever a player completes a quest objective.
  • Added QuestStageEvent.Complete - Fires whenever a player completes a quest stage.
  • Added QuestStageEvent.Set - Fires whenever a player has their stage set in a quest.
  • Added ArmorEffectEvent.Effect - Allows modification of the effects given by a piece of Pixelmon armor.
  • Added ArmorEffectEvent.Attribute - Allows modification of the attributes given by a piece of Pixelmon armor.
  • Added CameraEvent.DuplicatePhoto - Fires when a photo is about to be taken, but might be blocked by the duplicate photo setting. Cancellation allows bypass of this.
  • Added CameraEvent.ConsumeFilm - Fires when a camera is about to consume film. Cancellable.
  • Added CameraEvent.TakePhoto - Fires when a photo is taken by a camera. Mutable and cancellable.
  • Added EntityPokestop. Have fun.

Pixelmon Mod 8.1.2

"A Sweet Update!"


  • Fixed stat files for clients.


  • Fixed Tutor moves for new Pokémon.
  • Fixed decoration placement.
  • Fixed an error with Quests.
  • Fixed a crash when using Pixelmon rods.
  • If updating from 8.1.0, you only need to refresh the generation 8 JSONs.


Added new Pokémon:
  • Added Clobbopus
  • Added Grapploct
  • Added Cramorant
  • Added Arrokuda
  • Added Barraskewda
  • Added Galarian Corsola
  • Added Cursola
  • Added Galarian Zigzagoon
  • Added Galarian Linoone
  • Added Obstagoon
  • Added Galarian Weezing
  • Added Galarian Darumaka
  • Added Galarian Darmanitan
  • Added Sizzlepede
  • Added Centiskorch - Also referred to as nope.
  • Added Falinks
  • Added Toxel
  • Added Toxtricity - Amped and Low-Key
  • Added Indeedee - Male and Female forms
  • Added Hatenna
  • Added Hattrem
  • Added Hatterene
  • Added Milcery
  • Added Alcremie
  • Added Galarian Ponyta
  • Added Galarian Rapidash
  • Added Impidimp
  • Added Morgrem
  • Added Grimmsnarl
  • Added Galarian Farfetch'd
  • Added Sirfetch'd
  • Added Galarian Slowpoke
  • Added Galarian Slowbro
  • Added Morpeko
  • Added Pincurchin
  • Added Snom
  • Added Frosmoth
  • Added Galarian Mr. Mime
  • Added Galarian Meowth
  • Added Perrserker
  • Added Dreepy
  • Added Drakloak
  • Added Dragapult
  • Added new Jump! variations to the Super Rod. Good luck!
Added new Strike forms:
  • Boltund
  • Electivire
  • Gallade
  • Jolteon
  • Ninetales
  • Vivillon
  • Poliwrath
  • Weavile
  • Crobat
Added new Alter forms:
  • Volcarona
Added new Creator forms:
  • Mewtwo
  • Xerneas
  • Dragonite
New Valencian Forms:
  • Bellsprout
  • Weepinbell
  • Victreebel
  • Butterfree
  • Paras
  • Parasect
New Summer Forms:
  • Electrode
  • Snorlax
  • Omanyte
New Miscellaneous Forms:
  • Snowy Snorlax
  • Arbok Variations
Added Abilities:
  • Updated Super Luck
  • Updated Rattled
  • Updated Intimidate
  • Updated Infiltrator (affects spawns near player)
  • Added Ball Fetch
  • Added Perish Body
  • Added Dragon's Maw
  • Added Transistor
New Attacks:
  • Added Grassy Glide
  • Added Shell Side Arm
  • Added Dual Wingbeat
  • Added Stalwart
  • Added Tea Time
  • Added Octolock
  • Added Mirror Move
  • Added Darkest Lariat
  • Added Plasma Fists
  • Added Instruct
  • Added Sparkling Aria
  • Added Stomping Tantrum
  • Added Pollen Puff
  • Added Purify
  • Added Core Enforcer
  • Added Misty Explosion
  • Added Shell Trap
  • Added Lash Out
  • Added Spotlight
  • Added Throat Chop
  • Added Corrosive Gas
  • Added Burning Jealousy
  • Added Expanding Force
  • Added Rising Voltage
  • Added Scorching Sands
  • Added Skitter Smack
  • Added Terrain Pulse
  • Added Coaching
  • Added Triple Axel
  • Added Meteor Beam
  • Added Dragon Energy
  • Added Thunder Cage
Added Items:
  • Added Dynamax candy
  • Added all TMs and TRs for generation 8
  • Added Galarica Twig
  • Added Galarica Cuff
Added Decoration:
  • Added Incense decoration blocks
  • Added Relic decorations
  • Added Galarica Cuff display
New Mounts:
  • Abomasnow, Bronzong, Chatot, Empoleon, Infernape, Lickilicky, Rhyperior, Tangrowth, Vespiquen, Venomoth, Golduck, Machoke, Slowbro, Muk, Gengar, Lickitung, Weezing, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Kabutops, Xatu, Espeon, Umbreon, Slowking, Forretress, Granbull, Scizor, Heracross, Blissey, Pinsir, Blaziken, Breloom, Lairon, Swalot, Wailmer, Zangoose, Armaldo, Dusclops, Deoxys (normal, defence, speed, & attack), Leafeon, Glaceon, Swoobat, Gurdurr, Vanilluxe, Delphox, Greninja, Diggersby, Pangoro, Aegislash, Malamar, Barbaracle, Dragalge, Clawitzer, Sylveon, Trevenant, Hoopa (unbound), Lurantis, Oranguru, Passimian, Palossand, Type: Null, Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini, Zeraora
  • Added support for & color codes in MESSAGE.
  • Added quest objectives: NPC_TALK, NPC_SHOW, NPC_GIVE
  • NPC objective no longer uses count, NPC_RESPOND without a response index now defaults to 0.
  • Added SpawnPokemonAction (Give and Spawn) for quests.
  • Changed RandomObjective, moved PokemonObjective away from storing specs as this breaks things.
  • Added FollowthroughObjective.
  • Added a builder pattern for quests.
  • Fixed FakePlayers causing errors with Quests.
  • Added KEY_ITEM and TAKE_KEY_ITEM actions.
  • Added DIALOGUE action.
  • NPC type objectives now chain to one another, unlocking infinite possibilities with DIALOGUE.
  • Removed quest type and rarity.
  • Quests can now be set to be repeatable explicitly.
  • Quests can now be marked as unabandonable.
  • Multiple quests with the same NPC now go one after another.
  • Quest icons are now much higher resolution.
  • Quest overlay in the bottom corner of the screen will now point to quest markers of the shown quest, if any are present.
  • Added Dynamax.
  • Added support for Emissive textures. All Strike and Alter Pokémon now have this.
  • Added new advancements for forms.
  • Added recipes for curry ingredients.
  • Implemented in-depth riding. All generation 1 Pokémon now use this system - riding these Pokémon will feel entirely different, with each Pokémon individually customized.
  • You can now place stuff on tables!
  • All Pokémon in Sword and Shield are on a generation 8 moveset. Any that haven't made the cut yet are on generation 7.
  • Added a structures spawn condition, for creating spawn sets within Minecraft structures such as strongholds.
  • Added new Better Spawner block category, structure.
  • Added new spawn location types: Indoors, Manmade, Surface Lava, Underground Lava, Lava Floor, Liquid, Surface Liquid, Underground Liquid, Liquid Floor
  • Added NPC skins; Aqua Boss, Flare Grunt Female, Flare Grunt Male, Galactic Boss, Galactic Grunt Female, Galactic Grunt Male, Giovanni, Guzma, Lass3, Lysandre, Magma Boss, Magma Grunt Male, Magma Grunt Female, N, Plasma Grunt Male, Plasma Grunt Female, Skull Grunt Female, Skull Grunt Female, Team Yell Male, Team Yell Female, Youngster 6, Youngster 7
  • Added new Trainer NPCs (Also as Dialogue NPCs; Aqua Boss, Flare Grunt Female, Flare Grunt Male, Galactic Boss, Galactic Grunt Female, Galactic Grunt Male, Giovanni, Guzma, Lysandre, Magma Boss, Magma Grunt Male, Magma Grunt Female, N, Plasma Grunt Male, Plasma Grunt Female, Skull Grunt Female, Skull Grunt Female, Team Yell Male, Team Yell Female


  • New Sprites for Grookey, Thwackey, Rillaboom, Scorbunny, Raboot, Cinderace, Sobble, Drizzile, Inteleon, Skwovet, Greedent, Rookidee, Corvisquire, Corviknight, Blipbug, Dottler, Orbeetle, Nickit, Thievul, Wooloo, Dubwool, Chewtle, Drednaw, Yamper, Boltund, Rolycoly, Carkol, Coalossal, Flapple, Appletun, Silicobra, Sandaconda, Gossifleur, Eldegoss, Runerigus, Solrock, Lunatone, Luvdisc & Bronzor
  • Mints will now only be farmable on tilled soil.
  • Mints will no longer drop a seed after being fully grown.
  • The /legendaryspawn command will now force a spawn even if spawning is disabled.
  • Encountering a Pokémon in battle now causes it to register as seen in the player's Pokédex. This also includes properly-registered spectators to a battle.
  • Moved Forage to the Better Spawner.
  • Updated Dialga and Palkia's catch rates to their modern game stats.
  • Raised the max allowed purchase size for shopkeepers, up to either the maximum money available or the maximum empty inventory space.
  • Disabling an entire generation of spawns will now also effect wild trainers and traders.
  • Allow a trade of your last Pokémon if the trade is valid. (e.g. not an egg)
  • Switch up Move Tutors to accept direct item input, rather than requiring tab completion. Also extends to the Trainer Editor.
  • Added flavor stats to berry tooltips.
  • You can no longer fish with a fainted team.
  • Updated Gastro Acid to reflect new abilities it should not work on.
  • Updated the list of moves that Bulletproof blocks.
  • You can no longer place a berry under a chest.
  • Bottle Caps will now look for the config max level instead of being locked to level 100.
  • Updated Destiny Bond to generation 7 and 8 mechanics - Destiny Bond now fails if it was used successfully on the last turn, and fails if the opponent is dynamaxed.
  • Added secondary egg groups for all new Pokémon.
  • Updated Type and Status icons.
  • You can now use item meta in trainer drops.
  • Shrunk Pokémon sprites in Pokéchecker to prevent them looking so blown up.
  • Changed the statue interface to allow for longer form names.
  • Pokémon will no longer take drowning damage if they are in a Water egg group.
  • Pokémon will no longer take fire damage if they are Water type.
  • Pokémon will only not take lava damage if they are Fire type.
  • Pokémon will heal from lightning bolt damage if they are Electric type.
  • Pokémon will no longer take magic damage if they are in the Mineral egg group.
  • Pokémon will no longer take any damage except magic if they are Ghost type.
  • Vice Grip -> Vise Grip, the single most important change of Sword and Shield.
Model Changes:
  • Updated Miltank to SMD
  • Updated Larvesta to SMD
  • Updated Volcarona to SMD
  • Updated Nihilego to SMD, added Emission
  • Fixed Rookidee's model
  • Fixed Wooloo's model
  • Updated NPC skins; Aqua Grunt Female, Aqua Grunt Male, Lass 2, Magma Grunt Male, Magma Grunt Female, Pokémaniac Girl 2, Punk Girl.
Mount Changes:
  • Fearow, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Ninetales (normal & alolan), Vileplume, Arcanine, Machamp, Rapidash, Dewgong, Cloyster, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Tauros, Bibarel, Drifblim, Floatzel, Gastrodon, Honchkrow, Staraptor, Torterra, Lapras, Snorlax, Dragonite, Mewtwo, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Noctowl, Ariados, Crobat, Lanturn, Quagsire, Girafarig, Ursaring, Mantine, Skarmory, Kingdra, Donphan, Stantler, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Camerupt, Vibrava, Flygon, Whiscash, Crawdaunt, Claydol, Milotic, Tropius, Sealeo, Walrein, Huntail, Gorebyss, Salamence, Regirock, Registeel, Latias, Latios, Groudon, Chesnaught, Talonflame, Pyroar, Gogoat, Furfrou, Tyrantrum, Goodra, Avalugg, Xerneas, Yveltal, Volcanion


  • Removed a Held Item restriction, fixes certain held items not appearing on wild spawns.
  • Mug recipes now craft their respective mug properly.
  • Fixed Pokémon that were marked as invisible still showing particles.
  • Fixed Flapple breeding into more Flapples instead of Applin.
  • As an extension to the above, all of gen 8 should breed properly now.
  • Chatting NPCs will no longer ghost lines onto other NPCs.
  • Pokemon#increaseFriendship now boosts the amount gained if the Pokémon is holding a Soothe Bell.
  • Thunder stone armour set effects no longer persist when pieces are removed.
  • Unshorn Mareep/Wooloo/Dubwool no longer cause items to get stuck in their wool when right-clicking.
  • Fixed the Ground Gym exit door.
  • Fixed a held item dupe.
  • Fixed Mint buffs reset on using a Rare Candy or winning a battle.
  • Made Pokéspecs handle gender forms better - this fixes /pokegive for a gendered form not always returning the correct sprite.
  • Fixed a crash with the Pokémon Editor.
  • Remove some really old form version code that was pre-IEnumForm era. Fixes a few bugs with the new special textured forms being wiped.
  • Fixed statue handling of gender forms, fixes Magikarp's jump forms with statues.
  • Fixed a class cast error from Electrode and Voltorb models when breeding or when used as statues.
  • Fixed an issue with the fishing log menu on servers.
  • Fixed Dream balls.
  • Fixed the Shiny Charm not being obtainable.
  • Removed an erroneous pixel from the small TV sprite.
  • Fixed the Pokédex being stuck at 95%.
  • Fixed client languages other than en_US breaking the custom trainer/resource pack skin GUI.
  • Fixed an issue with form names containing underscores not working with the form spec.
  • Fixed curry tooltips.
  • Fixed a crash with specific dyes used on chairs.
  • Spawn info in the Pokédex now translates properly.
Battle Fixes:
  • Fixed Battle GUI actions persisting if you're clicking too fast. No more accidental ball throws!
  • Fixed inverse battling ignoring double types.
  • ...also, inverse battling works properly now.
  • Corrosion now causes normal effectiveness against Steel-type Pokémon for non Poison-type moves.
  • Corrosion can now properly poison Poison-Type Pokémon.
  • Bide will now longer faint a Pokémon that isn't in battle.
  • Bide now has a proper damage calculation. (status issue)
  • Bide no longer ignores Protect.
  • Fixed Steam Engine sending ~100 speed stat change particles when it shouldn't have.
  • Fixes Burn Up not removing Fire typing from the user.
  • Fixed No Retreat applying No-Escape to the opponent, and not having targets defined.
  • Fixed mismatch between Eject Button and Throat Spray.
  • Fixed bypassing the isAlreadyInBattle check, prevents a dupe.
  • Fixed Chip Away, Sacred Sword and the Unaware ability not ignoring evasion stats.
  • Fixed Z-Growth having the wrong crystal assigned.
  • Fixed some attacks ignoring accuracy.
  • Fixed OHKO moves hitting targets of a higher level than the user if No Guard, Lock-On, etcetera were used.
  • Handle NPC battles removing items from the user with certain moves, should properly update stats if this was a held item. Accounts for moves that shouldn't be taken.
  • Fixed mega stones being removed once Pokémon have been mega evolved mid battle.
  • Fixed throwing the confusion check if the Pokémon is flinched.
  • Revert to non-temp forms by using the known form when they entered battle, or used the move skill. This should allow for temp battle forms to revert back to the proper special form.
  • Added a safe guard for Zen mode acting on a fainted Pokémon.
  • Stuff Cheeks now functions as intended.
Ranch Fixes:
  • Fixed Eggs being deleted if a ranch block was activated after being loaded, but before the first refresh tick.
  • Fixed Ranches not showing eggs when unloaded and reloaded.
  • Fixed hourglasses being usable when an egg is already present.
  • Fixes hourglasses being usable when Pokémon were not breedable.
  • Fixed not showing canBreed not being used when checking compatibility.
  • Added TileEntityRanchBlock.canBreed() (with some java doc to show it)
  • Fixed Pokémon showing they were falling in love when not breedable.
Mount Fixes:
  • Chandelure, Clefable, Corviknight, Drednaw, Dusknoir, Regigigas, Reuniclus, Sigilyph, Starmie, Bidoof, Durant, & Stunfisk


  • Added a cancel-able event for use with the Ilex Shrine. Also allows for manipulation of the Pokémon spawned directly.
  • Pokemon#getNature now returns the active nature, e.g. the mint nature, if present. Pokemon#getNature(boolean) is deprecated and a new method Pokemon#getBaseNature is now the replacement for getting the original nature. Care should be taken to use getBaseNature in places like breeding and data exporting. This fixes all issues with mint natures being ignored when stats are updated, such as by level up or other changes.
  • BlockPokeChest no longer sends a "loot claimed" message when the event is cancelled.
  • Added shopkeeper NPC to ShopkeeperEvent.
  • Added new API: WarpPlateEvent
  • Added the DialogueInput API, it's an API GUI that allows for simple text input.
  • Added egg support to the sprite NBT format.
  • Moved ISyncHandler and IReflectingMessage out of the API package. They cannot be API as they extend a Forge class that will not exist after 1.12 and thus will break.
  • Added a custom BadgeCase API.
  • Removed deprecated methods and classes from older versions.
  • Changed names of the Special Megas to make the forms spec work a bit nicer.
  • Added StatusEvoCondition.
  • Implemented a nature evo condition.

Pixelmon Mod 8.0.2

"Generation 8, roll out!"

  • Remember to delete your external jsons and config folder before updating to a new version. See


Added new Pokemon:
  • Grookey
  • Thwackey
  • Rillaboom
  • Scorbunny
  • Raboot
  • Cinderace
  • Sobble
  • Drizzile
  • Inteleon
  • Skwovet
  • Greedent
  • Rookidee
  • Corvisquire
  • Corviknight
  • Blipbug
  • Dottler
  • Orbeetle
  • Nickit
  • Thievul
  • Gossifleur
  • Eldegloss
  • Wooloo
  • Dubwool
  • Chewtle
  • Drednaw
  • Yamper
  • Boltund
  • Rolycoly
  • Carkol
  • Coalossal
  • Applin
  • Flapple
  • Appletun
  • Silicobra
  • Sandaconda
  • Mr. Rime
  • Runerigus
  • Stonjourner
  • Eiscue
  • Galarian Yamask
  • Galarian Stunfisk
  • 8.0.1 - Sinistea
  • 8.0.1 - Polteageist
  • Added new variations to Jump! - Will require an appraised Good Rod
Added new Alter forms:
  • Azumarill
  • Aegislash-Blade
  • Shedinja
  • Claydol
  • Salamance
  • Porygon-Z
  • Greninja
  • Ash-Greninja
Added new Creator forms:
  • Eevee
  • Porygon-Z
  • Sentret
  • Ash-Greninja
New Rainbow Forms:
  • Skarmory
New Zombie Forms:
  • Sableye
  • Mega-Sableye
Added Abilities:
  • Added Gorilla Tactics
  • Added Screen Cleaner
  • Added Corrosion ability
  • Added Innards Out ability
  • Added Propeller Tail
  • Added Ice Face
New Attacks:
  • Added Snap Trap
  • Added Stuff Cheeks
  • Added Tar Shot
  • Added Snipe Shot
  • Added Dragon Darts
Added Items:
  • Added Dream Balls

  • Heavy Duty Boots

  • Feathers (Health, Muscle, Resist, Genius, Clever, Swift, Pretty) - Wings are now removed from the drop pool, but still exist. We may make use of them in the future, so allow these to fall out of rotation.

  • Mints (Lonely Mint, Adamant Mint, Naughty Mint, Brave Mint, Bold Mint, Impish Mint, Lax Mint, Relaxed Mint, Modest Mint, Mild Mint, Rash Mint, Quiet Mint, Calm Mint, Gentle Mint, Careful Mint, Sassy Mint, Timid Mint, Hasty Mint, Jolly Mint, Naive Mint, Serious Mint)

Added Curry items:
  • Curry (Base, Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter, and Sour) (All below have these same variations)
  • Sausage Curry
  • Juicy Curry
  • Rich Curry
  • Bean Medley Curry
  • Toast Curry
  • Pasta Curry
  • Mushroom Medley Curry
  • Smoked-Tail Curry
  • Leek Curry
  • Apple Curry
  • Bone Curry
  • Plenty-of-Potato Curry
  • Herb Medley Curry
  • Salad Curry
  • Fried-Food Curry
  • Boiled-Egg Curry
  • Tropical Curry
  • Cheese-Covered Curry
  • Seasoned Curry
  • Whipped-Cream Curry
  • Decorative Curry
  • Coconut Curry
  • Instant-Noodle Curry
  • Burger-Steak Curry
  • Gigantamax Curry
Added Curry Ingredients:
  • Bach's Food Tin
  • Bob's Food Tin
  • Boiled Egg
  • Bread
  • Brittle Bones
  • Coconut Milk
  • Fancy Apple
  • Fresh Cream
  • Fried Food
  • Fruit Bunch
  • Gigantamix
  • Instant Noodles
  • Large Leek
  • Mixed Mushrooms
  • Moomoo Cheese
  • Pack of Potatoes
  • Packaged Curry
  • Pasta
  • Precooked Burger
  • Pungent Root
  • Salad Mix
  • Sausages
  • Smoke-Poke Tail
  • Spice Mix
  • Tin of Beans
Added Decoration:
  • Added the Robe Alter. With this update, the standard Pixelmon Robe will be accessible to everybody. The Robe Alter will be the new giveaway reward, and had you previously won a Robe on our Discord, you will already own this new one.
  • Added Street Lights
  • Added Benches (Acacia, Big Oak, Birch, Jungle, Oak, Spruce)
  • Added Mugs (White, Pokeball, Pikachu)
  • Added recipes for the couches.
  • 8.0.1 - Added Mugs (White, Pokeball, Pika)
Quests Additions:
  • Added Quest Giver NPC type, added a GUI for Quests
  • Long quest names now squish themselves in the UI
  • Added a bunch of new default quests
  • POKEMON based objectives now have an inserter for picking a spec at random.
  • Actions: COMMAND
  • /completeallquests [player] - Completes all quests.
  • /resetallquests [player] - Resets all quests.
  • /setstage [player] - Set the stage of a quest.
  • /questdata {numeric,literal} [value] - Set a data field in your progress for this quest
  • /reloadquests - Reloads quests.


  • Rare Candy can now be used on level 100 Pokemon to trigger evolution.
  • Removed the 100 stat cap from vitamins, allowing them to be used for the 252 single stat cap/total 510 cap.
  • Updated healing berries to heal a third of health rather than an eighth.
  • Lowered the spawn ratio of Ilex Shines by like... a lot
  • Added ability to have tooltips on Pixelmon itemblocks.
  • Increased the hardness of Zygarde machines, no longer made of drywall.
  • Limited shopkeeper's buy screen to the max stack size of the item they are selling, validates that limit server side. Sell limit not effected, as that always validates they have the amount in inventory.
  • Removed the quantity modifier in the vending machine packets, as they are always limited to 1.
  • Bikes can no longer be placed on the same block.
  • Special textures have been converted to forms. You can access them by using the form spec now!
  • Updated the Pokedex to allow for new entries.
  • Pain Split no longer does direct damage. Will not trigger Disguise.
  • 8.0.1 - Pokemon now follow the player if they are holding a mint.
Model Changes:
  • Updated Idle for Regice
  • Updated Model for Sandile (We heard you, Blocky Sandile is now updated as an accessible form)
  • Updated Model for Politoed
  • Updated Model for Drapion
  • Updated Model for Krokorok
  • Updated Model for Krookodile
  • Updated Model for Cryogonal
  • Updated Model for Snorlax
  • Updated Model for Yamask
  • Updated Model for Skorupi
  • Updated Model for Goldeen
  • Updated Model for Seaking
  • Updated Model for Paras
  • Updated Model for Parasect
  • 8.0.1 - Updated Model for Eevee Creator form
Quests Changes:
  • Fixed bugs in ITEM_GIVE if it was used more than once.
  • Fixed bugs with client sided quests showing up on servers.
  • Fixed bugs where quests load when they're not there.


  • Fixed missing text for Wishiwashi's Schooling Ability.
  • Fixed missing entries in the Magikarp Fishing Log.
  • Fixed Old Fisherman giving multiple logs in some cases.
  • Fixed Lucky Punch and Leek not applying critical modifier properly.
  • Fixed an issue with natural Ilex Shrines not triggering events properly.
  • Fixed some dying issues with Mareep.
  • Fixed Large TV not dropping itself when broken.
  • Fixed and incompatibility with fonts, resource packs, and mods that affect tooltips.
  • Fixed client quests showing on servers.
  • Fixed the Knock Off move for NPCs.
  • Fixed Vanilla clients being able to connect to Pixelmon servers.
  • Fixed Ability Capsule being useable on Zygarde.
  • Fixed a crash related to Zygardes with an incorrect form.
  • Fixed Bike rendering with the smooth animation setting.
  • Fixed an issue with battles stalling due to form and level changes.
  • 8.0.1 - Fixed Alolan sprties.
  • 8.0.1 - Fixed Wooloo and DubWool not being shearable.
  • 8.0.1 - Fixed Summer Raichu using the wrong model.
  • 8.0.1 - Fixed the gen 8 water starters not having the correct ability.
  • 8.0.1 - Fixed Scorbunny evolving into Raboot at the wrong level, (35 not 16)
  • 8.0.1 - Fixed corviknight flying model's scale.
  • 8.0.1 - Fixed the jump skined pokemon spawning in the wild.
  • 8.0.1 - Fixed All pre 8.0.0 pokemon being given a hardy mint nature.
  • 8.0.1 - Fixed an issue with special forms not overriding shiny properly.
  • 8.0.1 - Fixed Silicobra's and Sandaconda's spawning files.
  • 8.0.1 - Fixed a crash when starting a battle caused by a form change happening to quickly.
  • 8.0.1 - Fixed some of Corviknight's level-up moves.


  • Added new event CustomDropsEvent.
  • Added new event PixelmonKnockoutEvent.

Pixelmon Mod 7.3.1

"Bye-Bye Pixelmon 7"


  • Added Wishiwashi's School form and relevant logic.

  • Added Zygarde forms and the reassembly machine. You will need a special item to catch well-hidden Zygarde cells throughout the world!

  • Added new functionality to the Old Rod! Have an old fisherman assess your Old Rod and Jump! at the opportunity to try it out!

  • Added quests. You can now have tasks and rewards divvied out by your local villager NPCs! These will be continually added to in order to keep the experience fresh, and servers and creators can make custom quests for you to experience with this system. View Quests Wiki page for more information.

You can also share quests! Do so on the Pixelmon Forum

  • Added a smooth animation setting. This may be taxing on older systems, and is disabled by default. Enable it in the Pixelmon config file if you're rocking enough power to run Crysis.

  • Added Pokédex generation options.

  • Added 9 new berries to the forageable items list.

  • Added infusion recipes for all 9 Incense held items.

  • Added tab completion to most GUIs that take Pokémon names, move names or item names as text input.

  • Added rainbow variants of Ho-Oh, Ponyta, and Rapidash. You can obtain them by using a Rainbow Wing on them!

  • Added the Ilex Shrine. Celebi can be found here if you know the way!

  • Added storage blocks for Silicon and Aluminium.

  • Added crafting recipes for the Pokésand variants.

  • Added the other core colors for Minior.

  • Added a "bald" version of Mareep to indicate if it has been sheared. With this, you can now dye and shear Mareep once again!

  • Added Custom Texture Spec.

  • Added Real Solgaleo.

  • Added Rayquaza Alter.

  • Added Kecleon Alter.

  • Added Zoroark....Alter. This was a joke that went too far. I'm so sorry.

  • Added Pyukumuku Sushi. Less sorry.

  • Added Summer Lopunny and Raichu-Alola.

  • Added Crystal Onix, Steelix and Mega Steelix.

  • Added Pink Beedrill, Butterfree, Misdreavus, Mismagius, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Venomoth, Venonat.

  • Added Alien Celebi.

  • Added Zombie Arcanine, Ditto, Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard X and Y, Mega Venasaur, Ash Greninja, Mega Gyarados, Samurott.

  • Added new decorative blocks. These include the Cash Register, Workstations, Armchairs, Couches, Park Benches, a Big TV and a Small TV. Some of these are dyeable.

  • Added a special hat for users who boost the SwSh Subreddit Discord. Join here

  • Added the Nitro Sash, to be given to Pixelmon Discord boosters along with the keystone. This was supposed to come with the keystone, oops. Blame Klaxo :)


  • Increased the spawn chance for Meltan slightly, and lowered some of its requirements.

  • Added a confirmation screen when attempting to delete an NPC by smacking them with the Editor wand. Also allowed smacking to delete all Pixelmon NPCs for consistency.

  • Added the Type and CustomTexture Specs. (Thanks, Flashback083!)

  • We now mark the player as active on some battle actions to fix being kicked as 'AFK' on servers with AFK kicking enabled.

  • You can now select your sash via /redeem if you have multiple.

  • Pixelmon tooltips can be customized on individual item stacks with the "tooltip" NBT tag. Set it to an empty string to hide it altogether.

  • Added fallback texture to resource pack NPC skins.

  • The allowMoneyMultipliers config option has been split up in to multiple options for Happy Hour, Pay Day, and Amulet Coin.

  • Updated Shadow Lugia to a new texture, oops. Blame Klaxo.

  • Updated animations for Excadrill, Sableye and Araquanid.


  • Fixed a timeout issue during battles caused by a lack of packets being sent from the client.

  • Fixed not being able to pick Bulbasaur (or any other Pokémon in the first menu slot) as your starter.

  • Fixed a null pointer crash from rendering sprites.

  • Fixed Pokédex not displaying the shiny/form texture changing arrows.

  • Fixed a few brewing recipes that had incorrect berries as inputs.

  • Fixed an issue with automatically disabling the forcedUnicode option.

  • Fixed a crash from gaining XP during battle.

  • Fixed Pokédex asset sizing and positioning to make it look as intended.

  • Fixed Thunder Stone tools lowering the enchant level of efficiency.

  • Fixed Lake Trio Rubies checking for original trainer only by name causing them to not work if a player had changed their name.

  • Fixed an unfortunate error where planting a berry tree on the same block a chest occupied cleared the inventory. Who even does that?

  • Battle Fix: Fixed Gear Up triggering twice on all allies.

  • [7.3.1] Remove PARSE_ESCAPES as its breaking formatting targets.

  • [7.3.1] Change scale of couch and armchair slightly.

  • [7.3.1] Fixed schooling form not reverting to solo (Wishiwashi).


  • Spawning changes are too hefty to be listed here, so you can instead view them on the wiki here: View Spawning Wiki page


  • We have changed from using IDs to Ordinal numbers for Special Textures. Sidemods should take note of this if they interact with textures.

  • Added Pokemon#isOriginalTrainer(EntityPlayerMP) which will check both OT UUID and OT username if there is no UUID set. Older versions of Pixelmon did not store the OT UUID.

  • Pokemon#setOriginalTrainer(EntityPlayerMP) method signature was changed to Pokemon#setOriginalTrainer(EntityPlayer).

Pixelmon Mod 7.2.2

"Little bit of this.. little bit of that"


  • Made it so NPC custom player textures don't change when the player it's based on changes their skin

  • Added Custom Player Name and Custom Resource Pack options to Chatting NPCs

  • Added two new valentines day textures for Gardevoir and Spinda... better late then never right?

  • Added new Pokémon cries for Abomasnow, Aipom, Bruxish, Crustle, Cutiefly, Darmanitan, Darumaka, Delphox, Dwebble, Mimikyu, Noivern, Numel, Pelipper, Riolu, Salamence, Swablu, Vivillon, Whimsicott, and Zoroark.

  • Added a new machine called the Infuser, this allows you to craft Type Gems and Vitamins!

  • Added item tooltips for loads of items! Tooltips also now support full RGB, use the color code §#!


  • Reduced loading times by around 20 seconds!

  • Polished Pokédex GUI with sound effects, animations, etc.

  • Decreased the time it takes for bikes to reach full speed.

  • You can now toggle off a giveaway pokémon texture by using /redeem .

  • Renamed the config option allowPayDayMoney to allowMoneyMultipliers and extended it to the Amulet Coin.

  • Bird Shrines now give a warning when attempting to activate with a fainted party.


  • Fixed a good amount of lag caused by Pokémon spawner.

  • Fixed lag related to creating Pokémon from PokemonSpecs.

  • Fixed the teleport Move Skill sometimes crashing the game. Also fixed it randomly creating neither portals out of the blue.

  • Fixed the in-game config GUI missing some options and categories.

  • Fixed Wobbuffet's, Torkoal's, Porygon-z's, and Burmy's cry sound files not loading due to typos.

  • Fixed some issues with special Pokémon sprites showing as missing texture.

  • Fixed an issue where the animate button on the statue editor would sometimes cause a animation desync.

  • Fixed an issue where the mechanical anvil would desync and show as running when its not.

  • Fixed /redeem sometimes sending the wrong message.

  • Fixed lures being enchantable.

  • Fixed lure inventory code.

  • Fixed an issue where the team selection screen would get stuck open, forcing you to restart your game.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed battling a trainer at the same time as another player.

  • Fixed potion effect positions in inventory.

  • Fixed async chunk loading from /checkspawns.

  • Fixed spawning a boss Necrozma causing an error.

  • Fixed localization error with wormholes in the /checkspawns command.

  • Fixed shovels being unable to create paths.

  • Battle Fixes:

  • Fixed Clanging Scales and Clangorous Soulblaze boosting stats before the move instead of after.

  • Fixed Psychic Terrain blocking moves that had their priority boosted by Quick Claw or a Custap Berry.

  • Fixed Extreme Evoboost not working against Ghost type Pokémon.

  • Fixed Sketch not being able to copy Transform.

  • Fixed Watery Voice not applying type-changes.

  • Fixed an issue when selecting a target in double battles where the wrong move name would show with a z-move selected.


  • Spawning changes are too hefty to be listed here, so instead you can view them on the wiki!

  • View Spawning Changes

Pixelmon Mod 7.2 - The Berry Update

"Mmmm... Berries..."


  • Added Lures, crafted from berries, that increase the spawn rate of many different types of Pokémon.

  • Made the following berries plantable (finally): Oran, Pecha, Chesto, Rawst, Persim, Lum, Sitrus, Aspear, Leppa, Figy, Mago, Wiki, Aguav, Roseli, Chilan, Iapapa.

  • Added an option, 'useSystemTimeForBerries' which makes berries grow even when the game is closed, which means that /time commands won't break berry growth.

  • Added potion brewing recipes that use berries to create Pixelmon potions like Super Potions and Full Heals.

  • Added a special texture spec, allows for spawning Pokémon with the zombie and roasted textures. Can be used as 'st:zombie' or just 'st' to select the first special texture the Pokémon has.

  • Added the Scorhood cosmetic! Available to anyone with a linked Pixelmon forum account.


  • Added new models for Farfetch'd, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, and Poliwrath.

  • Added the config option landMounts. If set to false, Pokémon can no longer be mounted unless they have surf or fly abilities.

  • Added the config option requireHM. It only prevents Pokémon from using the fly and surf abilities. They can still be ridden even if landMounts is true.

  • Added OreDict compatibility for the Anvil block.

  • Reduced how fast you can fly upwards while mounting Pokémon. Yeah, yeah; Celesteela is technically a rocket

  • but that doesn't mean everything else should go up that bloody fast.

  • Added TMs 171-174 to shopkeepers.

  • Made the terrain seeds obtainable from using Headbutt in different forests.

  • Changed a lot of held items in spawning.

  • Improved Biomes O' Plenty support along with some missing biomes.

  • Changed spawning locations/condition for the following legendaries: Celebi, Latias, Kyogre, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Thundurus, Torndaus, Reshiram, Zekrom, Genesect, Volcanion, Tapu Fini, Magneara, Zeraora.

  • Completely changed a bunch of berry tree stuff:

  • All berry plants are now 1 block tall and are actually consistently sized.

  • Berry trees no longer take up the entire block for collisions so you they don't feel so silly to walk over.

  • Berries now make plant sounds when destroyed instead of wood sounds.

  • Berries replant themselves up to 9 times instead of having a 50% chance of replanting.


  • Fixed Magearna and Raticate not having shiny sprites.

  • Fixed a crash in some menus caused by having a Pokémon with the '/div> symbol in its nickname.

  • Fixed Kyogre requiring a Red Orb to undergo Primal Reversion outside of battle. How they thought red was for Kyogre is beyond someone on my salary.

  • Fixed Battle-Bond Greninja not being able to change form outside of battle.

  • Fixed the Ignite and Lightning Bolt move skills ignoring claim protection on servers.

  • Fixed more issues with Pixelmon Spawner blocks causing crashing.

  • Fixed item display names not being used properly in the item drop GUI.

  • Fixed a rendering issue with Picket Fences.

  • Fixed the message about items dropping due to a full inventory having a blank space instead of the item name.

  • Fixed some advancements displaying incorrectly.

  • Fixed a packet exploit that allowed people to buy enormous amounts of stuff from shopkeepers for free.

  • Fixed a packet vulnerability where you can make other players use Struggle to make battles extra easy.

  • Fixed another packet exploit that let people arbitrarily delete trainer NPC Pokémon.

  • Fixed an quick timing exploit with capturing out of battle allowing you to capture a wild pokemon twice if you engaged it at the same time you threw a empty Pokéball at it.

  • Fixed swimming Pokémon falling through the air in slow motion as if they were in water.

  • Fixed the rare case of entities attempting to spawn in unloaded chunks.

  • Fixed a mod incompatibility with Phosphor, Silent Gems, and many others due to the spawning system handling light incorrectly.

  • Fixed Pokédex descriptions cutting creating new lines in the middle of a word.


  • Fixed various Pokédex headings not translating.


  • Added IRarityTweak to the Better Spawner API so that individual rarities can be modified for different players.

Pixelmon Mod 7.1.1

"Ooh, pretty things!"


  • Added Temple Slabs and Temple Brick Slabs.

  • Added particle effects to the Smelt, Ignite, Heal Other, and Flash move skills so that they look way, way cooler.

  • Added Electric Seed, Grassy Seed, Misty Seed, Psychic Seed items. They are sometimes held by specific wild Pokémon, and findable by using Forage in grass.

  • Added an outside-of-battle effect to the Poison status, causing it to drain HP. This was actually done in 7.1 but we forgot so we're saying it here.


  • Changed the Flash move skill so that any Pokémon with the Illuminate ability can use it. It does make sense.

  • The Ignite move skill now has much longer range; I assume so that you can appreciate the cool effect.

  • The Heal Other move skill no longer drains health from the user.

  • The "needHMToRide" option now also prevents Pokémon that could neither fly nor swim from being mounted.


  • Fixed the model scale of Emboar, Oshawott, and Snivy.

  • Fixed the Forage and Mega Evolve move skills saying that you don't have enough PP despite them not even requiring a move.

  • Fixed the Rain Dance move skill NOT requiring PP when it should. Don't ask me what's going on with this dev.

  • Fixed some people crashing when their battles end.

  • Fixed spawner blocks crashing you when you try to edit them. Sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

  • Fixed Pokémon-targeting move skills forcing the user to get super close even if the move skill is long range.

  • Fixed the Pokédex advancements being given when you're actually 1 away from unlocking it.

  • Fixed the allowExternalMoves option not matching whatever it is on the server, and fixed that option not being respected in enough places.

  • Fixed the animate button in the chisel GUI not sending those changes to everyone else on the server.

  • Fixed a hacking vulnerability that let hackers crash whichever servers they liked. Well, whichever servers they hated.

  • Fixed players' games thinking that they're still in battle if they logged out and then back in.

  • Fixed fleeing or forfeiting a battle giving back consumed held items regardless of the 'returnHeldItems' config option.

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to target an entity that isn't a living entity. Like, say, a furnace on a minecart.


  • Added an API for the particle effects used for battles and move skills. It's handled through VariableParticleEffect.

Pixelmon Mod 7.1.0 - The Integration Update

"Pixelmon, but with Minecraft"


  • Added bikes! Includes both the Acro and Mach bike! You can find the crafting recipes here: Pixelmon Wiki

  • The Mach bike is fast! Be careful not to drive off cliffs.

  • The Acro bike is not as fast as the Mach bike, but no need to be careful driving off cliffs! It's cushioned well, I hear.

  • Added a new GUI for selecting external moves! Also, renamed those to move skills. Don't ask me why.

  • Added move skills: (Find which moves are needed and more information here: Pixelmon Wiki )

  • Flash: Creates a temporary light at the Pokémon's location.

  • Mount Boost: Temporarily increases the Pokémon's riding speed.

  • Ground Birds: Grounds nearby flying Pokémon so they're easier to engage in battle.

  • Rain Dance: In LAN and singleplayer, this changes the weather to rain. If Kyogre uses it, it's a thunderstorm!

  • Sunny Day: In LAN and singleplayer, this clears the weather.

  • Scare: Spooks all nearby Pokémon and gives you the Repel effect for a while.

  • Analyse Pokémon: Uses psychic power to reveal nature, ability, and other information about the targeted wild Pokémon.

  • Smelt: Pours fire into a furnace, powering it. Strong Fire-type moves can instantly smelt some of the contents!

  • Ore Sense: Uses magnetism to illuminate nearby ores for a short time.

  • Special thanks to Veraxiel, Oomaloo, and Fapdos for their excellent artwork for these!

  • Even more thanks to the many players who suggested these in comment sections on YouTube. Some of these are fantastic ideas!

  • Added male/female variations for Combee. It's just a little red dot, but it helps. That's what they tell me, anyway.

  • Added an "animate" button to the chisel GUI so you can make statues animate without doing hard stuff.

  • Added a wearable Mega Anchor keystone.

  • Added an Eevee hood, like the Pikachu hood, as a new giveaway item!

  • Added "generation" spec, so you can spawn or filter Pokémon based on the generation they were added in.

  • Added "legendary" spec, similar to the above but for legendary/not legendary.

  • Added global rarity multipliers to the Better Spawner config. The developer is assuring me it will be useful.


  • Improved the look and performance of Ultra Wormholes. Less lag, more sparkle.

  • Updated the sprites for Hiroku's Gold and Silver Lens.

  • Increased the maximum number of characters in the Pokémon name box of spawner blocks from 32 to 250, just a li'l bump.

  • Compressed all our model files to binary to shave off some of the file size and decrease model load time.

  • Shiny charms now also apply to Rock Smash, fishing, all that stuff.

  • Better Spawner tags are now used as intervals.

  • All Pokémon Spec loading from JSONs now supports string formats such as "spec". Example: "Pikachu lvl:5 untradeable"

  • Added support for auto-tagging of spawns on a Pokémon Spec basis, through the Better Spawner Config.

  • Pokémon SpecFlags such as "untradeable" and "unbreedable" can now be removed with "unbreedable:false", for example.


  • Fixed deleting Pokémon from the PC search window deleting the wrong one.

  • Fixed shiny Vullaby and Pikachu not having a different texture to the usual for some strange reason.

  • Fixed Bottle Caps not being usable on Pokémon that can be mounted.

  • Fixed server-side custom Pokémon Specs not working in spawner blocks.

  • Fixed party storage sometimes not being saved and unloaded if it was loaded while the player was offline.

  • Fixed the spawner block GUI radius option label being broken text.

  • Fixed another crash from older Forge versions. You should still be on 2838, though! We're watching!

  • Fixed a crash caused by searching a PC without specifying a species, as well as a few other less common causes.

  • Fixed PC searching not showing nicknamed Pokémon despite having the species name typed into the search box.

  • Fixed Ethers causing errors and not displaying up-to-date information in the GUI when used outside of battle.

  • Fixed Marowak, Raichu, and Exeggutor being unable to pass down their hidden abilities.

  • Fixed Pokéball inheritance not using generation 7 mechanics where it gives equal chance for same-species parents.

  • Fixed custom particles being way too intensive under certain conditions.

  • Fixed Kyurem transform effect jitter.

  • Fixed bells causing crashes.

  • Fixed battle rule clauses being reset and replaced with just forfeit for engaging trainers.

  • Fixed fainted Pokémon still attempting evolution, only to fail and trap you in the evolution screen for eternity.

  • Fixed ability names with "armour" in them not accepting the U.S. spelling in commands and GUIs.

  • Fixed Cut as a move skill causing lag spikes for large trees.

  • Fixed the "canPokemonBeHit" option allowing Pokémon to be hurt with weapons during battles, which isn't sporting at all.

  • Fixed Frillish and other gender-formed Pokémon always getting the same ability.

  • Fixed Crafting Tables having a breeding environment value of 3. (now it's 1)

  • Fixed /redeem not showing whether you have the boosted necklace.

  • Fixed not being able to put held items on a Pokémon if the held item had some extra NBT data.

  • Fixed battles force-switching the camera view even if the battle camera is disabled. Fixes Vivecraft issues.

  • Fixed "/pokegive" not working from console if the person you're giving it to is named after a Pokémon. So, like, not even a thousand people.

  • Fixed trainer battle rules not being respected when challenging a trainer using V-targeting and /pokebattle.

  • Fixed Pokeloots duplicating the item within them if the same item is put in to multiple Pokeloots.

  • Fixed the Shiny Charm showing the wrong status in the GUI.

  • Fixed battle animations only working in the overworld.

  • Battles:

  • Fixed starting a battle with a double battle trainer starting you with duplicate Pokémon.

  • Fixed Unburden boosts lasting even between battles.

  • Fixed status icons vanishing in-battle in a bunch of situations.

  • Fixed Facade not ignoring the physical attack reduction of burns.

  • Fixed Arceus and Silvally being able to be given Plates/Memories in battle.

  • Fixed Spectral Thief not ignoring Substitute.

  • Fixed Grass Whistle not being recognised as a sound-based move when a whistle is clearly a sound.

  • Fixed Aurora Veil and Reflect reducing the damage done by Brick Break and Psychic Fangs. Also fixed Aurora Veil's double battle behaviour.

  • Fixed Clear Smog resetting the user's stat changes instead of the target's.

  • Fixed newly learned moves in battle not being visible until one turn later.

  • Fixed Clanging Scales and Clangorous Soulblaze only hitting one foe in double battles.

  • Fixed trapping moves working for one less turn than they should.


  • Updated es_ES, it_IT, ko_KR, and ru_RU. These translation guys are great.


  • Pokémon Specs now remember the original String array that was used to create them.

  • Pokémon SpecFlags are now sent to the client so they can be parsed and checked locally.

  • They also don't really need to be extended, it's not abstract anymore.

  • This breaks any sidemod that had SpecFlag implementations!

  • Added TimespaceEvent, with many subevents, for handling when things happen to Timespace Altars.

Pixelmon Mod 7.0.8

"A few more fixes before 7.1!"


  • Implemented the move effects for Beak Blast, Burn Up, Shore Up, Speed Swap, Photon Geyser, and Spectral Thief.

  • Added in Gold and Silver bottle caps. Both can be found via fishing in the ocean, with Silver also being tier 3 PokéLoot.

  • Added a new keystone cosmetic, the Mega Glasses!


  • Removed a bunch of the unused 'rarity' stuff in the NPC JSONs since that confuses absolutely everyone.

  • Complete overhaul on Pokémon spawning rarities across the board to account for the change in the last version.


  • Fixed Ultra Necrozma's model having a huge horn.

  • Fixed a crash on older Forge versions due to newer Forge versions breaking some small API.

  • Fixed Poké Balls flying through certain solid blocks like glass. They can still go through grass like they should, though!

  • Fixed an issue where battles would leak memory and linger after a player had left the game.

  • Fixed not being able to battle occasionally due to previous battles lingering.

  • Fixed a stack overflow (a very bad crash) caused by the Pokédex trying to give the Shiny Charm when loading.

  • Fixed an off-by-one error in the /shinycharm command causing target selectors to not work.

  • Fixed egg hatching taking absolutely forever if you have the passive healing option on.

  • Fixed /pokebattle not allowing for 1v1 Double Battles, it was only supporting Multi/Tag Battles.

  • Fixed /pokebattle not starting battles with NPCs.

  • Fixed Pixelmon Grass and Spawner Cave Rock blocks being able to interrupt evolution. (which is very impolite)

  • Fixed /dolegendaryspawn not working from the server console.

  • Fixed spawning areas being too strict on Pokémon size, making large Pokémon spawning almost impossible.

  • Fixed Deep Sea Tooth and Scale giving stat boosts to Pokémon other than Clamperl.

  • Fixed Meloetta and Aerodactyl missing some Tutor Moves.

  • Fixed storages not being unloaded from memory after a user logs off.

  • Fixed a desync issue with the Pokédex not registering a caught Pokémon if caught with a Pokéball.

  • Fixed a crash due to Pokédex updates when the receiving player is not online.

  • Fixed a crash when opening the Pokédex on a server without Pixelmon installed or before you're given a starter Pokémon.

  • Fixed a crash caused by clicking the Pokédex before it's finished its opening animation.

  • Fixed an issue with Sponge due to Shop Keepers giving items to the player.

  • Fixed a packet exploit with vending machines.

  • Battle Fixes:

  • Fixed several battle rules causing crashing when Necrozma with its Z Crystal is in the battle.

  • Fixed Ultra Burst counting as Mega Evolution making it so you can't Mega Evolve another Pokémon in the same battle.

  • Fixed The Light That Burns The Sky not being a option after Ultra Bursting.

  • Fixed Photon Geyser, Moongeist Beam, Sunsteel Strike and their Z counterparts not ignoring abilities.

  • Fixed Revelation Dance becoming normal type instead of being typeless if the user is typeless.

  • Fixed Aerilate, Normalize, Pixilate, Refrigerate and Galvanize affecting moves they shouldn't have been, like Multi-Attack and Hidden Power.

  • Fixed Power Trip not getting power boost from stats.

  • Fixed Sticky Web being blocked by Substitute.

  • Fixed Ice Hammer, Plasma Fists and Power-Up Punch not getting the Iron Fist boost.

  • Fixed NPCs not being able to Ultra Burst.

  • Fixed Crush Grip Doing only 1 damage if the target does not have full HP.


  • Minor convenience additions to the Dialogue API.

  • Fixed enchanted items displaying wrong on the notice overlay.

Pixelmon Mod 7.0.7

"Now with... Smart phones?"


  • Added a new Pokédex GUI! It shows the locations of where Pokémon can spawn, too!

  • Added Ultra Burst and Ultra Necrozma.

  • Added Shiny Charm.

  • Added Ultra Desert.

  • Added SMD (smooth) models for Venonat, Venomoth, Magby, Snivy, Servine, Serperior, Tepig, Pignite, Emboar, Oshawott, Dewott, and Samurott.

  • Added new Halloween textures for Serperior and Emboar.

  • Added a Color Blind Mode config option for Ultra Space fog.

  • Added loot to the chest in village Pokémon Centers.

  • Added the Boosted Necklace Key Stone as a special treat for people who Nitro-boost the Pixelmon Support discord.


  • Pokémon now heal slowly while wandering around, with chances to revive from fainting and to heal status effects as well.

  • Repels are now craftable.

  • Ultra Beasts now have a powerful aura.

  • Meltan is now obtained, and evolved, via smelting metal ingots.

  • Added better command block support to all Pixelmon commands, and added offline player support to /pokegive and /givemoney.

  • Removed /battle2, it's now handled by /battle.

  • Updated the chance for Hidden Abilities to be passed down via breeding from 80% to 60% across the board.

  • Structures now blend more with the surrounding environment, à la Mojang structures.

  • Spawning:

  • Pheromosa now spawns in the Ultra Desert biome.

  • The Lake Trio legendaries now all spawn on Surface Water.

  • Azelf now spawns in the Forest biome.

  • Mesprit now spawns in the Birch Forest biome.

  • Uxie now spawns in the Roofed Forest biome.


  • Fixed statuses not making Pokémon easier to catch! This has been a bug for years!

  • Fixed mount positions on Tentacruel and Mudsdale.

  • Fixed missing sprites for Shiny Meltan and Melmetal.

  • Fixed (added) a missing message when you catch Meltan and it transforms into a Ditto.

  • Fixed the E (inventory open) key not closing Badge cases, PC, and Ranch GUIs.

  • Fixed ESC not working on the Mail GUI.

  • Fixed an exploit in NPC and Chisel packets.

  • Fixed Alolan Pokémon having the wrong base stats.

  • Fixed the Ultra Wormhole not reverting some GL settings causing bounding boxes to render thicker.

  • Fixed issues with some bred Pokémon not inheriting their forms correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with egg group lookup that allowed Battle Bond Greninjas to breed.

  • Fixed ball inheritance breeding logic.

  • Fixed Frillish eggs and spawns always being male.

  • Fixed Pokémon not being able to be thrown against plants and tall grass.

  • Fixed Wobbuffet and a bunch of other Pokémon not showing their male/female forms in the Chisel interface.

  • Fixed Pokémon losing form information if they are incorrectly despawned by the server.

  • Fixed Pixelmon-given items having their display name, lore, etc. removed if the player's inventory is full.

  • Fixed hammers taking damage even if you're in Creative mode.

  • Fixed the Strength HM using the wrong icon.

  • Fixed Keldeo not switching into its Resolute Form when learning the Secret Sword move.

  • Fixed Deoxys not being able to learn Nasty Plot.

  • Fixed being able to run from trainer battles when the trainer is set to Engage.

  • Fixed the "maxivs" and "minivs" specs in commands such as /pokegive not working at all.

  • Fixed spawning percentages not working properly in world spawning under particular circumstances.

  • Fixed the starter screen sometimes popping up over and over again. Probably.

  • Fixed Spoink and Lickitung's tails behaving very weirdly in animations.

  • Fixed Pokémon always getting the first ability after evolving from a Pokémon with only one ability (Like Spewpa!).

  • Fixed "/checkspawns" sometimes causing chunk loading, making a particular server API freak the frick out.

  • Fixed "/checkspawns megaboss" showing the legendary spawn chance instead of the boss spawn chance.

  • Fixed Ultra Wormholes often spawning practically on top of each other. Absolutely shameless.

  • Fixed things like GriefPrevention (which can cancel spawns) causing Pokémon to stop spawning for some players.

  • Fixed gyms not generating when running SpongeForge.

  • Fixed an issue with Apricorn Trees and Berry Trees generating in the same position causing some log spam.

  • Fixed a issue with the raise-to-cap battlerule not proportionately raising the Pokémon's health.

  • Fixed double battle trainers causing the player to send out fainted Pokémon. Also fixes the order of the Pokémon sent out by the player.

  • Fixed an "Updating screen events" crash when moving Pokémon around in a PC box.

  • Fixed a crash caused by Z Moves overriding moves in the Pokémon's moveset GUI.

  • Fixed a tracking error on Sponge caused by the NPC Editor creating trainers off-thread.

  • Fixed multiple spelling errors in the spawning files.

  • Fixed "/dolegendaryspawn" making Sponge deeply uncomfortable.

  • Fixed Pixelmon Spawner blocks giving Pokémon inappropriate moves for their level.

  • Fixed flying legendaries and mega bosses sometimes spawning underwater, glub glub.

  • Fixed trainers set to Engage allowing you to try to forfeit - only for them to lock you in infinite waiting like some kind of sadist.

  • Battle Fixes:

  • Fixed changing form mid battle with a temporary level or cap set causing health to revert to non-temporary level values.

  • Fixed Iron Fist not boosting Double Iron Bash.

  • Fixed Misty Surge and Terrain not blocking all Status effects.

  • Fixed Bulletproof giving the wrong message.

  • Fixed entry hazards dealing damage before Healing Wish took effect.

  • Fixed Heal Bell/Aromatherapy not updating the switch Pokémon UI properly.

  • Fixed Mind Blown dealing incorrect recoil damage.

  • Fixed Extreme Evoboost being effected by Magic Coat.

  • Fixed Electric Terrain checking the wrong Pokémon for grounded status.

  • Fixed Magic Guard not preventing Mind Blown's recoil damage.

  • Fixed Sticky Webs being blocked by Protect-like moves.

  • Fixed the Entrainment battle message for people using non-US English, or as I call it, English English.

  • Fixed Memory items being able to be knocked off of Silvally.

  • Fixed Nature Power not selecting Psychic in Psychic Terrain.

  • Fixed Aurora Veil and Reflect/Light Screen being able to stack.

  • Fixed Thousand Arrows permanently grounding flying Pokémon.

  • Fixed the Shell Bell being able to resurrect a Pokémon from 0 health after using moves like Self-Destruct/Explosion.

  • Updated Psychic Fangs to remove Light Screen, Reflect and Aurora Veil.

  • Updated Strong Jaw to boost Hyper Fang and Psychic Fangs.

  • Updated Brick Break so it removes Aurora Veil.

  • Fixed some Berries not being effected by Gluttony.

  • Fixes some Z Status moves not working at all.

  • Fixed Z-Type moves not switching between physical or special properly.

  • Fixed a few health updating bugs that would cause desync or waiting issues.

  • Fixed an issue where battles could be mistakenly ended by spectators of the battle.

  • Fixed Wide Lens not really doing anything.


  • Updated Javadocs to 7.0.7

  • Made ExperienceGainEvent cancelable.

  • Fixed MovesetEvent.ForgotMoveEvent and MovesetEvent.LearntMoveEvent not firing.

  • Restored the SpriteHelper class so outdated plugins don't crash. The methods however do not work properly and should not be used.

  • Added the type of experience gain in ExperienceGainEvent.

  • Items with the NBT key HasEffect now glow as if they were enchanted.

  • Structures now support Structure Void blocks.

  • MegaEvolutionEvent now has a new field for determining if the cause of the event was Ultra Burst.

  • Pokémon now have BonusStats for determining stat stage increases which occur prior to battle start.

  • ApplyBonusStatsEvent.Pre and ApplyBonusStatsEvent.Post can be used to manipulate BonusStats on the fly.

  • Added AttackEvents, with subclasses: StabEvent, CriticalHitEvent, TypeEffectivenessEvent, and DamageEvent.

  • Added TurnEndEvent in battles.

  • Added BattleMessageEvent.

  • Added EVsGainedEvent.

  • Added ShopKeeperEvent

Pixelmon Mod 7.0.6

"Two words: Legendary apocalypse"


  • Added moves: Strength Sap, Baneful Bunker, Mind Blown.

  • Added smooth models for Psyduck and Golduck. Those blocky models were incredibly old.

  • Added PP-Up and PP-Max for all your PP needs!


  • Made Hiroku's Lens impossible to enchant. We probably should've foreseen people putting Unbreaking on these.

  • Made Dawn/Dusk Stone Ore about twice as common, as an 7.0.4 change accidentally made them super rare.

  • Made Meltan and Melmetal easier to get. Apparantly no one has found it yet. Casuals.

  • Changed the spawn rarities of some Ultra Beasts.

  • Updated Wobbuffet's model and textures to have lipstick if it's female.

  • Added a new Deep Sea block for Ultra Space, low chance to drop Amethyst, Crystal and Sapphire.


  • Fixed legendaries spawning regardless of legendarySpawnChance, making them spawn waaay too much.

  • Fixed JEI/NEI compatibility on all our GUIs! No more having to hide the JEI screens when interacting with.. well, anything of ours.

  • Fixed spectating a battle not displaying the Pokémon in the battle.

  • Fixed Turtonator's tutor moves being all wrong.

  • Fixed Red Shards being unobtainable.

  • Fixed the Timespace Altar taking your plates. It's not the one that uses those.

  • Fixed the Unown blocks recipe not working. Also, it no longer consumes the photo in the crafting recipe!

  • Fixed the Tapu Pokémon bosses sometimes being invisible.

  • Fixed Fomantis's evolution to Lurantis not being given the move Petal Blizzard.

  • Fixed Sharpedo not being rideable even though they were surfable.

  • Fixed a StackOverflow crash that could happen in Ultra Space due to some recursive world gen.

  • Fixed some battle forms not always reverting after battle or before entering a battle.

  • Fixed gym signs not displaying the right item icon in some cases.

  • Fixed Rock Smash not reverting blocks on Sponge servers even when the player is in Adventure mode.

  • Fixed Clothed Tables not dropping their item when broken.

  • Fixed Pokérus not spreading to eggs in your party.

  • Fixed being able to get rid of all your Pokémon in exchange for eggs. The logic for this is surprisingly complicated.

  • Fixed bugged-out trainer Pokémon being catchable. Fat chance of that being possible now. What's that ominous music?

  • Fixed interacting with decorative trees causing crashes on servers under particular circumstances.

  • Fixed Synchronize being so easy to cheat with its out-of-battle effect that I'm not mad, just disappointed.

  • Fixed mail being super easily hackable and, if you can believe it, making it possible to cause chunk reversion. No, really.

  • Fixed the Love Ball only working on same-gendered Pokémon. I'm going to very specifically not make a joke about this.

  • Fixed happiness not increasing with time out of the Pokéball on Sponge servers. Thanks Sponge™.

  • Fixed experience bars flying through the side of the box when leveling to the max level.

  • Fixed sounds.json loading from the jar instead of resource packs. You can now change the Pokémon cries from resource packs again.

  • Fixed Water Floats sending you underground if you sneak while trying to sit on them.

  • Fixed an issue with Ranch Blocks accessing data outside of their block bounds causing issues with other tile entities.

  • Fixed PokemonSpec giving abilities before setting the form, causing Pokémon to have the wrong abilities on spawn.

  • Fixed a crash on leveling up when you have specific nicknames on your Pokémon.

  • Fixed the NPC Editor only checking if the user had OP on servers instead of checking for a permission.

  • Fixed /teach displaying Pokémon names as 'null'.

  • Fixed Rattata showing up as "Ratatta" in the main config's Ditto transformation section. What even is a Ratatta?

  • Battle fixes:

    • Fixed Disguise not taking the hit from some moves.
    • Fixed Grassy Terrain healing airborne Pokémon.
    • Fixed Infestation not being a contact move.
    • Fixed Metronome being able to use Z-Moves.
    • Fixed HP updates from Potions and Revives not being shown if the Pokémon is not currently out in the battle.
    • Fixed OHKO moves not being guaranteed to hit through No Guard, Lock-On, etc.
    • Fixed Fissure being guaranteed to hit underground Pokémon. According to Bulbapedia, it's possible but not guaranteed.

API/back-end (for sidemodders):

  • Added PixelmonSpawnerEvent for our spawner blocks. And yes, it is cancellable.

  • Fixed the BattleEndedEvent's results being inconsistent when the Full Heal battle rule was used in the battle.

  • Made BreedEvent.CollectEgg cancelable.

  • Fixed LensUsedEvent not being cancellable when all the documentation says it is. Woops.

Pixelmon Mod 7.0.5

"They're no longer bugs. All hail Buzzwole."


  • Implemented Mimikyu's ability.

  • Implemented Aurora Veil.


  • Reworked water surface spawns so that way more places count as water surface, making things like Lapras much easier to find.

  • Increased the duration of dawn and dusk in spawning, which also makes Lapras easier to find. Also helps other Pokémon but no one cares.

  • Made legendary spawning much more aggressive so that it will keep trying different players until either it runs out or until a legendary spawns.

  • Updated the Mega Boss biomes to match with the 7.0 Spawning locations.

  • Allow the healer to be dye-able if there was no data on who placed it. Allows you to dye healers from pre 7.0.4

  • Pokémon cries now apply to all forms and not just the base form.


  • Fixed us missing some lang and spawning files from 7.0.4.

  • Fixed badge cases not opening if there are badges in them.

  • Fixed clocks becoming ever increasingly wrong by each passing mc day. They were just like the ones in my living room.

  • Fixed some Pokémon reverting forms when switching out and back in.

  • Fixed mega abilities reverting after switching out and back in.

  • Fixed Giratina switching forms after battle even if it was still holding the Griseous orb.

  • Fixed the 'You picked a starter!' advancement firing way after you've picked a starter.

  • Fixed the mass attack of the Buzzwoles again.

  • Fixed the starter screen resizing if you hover over a custom starter that is disabled.

  • Fixed Slowpoke being unable to be sweet scented for at a beach.

  • Fixed Bad Dreams damaging pokemon who had Magic Guard.

  • Fixed the hitboxes of the following Pokémon:

    • Alolan Raichu, Togetic, Celebi, Volbeat, Illumise, Lunatone, Burmy.
  • Fixed the textures on the following Pokémon:

    • Lucario, Persian.

API/back-end (for sidemodders):

  • Added LegendaryCheckSpawnsEvent.

Pixelmon Mod 7.0.4

"We caught even more Weedles and Caterpies hanging around in the code."


  • Added new healer models! Healers can now FINALLY be dyed 16 different colors! It only took a few years, no big deal.

  • Added the ability for move relearner NPCs to require items with special NBT data to be present on an item.


  • Updated all Pokémon's TM moves, egg moves, and level-up moves to generation 7's Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon mechanics.

  • Updated to latest Smogon tiers (March 2019)

  • Updated the Beast Ball texture for the Overlay GUI (credit to ButteredToastWarrior).


  • Fixes Pokémon not saving if there was a crash or you didn't exit the world properly.

  • Fixed a bunch of the cascading world generation errors when creating a new world.

  • Fixed Pokémon statues floating off into space in UltraSpace.

  • Fixed Tidal and Clear Bells causing a crash.

  • Fixes gendered Pokémon ending up without a gender.

  • Fixed Pixelmon Spawner blocks not spawning bosses or aggressive Pokémon.

  • Fixed Chingling not evolving at night. Apparently this has been an issue for a long time!

  • Fixed a hack in move learning where you could make it teach any Pokémon any move.

  • Fixed a hacking vulnerability in the Pokédex.

  • Fixed crashes in Ranch Blocks when the box count is larger than like, 127ish.

  • Fixed a possible error when doing a trade where a party has changed.

  • Fixed Leaf Stone ore creating blank spaces if you're in Spectator Mode, instead of being like normal stone.

  • Changed how Pokémon photos work so they stop turning purple on updates where we add new forms.

  • Exp.All can now only have a stack size of one. Fixes some bugs due to it having NBT data.

  • Fix some TMs being 'corrupted' due to the moves being renamed.

  • Fix Unown not being able to learn Hidden Power via TM.

  • Fixed boss Pokémon not being able to go above the max level.

  • Fixed /pokebattle starting a 2 v 1 battle with trainer NPCs.

  • Fixed a race condition where some party/money/Pokédex data may not sync correctly on join.

  • Fixed a crash when using a external move on item frames or other non-living entities.

  • Fixed the level-cap and raise-to-cap battle rules sometimes not reverting after battle causing permanent changes to your Pokémon level.

  • Fixed trainer NPCs pokemon not getting their items back after battle.

  • Fixed trainer NPCs being able to mega evolve more then once per battle. Computers always cheat I tell you!

  • Fixed trainer NPCs pokemon not reverting from mega if you ran or lost the battle.

  • Fixed a battle crash with trainers that caused the trainer's Pokémon to become wild. Dobby is not free.

  • Fixed some Pokémon having Coming Soon as their ability and not the actual ability that will be coming soon.

  • Fixed a crash with breeding due to some Pokémon's abilities not being implemented... yet... Soon™

  • Fixed a crash if you removed a pokemon from the ranch block while having a search open.

  • Fixed being able to add Z-Moves onto a Pokémon via the Pokémon Editor.

  • Fixed the mail and badge-case GUIs opening for the host on LAN worlds.

  • Fixed special textured Pokémon not displaying the correct sprite.

  • Fixed Wingull being exactly as common as Magikarps when you're on a beach. Literally a seagull for every fish in the sea.

  • Showdown Import/Export fixes:

  • Fixed the importer not renaming moves from the old names to the new, causing import errors.

  • Fixed the importer/exporter not handling Alolan forms correctly. Showdown called them Alola forms; we call them Alolan forms.

  • Fixed Meowstic trying to export its gender as if it were a form.

  • Fixed the Pokémon exporter exporting Coming Soon as the ability and not the real ability.

  • Battle fixes:

  • Fixed Solar Blade not being a 2 turn move.

  • Fixed battles not taking into account Pokémon type changes from moves like Soak.

  • Fixed a visual bug where PP restoring items did not update the remaining PP in battle.

API/back-end (for sidemodders):

  • Added PokedexEvent for detecting and cancelling Pokédex updates.

  • Added UseBattleItemEvent so you can make item usage do nothing during battles.

  • Removed battle temporary movesets out of the Pokemon class as it's not really API.

  • Fixed BattleEndEvent giving incorrect results if the full heal battle rule was enabled.

Pixelmon Mod 7.0.3

"Serious bugs? What serious bugs? I don't see any bugs."


  • Fixed a very serious issue with catching your first Pokémon causing crashes or a PC full of that Pokémon.

  • Fixed the physics of Ultra Space no longer working.

  • Fixed Buzzwole being pretty much the only thing spawning in Ultra Space's jungles.

  • Fixed NPCs being broken unless you just so happened to have external JSONs on.

Pixelmon Mod 7.0.2

"That's an awful lot more fixes"


  • Added a bunch of new advancements. Now with wiki pages! See here

  • Added Pokémon Spec support to Pixelmon Spawner blocks.

  • Added two cheat items that can only be accessed in Creative Mode: Hiroku's Golden Lens and Hiroku's Silver Lens. Right click a wild Pokémon and it will expose their attributes.


  • Buzzwole can now spawn on the tops of trees. He's big enough that he can't really spawn under them.

  • Removed the /pokegiveegg command. it can now be emulated with /pokegive <Pokemon> egg

  • Removed the config option allowRandomSpawnedEggsToBeLegendary as it was only used by /pokegiveegg. It's replaced by allowRandomPokemonToBeLegendary which applies to /pokegive random or more importantly, all contexts that make use of PokemonSpec's 'random' keyword.


  • Removed Hiroku.

  • Fixed Alolan Vulpix line not getting Encore as an egg move.

  • Fixed some incorrect spawning with Gligar, Gliscor, Feebas (fishing), Barboach (fishing).

  • Fixed Genesect, Hoopa, Deoxys, and Kyurem not holding a Drive, Prison Bottle, Meteorite or DNA Splicer respectively.

  • Fixed Roggenrola and Boldore holding the wrong items.

  • Fixed the hitbox on Necrozma being too big.

  • Fixed the name tag going through Skiploom's body.

  • Fixed Biomes O' Plenty settings in spawning.

  • Fixed stat information for Dragonite and Volcarona.

  • Fixed Salandit not evolving correctly.

  • Fixed Eevee not evolving into Sylveon because of other eeveelutions taking priority.

  • Fixed Fomantis having the wrong evolution conditions and thus also being unable to evolve.

  • Fixed the shiny Rotom sprites. Properly, this time.

  • Fixed Everstones not preventing evolution if the Pokémon was asked to learn a new move on level-up.

  • Fixed Pokémon not evolving by Rare Candy if they learnt a move during that level-up.

  • Fixed wild Pokémon move PP not being restored in between battles (Like if you run away or something).

  • Fixed a pretty crazy bug where multiple Pokémon of the same species would share the same PP for moves. Whacky stuff!

  • Fixed Silvally not being counted as a legendary (due to a typo!) and therefore not getting 3 guaranteed 31 IVs.

  • Fixed bosses often requiring an extra hit to be taken down.

  • Fixed Litleo evolving into a male Pyroar even if it was originally a female. I was going to make a joke here but I saw what happened to Changelog Guy and I want to live.

  • Fixed crash involved with searching within Ranch Blocks.

  • Fixed the Leech Life TM teaching Aurora Veil, and the Aurora Veil TM teaching Leech Life! Explaining that bug is a long story.

  • Fixed computer boxes not actually saving the name and wallpaper. No Karen, I don't want to talk about it.

  • Fixed the held item clause. Bloody Gabe.

  • Fixed rarity multipliers and composite spawning conditions not working properly in pretty much all cases.

  • Fixed your money being zero after logging in.

  • Fixed Giratina in its Altered form not being a mount.

  • Fixed Pangoro not being in the Humanlike egg group like Pancham.

  • Fixed Battle Bond Greninja not being able to learn Water Shuriken. It is now a tutor move.

  • Fixed the Water Fishing loot missing the Enchanted Books.

  • Fixed the Mega Ring not working if you have the alwaysHaveMegaRing config option enabled.

  • Fixed some spawner config options not taking effect from the config GUI or a /pokereload

  • Fixed special textures like roasted Magikarp not overriding shiny textures.

  • Fixed special textured pokemon not displaying the correct sprite.

  • Fixed the Mega Evolution button showing up in battle even if you didn't have the correct Mega Stone on the Pokémon.

  • Fixed a crash from external moves if an invalid move was in the Pokémon's data.

  • Fixed a bug where setting your number of PC boxes to 256 caused PCs to not open.

  • Fixed some issues with non-English languages causing overlapping text in some GUIs.

  • Fixed the inventory open key not closing the ranch block screen like it does with the PC.

  • Fixed statues being really, really good at staying still, making it impossible to move them to where you actually wanted them to be in the first place.

  • Fixed the Soft-Boiled TM saying that it's corrupted for some reason. A bad egg. Haha. Please don't fire me this is the only job I could get.

  • Fixed you not being able to delete an egg from your party if there was only one non-egg Pokémon in your party.

  • Fixed Ranch Blocks not sending out the Pokémon immediately after you added it. Also fixes the Pokémon sometimes not updating the interact message for the second Pokémon in the ranch.

  • Fixed the trainer card using the dollar symbol instead of the Pokédollar symbol. Unforgivable.

  • Fixed shiny particles not working. You got us. We tried getting rid of those with the Pokémon cries. There's no fooling you guys.

  • Fixed the Gracidea flower having a 1024x1024 size texture... Sandile doesn't even deserve that high a resolution. Ok, maybe Sandile does.

  • Fixed bad /pokegives being able to cause errors in all sorts of sidemods/plugins.

  • Fixed NPC Trainers Pokémon levels being all over the place instead of the trainers level.

  • Fixed NPC Trainers levels always being really low and not scaling to player level.

  • Fixed more battle issues since battles always have issues:

  • Fixed battles being updated twice as fast as we wanted, causing some lag when a lot of battles are happening.

  • Fixed Baneful Bunker not having a Priority of +4.

  • Fixed the move Transform being able to transform into a Pokémon behind a substitute or a Pokémon that is currently transformed. That last one is really funny in Ditto v Ditto.

  • Fixed the Impostor ability not copying the target's moves.

  • Fixed a race condition that caused temporary levels to not show correctly on the first Pokémon in battle.

  • Fixed Pokémon coming out at the end of a battle due to Exp. Shares.

  • Fixed Strength Sap being a Ground-type move.

  • Fixed Belch, Brutal Swing, Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Dragon Tail, Dual Chop, Infestation, Night Shade, Outrage, Power-Up Punch, Roar of Time, Seismic Toss, Spacial Rend, Steam Eruption, and Twister not being able to become Z-Moves.

  • Fixed Beast Boost raising the wrong stat. Again. Someone at some point will test their fixes.

  • Fixed not being able to Mega-Evolve Rayquaza.

  • Fixed incorrect effects with Lunge and Trop Kick.

  • Fixed incorrect accuracy on Smart Strike.

  • Fixed some battle issues caused by stat changes when they aren't caused by moves.

  • Fixed a lot of Pokémon Editor issues:

  • Fixed not being able to import an entire team.

  • Fixed not importing items and Poké Balls if they were in another language and other bad language handling.

  • Fixed the Pokémon Editor exporting in non-English, breaking compatibility with Pokémon Showdown.

  • Fixed not being able to import Battle Bond Greninja.

  • Fixed natures not importing if there was a space after the word "Nature".

  • Fixed Z-Crystals and Silvally's Memories being removable by things like Thief.


  • Fixed Magician not being completely translated.

  • Fixed an absolute TON of language translation issues with battles on servers, like it not translating things to your native language and instead using the server's language.

API/back-end (for sidemodders):

  • Added StorageManagerLoadEvent to majorly help with customising the adapter or scheduler for the default storage manager.

  • Fixed the PixelmonDeletedEvent not getting fired from trashing Pokémon.

  • Fixed some variable declarations in the storage API that cause trouble for attempts at JSON adapters.

  • Healer-use events now have access to the player using the healer tile and the BlockPos of the healer used.

  • Reworked the NoticeOverlay and protected the client from bad values.

Pixelmon Mod 7.0.1

"For the biggest update ever, that was pretty close to stable!"


  • Added support for giving standalone structures biome categories from the Better Spawner Config.

  • Added an "ultrabeast" tag to all the Ultra Beasts for those that want to add a cooldown onto Ultra Beast spawning.

  • Added "egg" and "!egg" Pokémon specs to things like /pokegive.


  • Improved Rhyperior's idle animation. Now his horn spins too.

  • Changed breeding with Alolans. Read our wiki on breeding for how this works now, because it isn't like the games!

  • Adjusted Basculin, Necrozma, Dhelmise, Jellicent, Frillish, Wailord, Wailmer, Finneon, Wishiwashi, Dewpider, Toxapex, Mareanie, Decidueye, Bruxish, Dartrix, Drifblim, Swanna, Dragonite, Tranquil, Unfezant, Noctowl, Wingull, Pelipper, Fletchinder, Talonflame, Noivern, Noibat, Swoobat, Woobat, Tropius, Trumbeak, Toucannon and Blacephalon's swimming, walking or flying properties.

  • Added existing structures to many more biomes.

  • Removed Ho-oh and Lugia from legendary spawning. We have bells for a reason.


  • Fixed evolutions not working after battles

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for players on a server to be unable to see their PC Pokémon.

  • Fixed Guardian of Alola not working on the Tapus.

  • Fixed the new items added in 7.0.0 being unable to be sold to shopkeepers.

  • Fixed the last box opened in the PC not being the one opened first after restarting your game.

  • Fixed statues in Mega or other temporary forms reverting back to the base form.

  • Fixed the outrageous sizing on Blacephalon, Celesteela, Cosmoem, Cosmog, Litten, Stakataka, and Xurkitree.

  • Fixed an error in battles occurring while switching.

  • Fixed Oricorio's wings clipping into the ground during his animations. Applies to P'au, Pom Pom, Baile and Sensu forms.

  • Fixed boss drops not using the tier system with rewards.

  • Fixed the evolution into Alolan Raichu, Cubone, and Exeggutor. Having an Alolan in your party at the time will evolve them.

  • Fixed Trop Kick being a Fire-type move instead of Grass. Whoopsie.

  • Fixed a move-replacing error from spamming your console. To find the exact cause, we've added some debug code.

  • Fixed Alolan Ninetales being Ice type instead of Ice-Fairy.

  • Fixed Araquanid, Avalugg, Axew, Barbaracle, Basculin, Beartic, Alomomola, Qwilfish, Corsola, Masquerain, Delcatty and Chimecho having the wrong base stats or moves.

  • Fixed attempting to catch Wimpod causing kicking due to no catch rate. Of ALL the Pokémon we added, only it was missing a catch rate. It's a strange world.

  • Fixed very broken breeding logic with Ditto.

  • Fixed eggs hatching at a normal speed and then suddenly going super fast.

  • Fixed not being able to put a Pokémon in the first party slot if you were in the PC search screen.

  • Fixed Mega Ring changes not saving and not showing when you log in.

  • Fixed Necrozma not being able to open wormholes.

  • Fixed async saving not actually saving until shutdown, that could have been bad!

  • Fixed the special textured starter (and Magikarp) skins. We need more zombies.

  • Fixed the "pixelmon:honey" error during start up. It was harmless, don't worry.

  • Fixed some level 100 Pokémon having experience bars that go off the screen in the info menu.

  • Fixed Brutal Swing, Burn Up, Clanging Scales, Darkest Lariat, Dragon Hammer, Fire Lash, First Impression, Ice Hammer, Leafage, Liquidation, Lunge, Multi-Attack, Pollen Puff, Power Trip, Prismatic Laser, Psychic Fangs, Revelation Dance, Shadow Bone, Shell Trap, Smart Strike, Solar Blade, Sparkling Aria, Spectral Thief, Spirit Shackle, Stomping Tantrom, Strength Sap, Throat Chop, Toxic Thread, Trop Kick and Zing Zap having their power and accuracy swapped around. Uhh... It was opposite day when it was added? You can't prove otherwise

  • Fixed Rotom Wash and Rotom Frost having each other's sprites.

  • Fixed the new Generation 7 TMs not actually being obtainable. They are in Ultra Ball loots now.

  • Fixed Rockruff being unable to evolve into Dusk form. Level it up at Dusk now at lvl 25+.

  • Fixed Rockruff being broken with all its evolutions, really. It was a misspelling.

  • Fixed Shiny Vulpix having a broken texture.

  • Fixed Stakataka and Blacephalon not liking Ultra Space as a spawning dimension.

  • Fixed the mass spawns of Rowlet, Komala, Pidgey, Pheromosa and Buzzwole.

  • Fixed Alolan Marowak not having Lightning Rod.

  • Fixed Normal Raichu accidentally giving Alolan Raichu's Z-Crystal as a drop.

  • Fixed Obsidian not being counted as an underfoot spawning block. Fixes Nihilego spawning.

  • Fixed the fact that the Ground PC wallpaper was missing.

  • Fixed a bunch of problems with the trainer editor importing parties.

  • Fixed the Tapus not being counted as legendaries for some things like IVs and announcements and stuff.

  • Fixed some nasty problems with trade machines.

  • Fixed minor Ultra Space spawning issues.

  • Fixed re-ordering and deleting a Pokémon's moves not working. You can also do that from the PC, now.

  • Fixed Beast Boost checking accuracy and evasion, and so always boosting evasion. Someone didn't read Bulbapedia properly.

  • Fixed the displayed level of Pokémon often not being the true level. No more scary surprises.

  • Fixed breeding particles not working.

  • Fixed the in-game config editor missing some settings and translations.

  • Fixed Natu appearing as just a shadow. He can't be a ninja anymore.

  • Fixed the height condition on Mudbray and Mudsdale being too low to spawn reliably.

  • Fixed broken NPC skins in the gyms.

  • Fixed name plates not properly displaying the owner of a Pokemon.

  • Fixed Hakomo-o evolving a few levels too early.

  • Fixed the ability to fish up infinite Burnt Magikarps.

  • Fixed Solageo and Lunala having the wrong shiny sprites.

  • We tried removing Pokémon sounds to see if anyone noticed. You did. Damnit. Fine, now Pokémon are back to their obnoxious name-yelling selves.

  • Fixed Ranch Upgrades not working.

  • Fixed the Pokédex not being updated on login if you were coming from another server/world.

  • Fixed caught count in Trainer Card always displaying as zero.

  • Fixed some overlapping issues in the starter GUI.

  • Fixed non-gendered Pokémon being able to fall in love with each other.

  • Fixed eggs not being able to be transferred if they were with only 1 other Pokémon in the party.

  • Fixed semi-colons breaking the PC's search entirely.

  • Fixed old Move Tutors disappearing if they had moves like BubbleBeam that were renamed.

  • Fixed the Pokédex advancement on join. It now runs after you pick a starter and has the correct text.

  • Fixed some TMs that had incorrect move names. Bubble Beam, Solar Beam, Dynamic Punch, and Dragon Breath all work again.

  • Fixed the allowCaptureOutsideBattle config option not working.

  • Fixed the Move Relearner / Move Tutor's pick move screen showing pokemon in the wrong slots.

  • Necrozma now gets his special moves when fusing with Lunala and Solgaleo.

  • Necrozma's fused forms can now also use their special Z-Moves.

  • Fixed the Pokédex not being updated if the Pokémon you caught was sent to the PC.

  • Fixed friendship (happiness) not going up on level-up or when you have them out in the world.

  • Fixed some NPC files not being exported correctly causing spam on startup with fresh files.

  • Fixed Pokémon being recalled after you give them a rare candy. Dine and dash, disgraceful.

  • Fixed Ultra beasts not getting 3 perfect IVs.


  • Major caching set up for the Better Spawner which will hopefully prevent the blockages that slowed spawning down.

  • Fixed a bug where pc's would be marked for saving but never unmarked. Causing them to be saved on every save interval afterwards.

API/back-end (for sidemodders):

  • Added ChangeStorageEvent.

  • Added ItemPixelmonSprite.getPhoto(Pokemon) so you don't need to make an entity for it.

Pixelmon Mod 7.0.0 - The Decisive Update

"There is only one Pixelmon, and it is Reforged."


  • Added every Pokémon. Really. Added: Rowlet, Dartrix, Decidueye, Litten, Torracat, Incineroar, Popplio, Brionne, Primarina, Pikipek, Trumbeak, Toucannon, Yungoos, Gumshoos, Grubbin, Charjabug, Vikavolt, Crabominable, Oricorio, Cutiefly, Ribombee, Rockruff, Lycanroc, Wishiwashi, Crabrawler, Mareanie, Toxapex, Mudbray, Mudsdale, Fomantis, Lurantis, Morelull, Shiinotic, Salandit, Salazzle, Stufful, Bewear, Bounsweet, Steenee, Tsareena, Comfey, Oranguru, Passimian, Wimpod, Golisopod, Sandygast, Palossand, Type:Null, Silvally, Minior, Komala, Turtonator, Togedemaru, Mimikyu, Bruxish, Drampa, Dhelmise, Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o, Kommo-o, Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Lunala, Nihilego, Buzzwole, Pheromosa, Xurkitree, Celesteela, Kartana, Guzzlord, Necrozma, Marshadow, Poipole, Naganadel, Stakataka, Blacephalon, and Zeraora.

  • Added Alolan forms: Alolan Rattata, Alolan Raticate, Alolan Raichu, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Ninetales, Alolan Diglett, Alolan Dugtrio, Alolan Meowth, Alolan Persian, Alolan Geodude, Alolan Graveler, Alolan Golem, Alolan Grimer, Alolan Muk, Alolan Exeggutor, Alolan Marowak.

  • Added new SMD models for Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Rhyperior, Pikachu, Raichu, Exeggcute, Exeggutor.

  • Added Generation 7 forms: Lycanroc Midday, Lycanroc Midnight, Lycanroc Dusk, Oricorio Pom Pom, Oricorio Baile, Oricorio P'au, Oricorio Sensu, Minior Core, Minior Meteor, Necrozma Dusk Mane, Necrozma Dawn Wings.

  • Added new, higher-resolution sprites for all Pokémon. Thank you, eva08maicy02, for this spectacular contribution!

  • Added particle effects for hundreds of moves (so far) in battle! I'm being told by the old guy that this has been requested for 6 years. Alright, well, Santa was running late.

  • Added Ultra Space dimension! Portals spawn in the wild, or you can use an external move of Lunala and Solgaleo to make one!

  • Added Z-Crystals and Z-Moves. Probably not all of them, these guys are lazy

  • Added abilities: Battery, Beast Boost, Dazzling, Electric Surge, Fluffy, Full Metal Body, Galvanize, Grassy Surge, Liquid Voice, Long Reach, Merciless, Misty Surge, Neuroforce, Power of Alchemy, Prism Armor, Psychic Surge, Queenly Majesty, Receiver, RKS System, Shadow Shield, Shields Down, Slush Rush, Soul-Heart, Stakeout, Stamina, Steelworker, Surge Surfer, Tangling Hair, Triage, Water Bubble, Water Compaction.

- Completely reworked the PC! Here's what's new:

  • You can now search a PC for specific Pokémon, levels, abilities, etc. Totally unique idea of course, bet you've never seen it before.
  • Added a shift-click shortcut to the PC that works like inventory shift-clicking.
  • PC boxes now support custom names and wallpapers. Thank you StabWaifu, happyzlife, and Amethyst ( for these contributions!
  • Added support for resource packs to add custom PC box wallpapers.
  • Added overflow protection so if you turn down the total number of PC boxes, any Pokémon in boxes that no longer exist will be safe.

- Added a lot of new NPC skins to both chatting and trainer NPCs. Big thanks to Starwarschamp4 and Crystal_Missile for them. Now I've been told to list them all:

  • Chatting NPC: Aqua Grunt Male and Female, Blacksmith, Bride, Cultist, Evil Professor, Gardener, Groom. Jon Snow, Knight, Magma Grunt Male and Female, Mailman, Monk 1 and 2, Pirate Captain, Pirate Grunt, Professor Ras, Rocket Grunt Male and Female, Santa, Tesla.

  • Trainer NPC: Aqua Grunt Male and Female, Jon Snow, Knight, Professor Ras, Rocket Grunt Male 1-6, Magma Grunt Male and Female, Pirate Captain, Pirate Grunt 1 and 2, Football Fan 1 and 2, Gardener 1 and 2, Pokemaniac Girl 3, Swimmer Male 2 and Female 1 and 2, Youngster 5.

  • Added the N-Solarizer and N-Lunarizer, and their effect on Necrozma. It's basically exactly what DNA Splicers do, though?

- Added Silvally's RKS System ability.

  • Added Poison, Ice, Fire, Rock, Ground, Steel, Bug, Flying, Psychic, Dark, Ghost, Fairy, Dragon, Water, Grass, Electric, and Fighting memory held items.

  • Added evolution moves; moves that are taught on certain evolutions.

  • /pokebattle now supports wild Pokémon battles.

  • /pokebattle and /pokebattle2 now support comma-separated Pokemon Specs (Pikachu,s,lvl:50)

  • Added Big Malasada and updated the Rage Candy Bar to a status healing item.

  • Added all the region-specific healing items to shopkeepers.

  • Added Pearl, Big Pearl, Pearl Chain, King's Rock, Comet Shard, Ice Stone, and Ice Stone Shard to Water Fishing Loot.

  • Added the sprites for all the different Vivillon forms.

  • Added the Beast Ball. Technically it's been in for a while, but it wasn't in the creative menu before so now it's added!

  • Added Tree Top location type to the spawner.

- Added in a massive amount of new mounts. Thanks to ProudSquirrel for doing all of these!

  • Gen 1 - Arbok, Vileplume, Cloyster, Rhyhorn, Snorlax, Dragonair
  • Gen 2 - Ariados, Crobat, Lanturn, Quagsire, Donphan
  • Gen 3 - Ludicolo, Swellow, Pelipper, Slaking, Exploud, Hariyama, Aggron, Mega Aggron, Manectric, Mega Manectric, Sharpedo, Mega Sharpedo, Vibrava, Whiscash, Claydol, Sealeo, Walrein, Huntail, Gorebyss, Regirock, Regice, Registeel
  • Gen 4 - Bibarel, Floatzel, Gastrodon, Purugly, Hippowdon, Drapion, Lumineon, Probopass, Heatran, Regigigas, Giratina
  • Gen 5 - Stoutland, Gigalith, Conkeldurr, Seismitoad, Scolipede, Darmanitan, Carracosta, Emolga, Galvantula, Ferrothorn, Klinklang, Eelektross, Haxorus, Stunfisk, Bouffalant, Mandibuzz, Durant, Zweilous, Hydreigon
  • Gen 6 - Chesnaught, Pyroar, Furfrou, Goodra, Zygarde

- On top of that, some previous mounts were also fixed

  • Gen 1 - Venusaur, Charizard, Mega Charizard X, Fearow, Tentacruel, Graveler, Golem, Tauros, Mega Gyarados, Aerodactyl, Mega Aerodactyl, Zapdos

  • Gen 2 - Raikou, Entei, Lugia, Ho-Oh

  • Gen 3 - Mega Swampert, Mega Camerupt, Flygon, Milotic, Tropius, Absol, Salamence, Mega Salamence, Metagross, Mega Metagross, Latias, Mega Latias, Latios, Mega Latios, Groudon, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, Rayquaza, Mega Rayquaza

  • Gen 4 - Staraptor, Drifblim, Honchkrow, Magnezone

  • Gen 5 - Serperior, Samurott, Archeops, Braviary, Kyurem-Black, Kyurem-White

  • Gen 6 - Aurorus, Avalugg

  • Added a lot of bugs, probably.


  • Legendary spawning on servers will no longer favour clusters of players over individuals.

  • Leaping forward in battle animations now jumps back afterwards so Pokémon aren't cuddling each other after 2 turns.

  • Reworked where everything spawns. Like, legit everything.

  • Happy Hour now does nothing if allowPayDayMoney is false in the config.

  • You can now remove the Mew you put into the cloning machine by sneaking and right-clicking.

  • Changed the Pokémon Editor and the Statue Editor to use a drop-down menu instead of a text menu for forms.

  • Updated the tier lists to Gen 7 latest (as of 06/10/2018).

  • Primal forms can now be bosses, and now also spawn. Groudon in arid biomes, and Kyogre in oceanic biomes.

  • Pokémon no longer recoil from battle damage. If they still did then our particle animations would be off!

  • The maximum number of Pokémon in a ranch block was reduced to 2. This is for the good of everyone, believe me.

  • Statues will now fallback to the original texture if a custom texture isn't loaded (like normal Pokémon).

  • Added a config option for restricting the number of Pokémon a given player can have in all their ranch blocks combined.


  • Fixed an exploit in trainer cards.

  • Fixed Castform not changing form when it's sent out in Minecraft weather (outside of battle).

  • Fixed going down many elevator blocks being so fast your brain hurts.

  • Fixed being able to add your last Pokémon to the clone machine.

  • Fixed others not seeing shiny, owned Pokémon name tags as yellow.

  • Fixed fences and glass panes from connecting to PCs, trade machines, washing machines, fans, and mowers.

  • Fixed /checkspawns legendary erroring if you're in one of those locales that normally uses commas for decimal points.

  • Fixed all the /checkspawns variants using nonsensical permission nodes, they all use pixelmon.checkspawns now. That one was a bit embarrassing.

  • Fixed Scolipede being the size of a Primal Groudon. Now it's just big, as opposed to monstrous.

  • Fixed untradeable Pokémon being tradeable if you're sneaky.

  • Prevent Pokémon from changing dimension. Fixes a dupe bug with nether portals.

  • Potentially fixed how sometimes a huge amount of bird Pokémon will spawn above water. Potentially not though, developers are useless.

  • Fixed bell sprites displaying wrong on newer forge versions.

  • Fixed cloning machines not being breakable in survival.

  • Finally fixed the Pokégift block. It wont eat your Pokémon anymore.

  • Fixed the Pokégift event block reversing the giveLegendsOrNa config setting. That's been bugged for years!

  • Fixed the Heavy Ball not taking form into account when checking the Pokémon's weight.

  • Fixed an exploit in Rock Smash where you could duplicate the block you smash.

  • Fixed an exploit with ranch block upgrades where they could be used without being taken from the inventory.

  • Fixed Gen 6 sprites being a different height to the other sprites. You probably saw this as a bug with the egg sprites.

  • Fixed you hovering magically if the chair you're sitting on is destroyed.

  • Fixed Pokémon being able to spawn outside the world border.

  • Fixed the Unbreedable spec.

  • Fixed you falling through Ho-oh while flying on it.

  • Fixed item stack data being lost when you retrieve an item from a PokeChest.

  • Fixed a possible tile entity error during world generation. Thank you, Cepera, for finding this.

  • Fixed a possible crash from breaking a cloning machine that's been cut in half by world edit or something.

  • JEI no longer shows in the battle menu.

  • Cave spiders and silverfish no longer spawn.

  • Fixed the useRecentLevelMoves config option making it use the earliest moves instead.

  • Fixed an exploit with Thief and /endbattle that let you infinitely duplicate held items.

- Battle fixes:

  • Fixed some Timespace Orb held item problems.
  • Fixed Metronome being able to select King's Shield, Hyperspace Fury, Diamond Storm, and a bunch of other moves.
  • Fixed Assist having similar issues as Metronome did.
  • Fixed Magnet Rise never ending.
  • Fixed Techno Blast bypassing immunities by not being the drive's type fast enough.
  • Fixed Sturdy and Sweet Veil not being ignored by Mold Breaker Pokémon.
  • Fixed Trace being able to copy fainted Pokémon abilities using moves like U-Turn.


  • Significantly improved the Better Spawner's performance on its thread. This won't be a hugely visible change in-game but your processor will send us a Christmas card.

API/back-end (for sidemodders):

  • Completely rewrote storage and EntityPixelmon. Every sidemod is probably broken. This will be better, trust me.

  • Added Notice Overlays to API after reworking the existing CustomNoticeOverlay. You can scale the Pokémon models now!

  • Removed the now-unused BaseStatsLoadEvent.

  • Added Pokedex#wipe(). Probably useless, I dunno.

  • BerryEvent.PickBerry now actually fires.

  • BreedEvent.AddPokemon's result can be used to bypass the new maxCumulativePokemonInRanch config setting.

  • BreedEvent.AddPokemon also now actually fires.

  • Added "status" spec so Pokémon can spawn asleep, paralyzed, etc. Seems like cheating but what do I know.

  • Added config options for intercepting Pixelmon loot table injection so you can cancel our changes to the loot.

Pixelmon Mod 6.3.4

"This wasn't my fault!"


  • Fixed a big held item problem. This undoes the JEI fix since it broken.

  • Fixed PokéBalls sitting weirdly in healers and other places.

  • Fixed spam caused by warp plates.

  • Fixed debug spam from cloning machines!

Pixelmon Mod 6.3.3

"Ok fine there were some fixes to be done first"


  • Added new, smooth models for Clefairy, Clefable, Gastly , Haunter, Yanma, Yanmega, Electivire, Gligar, Gliscor, Venipede, Whirlipede, Scolipede, Bisharp, and Pawniard.

  • Added animations for Stunfisk, Tynamo, Eelektrik, Eelektross, Durant, Druddigon, Cubchoo, and Beartic.

  • Taught Empoleon to dab on the haters (Usable from statues).

  • Added Gliscor and Volcanion as flying mounts because it looks great. What do you mean it doesn't make sense? We're doing it anyway, you can't stop us.


  • Legendaries that are spawned as bosses are now always red bosses.

  • Removed a lot of spammy debugging code.

  • Eggs now need to hatch before it adds it to the caught list in your Pokédex.

  • Increased the spawn rates on a few Pokémon that had low chances due to needed nearby blocks.


  • Fixed a Pokémon duplication bug that was very very bad. Thank you ??QAQ for helping us find this!

  • Fixed the Timespace Altar being completely unusable. Now that's a woopsy!

  • Fixed many types of PokéBalls not shaking or animating.

  • Fixed crashes caused by the ice gym structure.

  • Fixed Sir Doofus III being able to evolve. Sir Doofus III IS the ultimate form of any Pokémon and you all know it.

  • Fixed NPC traders being super whacky and not accepting trades if they were edited.

  • Fixed a possible crash when spawnLevelsByDistance or spawnLevelsCloserToPlayerLevels is on.

  • Fixed all kinds of weird behaviour caused by /pokereload.

  • Fixed modified block spawns (e.g. tall grass) causing crashes due to not being spatially aware. We bought them new glasses, it was fine.

  • Fixed spawning issues with Lotad.

  • Fixed Yveltal being a land spawn, instead of an air spawn. It has MASSIVE wings and it was a land spawn. Developers, man.

  • Fixed Mega Sableye being way too common. God damn these Ghost-type megas.

  • Fixed Unown needing night time to spawn despite spawning in caves. Even Patch Notes Guy knows that caves are dark all day long, and his only qualification is typing.

  • Fixed mount positions for Yveltal, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre and Mega Rayquaza.

  • Fixed /pokespawn evhp:100 evattack:252 etc. not accepting values above 31.

  • Fixed Magneton's model issue. Bloody Gabe's fault, no doubt.

  • Fixed fishing rods still having a chance to fail despite being able to catch things in that location.

  • Fixed TMs being able to teach moves that are only through level-up, tutors, or breeding.

  • Fixed the sprite offset on the Trainer Cards.

  • Fixed Trainer Cards being able to see what is inside eggs. We gave the Trainer Cards' glasses to the block spawners.

  • Fixed (probably) /checkspawns causing errors for European locales. Using ',' instead of '.' in decimal numbers is weird!

  • Fixed Rotom having some of its forms moves as tutor moves and getting passed down with breeding due to old mechanics.

  • Fixed Water Stone and Fire Stone tools giving infinite obsidian when used on non-source blocks. Now you get cobblestone like you should.

  • Fixed some Generation 6 Pokémon missing AI behaviour.

  • Fixed baseBlocks property of spawn conditions.

  • Fixed an issue caused by glitched Pokémon that can't decide if they're in a Ranch Block or not.

  • Fixed Greninja not being able to learn Happy Hour.

  • Fixed Piplup having a hard time spawning.

  • Fixed Reforged having their own Brokedemaru. Elekid now looks normal. You saw nothing.

  • Fixed Mega Slowbro and Mega Blastoise having little chance of spawning due to only being on land in ocean biomes.

  • Fixed Archeops and Swanna having bugged models.

  • Fixed a potential error with breeding.

  • Fixed wild Pokémon spawning completely ignoring the maxLevel config option.

  • Fixed a few stutters in some animations.

  • Fixed Ho-oh's and Yveltal's models touching the ground when flying. It was very un-legendary.

  • Fixed texture issues on Mega Pidgeot and Mega Sharpedo.

  • Fixed Cloning Machines increasing the Mew's times cloned when it's put into the machine instead of when the machine does the cloning.

  • Fixed Pokérus issues.

  • Fixed JEI compatibility with the battle GUI.

  • Fixed the mower inventory GUI continuing to work after the actual mower was destroyed. No more dupes 4 u

- Fixed battle stuff:

  • Fixed Aegislash's stat changes from form changing not applying until next turn.
  • Fixed an uncommon battle error when leveling up.

Server-related fixes and changes:

  • /checkspawns permissions split into, .normal, .legendary, .megaboss, .rocksmash etc.

  • Shrunk computer data file sizes even more, speeding up saving. Also made the shrinking retroactive so when someone logs in their PCs shrink in data size.

  • Fixed Badge Cases stalling a server when trying to remove a non-existent badge.


  • Fixed wide-reaching spawning performance issues caused by the spawnLevelsByPlayerLevels and spawnLevelsByDistance config options

  • Aggressively optimized even more Better Spawner stuff because Spark is an amazing profiler.

API/Back-end (for sidemodders):

  • EvolveEvent.PostEvolve#preEvo is now a much closer clone of the original entity before evolution.

  • Made single-arg PokemonSpec construction do the string separation itself so PokemonSpec("Ralts lvl:50") works like PokemonSpec("Ralts", "lvl:50").

  • Added ISyncHandler for forcefully main-threaded packet handlers. Unless you're doing client modding this probably means nothing to you.


  • Updated fr_FR, fr_CA, it_IT, ko_KR.

Pixelmon Mod 6.3.2

"Hey look, everything from generation 1-6 is now done. I wonder what's going in the next version? It's SO unclear."


  • Added all remaining megas: Mega Aggron, Mega Camerupt, Mega Diancie, Mega Heracross, Mega Houndoom, Mega Sableye, Mega Scizor, and Mega Steelix.

  • Zygarde now spawns in Mesas at night. You lot asked for it so you got it. The Zygarde forms from gen7 will come... with gen7.

  • You can now make Groudon and Kyogre undergo Primal Reversion outside of battle, same way as Mega Evolutions.

  • Added a special Bidoof, Sir Doofus III, as a rare form. There is a 1/30 chance a Bidoof caught with a Luxury Ball will be Sir Doofus III. This was purely for our own entertainment.

  • Remodeled Magnemite, Magneton, Magnezone, Camerupt, Numel, Aggron, Lairon, Aron, Salamence, Shelgon, Bagon, Sableye, and Scizor. We got new modelers and animators! Woo!

  • Animated Drilbur and Excadrill.

  • By default, wild Pokémon and trainers will now spawn closer to your level so you're less likely to get your ass wooped when you start. SO much better.

  • Synchronize now makes wild Pokémon have a 50% chance of being of the same nature.

  • Added heaps of new Pokémon to fishing, Sweet Scent, Rock Smash and Headbutt.

  • Added a Badge Case made out of 9 cooked apricorns. Now you have a place to put all those badges you've (maybe) earned!

  • Added Trainer Cards. They are permanently attached to you. No escape.

  • Added Rage Candy Bar, Lava Cookie, Old Gateau, Casteliacone, Lumiose Galette, and Shalour Sable. Shopkeepers sell them.

  • Added gold text for shiny Pokémon in the wild.

  • Added coloured gender icons to the GUIs so there's less of that unrelenting, depressing grey.

  • Speaking of colours, added white, gray, black, pink, purple, cyan, blue, green, brown, yellow, red and orange chairs.

    • Added a new smooth model for the chairs.
    • Added new and improved block textures for Fossil Display, Bridge, Pokésand, Pokécenter Sign and Pokémart Sign.
  • Spawning options in the P menu no longer require a restart to apply.

  • Added a config option for whether the "Drop all" button should delete the drops instead of dumping them on the ground.

  • Added "unbreedable", "ivhp"/"evatk" etc, "minivs/evs", and "maxivs/evs" to things like /pokespawn and /pokegive.


  • Showing the names of wild Pokémon is now on by default because us old people have no idea what these new Pokémon are.

  • Lowered the minimum level of many many wild Pokémon because it's too difficult to find Pokémon to train against early on.

  • Put enchantment books in the fishing loot.

  • Improved stuff with the anvil because it was annoying the hell out of Patch Notes Guy:

    • It no longer takes up an entire block despite being so little.
    • It now rotates based on how you placed it.
    • Reworked the sounds so that it no longer tricks you into thinking you're getting experience, and the volume is now consistent.
  • Nerfed loot chests and the start chest because those were very unbalanced!

  • Made the Timespace Altar a two-block-tall block.

  • The spawnLevelsByDistance config option will now prevent Pokémon from spawning if its evolutions would make it unrealistic at that level.

  • Underground Pokémon won't spawn when they're just underneath glass (if you reset your BetterSpawnerConfig.json).


  • Fixed Battle Bond Greninja's ability reverting to Torrent under particular circumstances.

  • Fixed Deoxys and Hoopa not holding a Meteorite and Prison Bottle respectively when they spawn in the wild.

  • Fixed battle stuff:

    • Fixed your first Pokémon not being visible when a battle starts.
    • Fixed switching a Mega Rayquaza back into battle causing everything to flip out.
    • Fixed Truant not letting you attack after switching.
    • Fixed Unburden not activating when things like Knock Off remove the item being held.
    • Fixed Fake Out failing after switching out and back in. Turns out that should work. Pokémon battles are confusing.
    • Fixed Delta Stream's weather condition doing all sorts of whacky stuff to move effectiveness.
    • Fixed Trick, Thief, etc being able to take items which have special value to the user. For example, a Gengar could Trick a Gengarite onto itself. Not allowed!
    • Fixed Fling feeding the target a berry when a non-target has Unnerve.
    • Fixed a loophole where Groudon could relieve itself of its Red Orb in battle.
  • Fixed Clamperl and Carvanha fishing stuff all erroneously referring to "Clampearl" and "Carvahna", making them impossible to catch. Speling is hrd.

  • Fixed walking into raised Red and Blue Orbs causing suffocation. Also fixed very rare player crashes caused by destroying Orbs.

  • Fixed the majority of config options not appearing in the P config menu.

  • Fixed DNA Splicers being only one time use. Good thing we didn't store the fused Pokémon in the item, haha. ... I had a heart attack.

  • Fixed a few errors with Pokémon stats, mainly with megas. Ok, so we aren't perfect; sue us. ... On second thought, please don't. Not again.

  • Fixed Lucario not spawning in the wild.

  • Fixed Pokérus spreading to the not-sent-out Pokémon being very, very, very, very, very rare. Pretty much a one in a million chance.

  • Fixed the "renderWildLevels" config option not working in any useful way.

  • Fixed PokéDollars not updating properly in singleplayer or in not-Sponge servers. There are a couple of those.

  • Fixed issues when loading Pokémon that have moves that are currently only in inferior mods.

  • Fixed Mega Gengar and Mega Banette having dominance over the other night-time megas, spawning way more often.

  • Fixed missing Griseous Orb from boss drops, so you can legitimately get Giratina now. Sorry 'bout that.

  • Fixed Registeel not being capable of spawning. Now it's deep underground in medium-temperature hill biomes. Again, very sorry.

  • Fixed the Arc Chalice sprite having that awkward white background. Woops!

  • Fixed Nurse Joy's name appearing as Nurse John. I would make a joke about this but it's a touchy subject.

  • Fixed Magikarp when fished from lava. What's special about those? Uhh... Nothing. I didn't say anything.

  • Fixed collisions with all the following mons:

    • Confined and Unbound Hoopa, normal and Mega Rayquaza, normal and Primal Groudon, normal and Primal Kyogre, Mega Gyarados, Mega Altaria, Goodra, Aurorus, Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus
    • Also, fixed heaps of riding positions but we completely lost track of all of the ones that were fixed. Xerneas and Yveltal were definitely fixed, though. This is awkward.
    • Also also, fixed Hoopa Confined being a little bit too big for a pixie, Mega Absol being massive, Mega Salamence being small, and Excadrill being too small as well.
  • Fixed Teleport external move not working properly when you're in the same dimension that you're going to.

  • Fixed shopkeepers scamming you and taking way more money than advertised when selling you evolution stones. (Fixed buyMultiplier not being visible on clients)

  • Fixed the display of the Repel effect.

  • Fixed HP Up using the Protein sprite. It's been like that since they were added!

  • Fixed the Little Boy, Policeman, Punk Girl, Rancher, Sailor, Scientist M and Shop Girl NPC textures.

  • Fixed Weepinbell's dent in his back. Nothing a good chiropractor couldn't sort out.

  • Fixed those random Pokémon Centers not having a nurse in them. John and Joy were on strike. Something about wages, I wasn't listening.

  • Fixed the quantity and meta fields in spawning items not working properly.

  • Fixed a potential spammy error with the Headbutt external move.

  • Fixed /checkspawns legendary giving really weird next spawn times after /pokereload.

  • Fixed /pokereload not regenerating BetterSpawnerConfig.json, and not properly removing the removed sets.

  • Fixed Pixelmon Spawner blocks spawning on the corner of blocks, where Pokémon may suffocate.

  • Fixed bosses using the legendarySpawnChance option instead of bossSpawnChance.

  • Fixed Pixelmon Spawner blocks not spawning on things like snow layers and plants.

  • Fixed Apricorn Trees, Berry Trees, and Orbs dropping an item when the player is in creative.

  • Fixed that "null" Better Spawner section of the config.

  • Fixed the /struc command not actually tab completing the structure names.

  • Probably maybe fixed that battlespot.json error on startup.

Server-related fixes and changes:

  • Fixed async saving options being completely ignored.

  • Fixed a possible storage-related crash made possible by Sponge. Thanks Sponge™.

  • Fixed a held item duplication trick connected to battles on servers. No more dupes 4 u.

  • Fixed Pixelmon donation sashes sometimes not appearing on other people in-game.

  • Fixed ranch blocks being very invisible in most cases.

  • Fishing rods can no longer be used to pull entities that are unable to be pushed, like stationary trainers and armour stands.

  • Fixed deleting a move and various other things causing more async stuff that Sponge hates. God damn it Sponge.

  • Fixed the Red and Blue Orbs being dupe-able on Sponge servers.

  • Further improved Better Spawner efficiency on Sponge servers.

  • Fixed Pokérus spreading sometimes causing end of battle errors. Almost definitely caused by a sidemod problem, but it won't happen again either way.

  • Spawn sets no longer need to be suffixed with .set.json.


  • Fixed /checkspawns being on the main thread (again) causing lag spikes.

  • Sped up the performance of lots and lots of Apricorns.

  • Optimized those evolution stone armour things.

  • Significantly optimized Pokérus. Thank you, VengeanceMC, for giving us the information we needed for this.

API/Back-end (for sidemodders):

  • Added ISpawningTweak for slight adjustments to make it easier to set up slight spawning changes in entity creation.

  • Added ISpawnerCondition for giving programmable conditions on spawns and locations to spawner objects.

  • Added "causes" to SpawnLocation, such that all locations that are oriented towards a player know who it is was. All default spawning has a player cause.

  • Added CreateSpawnerEvent for very easy modification of spawning behaviour for individual players.

  • Added BreedEvent.AddPokemon event, used to prevent certain Pokémon from being put into ranch blocks.


  • Updated the en_US, en_GB, es_ES, fr_CA, fr_FR, ru_RU, zh_TW, zh_CN language files. You won't find a better translation team, anywhere.

Pixelmon Mod 6.3.1

”To be fair, we've had buggier updates”


  • Added a shiny AZ Floette texture since why not.


  • Made those spiky-eared Pichu and AZ Floettes a bit rarer since boy were those too common.

  • Also fixed rarities defaulting to 50 which fixes Red Shards also being too common.

  • Got the growths ordered correctly in the Pokémon Editor as well, instead of just the statues.

  • Improved the names of some of the Pokémaniac trainers.


  • Fixed statues without animations causing crashes.

  • Fixed Dawn and Dusk Stone ore causing client crashes on servers. Not much of a performance improvement after all. ):

  • Fixed a related crash on the server-side caused by us having "END" where we should have had "START". Programming is hard.

  • Fixed the occasional capture causing a hundred billion of that Pokémon to go into your PC.

  • Fixed the Red and Blue Orbs not being taken from your inventory when you place them.

  • Fixed randomly generated trainers not having Pokémon!

  • Fixed evolutions not working once that species has evolved once.

  • Fixed regular bosses using the megaBoss drops.

  • Fixed regular sun and regular rain behaving like extreme sun and extreme rain!

  • Fixed the default levels of: Rhyperior, Roggenrola, Crustle, Scraggy, Scrafty, Yamask, Cofagrigus, Ferroseed, Skunktank, Shaymin.

  • Fixed things like /pokegive having trouble targeting players whose username is the beginning of someone else's username. I know that's confusing.

  • Fixed a crash from Pokérus trying to spread.

  • Fixed a crash if a player logs off after throwing a PokéBall that catches a Pokémon.

  • Made a workaround to restore BungeeCord support. Thanks BungeeCord.

  • Fixed the Good Rod recipe giving you a Super Rod lmao.

  • Fixed the random gym structures not generating properly because of trainer data.

  • Fixed those new megas not dropping their stones. I swear, one day we will remember.

  • Fixed Mega Gyarados, Mega Audino, and Mega Altaria not having the appropriate types.

  • Fixed some Pokémon getting two of the same move!

  • Fixed spiky-eared Pichu's sprite being too high.

  • Fixed bad things happening if you make some goofy mistakes in the SpawnSet JSONs.

Pixelmon Mod 6.3.0 - The Legendary Update

"This changelog goes on forever!"


  • Added Arceus event, the Azure Flute, and the 'Arc Chalice'. Use all the Plates on the chalice to get the Azure Flute, then use the Azure flute near the Timespace Altar. Then battle God.

  • Added Ho-oh and Lugia event. Get a whole bunch of Clear Bells or Tidal Bells, hang 'em up together, and if they start ringing at dawn, come back at dusk later that day. Get ready to fight a legendary.

  • Added Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. DNA Splicers are carried by wild Kyurem when you catch them! Use them on Kyurem with Reshiram/Zekrom in your party. The transformation effect is awesome.

  • Added transformation effects for Hoopa and Shaymin too since we were in the neighbourhood and we saw the lights on.

  • Added Mega Rayquaza. Find some move tutors to teach it Dragon Ascent. Or cheat.

  • Added Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon. "But Mr. Changelog Guy sir, how do we get the orbs" - Read the next change.

  • Added the Red Orb and Blue Orb. Fish from lava (in deserts) or water (in oceans) to get the shards, and place them on the ground to make the orbs!

  • Rotom can now change into his many forms. Throw him out at the specific items to let him absorb their forms.

    • Furnaces and fridges have been updated to allow the transformation of Rotom.
    • 3 new blocks have been added: - Washing Machine, Fan and Mower, each of them having their own crafing recipies. Check the wiki for them.
    • Each Rotom learns a special move upon fusing with a machine: Hydro Pump, Overheat, Air Slash, Blizzard and Leaf Storm.
    • Rotom changes back to normal form if thrown at an item that's the same as its current form. This removes the special move.
  • Added Megas for the following pokemon: Ampharos, Banette, Gyarados, Kangaskhan, Lucario, Sharpedo and Salamence.

  • Added Pokérus. Now your Pokémon can get infected! (... What? No I think it sounds fine, leave it in.)

  • Added Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus Therian forms. Use a Reveal Glass on them to change their forms.

  • Added Reveal Glass crafting recipe. You'll need polished andesite, two crystals, a ruby, a sapphire, an emerald, and a glass pane. Check the Pixelmon Wiki!

  • Added Stance Change for Aegislash's Shield and Blade forms. Use a damaging move to go to Blade stance, use King's Shield to go back to Shield stance.

  • Added Zen Mode for Darmanitan. When his health is low, he turns into a weird blue thing, I dunno.

  • Added SMD remodels for Rattata, Raticate, Ponyta (!), Rapidash (!!), Lapras, Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Victreebel, Shellder, Cloyster, Lunatone, Solrock, Darumaka, Sharpedo, Mega Altaria, Grimer and Muk.

  • Added animations for Bergmite, Avalugg, Vanilluxe, Doublade, Honedge, Aegislash.

  • Added some sound effects to the Timespace Altar since it's weird to summon legendaries in absolute silence.

  • Added fishing loot to both water and lava fishing.

  • Added many more Pokémon to fishing in water, sometimes specific to biomes.

    • A fair few evolution lines are now exclusive to fishing.
    • Old Rods and Good Rods are now craftable, check the wiki for the recipies.
    • Super Rods are now available as a Boss Drop item, as well as a fishing loot item. Which is kinda funny if you think about it.
  • Added /megaring [player] command to give players a Mega Ring.

  • Re-added green bosses and non-mega bosses. Those were cool. Mega bosses will still work as per usual. Some drops are only found by beating mega bosses specifically.

  • Some Pokemon now have the chance to be holding items when caught naturally.

  • Added Headbutt & Sweet Scent external moves.

  • The following External Moves now spawn Pokémon, some exclusive to these moves:

    • Headbutt
    • Rock Smash
    • Sweet Scent
    • Combee line, Pineco line, Carbink, Nosepass and Dunsparce are now exclusive to these moves.
    • Rock Smash also has the chance to drop fossils. Rarely.
  • Added Spiky Eared Pichu and AZ's Floette. Only found using the External Move Sweet Scent. Pro-tip, Flower Forest and Flower Plains biomes only!.

  • New mounts! Do I have to name them all? Really? ... I don't get paid enough for this.

    • Flying: Talonflame, Dialga, Palkia, Arceus, Swanna, Cresselia, Reshiram, Zekrom, Yveltal, Noivern, Tornadus-Therian, Thundurus-Therian, Landorus-Therian, Garchomp despite not being able to learn Fly.
    • Land only: Sawsbuck, Parasect, Luxray, Rampardos, Bastiodon, Mamoswine, Heatran, Zebstrika, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Gogoat, Absol, Keldeo, Crustle, Tyrantrum, Avalugg, Xerneas, Victreebel
    • Water: Swampert
  • Added new skins for a lot of NPCs. Like, a LOT:

    • Shopkeepers: shopgirl, shoplady, shoplady2, shoplady3, shoplady4, shopman, shopman2, shopman3, shopman4, shopman5, shopsecondman.
    • Grunts: rocketgruntfemale1, rocketgruntfemale2, rocketgruntfemale3, rocketgruntfemale4, rocketgrunt5, rocketgruntfemale6.
    • Thematic Trainers: bugcatcher1, bugcatcher2, bugcatcher3, bugcatcher4, bugcatchergirl, firebreather1, firebreather2, firebreather3, firebreather4, pokemaniac1, pokemaniac2, pokemaniac 3.
    • Gym Leaders: electricleader1, fireleader2, flyingleader1, flyingleader2, iceleader1, iceleader2, waterleader1, waterleader2, psychicleader1.
    • Townies: artist, baker, blackbelt, blacksmith, cueball, doctor, engineer, fisherman, hexmaniac, hiker, lass, littleboy, littlegirl, madame, monsier, miner, npcchat1, npcchat2, officerjenny, oldwoman, policeman, preschooler_f1, prisoner, psychic, psychic_f, punkgirl, punkguy, rancher, richboy, sailor, santa, scottish, streetthug, suit, supernerd, swimmer_m.
    • Trainers: breedergreen_f, breedergreen_m, gnome_trader, ornithologist, ornithologist_f, ranger_f, ranger_m, scientist_f, scientist_m, spawntrader, youngster1, youngster2, youngster3, youngster4, youngstergirl, youngstergirl2.
  • ** Special thanks to Starwarschamp4, Crystal_Missile and Kayouri for the months-long effort ?

  • Obliterated the traditional spawner. Everything will now spawn in new locations! Chaos! The wiki is gradually being updated and you can use /checkspawns so I'm sure you'll be fine!

  • Added "untradeable" option to things like /pokespawn and /pokegive.

  • Better Spawning:

    • Added NPC and boss spawning to the Better Spawner.
    • Added "percentage" option for spawns. Check the wiki before using this so you don't make a horrible mistake.
    • Did the actual wiki for the Better Spawner. I'm told that took many hours but nobody cares.
  • Added copy/paste buttons for the import/export feature of the PokeEditor.

  • Added a bunch of external JSONs:

    • Added npcs/trades.json for changing what trade offers NPC traders can have in the wild.
    • Added JSONs for Pokémon base stats which includes stats, evolutions, riding information, moves, etc.
    • Added JSONs for moves. Probably not a great idea to change these but y'know, do whatever.
  • Added bossRate, bossSpawnTicks, bossSpawnChance config options.

  • Added PokemonSpec stuff to the trade editor and added optional descriptions to NPC trades.

  • Added a handful (if you have ginormous hands) of new colours to decorative blocks:

    • Water floats: Black, Gray, White, Brown, Cyan and Red.
    • Cushion chairs: Black, Gray, White, Orange, Brown, Purple, Pink, Cyan, Green and Blue.
    • Folding chairs: Black, Gray, White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Red, Purple, Pink, Cyan and Blue.
    • Vending machines: Black, Gray, White, Brown, Purple, Cyan.
    • Clocks: Black, Gray, White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Red, Purple, Cyan, Green.
    • Umbrellas: Black, Gray, White, Orange, Brown, Purple, Pink, Cyan.
    • Pokéball Rugs: Black, Gray, White, Orange, Purple, Pink, Cyan.
    • Recipes changed a bit, check the Pixelmon Wiki for updated information!
  • Added Recipe Book unlocking for machines, water floats, vending machines, clocks, cushion chairs, folding chairs, umbrellas and Pokéball rugs.

  • Added Nurse Joy! Don't worry, Nurse John still has a job. At minimum wage.

  • Added /checkspawns [legendary/megaboss/sweetscent/rocksmash/headbutt/fishing/player]. Now it's way easier to see what you can find in an area.


  • Move tutor NPCs will now have 20 available moves instead of 3.

    • This can be raised or lowered in the Pixelmon config.
    • Additionally, they will all have the chance to have event-only moves like Relic Song and Dragon Ascent.
  • Rewrote legendary spawning to be less crap.

  • Fishing will now never fail unless there is insufficient room or no possible Pokémon.

  • /pokereload now reloads the Pixelmon hocon and the Better Spawner config and the spawning external JSONs and pretty much everything else except stat JSONs.

  • Removed heaps of unused config options from the Pixelmon hocon. There were sooo many we haven't used in years!

  • Fully removed the deprecated database Pokémon storage.

  • Migrated Grass, Cave Rock & Rock Smash to Better Spawner for way more configuration. (Headbutt & Sweet Scent are there too!)

  • /pokeheal now requires "pixelmon.command.admin.healother" permission to heal other players.

  • Added Mega Blaziken's spawning files - they seemed to have "Burnt Out". Haha. Sorry. I guess I'm going to get "Fire-" whoah who are you, put the gun down, sto-

  • Replaced the Changelog Guy.

  • Tweaked a bunch of other megas spawning rarities as some seemed to be too hard to find.

  • Updated all of the competitive tiers - now we can do Smogon a bit better.

  • Some legends have had a rethink about where they want to live. We didn't try to stop them. They would squish us if we tried.

  • Updated the BossDrops and PokeDrops JSONs.

  • Gracidea now grow like normal flowers.

  • Healing a party from an NPC is 50% faster now. It was meant to be like this forever but it's been bugged this whole time!

  • The growths of the statue editor are now ordered by their scale so if you have OCD you'll no longer be bleeding from the eyes.

  • Removed the fire particle effects from Charizard since we pretty much have animated fire on him anyway.

  • Pixelmon Grass can now be placed on earthy and sandy blocks.


  • Fixed a hacking vulnerability with NPC trading.

  • Fixed dodgy hitboxes on Apricorn trees and berry trees so you don't get angry every time you walk through a garden.

  • Fixed /checkspawns in a big way.

  • Fixed players being able to trade away their last hatched Pokémon and therefore only have an egg left.

  • Fixed instant dismounting of chairs when mounting while sneaking.

  • Fixed Wurmple not being able to be bred from the Cascoon branch of the evo line. It was a little bit "buggy". I can't believe I still have this job.

  • Fixed Poké Editor sometimes wiping EVs/IVs. Would've liked to have fixed its appearance too, but nah, still ugly.

  • Fixed Hidden Grottoes not generating in some forest biomes, both normal and especially from Biomes O' Plenty.

  • Fixed a random player being disconnected if a player captures a Pokémon then disconnects.

  • Fixed NPC editing attacks not prioritizing your language for move names.

  • Fixed the wiki key opening up a wiki page for air whenever your hand is empty.

  • Fixed Spewpa evolving into Pokéball Vivillon when evolving in forests and forest hills biomes.

  • Fixed fishing not working when the hook is near the edge of water. You still need deep water for bigger fish though.

  • Fixed things like Nosepass not evolving if they levelled up while not sent out.

  • Fixed the Lure Ball advancement. We definitely didn't forget all about it. This was almost certainly Gabe's fault.

  • Fixed all those Pokédex completion advancements not working. No one told us about this! What the heck!

  • Fixed maxLevel, afkHandlerOn/afkTimerActivateSeconds, riding speed multiplier config options not working on servers.

  • Fixed Pokémon causing item frames to pop off.

  • Fixed Pokémon bounding boxes being solid and not pushable like other mobs.

  • Fixed mounting a surf Pokémon causing the player to have no breathable air if dismounting underwater.

  • Fixed the PokeEditor not importing/exporting form information.

  • Fixed players sometimes getting kicked from Sponge servers when they fiddle with held items. Thanks Sponge.

  • Fixed a serious issue in the dawn/dusk ore block which caused Sponge servers' performance to go ballistic! Thanks Spon- wait no this one is on us.

  • Fixed Drifblim being a water mount. Balloons go up. Developers don't get out very much.

  • Fixed tier JSONs so they work for all new multi-form Pokémon from now until Changelog Guy is allowed to retire.

  • Fixed Cobalion, Roggenrola, Zorua, Mega Audino, Liepard, Conkeldurr, Swoobat, Cinccino, Furfrou and Binacle textures. Also cleaned up Rayquaza's texture.

  • Fixed Lucario's, Starmie's, Staryu's, Koffing's, Weezing's, and Garchomp's animations.

  • Fixed missing shiny mega sprites as well as form sprites for a whole bunch of Pokémon.

  • Fixed Foonguss and Amoonguss not spawning due to needing high grass nearby.

  • Fixed a few megastones having the wrong images. Copy pasting gone horribly wrong.

  • Fixed a legendary, pixel-sized error the pink vending machine's texture. So huge. Ruining the game experience completely, I know.

  • Fixed the missing Beast Ball sprite in the Pokémon overlay on the left.

  • Fixed the Egg Sprites on the Gen 6 Pokémon being lower down than the rest.

  • Fixed newly added multi-form Pokémon temporarily having a glitched sprite if you had one before it was multi-form.

  • Fixed Teleport external move not remembering which dimension/world you were in when you last healed.

  • Fixed Cherish Ball blocks being usable for dupes in Sponge servers. Probably.

  • Battle fixes:

    • Fixed Judgement having 130 power instead of 100. I've no idea why it was ever 130.
    • Fixed Hold Back not holding back.
    • Fixed Sticky Web getting blocked by Protect. Nothing can block Sticky Web.
    • Fixed Flash Fire keeping its boost after switching out then back in. To be fair, Bulbapedia doesn't explicitly say that it loses it on switch out, soooo...
    • Fixed moves like Hurricane causing errors when used.
    • Fixed No Guard not guaranteeing OHKO moves. Sucks to be a No Guard Pokémon right about now.
    • Fixed entry hazards failing when used on semi-invulnerable opponents (like Pokémon that are dived or underground)
    • Fixed Secret Sword causing contact where it shouldnt.
    • Fixed Ghost-type Pokémon not always being able to flee from battle.
    • Fixed Eviolite working on Phione. Looks like we couldn't get away with the hack solution after all.
    • Fixed Freeze Shock being special instead of physical.

Pokémon Voices:

Thank you Alstrador, Avery, Drago, Fatyg5, JM Knuckles, LinnRiddikuluss, Lu, Robin Hoot, TheDonStrife, and bigbadgav for the voice acting work!

  • Added Altaria, Amoongus, Audino, Axew, Azumarill, Azurill, Baltoy, Beautifly, Bergmite, Bibarel, Bidoof, Bouffalant, Braixen, Breloom, Buneary, Cascoon, Cleffa, Corsola, Deerling, Emolga, Fennekin, Foongus, Happiny, Haxorus, Kirlia, Klefki, Luxio, Mamoswine, Mime Jr., Minccino, Noctowl, Noibat, Ralts, Sawk, Seedot, Sentret, Shiftry, Shinx, Shroomish, Silcoon, Skarmory, Smoochum, Spinarak, Sunflora, Sunkern, Sylveon, Teddiursa, and Throh.

  • Updated Blissey, Charmeleon, Croagunk, Croconaw, Drowzee, Glaceon, Magikarp, Phanpy, and Torchic.


  • Made very large improvements to ranch block performance. That code was awful.

  • Fixed renaming Pokémon causing lag spikes when you have lots of Pokémon in your PC.

  • Improved the performance of the /checkspawns command.

API/Back-end (for sidemodders):

  • Added more power to PokemonSpec, you can now register your own additional arguments to PokemonSpec.

    • This is done by adding ISpecTypes to PokemonSpec#extraSpecTypes during preInit or something.
    • These will automagically work with /pokegive and spawnsets and trade JSONs and evolutions and everywhere else.
  • Added the EggHatchEvent event, fired when an egg hatches.

  • The "to" field in Evolutions now supports all PokemonSpec stuff.

  • PokemonSpec#create will warn and stop if it has a name given but is not a correct name.

  • Added NBT functionality to PokemonSpec.

  • Changing a spawn action to or from a legendary will correctly add/remove the legendary announcement.

  • Destroyed every trace of the Pixelmon2 database. Praise Arceus.

  • Fixed PixelmonSendOutEvent firing off thread causing issues on sponge.

  • Fixed BreedEvent.MakeEgg sending the same parent twice when caused by /breed.

  • Added IPixelmonBankAccountManager, IPixelmonBankAccount so the Economy Bridge can be optimised for servers.

  • DialogueAPI now accepts localizable messages.

  • Added HealerEvents (Pre which is cancellable and Post which is not cancellable).

  • Added PokerusEvents: Spread (Same cancellation as HealerEvents) and Cured.


  • Updated zh_TW, es_ES, pt_BR, zh_CN, ru_RU, it_IT, nb_NO and fr_FR. We have the greatest translation team ever.

Pixelmon Mod 6.2.3

"Now potatoes can run it!"


  • Optimised even more stuff so you only need 1GB of RAM. Now the THOUSANDS of people on 1.7.10 can move on with their lives!

  • Moved Performance section up to the top of this changelog just this once because we wanted people to see the RAM thing and Changelog Guy has no sense of continuity.

  • 64-bit Java still recommended.


  • Added megas (2): Blaziken, Lopunny.

  • Added smooth models for Staryu and Starmie. If you saw Sirud's video, relax, we scaled down Starmie since then.

  • Added smooth models for Meowth and Persian.

  • Added new Boldore and Meganium sounds.

  • Added /checkspawns [specific] [pokemon...] - Gets a percentage based list of Better Spawner spawns for an area or position. Mostly for our own benefit tbh.

  • Added config option: alwaysHaveMegaRing - When you log in it gives you a Mega ring if you don't already have one. Someone asked for this, so here we are.


  • Made the Better Spawner the default spawner. New installs will have useBetaSpawner turned on initially. The old spawner is shaking in fear. It knows.

  • Changed many of the default config values for Better Spawning to be more active.

  • Made the Lake Trio spawn underwater instead of on the surface. They swim to the surface anyway, it'll be fine.

  • When a legendary spawns, it now says which it is. Also logs its location in the server console.

  • Legendaries spawned by the Better Spawner now take ages to despawn instead of sometimes immediately going poof.

  • NPC trainers can now utilize Ash-Greninja. Scary times ahead.

  • Removed a bunch of sound files. We don't need Pokémon with 17 voices!

  • Made Xerneas 5x more common.


  • Fixed Pokémon entering battle and reverting to default abilities until switched out and in. Oops.

  • Fixed form changing not updating the ability/type/etc unless it was changed while sent out.

  • Fixed a few problems with PCs and parties on servers. Only tiny of course, bet you didn't even notice.

  • Fixed a Fossil Display visual bug. I wasn't told what this bug was but I'm sure it was huge! Almost definitely Gabe's doing.

  • Fixed even more ways that Apricorn trees can cause crashing. I hate these bloody trees.

  • Fixed Pokémon not walking around at all after mega-evolving outside of battle.

  • Fixed being unable to click the first row of recipes in the recipe book because of the Pixelmon inventory GUI being obnoxious.

  • Fixed evolution stone boots not giving armour values.

  • Prevented eggs from being sent out under any circumstances. There was a teeny tiny little loophole where you could.

  • Fixed the Cursed Body ability using the wrong battle message. Yeah this counts as a bug.

  • Fixed those new megas not spawning in the wild. We forget this every single time we add megas. We did it this time though. Changelog Guy checked.

  • Fixed evolution from single- to multi-forme Pokémon like Cherrim and Gardevoir temporarily breaking their sprite. 2 lines of code to fix. So exhausting.

  • Probably fixed some mods that add biomes not being compatible with the Better Spawner. Bit of a guess. Put it all on red.

  • Also probably fixed an issue where sometimes people can't open a PC.

  • Model fixes:

    • Fixed Kangaskhan lying on its back instead of walking like everyone else with legs.
    • Fixed Tyrantrum being too small. It was technically the right height already but a T-Rex should be bigger, soo.
    • Fixed Metagross being way bigger while flying.
    • Fixed Darkrai being too high up off the ground, hiding his level tag.


  • Updated the following language files (Thank you, translators!):

    • es_ES
    • fr_CA
    • fr_FR
    • ru_RU
    • zh_CN

Pixelmon Mod 6.2.2

"Hang on a second, what have the devs really been working on all this time?"


  • Added (7) megas: Abomasnow, Audino, Latias, Latios, Manectric, Sceptile, and Swampert.

  • Added a new model for Tauros. It looks slightly less like a box now.

  • Added a Mega Evolve external move so you can admire them without having to be in battle. You can even ride them! The future is now, old man.


  • Fixed ruby armour and tool recipes vanishing.

  • Fixed eggs not hatching sometimes. Not a huge issue but it was a very old bug! It was probably Gabe.

  • Fixed Friendship not going down if your Pokémon faints during battle. For anyone that cares, this also fixed the PixelmonFaintEvent.

  • Fixed Friendship increasing while in a ranch block.

  • Fixed Pokegifts sometimes causing big spammed errors and crashes and chaos and war in the Middle East. Maybe not the last two.

  • Fixed loads of NPC skins being Steve instead of the referenced player skins.

  • Fixed the async save option causing a pretty easy duplication. Woopsy daisy.

  • Fixed spawn interval seconds being -1 not cancelling the spawns for that interval. Dunno what I mean? Don't worry.

  • Fixed (big) server statue save problems.

  • Fixed the statue gui not responding when editing some form based Pokémon. Also fixes some performance issues with form based Pokémon.

  • Fixed Giratina texture being broken when summoned from the Timespace Altar.

  • Fixed Ash-Greninja sometimes not reverting after battles and fixed Ash-Greninja being considered a mega evolution.

  • Fixed Victini being female instead of genderless.

  • Fixed /givepixelsprite giving an invalid texture for multi-form Pokémon.

  • Fixed Uxie not giving the Ruby of Knowledge.

Also fixed the ruby items not being named properly.

  • Fixed trainers with engage mode not engaging players, and that weird twitching they did.

  • Fixed eggs being able to evolve by trade.

  • Added Pancham to the Human-Like egg group.

  • Fixed Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie not obeying the limit on enchanting rubies.

  • Battles:

    • Fixed Safety Goggles not protecting against Hail and Sandstorm.
    • Fixed Sap Sipper not stopping Solar Beam during intense sunlight.
    • Fixed Solar Beam during intense sunlight saying it's charging and then smashing the target immediately after. That's just dishonest.
    • Fixed temporary abilities being kept after mega-evolution. (e.g. Gardevoir Traced abilities remaining instead of changing to Pixilate)


  • Timespace Altar:

    • Requirements to obtain a special ruby from Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie change from level 50, friendship 220, and original trainer to level 60, friendship 255, original trainer.
    • Each Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie can now only be used to get special rubies three times each.
    • Realized game balance is actually pretty difficult. I've called management about it but no reply yet.
  • Better Spawning:

    • Added '/spawning diagnose' to help track down what is happening when spawning stops spawning.
    • Completely reworked the random spawn selection. You'll see other legendaries spawning, less bias in favour of rare locations like Surface Water, and just general better balance.
    • Made Keldeo 300x more common.
    • Made Numel 10x more common.
    • Made Shuckle, Bronzor, Bronzong, Geodude, Gible, Swoobat, and Zubat properly spawn underground. Underground spawning is hard to do properly, leave me alone.
    • Made Burmy spawn in various forest biomes instead of all biomes. Why on Earth was it like that?
  • Added target selector support to the /unlock command. We also fixed the command telling you it was successful at unlocking before it even attempted the unlocking.

  • Added a workaround for fishing not working on servers with a hub.

  • Changed how you get a Porygon. You now have to craft a Porygon with a head, body, leg, and tail. You get these pieces at random when crafting a PC or Trade Machine.

  • Added an option to change the amount of times Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie can enchant a ruby


  • Reduced passive RAM consumption by like, 50mb. Apparently. Can you really trust developers, though? Answer is yes.

  • Reduced the lag spike when joining a world. Also reduced the random lag spikes during normal game play. Your frame-rate should be as smooth as butter now~

  • Fixed a few mechanics that would cause the RAM usage to gradually increase. It should stay lower now.

  • Optimised a lot of our assets. This reduces the jar size considerably. About ~200MB shaved off the top.


  • Split up the external JSON config nodes (useExternalJSONFilesDrops, useExternalJSONFilesNPCs, useExternalJSONFilesRules, useExternalJSONFilesSpawning, useExternalJSONFilesStructures).

    • Added migration to convert the old value of useExternalJSONFiles to the new nodes. Basically, if the original node was true, all the new ones are true.


  • Updated de_DE language file.

  • Updated fr_FR language file

  • Updated es_ES language file

  • Updated ru_RU language file

  • Updated zh_CN language file

Pixelmon Mod 6.2.1

"Ok look we had 2 great versions we're allowed to stuff 1 up"


  • Fixed moon phases in SpawnConditions making the Better Spawner stop... y'know, spawning.

  • Fixed Timespace Altars not generating at Spear Pillar. Woops.

  • Fixed various crashes caused by Timespace Altar interactions on servers.

  • Fixed the faulty Red Chain recipe. Woops x2.

  • Fixed bred Pokémon ending up the same evolution as the mother, instead of the unevolved form. This was caused by a typo!

  • Fixed a whole lotta sprites being broken.

  • Fixed Loved Koffing going all purple and broken at a distance.

  • Fixed Roggenrola's being thicc in its walk animation.

  • Fixed V targeting of Pokémon causing a player crash.

  • Fixed statues being able to have their animations put above the maximum and causing player crashes.


  • Added all the 6.2 lang for ru_RU. (That was fast, Articuno!)

  • Fixed the English Lake Trio ruby interaction messages not knowing the difference between its and it's.

  • Fixed clones English lang in the Pokémon Editor.

API/back-end (for sidemodders):

  • Form differences in textures now have the same dash (-) that sprites have to distinguish the forms. Resource packs will need fixing.

Pixelmon Mod 6.2.0 - The Power Update

"Hey, this is running way smoother than before!"


  • Added Valentine's Day Loved Form for Koffing and Weezing - Use a Love Ball to catch one to make it filled with love instead of toxic deadly gas.

  • Added the forms for Deerling, Sawsbuck. They spawn in the appropriate forests.

  • Remodels: Jynx, Koffing and Weezing, Horsea and Seadra. The old Horsea was better if you ask me.

  • Animated: Roggenrola, Boldore, Gigalith, Vanillite, Vanillish, Zoroark.

  • Advancements:

    • Added Legendary capture advancement and Gen I and Gen II legendary capture advancements.
    • Added lost 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% Pokédex completion advancements because somehow they got eaten. Don't look at me.
  • Better Spawner

    • Added heaps of new possible SpawnCondition options.
    • Allow SpawnInfo to be tagged with an 'interval' to limit their spawning over a period of time.
    • Added BetterSpawnerConfig.json for more advanced configuration of the Better Spawner.
    • Added native Biomes O' Plenty spawning support! No work, just works.
    • Added Better Spawner options to the config GUI.
  • Spear Pillar

    • A new structure which generates rarely and in cold, mountainous biomes.
    • Contains a new block, the Timespace Altar. Requires a Red Chain and a Timespace Orb (Adamant, Lustrous, or Griseous).
    • Hitting Azelf, Mesprit, or Uxie with a ruby will infuse the ruby, if they like you enough. (must be OT, level 50+, friendship 220+)
    • One of each infused ruby creates the Red Chain.
    • Depending on which Timespace Orb is used, Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina will spawn from the altar. It looks super cool.
    • You can now get Timespace Orbs from bosses.


  • 3x31 IVs is only guaranteed for Legendary/Mythical Pokémon rather than the Undiscovered egg group. (OR/AS mechanics)

  • You can now fly Giratina when it's in Origin form. We need to rewrite riding offsets because the animation makes it downright hilarious.

  • Swirlix and Spritzee now have Whipped Dreams and Sachets respectively as drops since we forgot last time.

  • Shroomish, Breloom, Paras, and Parasect all drop Nether Wart again because someone at some point removed all Nether Wart drops. Baffling.

  • EVs now cap at 252 instead of 255 as per Generation VI mechanics. No more wasted EVs.

  • Phione no longer counts as a mythical. Yeah, I said it. As a consequence it also no longer spawns since that makes more sense.

  • Pickup no longer works when you end your battle through /endbattle or through the opponent forfeiting. No exploit 4 u.

  • Changed the Camera's crafting recipe to use a redstone torch instead of a cell battery since cells can no longer be crafted.

  • Added back the recipes to get rubies, amethysts, crystals, and sapphires back from block form. Totally forgot about those.

  • Removed allowRareCandyCrafting, allowGemCrafting and allowRanchCreation from the config. Those no longer affect anything.

  • Hide Advancements by default.

  • Increased the blast resistance of Poké Chests, shrine and altar, and Pixelmon Spawner blocks.


  • Better Spawner

    • Fixed the Better Spawner not putting Pokémon on snow, Mycelium, Netherrack, ice, or Soul Sand.
    • Fixed Boss Pokémon not spawning. Still uses the old spawning method until we rewrite boss spawning. Fun! (Not really!)
    • Fixed any error in the Better Spawner causing it to stop spawning until someone uses /spawning beta.
    • Fixed situations where minLevel > maxLevel broke the spawner. (Curse you, Mienshao!)
    • Fixed Pokémon spawning not applying forms properly.
    • Fixed a peculiar scenario where having a low-ish horizontal slice radius will stop all spawning.
    • Fixed mod biomes not being recognized if the mod that added them loaded before Pixelmon.
    • Fixed Carbink, Clawitzer, Klefki, Swirlix not spawning because I missed those.
    • Fixed legendaries not having any kind of forced delay in between spawning.
  • Fishing

    • Fixed not being able to fish in the same chunk as another player.
    • Fixed Fishing rods not taking durability.
    • Fixed fishing rods displaying backwards in hand.
    • Fixed fishing rods being able to drag entities forever.
    • Added missing crafting recipe for the Old Rod. Still thinking of what to do for the other rods.
  • Deep Storage

    • Fixed deep storage of GenVII Pokémon sometimes getting duplicates (this will also remove existing duplicates)
    • Fixed a crash caused by having GenVII eggs in a ranch block. These eggs are now put in deep storage as well.
  • Pokémon models/sizes/sprites:

    • Fixed Zorua using Zekrom's model. Uh. It was using its Illusion ability? That's our defence and we're sticking to it.
    • Fixed Mewtwo being small and adorable instead of intimidating.
    • Fixed Mewtwo Y and Grotle straining their neck as they move.
    • Fixed various textures, such as Patrat, Swinub, Ferrothorn, Doublade, Klefki, and Elgyem.
    • Fixed Garchomp and Mega-Garchomp being completely different sizes, neither correct.
    • Fixed male/female differing sprites not being properly supported, fixing the likes of Meowstic and Pyroar.
    • Fixed Meowstic sprite and texture issues on evolution. I hate this thing more than you could ever know.
  • Fixed some shaders causing battles to look underwater and just that little bit nauseating.

  • Fixed shifting around moves in your party GUI on a server causing a huge error and player kicking because Sponge won't tolerate our crap anymore.

  • Fixed move-relearners doing the exact same thing as the bug just above this because Sponge REALLY has no mercy for idiots like us.

  • Fixed Ash-Greninja not even having Battle Bond. Probably top on the list of woopsies, I know.

  • Fixed things like Basculin and Meowstic not having the right abilities. Same issue as the Greninja thing really but he gets his own entry.

  • Fixed Mega-Mewtwo-Y being part Fighting type. He told me he just wanted to be cool like Mega-Mewtwo-X. I set him straight.

  • Fixed the Pixelmon scoreboard (when used) persisting between servers. Pretty much only one server using it but still.

  • Fixed Shaymin's and Giratina's ability not changing properly when their form changes.

  • Fixed Giratina's stats not changing in Origin Form.

  • Fixed Shaymin's Sky Form moveset not being used. Had that working at one point. It's all Gabe's fault.

  • Fixed Gracideas working on Shaymin when it's night time.

  • Fixed large values for timedLootReuseSeconds not working, and fixed it saying seconds when it's been working as hours the whole time! Aaa!

  • Fixed Pokémon like Buneary and Frogadier often evolving and ending up with a Mega's or otherwise special form's ability. The database needs to die.

  • Fixed Ranch Block environments for dual-type Pokémon not knowing how to math. It now does proper averages for the two types.

  • Fixed Isi's Silver Hourglass boosting the breeding stage of even Pokémon that either aren't comfortable or lack a mate. Isi's good, but he ain't that good.

  • Fixed the Pokémon Editor not showing the correct abilities for Pokémon whose possible abilities depend on their form.

  • Fixed /givepixelsprite naming the item "-Pokémon-". It now uses the appropriate language.

  • Fixed various issues with the Pokémon Editor resetting IVs/EVs and not showing up to date information from previous edits.

  • Fixed lighting issues with Fancy Pillar blocks.

  • Fixed the appearance of Poké Ball discs on anvils. That's been a bug for 3 years!


  • Reworked how animations are calculated, reducing CPU usage by a lot. Significantly boosts frame-rate when near Pokémon.

  • Reduced the amount of RAM models and animations use.

  • Improved general performance of the Better Spawner by fixing erroneously frequent spawning attempts.

  • Fixed Trainer NPCs saving encounter information when they shouldn't, reducing the size of the encounter information.


  • Removed Power Belt duplicate lang.

  • Added Better Spawning lang.

  • Added missing Poké Gift lang.

  • Added missing Pokémon generations and starter list configuration comments to the lang.

  • Updated the default Spanish gym, shopkeepers and chatting npc langs, as well as its main lang. Muchas gracias, Tokla.

  • Updated the French lang, in CA and FR. Merci beaucoup, Zang.

  • Updated the Russian lang. ???????, Articuno.

  • Tried to cut back on how many times we use the word 'lang.' Failed.

API/Back-end (for sidemodders):

  • EnumUpdateType.Stats will update the ability as well. It really should've done this from the beginning if you ask me.

  • Removed the BiomeHelper because that honestly didn't help at all.

  • Added public static field SpawnCondition.targetedSpawnCondition to allow custom SpawnCondition classes (add your own kinds of condition)

Pixelmon Mod 6.1.0

"The Fishing Update"


  • Redesigned Pixelmon fishing entirely. Some Pokémon are now fishing-exclusive. Not a useless mechanic anymore.

  • Ash-Greninja has appeared! Where exactly? See the above change to get a clue.

  • Added Mega-Alakazam. He has FIVE spoons. Not sure why.

  • Added Mega-Mewtwo X and Mega-Mewtwo Y.


  • PCs will automatically open to the last box you modified on that world/server.

  • Repel will now prevent any Pokémon from spawning nearby while it is in effect (but only with the Better Spawner).

  • Removed the async option for the Better Spawner because Sponge doesn't let me get away with it anymore. Bugger.

  • Significantly increased the default maximum range that the Better Spawner can spawn Pokémon from a spawner centre.

  • Made legendary spawn-rates (Better Spawner) 100x and in some cases 1000x higher. You try tweaking these numbers; it's hard.

  • Gracideas grow 100x slower because apparently they've been growing like weeds. Pretty weeds, but still.

  • Using Bonemeal on a Gracidea flower will now grow 1-2 more instead of 1-3 more flowers.

  • Cancelled egg development on a Pokémon that does not exist in the mod currently.

  • Added "any" as a biome in the Better Spawner to select all biomes without making the set JSON super long.

  • Added 'anticondition' optional field for SpawnInfo. A SpawnInfo that passes the anticondition won't spawn.

  • Allowed spruce, jungle, dark oak, and acacia fences to be accepted as Normal types in breeding environments. Birch, apparently, always worked.

  • Changed the default Spectate key from L to Y so we're not conflicting with Minecraft advancements.

  • Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja are now ready for a zombie-apocalypse. Added 'special' forms for all three.

  • Updated the es_ES, fr_FR, zn_CN and pr_BR langs. Many thanks to our lang-masters.

  • Added Better Spawner support for the spawnLevelsByDistance config option though I've no idea why anyone would want it.

  • Made aggressive Pokémon more polite so they won't challenge you while you have a Pokémon evolving.


  • Fixed Fossil Cleaner and Mechanical Anvil blocks with hoppers underneath causing extreme, non-stop lag due to logging spam.

  • Fixed handling the SpawnLocationEvent causing the Better Spawner to straight up stop spawning. Woops.

  • Fixed the new mega Pokémon not spawning (Thank you, SnowBlitzz).

  • Fixed a very very bad problem with the Better Spawner that inhibited spawning in fully-generated chunks. Yeah, I know.

  • Fixed Pokémon eating held items if you give it to them by right clicking.

  • Fixed move relearner NPCs refusing to do their services for free.

  • Fixed Pokémon not being able to spawn inside tall grass even though it isn't really a block if you think about it. (Better Spawner only.)

  • Fixed Eevee not evolving into Sylveon. (High friendship, knowing a Fairy-type move, in a Flower Plains or Flower Forest biome.)

  • Fixed Generation 6 Pokémon for the most part lacking spawn locations (Better Spawner).

  • Fixed Gogoat being part Ghost-type. More like 'Goghost'. You get it? Because it was Gh-.

  • Fixed Keldeo's form change only happening if you replace a move with Secret Sword, not just learn it. Also now changes back if it forgets the move.

  • Fixed the size of loads of Pokémon. Which Pokémon? Sigh. Charizard, Blastoise, Nidorino, Nidorina, Metagross, Pinsir, Kabuto, Vaporeon, Bronzong, Seismitoad, Volcanion, Avalugg, Yveltal, Darkrai, Xerneas, Hoopa, Scatterbug, Spewpa, Garchomp.

  • Fixed Boss Mega Pokémon giving air instead of their mega stones. Air is way too OP.

  • Fixed an obscure but messy battle error.

  • Fixed a massive Sponge error caused by opening a GUI improperly.

  • Fixed an uncommon battle error when fleeing.

  • Fixed Pokémon being non-gendered via breeding. Gender identity problems strike again.

  • Fixed middle-clicking a Cloning Machine blowing up the universe.

  • Fixed spawn levels for: Skunktank, Rotom, Shaymin, Darmanitan, Scraggy, Scrafty, Yamask, Cofagrigus, Zygarde, Hoopa.

  • Fixed Pokémon not spawning on Glazed Terracotta (Better Spawner).

  • Fixed abnormal AI not setting properly using the Better Spawner.

  • Fixed /unlock giving a great big error when you give an invalid or offline player.

  • Fixed Covered Fossils for Jaw and Sail fossils using the opposite's item sprite.

  • Fixed fences wrongly connecting to almost every Pixelmon block.

  • Fixed Tyrunt not evolving during the day. Changed a 0 to a 1. Not joking.

  • Fixed Fling effects not working and erroring.

  • Fixed Gracidea dupe on servers.

  • Fixed Gracidea flowers getting eaten if you attempt to plant one where there already is one.

  • Fixed Relic Song not reverting Meloetta to Aria form if it is in Pirouette form. Genuinely didn't know it did that.

  • Fixed Meloetta and Xerneas not gaining experience if they are the Pokémon out at the time.

  • Fixed Metang's model lighting.

  • Fixed a small issue in the NPC trader editing GUI where the wrong Pokémon is shown as shiny. Small bug, but it counts.

  • Fixed the tier names not displaying properly in the drop-down of the Battle Rules GUI.

  • Fixed Vivillon apparently thinking it can't fly.

  • Fixed models for Swoobat, Noivern, Talonflame, Grotle, Mega-Gengar, Mega-Pinsir, Axew, Lickitung, Zorua, Vanillite, Beartic, Spewpa, to name a few..

  • Fixed Hawlucha focusing on her career and not laying eggs in Ranch blocks.

  • Fixed Air Balloon letting Pokémon avoid Thousand Arrows. There is no escape, face it like a man.

  • Fixed Knock Off being capable of removing form-change items from their relevant Pokémon and wild Pokémon being able to knock off player Pokémon held items.

  • Fixed Cinccino's walk and idle animations being backwards. I laughed.

API/Back-end (for sidemodders):

  • Removed the legacy support for the numerical item ID data for held items because numerical item IDs haven't been used since 3 years ago.

  • Fixed SetLoader's loadedSets not containing anything unless externalJSONs is on.

  • Renamed CustomSpawnEvent to SpawnEvent and deprecated the old spawner's PixelmonSpawnEvent

  • Repackaged BaseStatsLoadEvent, LevelUpMovesEvent.

  • Added MovesetEvent.LearntMoveEvent and MovesetEvent.ForgotMoveEvent.

  • Added FishingEvent.Cast, FishingEvent.Catch, and FishingEvent.Reel.

  • Removed now-redundant LearnMoveEvent.

Pixelmon Mod 6.0.1


  • Added Repel, Super Repel, Max Repel. Keeps strong aggressive Pokémon from challenging you for 5, 15, and 30 minutes respectively. Repeated use stacks.


  • Changed Creation Trio hitboxes to be more accurate and not super huge


  • Fixed level-based evolutions not evolving the Pokémon if it was the one out at the end and it was the first level it would evolve. Took me all bloody day to work that out. fml.

  • Fixed server crash whenever a hammer breaks during use. Nasty one, that.

  • Fixed held items vanishing if a Pokémon is left in a PC.

  • Fixed Frillish's and Jellicent's eyes looking silly when male.

  • Fixed Tyranitar being airborne and rotated around in perhaps the most hilarious bug since the Wurmple crash.

  • Fixed yet more Apricorn Tree tile entity errors caused by corruption. When will the Apricorns stop doing this to me.

  • Fixed erroring and incorrect behaviour when changing the item in Gym Signs.

  • Fixed Mega Metagross's regular texture (Thank you, BleepBloop, for giving us a fixed texture!).

  • Fixed Pidgeot not using its flying model when flying.

  • Fixed Garbodor being horrifyingly large. Also fixed my new-found fear of large, overflowing garbage bags.

  • Fixed Unburden keeping the double speed boost after switching out and in.

  • Fixed Fusion Bolt and Bolt Strike being special instead of physical.

  • Fixed Hoopa and Hoppa Unbound's types being backwards lol honest mistake.

  • Fixed Thousand Arrows not hitting Flying/Levitate/Magnet Rise/blabla Pokémon.

  • Fixed Relearners not accepting any form of payment for their services.

  • Fixed mechanical anvils burning the bucket as part of the lava buckets fuel.

  • Fixed Manaphy not breeding Phiones.

  • Fixed pokemon cries not working on servers.

  • Fixed Aluminum Armor's missing textures.

API/Back-end (for sidemodders)

  • Added AggressionEvent for cancelling aggression-based Pokémon battles.


  • Updated fr_FR (French) translation (Merci beaucoup, Zangdorx!)- Updated ru_RU (Russian) translation- Added ru_RU (Russian) translation files for vilagers

Pixelmon Mod 6.0.0

Updated to Minecraft 1.12.2


  • Added 192 Pokémon:

Cherubi, Cherrim, Ambipom, Buneary, Lopunny, Glameow, Purugly, Stunky, Stunktank, Spiritomb, Gible, Gabite, Garchomp, Hippopotas, Hippowdon, Lickilicky, Tangrowth, Rotom, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Cresselia, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Patrat, Watchog, Lillipup, Herdier, Stoutland, Purrloin, Liepard, Pansake, Simisage, Pansear, Simisear, Panpour, Simipour, Munna, Musharna, Pidove, Tranquill, Unfezant, Blitzle, Zebstrika, Woobat, Swoobat, Drilbur, Excadrill, Audino, Timburr, Gurdurr, Conkeldurr, Tympole, Palpitoad, Seismitoad, Throh, Sawk, Petilil, Lilligant, Basculin, Darumaka, Darmanitan, Maractus, Scraggy, Scrafty, Yamask, Cofagrigus, Trubbish, Garbodor, Mincinno, Cincinno, Gothita, Gothorita, Gothitelle, Ducklett, Swanna, Vanillite, Vanillish, Vanilluxe, Deerling, Sawsbuck, Karrablast, Escavalier, Foongus, Amoonguss, Frillish, Jellicent, Alomomola, Ferroseed, Ferrothorn, Tynamo, Eelektrik, Eelektross, Elgyem, Beheeyem, Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus, Cubchoo, Beartic, Shelmet, Accelgor, Stunfisk, Mienfoo, Mienshao, Druddigon, Vullaby, Mandibuzz, Heatmor, Durant, Deino, Zweilous, Hydreigon, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Tornadus, Thundurus, Reshiram, Zekrom, Landorus, Kyurem, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, Bunnelby, Diggersby, Fletchling, Fletchinder, Talonflame, Scatterbug, Spewpa, Vivillon, Litleo, Pyroar, Flabébé, Floette, Florges, Skiddo, Gogoat, Pancham, Pangoro, Furfrou, Espurr, Meowstic, Honedge, Doublade, Aegislash, Spritzee, Aromatisse, Swirlix, Slurpuff, Inkay, Malamar, Binacle, Barbaracle, Skrelp, Dragalge, Clauncher, Cawitzer, Heloptile, Heliolisk, Tyrunt, Tyrantrum, Amaura, Aurorus, Sylveon, Hawlucha, Dedenne, Carbink, Goomy, Sliggoo, Goodra, Klefki, Phantump, Trevenant, Pumpkaboo, Gourgeist, Bergmite, Avalugg, Noibat, Noivern, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Diancie, Hoopa, Volcanion.

  • Added Megas: Absol, Aerodactyl, Altaria, Beedrill, Gallade, Garchomp, Gardevoir, Gengar, Glalie, Mawile, Medicham, Metagross, Pidgeot, Pinsir, Slowbro, Tyranitar.

  • Added items: Adamant, Lustrous, Griseus Orbs. Burn Drive, Chill Drive, Douse Drive, Shock Drive, Gracidea, Prison Bottle, all the remaining creation plates (which is all except the Pixie Plate).

  • Added moves: Judgment, Techno Blast, Secret Sword (effect), Relic Song (effect).

  • Added the rest of the Flower Gift ability's functionality.

  • Added Gracidea flower (Flower Forest biome, you're welcome).

  • Added Fossils: Sail, Jaw.

  • Added new Apricorn tree models

  • Added an entirely new spawning system (BETA! Use '/spawning beta async' to test out, config option to set)

  • Added Forfeit clause.

  • Added Tier JSONs.

  • Added GUI support for Tiers.

  • Added command: /tiershow.

  • Added deep storage system to safely store Pokémon that are in player data but not in-game yet.

  • Added command: /deepstorage to view stored Pokémon, or collect any that have been added.

  • Added number of Mew clones to Pokémon Editor.

  • Added world migration from 5.1.2 -> 6.0.0.

  • Added item remapping from fake Pixelmon mods -> 6.0.0.

  • Replaced some GUI button selections with drop-down menus which look way, way better.


  • Removed Mr.M.

  • Fixed catching Pokémon being super hard! Turns out it was an actual bug, not just superstition.

  • Fixed Castform and Deoxys not defaulting to their normal forms.

  • Fixed Baton Pass in AI.

  • Fixed Transform causing HP to display incorrectly on the client side.

  • Fixed HP animations for lower level Pokémon not being nearly smooth enough for me.

  • Fixed battle state corruption when a player crashes and rejoins.

  • Fixed Multiscale affecting Endeavor.

  • Fixed Sticky Web failing when targeting a fainted Pokémon.

  • Fixed incorrect Abomasnow stats.

  • Fixed Regenerator not updating HP client side, nor animating it.

  • Fixed multi-hit moves hitting too many times.

  • Fixed experience displaying incorrectly after an event has modified it.

  • Fixed Power-Up Punch not making contact.

  • Fixed Dark Void being 100% accurate.

  • Fixed a crash caused by out-of-sync Berry Tree tiles.

  • Fixed a crash caused by out-of-sync Apricorn Tree tiles which is definitely a separate bug deserving a separate line in the changelog.

  • Corrupted Apricorn Trees will be automatically purged and the entire fiasco logged. You're welcome!

  • Fixed Heat Crash and Heavy Slam dealing no damage when target weighs under 33kg.

  • Fixed /endbattle causing NPC trainers to give out multiple sets of rewards.

  • Fixed selected Pokémon changing immediately before battle.

  • Fixed battle clauses not being imported correctly.

  • Fixed Dig external move breaking blocks they probably shouldn't break.

  • Fixed Pixelmon painting bounding box.

  • Fixed trading machine client crash when player display names are hacked into having $ symbols. Why though.

  • Fixed some of the weirder biomes not getting any spawns.


  • Safari Balls get a bonus to catchrate if you are in a savanna

  • Aggressive Pokémon and trainers will leave you alone if you're in creative mode.

  • Boss Pokémon now have maximum IVs and EVs.

  • Removed Technic blocker since that never really stopped anybody.

  • Removed the OST because we respect the composer's wishes.

  • Don't silence errors relating to base stats loading as they're pretty important errors.


  • Updated to 1.12.2 which made things faster. Stop laughing, it's true.

  • Greatly reduced RAM consumption by replacing model cache with model holder.

  • Slightly improved overall performance by removing several hundred unnecessary classes.

  • Reduced the despawn radius to 60 blocks and made Pokémon despawn more harshly.

  • Replaced Apricorn tree models (2.5x boost to FPS while facing a hundred Apricorn trees)

API/Back-end (For sidemodders):

  • Removed PixelmonApi (The class file, I mean).

  • Added a large and versatile spawning API.

  • Added PixelmonCommand to API.

  • Added Dialogue with choices API.

  • Fixed PokemonSpec#apply(...) not updating the model. Bet you didn't even notice.

  • Rewrote evolutions to make them far more flexible and far easier to modify externally.

  • Rewrote most of the texture handling code.

  • Fixed Pixelmon.'devEnviroment' being spelled wrong! How embarrassing.

  • Added copy function to PokemonSpec to escape object reference.

  • Made the Pixelmon config's back-end suck a lot less.

  • Moved all the Pokémon models into a separate subfolder under models. Sorry about your resource packs.

  • Added HeldItemChangedEvent.

  • Added SetBattleAIEvent to make it easy to customise specific opponents' battle AI.

  • Added BaseStatsLoadEvent to modify base stats as they are cached.

  • Added LevelUpMovesEvent to tamper with level up move-sets as they are checked.

  • Added BattleEndEvent which is guaranteed to fire for all battle ending.

  • Marked PlayerBattleEndedEvent and PlayerBattleEndedAbnormalEvent as deprecated. Use BattleEndEvent.